I had a long trip to make today, which gave me the chance to listen to some shiurim from Rav Shlomo Elmaliach, from post Purim.

I’m just going to paraphrase what Rav Elmaliach was saying, the main points. If you have Hebrew, I highly recommend you listen yourself, as there are undoubtedly some nuances and details that I will miss in the paraphrasing.

And if you are stuck with the English paraphrasing, hopefully I’ve captured the main points, without errors.

(That said, if there are errors or important omissions, feel free to let me know in the comments.)


Shiur 1:

Rav Elmaliach is explaining how even within Shuvu Banim, a lot of people didn’t really believe he was getting real messages from the Rav via what he calls ‘tikshoret’.

This, R Elmaliach explains elsewhere, is happening either with the ‘Tzaddik Nistar’ in the middle, who calls him and tells him what the Rav has said.

Or increasingly now, it seems, Rav Elmaliach is having conversations directly with the ‘dimut’ of the Rav.


[Ed. Note: If this sounds weird, there are so many stories of the Rav being seen physically, when it’s literally physically impossible for him to be seen where he is being seen.

To give one recent example, a totally secular soldier from Gaza came back with prayers from Rav Berland in his pocket. When someone asked him how he had those prayers, he explained that ‘a rabbi’ showed up in the middle of the fighting, told them not to go into a certain house, which was booby-trapped, and then handed out these prayers, which he said would protect the soldiers.]


Rav Elmaliach explains that the day before the awful crash which killed three bochurim from Shuvu Banim last week, the Rav spoke to him via tikshor and requested that he ask the community to say 7 tikkun haklalis that afternoon at 4.30pm, plus another 7 TKs the following morning (the day of the crash.)

R Elmaliach says that the people who run the two main Shuvu phone lines didn’t want to call an atzeret based on what he told them, and basically ignored him.

The next day, the three young men died…. And a lot of people in Shuvu, including the people running the kavim, apparently made a lot of teshuva, about doubting what’s been going on with R Elmaliach.


Three young men were also injured in that crash.

One of them, Dov Heller, who is often seen next to the Rav on the bima, escaped with barely a scratch.

Another young man called Snir had a very bad prognosis, as his skull was fractured. The Rav called his parents 4-5 days after the accident and asked them to put the phone next to Snir’s head, who sounds like he was unconscious still.

The Rav told him to wake up, that he was going to be healthy again, and that he wanted to see Snir at the Shabbat prayers that coming Friday.

Amazingly, this is what happened.

Snir amazed the doctors, started to recover in a way that can only be called ‘miraculous’ – and came to the Beit HaRav on Shabbat to pray and bench the gomel prayer.


In the next video, around 22 minutes long, Rav Elmaliach describes much more about what was going on ‘behind the scenes’ on Motzae Shabbat, down on Ido HaNavi.

Long story short, he got a phone call from the Tzaddik Nistar, to tell him that starting at exactly 9pm, he was to start singing David Melech Yisrael, chai, chai v’kayam, with the crowds until 10pm.

R Elmaliach explains that a little earlier in the week, the Rav had told R Eliyahu Succot that he was going to be revealed as moshiach at 10pm motzash, so R Elmaliach assumed that was the ‘preparation’.


He explains for the last month and a half, there has been a terrible machloket raging in heaven, between the Rav and Rebbe Nachman on one hand, who want to push off the geula for another six years, so more people can make teshuva and fewer Jews will die in this process, God forbid.

And the rest of the tzaddikim, who are demanding that ‘moshiach’ openly reveals himself now, so geula can begin in earnest.

R Elmaliach said that the Rav has still not given up on the six years, and so the argument is continuing. He says he is still very scared about what will be, in connection to geula now or pushed off for another six years.


Anyway, so the Rav gave R Elmaliach strict instructions to begin singing this song with the kehilla at 9pm, and then at 9.30, to also start singing ‘yehi Melech HaMoshiach HaRav Eliezer Berland’ from 9.30pm to 10pm.

R Elmaliach was then to say the brachot for Moshiach, without the shem Hashem, with the crowd at 10pm etc.

They were then meant to dance at 11pm.

[I know all this is hard to take in. But whatever the Rav wants – all the way! He knows way, way more about what needs fixing here than any of us do. And this is the whole test of emunat tzaddikim, to stick close precisely when it all seems so weird.]


At 8.55pm, the Rav then went into his house – and somehow, the speaker system that is at Shuvu every single night, and was there until 8.55pm motzash, totally disappeared.

That left R Elmaliach in quite the pickle and he said he was seriously panicking about how he was meant to get the crowds singing etc.

Long story short, a little while later on the men’s side, they started dancing and singing that spontaneously, and then R Elmaliach could kind of join in and guide them.

He explains the dancing went on to 1.30am – and that by that point, there was a huge feeling of joy and uplift.


[This ties in with Jude’s experience. I left at 11pm, when it was still feeling very confused and pretty ‘flat’.]


R Elmaliach then explains that after motzash, he was basically told that the Rav has struck a ‘deal’ with the other tzaddikim, to push off the open revelation of Moshiach until 25th Elul, 5784 – six more months.

And in that time, there is an urgent need to get as many people making real teshuva as possible.

What happened motzash was a ‘spiritual’ revelation of Moshiach.

R Elmaliach goes into more details about the legions of tzaddikim who were in attendance on Ido HaNavi, at the soul level – including the 45 martyrs of Meron.


In the meantime, there will be another revelation of Moshiach on Shvii Shel Pesach.

Rav Elmaliach has no idea what form this will take, and whether it will be more ‘gashmi’ and obvious in our world, that time.

Then, the major revelation of Moshiach takes place on Tisha B’Av 5784.

And then, something else is meant to happen on Elul 25th, 5784.

In the middle of all that, Rav Elmaliach also said that the Rav mentioned a nuclear bomb, and that Am Yisrael is going to be going through some very hard stuff, lo alenu.


There are a bunch more interesting details, but this is the main gist.


Last video – Rav Elmaliach explains how he was so broken after motzash, because everyone was having a go at him for the Rav’s ‘no show’.

He says he’s been having tremendous tests of emunat tzaddikim the whole time since this began, on the hiloula of the Baba Sali, and they reached cracking point after motzash.

So then the Rav told him, via tikshor, who his soul was in a previous gilgul, and why he has to go through all this now.


Long story short, Rav Berland’s soul is mamash that of Rav Natan Sternhertz, Rabbenu’s main pupil.

After Rebbe Nachman’s death, Breslov chassidut split into many ‘rival’ groups – and all of them were holek against Rav Natan, and especially his insistence that Rabbenu’s path should continue after his death, as it was during his life.

I.e. Going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah, hitbodedut for an hour every day, and shmirat habrit etc.


R Elmaliach says that the Rav told him he was the gilgul of a Litvak mitnaged who then became a pupil of Rabbenu for seven years, before he died. This man then apparently became the chief person who ‘went against’ Rav Natan, and caused Rav Natan so much terrible suffering.

(R Elmaliach was told the name of his previous incarnation, but won’t share it. He said it’s someone that no-one talks about, but one of the experts on Breslov history actually found someone by that name, after R Elmaliach went to speak to him about who that person actually was.)

So now, Rav Natan is back as the Rav, and R Elmaliach is back with the tikkun of having to undergo terrible public bizayon on behalf of the Rav, to atone for what he did last time around to distance people away from Rav Natan.


R Elmaliach asked him, post-Purim, how much of this tikkun he’d now completed, after 40 years of being the Rav’s faithful student, and going through all the bizayon of being part of Shuvu, and now all this stuff as well.

The Rav told him: 92%.

When I heard that, I laughed out loud for five minutes.

No-one can make this stuff up.

And R Elmaliach says that he now knows he’s got another 8% of ‘bizayon’ to go through – but he’s feeling so, so much happier now, that he understands the deeper reasons why he is going through this.


To sum up: He says the Rav sees souls, not ‘bodies’.

And this whole process is about rectifying those souls, in whichever way is required, but especially, via lots and lots of bizayon.


Ad kan, dear reader.

If you are also feeling a bit of heat at the moment for daring to be ‘pro’ the Rav, even in the smallest of ways, take heart: none of this is stam.

It’s all fixing something, cleaning something, repairing something.

That’s the whole point of being down here, in this lowly world.

And it’s much better to get fixed via bizayon, than by terrible suffering in myriad other ways.

So, stand firm!

The truth will shine out very clearly, soon.

Just hang on until it does.

Here in Israel, there was a ‘debate’ about whether we were allowed to be happy on Purim.

I was hoping to get this shiur translated and up before Purim, but in the end that didn’t happen, so I’m sticking it up now.

I still have more to translate from this particular shiur – it’s the one where the Rav talked about everyone in Kiev being murdered and then a massive war starting, hopefully, that all got sweetened.

