Either geula happens this Purim – or it’s pushed off another six years

I’ve been listening to Rav Elmaliach’s shiurim, to try and fill out more of the picture of what is really going on, spiritually.

You can do that yourself HERE – apparently the automatically generated English subtitles do a good enough job of going you a reasonable idea of what he’s saying.

This is a very basic round-up of the main ideas.

  1. There is a huge battle raging in shemayim about whether the geula is going to happen this Purim, 5784 – or not.

  2. If it doesn’t happen this Purim, it will be pushed off another six years.
  3. Those six years will not be ‘simple’ at all: wars, more technological poison, divorces, suffering etc.
  4. The party that was meant to be held on motzash, Purim night, at the Beit HaRav on Ido Hanavi with the tattooed chiloni drug users, etc, invoked an enormous backlash within Shuvu Banim, mostly on the grounds of tznius.
  5. This is even though all invitees were being told to dress tznius,
  6. That seems to have lead, at least indirectly, to the ‘decree’ of the pogrom that would have entered Meah Shearim via the Homer HaShlishit road where most of the Shuvu Banim community in Meah Shearim live.
  7. That decree was apparently cancelled by the Rav having a clinical death on motzash – and the awful accident that killed three Shuvu Banim bochurim who were coming back from praying at Kever Yosef in Shechem.
  8. Either the geula comes with bizayon – lots and lots and lots of bizayon, in order to ‘sweeten the decrees’, as set out clearly in Likutey Moharan – or it comes with bloodshed and terrible suffering, God forbid.
  9. The main teshuva to be made, as the Rav is clearly saying himself over and over again, is to smash the smartphones, get off the internet as much as possible, and for the women to take it upon themselves to wear long skirts down to the floor.
  10. As things currently stand, and without a huge wave of real teshuva, 65% of the men in this generation won’t make it, and there will be a lot of widows, God forbid.
  11. The ‘war’ in shemayim about whether the geula is going to happen this Purim, or be pushed off another six years, is swinging backwards and forwards from day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute. That’s part of why so much is so confusing, so ‘fast-moving’ and so hard to pin down, logically.
  12. In order to increase the ‘bizayon‘, particularly on himself, and on the Shuvu Banim community, the Rav is ‘arranging’ more weird stuff on a daily basis – and there will probably be more ‘weird announcements’ coming out soon.

  13. There are some very big tikkunim happening now.
  14. Rav Elmaliach said that at least 60+ ‘false meshichim’ have unveiled themselves since the announcement that the Rav was Moshiach – including a husband and wife who called him to say that he was wrong, because the husband was MBY and the wife is MBD. [Ed. note: She probably learned at Nishmat….]
  15. The ‘Or HaGanuz’ started coming down to the world on Purim Katan, and it will increase up until Purim itself.
  16. Everyone is invited to come and pray with the Rav down in Ido HaNavi, before Purim, at the ‘ma’ariv prayers’. (Starts around 8-8.30 pm) Rav Berland has said that whoever does this will merit to greet the Moshiach.
  17. Rav Elmaliach is receiving the information he is sharing via the head of the ‘Lamed Vav’ Tzaddikim that he first met at the Baba Sali’s hiloula, in Netivot. In turn, that ‘Lamed Vav’ Tzaddik is receiving the information directly from Rav Berland.
  18. There are a few reasons all this is being done in such a ’roundabout’ and confusing way. The first, as mentioned above, is to fan the bizayon against the Rav as much as possible, in order to ‘sweeten’ the very harsh decrees hanging over our nation.
  19. The second reason it’s being done like this is to avoid machloket over ‘who is Moshiach’. By confusing the whole subject like this, the Rav is taking the emphasis off the whole loaded subject of ‘who is Moshiach’ – and placing it firmly on the teshuva required by us all to actually get through to the next stage of this geula process.


As always, this is a very basic round-up, just to give busy people the main ideas, and to keep the focus firmly on making teshuva, not speculating pointlessly about ‘who is Moshiach’ or ‘what is the US up to’.

The media, in all its incarnations, is just wasting your time, washing your brain, and sucking your soul and vitality out of you.

Turn off the internet, and go and do some serious hitbodedut!

Purim is less than a week away.

And this year, there is everything, EVERYTHING, to pray for.


I am now offline until Thursday, BH, so any comments will be approved then.

Separately, they are still trying to raise the money required to get the Rav’s Sefer Torah completed, and to end this ‘war’ that has no other purpose except to kill as many Jews as possible, and break the spirit of the people so we accept Esav’s ‘Two State Solution’.

If you want the war to stop, go HERE and donate for the Sefer Torah.

And may we just hear good news.

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    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks for pulling all the info together Hava, it’s a lot of effort. Re: Bibi’s ‘teshuva’…. he’s a snake in the grass. But so was Darth Vader, until the last two minutes when he finally dumped the Evil Empire down the tubes…. so. We’ll see!

  1. Jude Abraham
    Jude Abraham says:

    The first geula came after the suffering of Am Yisrael in Galut was shortened TO 210 years (down from 400).

    The final geula may very well be pushed back 6 years, Chas v’Shalom, meaning the default deadline (of Year 6000) will be reduced BY 210 years (i.e., Year 5790).

    May all decrees be sweetened and may Bnei Yisrael merit geula b’rachamim this Purim!

  2. Molly
    Molly says:

    I was thinking today, that choosing the timing for geula must be extremely difficult. If it’s too soon, so many souls lose their chance at redemption, and the decision makers will be scrutinized for this. Too late, and total self-destruction ensues, perhaps triggering a complete reset with a reincarnated Adam, Eve, Earth and Eden. The timing has to be *just* right. Maximizing the amount of souls redeemed, minimizing the losses. A race against the clock, yet an agonizing waiting period.


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