And I am also planning to paraphrase more of the stuff from Rav Elmaliach.

In the meantime…. the bizayon against the Rav is reaching new heights again, exactly as he planned.

That’s the only way to sweeten the harsh decrees, and anyone who is even semi-conscious can understand the situation right now is still very difficult for Jews all over the world.

My mum in the UK told me they are running ‘poor Gaza’ stories as the headline news every day, that there are massive crowds of angry people still demonstrating against Jews (ahem, I meant against Israel….) every weekend in the UK.

And the Jews there are feeling pretty nervous.

So…. lots and lots to ‘sweeten’ still, and I don’t expect the bizayon against the Rav to let up any time soon.

Whoopee do.


Excerpt of shiur given on Wednesday March 6th, Parshat Vayakhel 5784

Now, we are before Purim, which is a mitzvah d’orayta.

The Chatam Sofer said in Yoreh Deah 234 that ‘to be happy on Purim’ is a mitzva d’orayta.

The [other] mitzvoth [like reading the megilla etc] are de rabbanan. But essentially, ‘simcha’ – happiness – [is d’orayta].

“On a day of your happiness and on your festivals, and on your new moons, you shall sound the trumpets over your burnt-offerings and over your feast and peace-offerings; and they shall be a remembrance for you before your God; I am Hashem you God.”[1]

This is said in Parshat Ba’alotecha, we say this after Tisha B’av, “you shall sound the trumpets”,which is a mitzvah on every chag.


And Purim was the biggest miracle of all the miracles.

There never was a miracle like this! Even when Moshiach comes, there won’t be a miracle like this, that for three days they hung up the enemies of the Jews.

And now us – 80 years ago, there was the worst disaster for Am Yisrael, of all time [i.e. The Shoah. Hitler, may his name be erased] ruled for 12 years, from [19]33 to [19]45, until erev L’ag B’omer.


Rav Zilberman was a Boyaner chassid, so it seems. He did the lighting [on the roof of the Tzion at Rashbi]. The lighting [on the roof in Meron] only belonged to the Boyaners. The Ruzhiner appointed the Admor of Boyan and that’s the way it was from generation to generation, that they did the lighting.

That year, which was 5705 (1945) he [Rav Zilberman] said now we are waiting [to do the lighting] until the moon shines. He found an excuse. They said, what’s with the shining of the moon?! The shining of the moon will only be at 10.05pm! Only at 10pm – that’s already on the 18th!

Already on the night of the 18th… Everyone was exploding. [They always] Light immediately after shkeya (twilight). Ten minutes after shkeya they do the lighting. And he’s already waiting three hours!

He said: I’m waiting for the moon to shine.

They didn’t understand what he was saying. The moon will shine at 10.05pm.

At ten minutes to ten, the newsflash arrived that the same enemy of the Jews [Hitler, may his name be erased], a gilgul of Haman, had killed himself.

All of this happened on erev L’ag B’omer, in the merit of Rashbi.

Therefore, we need to go to Rashbi every L’ag B’omer. He stopped the war.


Now, we are waiting.

In another two weeks, Sunday night, it’s already the first of Adar Bet.

Motzae Shabbat is already the 30th of Adar (alef). Whoever eats after shekyah on motzash needs to say ya’aleh ve’yavo, so in order not to get into a situation of doubt, we need to finish the first kazayit [of bread] before shkeya.

Afterwards, you can eat vegetables, fruit and snacks.


The whole matter is that we are now standing before the greatest mitzvah.

All the festivals in the future will be cancelled, apart from the days of Purim. So, [there’s a kooshia] what, that means there’s no Pesach?! There won’t be Rosh Hashana?! There won’t be Shavuot?!

Rather, the meaning is that the light of Purim will shine.

Now, we don’t see the light of Purim.

Because on Purim, the light of truth is revealed.

Purim is the day when everyone is able to come close to Rabbenu, to understand the point of truth, to understand where the ‘point of truth’ actually is, the real truth.

Every judge that gives over a true judgement, it’s a though he’s a partner with Hashem, in the creation of the heavens and earth!

The world only stands [in the merit] of those who go with the real truth, because there are many different types of ‘truth.’

But the ‘real truth’ – there is only one real truth. And this is revealed on Purim – the real truth is revealed!

Shekimu v’kiblu (they fulfilled and they accepted [the Torah]).


The Gemara in Tractate Shabbat says that on Purim, kiblu – that they accepted the receiving of the Torah that took place on Purim. This was a thousand years, a thousand years after Matan Torah. Kimu v’kiblu.

(960 years from Matan Torah).


So why did the churban occur [of the first Temple]?

If they accepted the Torah only on Purim? Kimu v’kiblu! So why was the First Temple destroyed? Why are we in galut? Why?

After all, the acceptance of the Torah was only 960 years later, 850 years after they entered Eretz Yisrael, and another 40 in the desert, and another 70 in the galut [in Babylonia].

[The Purim Miracle] was at the end of this 70 years. This is another 110 [years], so 960 years after this – only then was Purim. So Tosfot ask, why did Hashem destroy the land? After all, they still hadn’t truly accepted the Torah?!

The mountain was held over them like a barrel. Although they cried out na’seh v’nishma (we will do and we will listen), with one eye, they were already looking at the Golden Calf.


Because [in Egypt], everyone was serving avoda zara, except for the three tribes that were written in Vaira – Reuven, Shimon and Levi[2].

Shimon didn’t serve avoda zara, Reuven didn’t serve avoda zara, and Levi didn’t serve avoda zara. But the rest of the nine tribes, everyone had fallen into avoda zara, together with Ephraim and Menashe,[3] this is 10 tribes.

So, everyone fell into serving avoda zara. They were there for 210 years, and slowly, slowly, they became assimilated with the goyim.


It’s like before the expulsion from Spain.

Everyone was already apikorsim (non-believers; heretics).

[The Jewish community in Spain before the expulsion] had been there for 781 years.

Exactly like the period of time from the entry into Eretz Yisrael until the churban (destruction of the First Temple). There is was 850, here it was 781.

In those years, everyone had already assimilated. The RASHBA writes in Keter Malchut that already, everyone had assimilated. They screamed at him, why are you still keeping the Torah?!

They were already waiting to start marrying non-Jewish women.


Like [what was happening in Shushan], where everyone had already married non-Jewish women.

[And so it’s written:] “The City of Shushan was bewildered.” Why ‘bewildered’?[4]

This is because everyone had engaged in mixed marriages.

Like in the Shoah, where half the people had already assimilated, in the Holocaust. So Purim, this was already total assimiliation. And then suddenly, within three days, they saw such a total miracle.[5]

“For three days, do not eat and do not drink.”


There was R’ Avraham Elimelech of Karlin, he wanted to cancel [the decree of] the Holocaust.

He knew that there was going to be a Shoah – R’ Avraham Elimelech of Karlin. So, he came after Tisha B’Av[6]


Hitler said that now, he was going to annihilate the Jews.

He said for this seven years, day and night. Every speech, he said the first thing, I am going to annihilate the Jews. I will conquer Europe, and I will make a new order here. Germany is from the Aryan race.

‘Aryan’ is ‘Lion’ – ‘Aryan’ is from the language of radiance. The meaning of ‘Aryan’ is that it is the race that ‘irradiates’ the world, that it’s the ‘projector’ of the world. This is called ‘Aryan – it’s the projector of the world, it’s the ‘chosen race’, and the rest of the races are its servants.

And the Jews must be annihilated, which is the race that is ‘against’ their race.


There is a book [written by Hitler], Mein Kampf, that is being found by the terrorists [now in Gaza]. This book is in almost every house – Mein Kampf.

It says that the first things is to annihilate the Jews.

There are the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and they don’t know who wrote this, [about] who the Jews intend to destroy the world, and to conquer the world.


So, it’s written that the decree of Purim was pushed off [until the Shoah]….


And now, we are standing another two weeks before the greatest day of our life.

All the festivals will be cancelled, apart from Purim. So, the Chatam Sofer wrote that the simcha (on Purim) is de’orayta.

Reading the megillah is de’rabbanan. But essentially, the simcha on Purim (is de’orayta). To praise, to recognise the miracle, to thank for the miracle. We need to blow the shofars, and on trumpets.

“To blow on trumpets.”

So, the Chatam Sofer said that Hallel was de orayta, this is those who say Hallel on Pesach, and Hallel on Shavuot.


On Pesach, we only say half of Hallel, because [Hashem said] the work of My hands is drowned in the sea [and you are saying a song?!]

If the work of My hands is drowning in the sea, so it’s impossible to recite Hallel, because why didn’t you return them in teshuva? How is it possible, that there is such an Amram like this, and such a Moshe like this [and they didn’t bring the non-Jews back to God?]


Amram divorced Yocheved, so he already lost his strength.

So his daughter [Miriam] said to him, you are worse than Pharoah! All this is written in the Gemara, Tractate Sotah.

His daughter said to him, you are worse than Pharoah! What did you do to us?! Pharoah said, ‘Every son that will be born – into the River shall you throw him.”[7] [But the girls remain alive. But by divorcing, there are now also no girls.]

Everyone got divorced! The whole of Am Yisrael!

Amram insisted on getting divorced, and this was a huge disaster. Miriam was a child of five and a half. She went into the Sanhedrin, and said what is this?! How are you supporting such a thing as this?!

Her father was the head of the generation. The RAMBAM brings down in [his commentary on] Shoftim, Chapter 9, that the whole masoret (tradition) passed via Amram. The RAMBAM brings down that all the 613 mitzvoth, all the masoret – observing Shabbat, everything that is kept – everything was passed down via Amram.

The RAMBAM here, on Chapter 9, on the halachot about Kings.


Each person needs to study the RAMBAM, five chapters a day.

And then it’s possible to finish it within a year. Now, it was the yahrtzeit of the RAMBAM, on the 20th Tevet.

The Rebbe[8] said that halacha is according to the RAMBAM, the halacha on every thing is according to the RAMBAM. And in the future, they will pasken (decide) the halacha like the RAMBAM.

So, the RAMBAM brings down here the chain of transmission.[9]

[Skipping some]


The RAMBAM said: I wrote this commentary on the Mishnayot when I was travelling from sea to sea [when he moved to Eretz Yisrael], without books.

He didn’t have any books, and he already knew the whole of the SHAS. Everything was set out for him like in a drawer, like in a cabinet, like an encyclopaedia that is organised by its headings.

By 17, everything was already arranged by him.


The RAMBAM was born in Spain, and he had to run away from the Muslims.

He moved to Fais ? [in Morocco]. There is where he was. He got to Fais aged seven, and until 21 he was in Fais.

And after this, he decided that he was going to travel to Eretz Yisrael, and he came here. There was a famine here, and so he went to Egypt.


[Skipping some].

Now, it’s going to be Ramadan.

They[10] want to obliterate everything here. They said that by Ramadan already, there won’t be a single Jew left here. It’s like on Purim, when they said that there wouldn’t be a single Jew left in the world.

And they will bring here 100,000 Arabs, to destroy.

Maybe, we’ll move to Kiryat Menachem, maybe we’ll move to Beitar. Really.

Because here already, not a single Jew will remain.


They said, yes, limit [the number of Arabs allowed to ascend Har Habayit on Ramadan], don’t limit.

Bibi said go up, all the Arabs can come to Jerusalem.

There are two million Arabs. Not a single Jew will remain alive.[11]

In any case, then I’’ll come and move in with you, there’s no choice.


It’s the story in Istanbul, when the Baal Shem Tov was in Istanbul.[12]

So they said, by six in the morning, not a single Jew will remain!

And they made a condition, that no-one could tell them [i.e. The Jews]. Whoever would tell, they would hang him. Because the moment that the Jews knew that was a decree to kill them, so they would bribe everyone, and within a second, they would nullify the decree.

So, they made a decree.

This is a true story, that we tell over on the shvii shel Pesach.

Be here on the shvii shel Pesach,and then you can hear the whole story.[13]


In any case, the Baal Shem Tov started to sing: To do big wonders by Himself…

He got to Istanbul on the way to Eretz Yisrael.

The Rebbe said [that in order to get to Eretz Yisrael], you need to get to the ‘smallest of the small’.

Eretz Yisrael is the ‘greatest of the great’.

So, the Rebbe took off his shoes, he took off his shirt. He stayed just with his undershirt and his trousers. And like this for a whole month, he played war games in the street. He played with swords, he played that we are the French, and you are the Ishmaelites.

All this is brought down in Shivei HaRan.

And there is a book that describes exactly how the Rebbe used to hang around on the streets, until the Satan left him alone. It said travel to Eretz Yisrael! You’re already not ‘Rebbe Nachman’!


The Baal Shem Tov travelled [to try to get to Eretz Yisrael].

The Smichat Hachamim travelled; the [Vilna] Gaon travelled, and the Iggeret HaGra was when he travelled to Eretz Yisrael.

He wrote the Iggeret HaGra to his wife with masculine language [grammar?].

[He was asked] if there was an obligation to go and pray in a beit knesset, he said lo talechi (don’t proceed), because there, everyone talks nonsense.

Today, they are already praying, but once, they didn’t know how to pray. They didn’t know aleph-bet, they just used to talk nonsense.

The whole Iggeret HaGra was [written] when he was travelling. He left from Koenigsburg, and there is his signature in Amsterdam. The signature of the CHIDA – the CHIDA is Chaim Yosef.

The CHIDA is the grandson of the Chesed L’Avraham.

[The Vilna Gaon was] Elihu ben Shlomo.

So, [they signed] one after another.


Whoever travelled [to Eretz Yisrael] had to go via Amsterdam, and there he would be accepted, there, and they would register him.

And they would send [people] to Eretz Yisrael according to this registration list.

You are with ten children, you are with 20 children.

And each one, according to…. And the Sephardim were registered in Istanbul.

In Istanbul, everyone was a billionaire.



[1] Bamidbar 10, 10.

[2] See Shemot 6.

[3] I.e. That the tribe of Yosef was split into that of Ephraim and Menashe, so it came to 10 tribes who were serving avoda zara.

[4] I.e. Why is it referring to the whole of the city of Shushan as being ‘bewildered’ and not just the Jewish community alone?

[5] By way of listening to the instructions of Esther who told them the following.

[6] He came to Eretz Yisrael, and said that if everyone would fast on Rosh Hashana, the decree of the Holocaust would be nullified.

[7] Shenot 1:23.

[8] See Siach Sarfey Kodesh II, 56.

[9] See Rambam, Halachot Malachim, 9:1).

[10] It’s not clear who the Rav is referring to here.

[11] Two days before the first day of Ramadan, the Rav warned publically on multiple occasions that a terrible pogrom was being planned for the Meah Shearim neighborhood for 8.30am Sunday morning. In the event, at exactly that time, the Rav was taken to hospital in a very serious, life-threatening condition. As has happened so many times before, it appears that the Tzaddik took the harsh decree upon himself.

Three days later, three of the holiest boys from the Shuvu Banim community were killed in a terrible car accident returning from visiting Kivrei Tzaddikim in the Shomron, and two of their friends were seriously injured. But the pogrom in Meah Shearim didn’t materialise, Baruch Hashem.

[12] Regular readers of the Rav’s lessons will recognise that Rav Berland frequently refers back to this story of the Baal Shem Tov in Istanbul, and updates it with new details, when there is a new harsh decree that requires ‘sweetening’.

[13] According to Rav Elmaliach’s message, the second revelation of four of the soul of Moshiach is meant to occur on the shvi shel Pesach, 5784.


Lots and lots of hints and allusions to the Sabbateans in this shiur.

Those same people, and their descendants, are still going after the Rav.

Ha mavin yavin.


It’s amazing how different life is ‘offline’.

Now that I am having a regular three days off from the ‘pace’ of keeping up with the internet, and the 24 hour (fake) ‘news’ cycle, that just keeps us all hopping from one manipulated event to another, I feel like my brain is finally starting to kick back in to a more relaxed and contemplative mode.

Not all the time.

There is still a lot of ‘stress’ in the air, a lot of tension in myself, and the world, but when I sit here with the internet totally off, and I just look at my window in Jerusalem as I type, I can finally catch up with myself a little.

When the internet insinuated itself into our lives 24/7, it created a paradigm where, like it or not, we are trapped ‘reacting’ to information 24/7.

And so much of that information – even if it’s true, a big ‘if’ – tends to just cause worry, anxiety, despair and stress.

At best.


By contrast, the main but by no means only benefit of doing hitbodedut for an hour a day is that instead of just hopping from one piece of ‘information’ or stimulation, and reacting to it (usually from a negative place) – you get some time to stop and reflect.

And to ask yourself am I really dealing with things that way I should be? The way God wants me to? What’s really motivating me right now? Is it really coming from a good place, or is it just my yetzer, dressing itself up as my ‘inner tzaddik’ again?

Stuff like that.


On Purim, I had a few opportunities to ‘react’, and a couple of hours to ‘reflect’ on why I was acting and behaving the way I was.

For example, I had planned to listen to the megillah reading at night in one of the local shuls.

I tried going to the Rav last year, and it was a total flop. After waiting an hour and a half to get a chair and a good spot, I then needed the bathroom – and the chair was gone when I got back.

So then, I tried sitting on a wall a little further away for the megillah reading.

But I couldn’t hear very well. So then, I tried calling the Rav’s kav to listen to it via phone and also in person. And then, I just got too overwhelmed with the crowd of people, and decided I was going to finish listening to the megilla in the car….


The minute after I got in the car, the phone switched off, and refused to come back on.

I’d already totally stuffed-up my megillah reading, and by that point it was so late, I knew I couldn’t find another place to go to.

So I ended up reading the megillah in my car, by myself, from a book, in English. Thus, totally not fulfilling my obligation to hear it in any way.

It was another ‘Rav special’.

So this year, I decided I am going to a local shul, like a regular person, and getting it heard in a ‘regular’ way.



Two hours before megillah reading at 6.30pm, my daughter informed me that her in-laws were inviting us over for a l’chaim.

I kind of hit the roof what?! What’s wrong with these people, that they don’t know that is the main time for the megillah reading?!?

Our mechutonim are very nice people. They came from Russia, and with a ton of mesirut nefesh they keep a lot more mitzvot than a lot of other people in their circumstances. But, there are big ‘gaps’ in what they do, and what they know about, and on Purim, we kind of fell into one.


So, I’m having a rant about what’s wrong with these people…. And then my daughter gets very upset with me (because, we are all still in the ‘honeymoon stage’ of trying to be nice to the mechutonim at every price)…. And then I realised, I have a choice to make.

Either, I can stick with my plan, to get to shul at 6.30pm, and hear the megillah in a regular way, like a normal person, and thus cause my daughter quite a big problem with the mechutonim who are trying so hard to ‘do Purim’ and to participate in such an annoying way….


I can swallow my pride, and fight down my ego, and hear megillah later on at the Chabad super-fast, non-stop pop-up reading at the local Yes Planet Mall, together with my daughter and her new husband….


I sighed a big sigh.

And then I said, sure we’ll come, what time do you want us?

(My husband left early, and went as planned to the Rav for the megillah reading. They danced for an hour before it even began….)


So then, at 7pm, I was sat at the Yes Planet, just outside the plated glass windows of the food court, in front of McDonalds.

To the left of me, there were massive mall-sized posters of the latest movies playing literally  right next to where we sitting.

The whole place was full of flashing lights, mall-sized ‘fun fair attractions’ for tots with tons of noise and distractions.

And of course, men and women were sat together to hear the megillah, with a few of the audience also playing on their smartphones, half-listening.

I tried to hide myself in my megillah, and to just focus on the words, which I could barely read fast enough, even in English, in order to keep up with the Chabad guy who was barrelling through the megillah at 5,000 miles an hour.

I felt pretty deflated about the whole thing.

It was another ‘Rav Special’.


The following morning, I decide I am getting up at the crack of dawn, to get to a proper shul, with a proper megillah, where the men and women are seperate, where I can follow what’s being said, and where I don’t have a fat guy with an i-Phone in my line of vision, whispering away while stuffing his face with an icecream.


The shul was Ashkenazi, full of old Americans – and had one kid dressed as ‘Queen Esther’ who kept attracting disapproving stares for breathing too loud.

The megillah started exactly on time.

It was done very quickly, but every word was perfectly enunciated, as per halacha.

They made a noise for every mention of ‘Haman’ – but the grogger was only swung once, the table was only banged in a precise way, three taps per mention.

It was a totally ‘Type A’ anglo experience.


For the first ten minutes, I kind of liked it.

Then, I noticed one of the main ‘disapproving’ women was also casting ‘disapproving looks’ at my megillah, which is the cartoon animated one by Gadi Pollack.

And then, the ‘three taps per Haman’ started to really grate on my nerves, as I could feel that strong undertow of ‘conform or else’ that is the hallmark of so many Anglo-American Jewish experiences.

I didn’t dare to go past the allotted time for ‘drowning out’ Haman, but I passively resisted by skipping making noise a few times, instead.

15 minutes later…. We were done.

And I was on my way home to get on with the mishloach manot.


A few years ago, I had a brainwave.

I now only give two mishloach manot, as per the minimum required, and I usually give them to one ‘friend’ and one ‘enemy’.

The ‘enemies’ are nearly always my neighbors, so that also saves on the travel time.

So, I shlepped off to give to a friend who had just got back from visiting an elderly parent abroad, and was still kind of ‘blown away’ by the whole experience….

I was still feeling pretty down in myself.


Then, I shlepped off to the good bakery, to get a box of hot bourekas for my ‘enemy’ downstairs, who moved in six months ago and proceeded to take over the garden I spent four years weeding and planting and caring for – even though I knew, it’s not ‘my garden’.

I have very complicated landlords, and everything is ‘combinations’ with them, that make everyone involved confused and unhappy.


So, they told the new tenant downstairs that the garden is totally hers to do with as she wishes.

Without mentioning anything to me.

So, she ripped down my fence so she could ‘have a view’, started planting ugly stuff all over the place, moaned at me when I started weeding the sorrell sprouting everywhere post the Spring rain, telling me that I was destroying such beautiful yellow flowers, and also told me I should take out the walnut tree that in theory can get to 100 ft – but in practise has been totally stunted for the last three years, as it’s roots have no space.

Long story short…. I am having a massive test of my middot over the garden.

And I’m not always winning it, because as well as ‘ruling the roost’, the neighbor is also expecting me to carry on doing the massive amount of weeding required to keep the garden in good shape – but without openly acknowledging that, or appreciating all the effort I’ve still been putting into the garden the last few months.

Even though I now have no use of it myself.


So, I was determined to ‘kill my enemy with kindness’ on Purim, as Rabbenu tells us to do.

I bought her a massive box of the bourekas she most likes as a mishloach manot, and left it downstairs with a pear and a kiwi, on a nicely-wrapped tray.

I totally confused her.


(The battle over the garden continues, meantime. I told her yesterday she can take it over 100%, and I am no longer weeding it or taking responsibility for watering it. That felt so good, even though it’s not coming from a good place. What can I do….)


At 12.30pm, shortly before the guests were meant to start showing up for Purim seuda, my ‘down’ mood finally broke.

One of my kid’s friends is a professional DJ.

She showed up with a newly-created ‘Purim set’ of music (that was totally fantastic….) – plus half her professional DJ speakers system.

The roof was jumping off the house, and long story short, we were dancing for 3-4 hours.

I even arranged a temporary ‘mechitzah’ with duvet covers hung from the stair railings, so the dancing was kosher….

By the end of all that, the Purim cloud had finally lifted.


The day after, I was totally knackered.

Not so much physically, but mentally.

And I was also dizzy.

So, I took it easy.


Today, Wednesday, I was debating writing about this.

After all, I’d already missed the ‘window’ of writing immediately after the event…. It’s already old news now, right?

But that’s when I realised how important the ‘reflection’ actually is, as opposed to just constantly ‘reacting’ to stuff all the time, and especially the (fake) ‘news’ cycle, that gives us no time to think and to digest and to contemplate quietly.

And it’s in those quiet moments of reflection that the magic really happens.

That the heart finally opens up a little. That the ego finally quiets down enough for a person to see, wow, I’m still a bit of a psycho after all….

And to make at least some of the teshuva required to overcome those psycho tendencies.

And then, to share that process of reflection with others, to encourage them to turn off the phone, and do some hitbodedut.

Smell the roses….

Spend some time contemplating and not just ‘reacting’ all the time.

And then see how much you learn about yourself, and how things in ‘real life’ start to improve in some awesome ways.

With God’s help.


PS: My neighbor is really not as bad as this makes her sound.

She got misled by my landlords re: the garden, and probably has no idea how sore a point this has become for me.

We will figure all this out.

And in the meantime, it’s shining a spotlight on a lot of bad middot that are still lurking under the rocks in my soul.

Ad 120.


PPS: Apparently, some jerk by the (probably fake…) name of ‘Natan Landesman’ has been making fake copyright claims against some of the old videos my husband and other English speakers recorded for the old Shuvu Banim Youtube site more than seven years ago.

He’s getting them all banned from Youtube, using a fake email, a fake ‘copyright’ claim, and probably, a fake name.

These are the people who are against the Rav…. fake frummers with middot in the toilet.

At best.

I have a theory that most of these people are closet [… guess what I censored here.]

I guess we’ll find out when Moshiach finally comes.

But in the meantime, I am not wasting any time or effort reading the drivel they put out, and I highly recommend you don’t engage with these fake frummers with middot in the toilet either.

There are much better things to do with our time. 

Like, anything, actually.



I am super-dizzy today.

I think there might be more earthquakes on the horizon.

I am going offline until Thursday now, but in partial answer to SimchavSasson’s query about what might be going on with solar flares and sunspots etc, this video has some interesting information on man-made directed energy effects on our planet.

One of my readers just sent me this:

(These are screenshots, btw, don’t try to ‘play’ the images.)

In the middle of the night from Fri March 22 to Sat 23 (Shabbat night) there was a very large explosion on the sun, earth directed, from a huge sunspot in the center of the earth facing sun:


The proton flux, which is the first part of such an event and hits the earth within minutes, looked like this:

Under normal conditions, this would be something like the “Carrington event” that they are always warning that, if it happens, might throw all of our electronics based technologies into chaos.
It won’t be clear whether this is a direct hit, or whether it will miraculously only glance the earth’s magnetosphere, until the main part of this explosion hits the earth.
They can’t say this with certainty, it will be somewhere between now (March 24) and March 26, most likely the night between March 24 and March 25.
They are not really putting this on the news, I guess to avoid panic because there is nothing you can really do about it, anyway, in the “scientific/physical” world (but you can say some Tikkun Haklalis!)
I would recommend turning off and unplugging devices tonight, so that if there is a direct hit they dont get fried.

NASA is now saying this will produce with 90% certainty minor interruptions, and with 45% certainty major interruptions, over the next 2 days.


Ad kan, from my correspondent.

As always, the timing is everything.

The Rav asked four days ago for an extra 100,000 Tikkun Haklalis to be said, by midnight of Shushan Purim.

Now, we start to see a bit more ‘behind the curtain’, about what is actually going on here.


Three weeks ago, on March 6th, the Rav gave a whole big shiur about Purim which I am in the middle of translating.

This is the bit that jumped out at me (after the video), after I read the ‘news’ about the shooting in the Russian theatre (which was either done by Russia itself, or was arranged by the CIA.)

You recall that Obama and the USA created and supported the ISIS mercenaries to topple Assad in Syria. This isn’t ‘conspiracy’, it’s proven fact. Here’s Putin himself, explaining how that works:


Anyway, the point is, why would ‘ISIS’ take on Russia right now?

What would be the point, exactly?

Especially as ISIS is  just a bunch of paid mercenaries that switch sides and kill people depending on who is paying them more….

So who paid ISIS to pull off that Russian theatre massacre?

Putin, or Biden?

And the point is – it doesn’t really matter.

Because they both work for the Satanic masons, and the whole goal here is to just provide Russia with another excuse to reignite the war in Ukraine by stepping things up a level.


Anyway, here is what the Rav said three weeks ago, in the middle of the shiur about Purim, apparently apropros of nothing:

Now they will enter Kiev, and murder the whole city.

You will have a war with the whole world.


I read that on Shabbat, and it seemed so out of place – not least, because the war in Ukraine has fizzled.

But not anymore!

Cue: more war, more threats of nukes – and then the ‘alien invasion’ to save us all from nuclear armageddon.



The point is: the timing is everything.

Read the update on THIS post, if you didn’t see it already.

The next few months are going to be extremely interesting, culminating in a ‘bloody’ Elul – and then redemption. For whoever makes it through this process.

BH, it won’t be Jewish blood flowing like a river this time around.

Bezrat Hashem.


So, keep going with the Tikkun HaKlalis, even though we small people have no idea what is really going on.

Our prayers and sincerity and simple emuna are literally changing everything.

But the test is, we usually can’t see it ourselves.



One of my readers sent me this, about their EMF protection shirt they’ve started wearing (and testing out with their EMF-o-meter):


I asked them for the links and this is what they sent me:


I haven’t tried it myself, but I’m passing on the info incase others find it helpful, and I know this reader has literally been doing experiments with their EF-o-meter for months, and is constantly doing other experiments to try and figure off how to ward-off as much radiation as possible.
Try it if it speaks to you (and you can afford it).

In the meantime, I am still planning on being offline Monday – Wednesday, inclusive.

And it looks like a bunch more people may be joining me, albeit unwillingly, if this latest solar flare fries their equipment.
That’s one way of ‘smashing the smartphone’….
It really could be a massive blessing in disguise.



Shavua Tov!

So…. What happened yesterday, motzash, down on Ido HaNavi?

The short answer is: nothing much.

Me and my husband got into our glad rags, we got there an hour later than planned, at 9.30 ish, because my daughter was running late and that’s when she could take us….

And the Rav had already gone in for the night.


We drive down to Meah Shearim before Shabbat every week and leave our car there, and then we go back down motzash to do a few more Tikkun Haklalis with the Rav during seuda shlishit / melave malka (the Rav keeps Rabbenu Tam) – so that part of things was business as usual.

But when we got there this motzash, it was very quiet.

What, did it all get cancelled and we just didn’t know that? I asked my husband as we walked up Ido HaNavi.

Then, someone told us the Rav had gone in 10 minutes earlier….

So, that’s it for the night then?

Nobody knew.


It was not a ‘rocking’ atmosphere.

By 10pm, a few more people had come, including a coach of people that looked like they came from Rav Elmaliach’s shiur in Tel Aviv.

But I was mostly just sitting there, saying some Tikkun Haklalis, like I do every motzash.

On the men’s side, there was some dancing, and more ‘action’. They were singing Moshiach songs – and honestly, that made me a little uncomfortable.

It had that ‘chabad’ vibe, a little, that has now tainted every other revelation of Moshiach – even a real one. With a real Moshiach. That really happens.

Someone I knew came and sat next to me, and we both just kind of waited there, feeling a little deflated, until 11pm ish.


At that point, Rav Elmaliach appeared, did the brachas on greeting Moshiach publically, without the Shem Hashem, passed around some arak and water from the Beer Shel Miriam – and that was that.


Honestly, I was more than half-expecting it to be a super-flop.

As I’ve written about previously, we’ve been at the Rav on many previous occasions when there was said to be an imminent ‘revelation of Moshiach’.

And as I’ve written about previously, nothing happened obviously, at least that we could notice – but in some subtle way, our life seemed to start going in a better direction afterwards.

BH, that will happen again this time.

But in the meantime, we both came home feeling a tiny bit disappointed – and also worried that our kids were going to start laying into us for being freyerim, for continuing to believe, and for continuing to try to have emunat tzaddkim, and to just not take all this stuff too personally.


At the end of the day, what really happened here?

I spent three weeks making a ton of teshuva. And thinking seriously about what it would mean for ‘Moshiach to reveal himself openly’ right now.

And that whole process showed me that while a lot of me ‘wants Moshiach now’ – a significant part of me still really doesn’t.

I woke up Shabbat morning with a stomachache, and after I did some hitbodedut on it, I realised it’s because I was actually worried that Moshiach would openly reveal himself – and then I probably wouldn’t get those books on the healing properties of gemstones that I’d just ordered on Amazon.

I am still so stuck in ‘this world’, in all the gashmiut, all the stupid stuff that we all keep ourselves busy with, and running in circles around.

And even for me, the prospect of ‘Moshiach really coming’ is a very mixed bag.


That was kind of surprising to realise.

And I understand now, I still have a whole bunch of internal work to do, before I could really say I am 100% ready, prepared and happy for the open revelation of Moshiach.


Again, Moshiach is not going to show up and solve all our problems.

The people who want ‘Moshiach Now!!!!’ are usually in that state of mind because their own life is horrible, and they are suffering terribly.

I went through something like that myself, 10-15 years ago – and I had to learn the hard way, that nearly all of my suffering was self-inflicted, and was occurring because I was stubbornly refusing to work on my own bad middot.

With all my ‘frum efforts’, with skirts down to the floor, my no internet in the house, my giving shiurim to women every week, my Toyrah at the shabbos table – I was not serving Hashem happily, as the real me, and I was stuffed full to bursting with ga’ava and what I now call ‘fake emuna’.


Fake emuna is when you do six hours of hitbodedut, and then think God owes you something.

It’s when you tell yourself ‘think good and it will be good’ – instead of knuckling down to working out why things are getting so hard in the first place.

Really, ‘think good and it will be good’ sounds great – but it doesn’t work in practise. It just disconnects people from their true feelings, their true experience of what is happening, and makes them secretly bitter and angry on such a deep, deep level, spiritually.

A much better maxim is: ‘do some real teshuva, and it will be good’.

But that’s not as catchy, is it?


Point is: Moshiach is not coming to magic away all our problems, and buy us a house with a pool in Jerusalem; or let us win the lottery; or make that horrible person in our life that is making us suffer so much suddenly drop dead with a heart attack.

(If they took the shots, tho, the chances of that last thing happening are no longer in the realm of ‘miraculous’.)

Moshiach is coming to teach us how to purify ourselves from our bad middot, how to pray sincerely – and how to serve God with everything we have.

From a very ‘low’ place.

And that’s what Rav Berland and Shuvu Banim excel at.


So yesterday, I sat there in my new dress.

It was cold. I was still a little disappointed, even though I mostly knew it was going to be a ‘Rav Special’, where a person’s ego pipes up and starts questioning what’s going on here?! Why is the Rav doing this?! How could the Rav create such an awkward situation for me?!

Because now, I’ll look like an idiot again – to my kids, to my readers, and in some small, dark corner of my heart, also to myself.


But then, I did some hitbodedut, to try to figure out what really happened here, tonight?

  1. I got the chance to buy a new dress, and my husband bought a very nice new suit.
  2. I had the time to read 7 Tikkun Hakalis instead of the usual 3.
  3. My daughter’s formerly ‘chiloni’ husband danced for half an hour on the men’s side singing ‘Moshiach songs’ and enjoyed himself tremendously.
  4. I made a whole bunch of serious teshuva, before, during and after the run up to yesterday, including writing about all this in the first place, when I had a good inkling it was just going to lead to some public humiliation.
  5. I identified that in some ways, I am still not ‘ready for Moshiach to come’ – and there is still a lot of work today.
  6. And yes, I got another dose of bizayon, to scrub off at least some of my many sins.


I’ve been going to the Rav’s prayers for 6-7 years, very regularly – but I don’t dress ‘chareidi’, and I probably never will.

Yesterday, there were a few people looking at me funny, cocking their eyebrows as if to say, ah, so THIS is the tattooed chiloni drug addict from Tel Aviv that all this is for….

It was kind of insulting.


And then, there was the mild bizayon from my children, about belonging to a cult and doing dumb things like sitting outside in the cold for hours on a Saturday night before Jerusalem’s Purim, waiting for Moshiach to actually show up.

Yah, that’s REALLY arak from the Baba Sali….Yah, that’s REALLY water from the Beer Shel Miriam…. Whatever, Ima.

Thank God, the intensity has reduced greatly.

After one of my daughters met her husband literally three days after I finished praying the Rav’s prayers for her to be a bride…. And after they’ve seen with their own eyes how many ‘issues’ have disappeared after paying a pidyon to Shuvu….And now they can compare and contrast us to others, and see that in so many ways, we are sheltered from the madness engulfing the world….

The bizayon about being aboard the Shuvu Ark has got way, way less.

And in some subtle ways, my children are also starting to inch forward along the Ark’s gangplank, albeit very cautiously.

Because no-one wants to look like a frierite.



Did Moshiach openly reveal himself yesterday?

Not that I could see, or honestly, not that I could even feel.

It was pretty ‘flat’ in a whole bunch of ways.

Is that a test of emunat tzaddikim?


But really, it’s just another test of my own middot.


It’s another opportunity to ‘ditch’ the Rav, to break with Breslov, to ditch yiddishkeit, because where was God in the holocaust??!?!?!?

And where was God on October 7th?!?!?!?!?

And why isn’t God giving me exactly what I want, whenever I want it?!?!?!?

And all the other heretical kefira that people who really just want to totally ignore God and His laws use to justify why it’s OK to do that.


Ein Od Milvado.

It’s all just one big test – absolutely everything that is happening all the time, but especially around the Rav.

God doesn’t owe me anything.

Moshiach doesn’t owe me anything.

And the bottom line is, today, I just have to carry on working on my own lack of emuna, my own bad middot, and my own incredible arrogance.

And the Rav is simply the very best ‘route’ of doing that, for so many reasons.

(Which is also why so many of those ‘fake emuna’ people keep end up running away from him as fast as their legs can carry them…)



I got sent this from one of the Whatsapp Groups:

מוצ”ש זכור ליל יד’ אדר ב’ תשפ”ד
שאלו את הרב אלמליח לגבי מה שהיה היום בגילוי עד 12 בלילה בהתחזקות מיוחדת ממש כמו באומן בערב ראש השנה ואמר שיש 4 שלבים בהתגלות, שלב ראשון עשינו ,והיום רשמית הרב נחשב משיח בן דוד לאחר שנשמת המלך התעברה ברב בשלימות ולא כמו שהיה עד עכשיו רק בחלקים, שלב שני בשביעי של פסח, שלב שלישי ט’ באב שלב רביעי ואחרון כה’ באלול שיהיה אטומים והרבה דם ואז הרב יתגלה בגלוי בעזרת השם יתברך.
וכל זה לאחר מלחמות גדולות של הצדיקים בשמיים שהרב כבר ית והרב לא רצה עכשיו אלא עוד 6 שנים בשנת השמיטה הבאה בשביל להציל עוד ועוד נשמות שעדיין לא חזרו בתשובה וישנם עולמות שתלויים בהם אי אפשר לבנות אותם בליהן נשמות שהרב מחכה שיחזרו בתשובה ואז אחרי עקשנות. רבה של הרב הגיע עם הרב לפשרה בשמיים.
ובין היתר הרב מחכה לחולקים שלו שיחזרו בהם צריך להגיד 7 תיקון הכללי במצפה מקום שהשבטים הקדושים חלקו על יוסף הצדיק ומשם נמשך כל המחלוקות בעולם.


To very roughly paraphrase, Rav Elmaliach explained there are 4 stages of revelation.

Yesterday was ‘Phase 1’.

Phase 2 is scheduled for Shvi’i Shel Pesach.

Phase 3 is scheduled for Tisha B’Av.

Phase 4 – and concluding – is sometime in Elul, and will come with a lot of blood, God forbid.


Bottom line: there is a bit more time to make some real teshuva, before the world of lies totally disintegrates.

And a bit more time to get on the Shuvu Ark.

But in the meantime…. the world continues on it’s semi-normal, increasingly deranged, and often scary path.

First, one of my readers sent me this:

The Rav’s kav (02 5326 502) posted a message from the Rav yesterday, where he is asking people to say another 100.000 Tikkun Haklalis until 24:00 motzei Shushan Purim (if I understood correctly).

Say one, say three, say seven, say 10 – but a big part of how you get aboard the ‘Shuvu Banim’ ark that is going to carry us through the turbulent waters ahead is simply just by doing your bit when the Rav calls for prayers – and actually making an effort to do what he asks.

So, say one, say three, say seven, say 10 – but say something, because clearly we entering another ‘hot’ zone over the next few days for Am Yisrael.


Next, the update on the party from Rav Elmaliach:


Long story short, something is happening, at least in terms of organisation, on motzash.

While it’s Purim in most other places, in Jerusalem it will just be a regular ‘motzash’ gathering by the Rav, down on Ido HaNavi.

Except…. there will be apparently be quite a few secular people coming down to ‘party’ with the Rav….

And there will be some sort of revelation of Moshiach (or not…., or at least, not obviously….) around 10pm.

Rav Elmaliach says that people should bring some Arak, and that they will be distributing bottles of water from ‘Miriam’s Well’, that is hidden in the Kinneret.

If you listen to the video, Rav Elmaliach actually describes how he went up to the Kinneret again with the two hidden tzaddikim and the Rav, and this time filled up a bottle with the hidden waters of the Beer Miriam, to be distributed motzash.


Anyone who drinks from this water will merit to much greater understanding of the Torah, connected to the Or HaGanuz.

(I am just roughly paraphrasing what is being said in the video, I have no more idea than you do, what this actually means.)

BUT – that greater understanding will only occur people who take upon themselves, for men:

  • Shmirat Eynayim
  • Shmirat HaBrit
  • At least one Tikkun Haklali a day
  • To smash their smartphone

And for women:

  • Skirts down to the floor
  • No make-up or jewellery outside the home
  • To smash their smartphone.


No-one knows what the ‘revelation of Moshiach’ is going to look like, or whether it will be obvious to any of us small people.

I can tell you in the past when the Rav said there was going to be a ‘revelation of Moshiach’, and we all went down to Ido HaNavi – nothing obvious actually happened at the time. On multiple occasions.

But I started to notice that a ‘new ruach’ would come into the world each time the Rav announced stuff like this – like, a mass of new information, or understanding, would suddenly just kind of ‘come down’ to a whole bunch of people.

Or, I would start to have some massive insights and breakthroughs in my own life.

Or something would change for me in my dalet amot, even while it looked like business as usual in all other circumstances.

So, who knows what’s going to happen motzash, but things are for sure moving in a whole bunch of areas, in any case.


If appropriate, the following blessings should be recited at or around 10pm – but strictly without the Shem HaShem.

Rav Elmaliach explains that the halachas about when these blessings on seeing the Moshiach can be said with the full Shem HaShem are extremely complicated, and that the conditions have to be exactly as described.

So, no Shem HaShem!

(At least, not on motzash).

These are the transliterated blessings (minus the Shem HaShem) to say:


Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, hatov ve’hameitiv.

Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, ga’el Yisrael.



Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, hacam harazin.



Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, she chalak mi’kvodo l’yeerayav.

Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, she chalak me’chachmato l’yeerayav.

Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, she chehayinu, vey kayamnu le’zman hazeh.


Again, just to stress for the millionth time, I have no idea what’s going on, or if these blessings will be required motzash – halavai, we should all be able to say them with a full heart, and with very good reason!

In the meantime, we can all agree that the world is continuing to ‘go to hell in a handbasket’ (to quote my mother), so BH, the time for the evil to finally be uprooted and Hashem to be fully revealed in the world is very, very close.

Whatever happens next – just stay close to the Rav, and say as many Tikkun Haklalis as you can.

Even if motzash is an anti-climax, those prayers are still sweetening tons of stuff for Am Yisrael – and not least, for you.


Finally, another reader pointed this out about the ‘biblical language’ of the Rav’s navua, and I’m sharing it here:

Biblical Hebrew has a strange convention called the “vav hapuch”.

So I’d like to assume that every time you (or the translation team) translated a lot of the “והיה ביום ההוא” (or however it was actually written) literally, as “and it was on that day” instead of “and it will be on that day” that it was deliberate for some reason.

Is the Rav inviting the last blast of bizayon, perhaps?


We didn’t translate it in the future, because that kind of sounded a bit pretentious. We were just trying to stick as close as possible to what was being said, which was hard enough to try to translate, without giving too much of our own peirush.

But the reader is right, that this is probably referring to future and should have been translated like that.


I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it pretty hard to concentrate on ‘this world’ at the moment.

I guess, I’m waiting for motzash to arrive, so at least we can get that anticipation behind us, whatever else occurs.

And may we just hear good news.







A couple of days’ ago, Rav Elmaliach read out a ‘prophecy’ he recieved from the Rav.

You can hear that for yourself here:


My husband listened to it – and then couldn’t sleep the whole night.

He said his head was literally full of ‘light’ the whole night, or what Breslovers call orot.

He saved it on a stick and brought it home for me to listen to. I tried to listen to it in the car – and I initially understood about 10%. The language is extremely ‘high’ Tanach-Hebrew, and nothing how the Rav usually expresses himself. But the more I listened, the more I could make out bits – and I decided I have to try and translate this into English, at least the first part.


What you read below happened across two days, multiple hours – and with the help of three people – to try and make the first part of the Rav’s prophecy about geula accessible to as many English-speakers as possible.

We tried very hard to avoid any errors or mistakes, but as the language is so difficult, there may still be some – if you identify anything that needs amending, please let me know in the comments.

Also, there are another seven minutes of the prophecy that we just ran out of energy to translate, at least at this stage.


The last thing to say is that like you, I have no idea what is really going on.

BH, the party with the 250 chilonim is apparently back on again, for motzash, down on Ido HaNavi. It will be starting around 10pm and finishing by 11pm, to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

Not in a billion years did I ever think a major ‘revelation of Moshiach’ – if that is actually what is going to happen motzash – would occur like this – squeezed into an hour before the neighbors call the police because Shuvu Banim are making too much noise after 11pm.


The Rav has said repeatedly now that he is not Moshiach.

No-one knows what is actually going to happen, if anything ‘obvious’, motzash.

But I am planning on being there, with my new dress, to see first hand what is actually going on.

In the meantime… here is the first part of the nevua, translated directly from the video above.


[Rav Elmaliach begins by saying:]

The Rav requests that before they hear the prophecy, everyone should take upon themselves shmirat habrit and shmirat eynayim.

Iggeret of Or HaGanuz ve HaMoshiach yored

And God said to Eliezer, because, behold, the time has arrived to wipe out all sorcery, and every demon from off the aretz.

And I overturned the demons and the impure spirits on the face of midron, which is under the rakia (firmament).

And there was at this time, I will break apart every mishan and mishana, to overturn them to having emuna in Me, Hashem, HaElokim. And I have placed My signs in all the nations, and I will expand my Name amongst all the nations.

And they will know that I am Hashem, your Savior.

And all the tumah that is upon the land will be destroyed. And I have overturned all those who come within My gates, and I will purify them from all their sins. I am Hashem, your God.

And I have established a covenant with My servant, to demonstrate My signs and wonders before all flesh. And they will know and they will see in My servant, who I send before you, and My children I will raise up, from all the aretz, and I will return them to Gan Eden, with My Heavenly Court [pamallia].


And I will shine a great light upon you, I am Hashem, Your God, Who took you out of the land of Mitzrayim, to be unto Me a nation.

And I have cleansed the nation from all of its sins, says Hashem, Your God.

And I have taken you again, like the first time, and I have brought you to Jerusalem, and I will build you up with sapphire and with every charm. And I will raise you up in the eyes of everyone, and I will emplace you in security, and bring you to my House, says Hashem Your God.

And after I have emplaced my Shechina to me, in My chosen House, with an embrace and a kiss[1], and with the joining of letters.

And behold, the Cherubim stand in the place of the Holy of Holies, face-to-face. And I will gather you from all corners of the aretz to see My face, says Hashem Your God.

And My Shechina will be enjoined there, and it will be at that time that I will emplace peace within all the aretz, and they will call My Name ‘Shalom’, which I placed below, and I enjoined it with the ‘Shalom’ above, says Hashem.

And I wiped away tears and purified hearts to serve Me, says Hashem Your God.

And I healed you with My Servant, from all your sadness and your sufferings and all your brokenness. Shalom, Shalom.


And Hashem said to the servant of God, take the staff and gather to you all the impure spirits, and cover them with ashes, and I will burn them up and turn them into dust, and I will burn up all the impure chayot (animals) and impure sheratzim (insects).

And I will bring them before Me in judgement, and I will call the demons by their names. And I will bring them before Me, to wipe them out from off the face of the earth.

And it was at that time, Hashem will turn the Nachash into dust, and the beast which eats grass into a pure animal, that you will bring [as a sacrifice] before Me.

And on that day, I will rule over all the world, with a good hand, and the goodness will increase upon all the aretz.

And there will be at that time, that I will send shefa and bracha to the inhabitants of the aretz. And they will eat in happiness and with a good heart and I will bring the Torah down again, and I will establish My Covenant as at first, and your fields, your flocks and your children will be picked out for My blessing.

And the goodness will be expanded and I will send the sea to afar, to add the dry land on for you. And you will know no more suffering. And I will add My blessing to all your dwelling places, to be a comfort for you.


And Hashem said to the servant of God, gather together the people who remain, and draw them close to you, to return them to your house with anshei shlomim (my people).

And gather all those who reside on the aretz, who are broken-hearted, to comfort them.

Because with my consolations, I will comfort them. And give to all those who are defeated and broken, consolation from Hashem.

And I will raise up My children from all those who remain, to guide them to my Beit HaMikdash. And I will bring them close to Me, says Hashem, and I will gather for them peace in My House, all their days, until I will gather them to Me, says Hashem.


And it was in that time, I will raise up My servant to be the shepherd for My flock, and I will go before him to strengthen him, and I will bring down support through him, and grasp his hand and lead him to the house of My flock to fulfill My promise.

Therefore, don’t fear from before Me, from the blow which I will strike against all the inhabitants of the aretz, because those who are faithful to Me, I will not make from them to fall, and I will grasp their hands.

I am Hashem Who keeps His promise.


And Hashem said to the servant of God, gather together the people who remain and bring them close to you and save them in your house, with anshei shlomenu [our people].

And gather together all those who reside on the aretz, who are broken hearted and comfort them, with my consolations I will comfort them.

And call to the inhabitants of the aretz to cease their work, because they will Serve Me.

Because all flesh will only call out to Me and fear me, because I will sustain them and give them satiation.

Therefore, don’t fear My faithful ones, from the cessation of your bread, because it’s not your enemies who will give you, rather I will satiate you with bread and wine, and all delicacies for oneg (enjoyment) you will have.

And My goodness I will draw down for the poor and the destitute, because I will not give only to the wealthy, because I will enrich the destitute, to return him with the royalty of the aretz, says Hashem.


I didn’t forget you, in the merit of your Forefathers, as I promised.

I will fulfill it, that you will be secure on your land.

And it will that at that time, I will take you out from your suffering, I and My servant, who I have rested My hands upon.

And I will heal him from all his sicknesses and all illness I will remove from him, and I will pour My light upon him.

And all the people of the world will know that him I have anointed, to rule over the remaining people, and the distant ones. And I have given him a clear expression (language) and I will perfect him. I am Hashem.

And give him the malchut (kingship) to establish it, and to join it to Me, with a joining of love and happiness. Because no longer will My dove and My beloved suffer in my Beit HaMikdash.


And it was on that day, I will bring down My angel to the aretz to fight My war, with My servant, and all the people of the aretz will be afraid of him.

And his enemies will fall before him, because My fear and My dread I will pour upon him.

And his enemies will not stand up again.

And I will pour upon him a thread of kindness and My flock will come close to him to take refuge in his shade, to be secure in their land. And My servant will guide them with happiness to their chosen house [Beit HaMikdash].

What is the prophecy given to the mountains?

The voice which brings tidings [it] brings tidings and it gives over a salvation.


A great light I will place over Jerusalem, and I will widen it to place my Beit HaMikdash within it.

And I will endow it with charm and with beauty, and it’s light will shine in all the worlds. Because she is the city that I have chosen to establish peace and tranquility, and I will not forget Jerusalem in its resplendance and the resplendance of Yehudah, wonderous beauty.

And her palaces will be like towers of light to all who see them. And every precious stone I will set [there], and all the aretz will rejoice, and every house will rejoice in them, and I have expanded your borders to gather in My children.


And there I will place you for everlasting happiness, and I will build My Beit HaMikdash, and the precious light will shine in all the worlds.

And I will return Your children and your prophets to praise My name, and to bring sacrifices for a pleasant aroma to Hashem, it will be for Me.

And all the peoples will come to see the happiness of your Children.

And I will place a crown and writings upon their head. And they rise above all flesh to be for Me a kingdom of priests. To increase My name in all the worlds, I am Hashem your God.

To bring down blessing for you with no limit and I will lead you to the understanding of the Pardes of Torah and the light of the Torah and the path which is paved.

And when the man will walk inside the garden he will see the roses and the flowers and the leaves. And the song of the bushes will join with the song of the melodies that make the soul happy, and that calm the spirit to enable him to serve Hashem with happiness.



[1] This is reference to two types of spiritual unifications, or yichudim.

This is the second part of the Rav’s shiur in the week of Parshat Vayekhel 5784, to the Breslov community of Eilat.

Read the first part HERE.

BH, I am working on translating a ‘nevua’ the Rav gave over the last few days via Rav Elmaliach. It’s very hard Hebrew – mamash not at all how the Rav himself usually speaks – and it’s mind-blowing.

I will try to post that up on Thursday, BH.

In the meantime, here’s more of the Rav’s comments.


Now, we are regretting.

One person came from Holon to rescue [people on Simchat Torah]. People came, people arrived within an hour.

The whole distance is an hour’s journey from Metulla. From Jerusalem, it’s half an hour. People arrived within two hours. Already, all the [army] bases were full with 400,000 soldiers, who came.

They didn’t give them weapons.

They wanted everyone to be slaughtered, and like this, they would topple Bibi. That everyone would be slaughtered, and they slaughtered 1,500 bochurim (young men).

They slaughtered them with all the tortures in the world.

They slaughtered them, gouged out their eyes, all sorts of things. People saw it all, they recounted what happened there.

In the most cruel way, they killed them.


And the point of all this was to topple the government.

Everyone was a partner in this, because they said that [the terrorists] were breaking the fence.

Within a second, a plane could come – what’s the problem?!

There were a couple of bulldozers there, and they broke down the fence.

I was also there, and I saw how they destroyed the fence. I contacted the generals, and they said [to everyone who called them]:

No, you are dreaming a dream. It’s impossible, this is an impregnable fence, it’s impassable, it’s impossible to blow it up, it’s impossible to break it.

But they are breaking it! I see that they are breaking it down!!!

You aren’t seeing anything, you are hallucinating. You drank a lot of champagne, you are day-dreaming….


They called all the commanders, [told them] that they are breaking down the fence.

They told them:

You are going to jail! If you call us one more time, you are going to prison, because you are harassing us! You are bothering us for nothing!

This is a true story, how many people told this over, it just doesn’t end. And they didn’t give them weapons.

For two days, they didn’t give them weapons.

The people in charge of the guns said that they didn’t have the keys to the armouries, and then when they opened the armoury, it was empty. And they said do a list! It’s impossible to give out guns, stam! We need to know who we are giving them to! We haven’t done a list!

And this is how they held on to them for two days, until they [the Hamas] had slaughtered everyone.


In Kissufim, they only got there on Wednesday morning – in Kissufim.

Kissufim is the most south. And the [kibbutz’s security] co-ordinator had one hand gund and 15 bullets.

And it’s illegal to keep your own bullets in the State. Either it’s illegal to have a handgun, or it’s illegal to have a handgun with bullets.

At the [Nova] party, no-one had a single bullet in the whole party. It didn’t exist. There were a few security guards, but without bullets.

Everything, the Left arranged, so they would slaughter everyone.


I’ve been listening to Rav Elmaliach’s shiurim, to try and fill out more of the picture of what is really going on, spiritually.

You can do that yourself HERE – apparently the automatically generated English subtitles do a good enough job of going you a reasonable idea of what he’s saying.

This is a very basic round-up of the main ideas.

  1. There is a huge battle raging in shemayim about whether the geula is going to happen this Purim, 5784 – or not.

  2. If it doesn’t happen this Purim, it will be pushed off another six years.
  3. Those six years will not be ‘simple’ at all: wars, more technological poison, divorces, suffering etc.
  4. The party that was meant to be held on motzash, Purim night, at the Beit HaRav on Ido Hanavi with the tattooed chiloni drug users, etc, invoked an enormous backlash within Shuvu Banim, mostly on the grounds of tznius.
  5. This is even though all invitees were being told to dress tznius,
  6. That seems to have lead, at least indirectly, to the ‘decree’ of the pogrom that would have entered Meah Shearim via the Homer HaShlishit road where most of the Shuvu Banim community in Meah Shearim live.
  7. That decree was apparently cancelled by the Rav having a clinical death on motzash – and the awful accident that killed three Shuvu Banim bochurim who were coming back from praying at Kever Yosef in Shechem.
  8. Either the geula comes with bizayon – lots and lots and lots of bizayon, in order to ‘sweeten the decrees’, as set out clearly in Likutey Moharan – or it comes with bloodshed and terrible suffering, God forbid.
  9. The main teshuva to be made, as the Rav is clearly saying himself over and over again, is to smash the smartphones, get off the internet as much as possible, and for the women to take it upon themselves to wear long skirts down to the floor.
  10. As things currently stand, and without a huge wave of real teshuva, 65% of the men in this generation won’t make it, and there will be a lot of widows, God forbid.
  11. The ‘war’ in shemayim about whether the geula is going to happen this Purim, or be pushed off another six years, is swinging backwards and forwards from day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute. That’s part of why so much is so confusing, so ‘fast-moving’ and so hard to pin down, logically.
  12. In order to increase the ‘bizayon‘, particularly on himself, and on the Shuvu Banim community, the Rav is ‘arranging’ more weird stuff on a daily basis – and there will probably be more ‘weird announcements’ coming out soon.

  13. There are some very big tikkunim happening now.
  14. Rav Elmaliach said that at least 60+ ‘false meshichim’ have unveiled themselves since the announcement that the Rav was Moshiach – including a husband and wife who called him to say that he was wrong, because the husband was MBY and the wife is MBD. [Ed. note: She probably learned at Nishmat….]
  15. The ‘Or HaGanuz’ started coming down to the world on Purim Katan, and it will increase up until Purim itself.
  16. Everyone is invited to come and pray with the Rav down in Ido HaNavi, before Purim, at the ‘ma’ariv prayers’. (Starts around 8-8.30 pm) Rav Berland has said that whoever does this will merit to greet the Moshiach.
  17. Rav Elmaliach is receiving the information he is sharing via the head of the ‘Lamed Vav’ Tzaddikim that he first met at the Baba Sali’s hiloula, in Netivot. In turn, that ‘Lamed Vav’ Tzaddik is receiving the information directly from Rav Berland.
  18. There are a few reasons all this is being done in such a ’roundabout’ and confusing way. The first, as mentioned above, is to fan the bizayon against the Rav as much as possible, in order to ‘sweeten’ the very harsh decrees hanging over our nation.
  19. The second reason it’s being done like this is to avoid machloket over ‘who is Moshiach’. By confusing the whole subject like this, the Rav is taking the emphasis off the whole loaded subject of ‘who is Moshiach’ – and placing it firmly on the teshuva required by us all to actually get through to the next stage of this geula process.


As always, this is a very basic round-up, just to give busy people the main ideas, and to keep the focus firmly on making teshuva, not speculating pointlessly about ‘who is Moshiach’ or ‘what is the US up to’.

The media, in all its incarnations, is just wasting your time, washing your brain, and sucking your soul and vitality out of you.

Turn off the internet, and go and do some serious hitbodedut!

Purim is less than a week away.

And this year, there is everything, EVERYTHING, to pray for.


I am now offline until Thursday, BH, so any comments will be approved then.

Separately, they are still trying to raise the money required to get the Rav’s Sefer Torah completed, and to end this ‘war’ that has no other purpose except to kill as many Jews as possible, and break the spirit of the people so we accept Esav’s ‘Two State Solution’.

If you want the war to stop, go HERE and donate for the Sefer Torah.

And may we just hear good news.