A new prophecy of the Geula

A couple of days’ ago, Rav Elmaliach read out a ‘prophecy’ he recieved from the Rav.

You can hear that for yourself here:


My husband listened to it – and then couldn’t sleep the whole night.

He said his head was literally full of ‘light’ the whole night, or what Breslovers call orot.

He saved it on a stick and brought it home for me to listen to. I tried to listen to it in the car – and I initially understood about 10%. The language is extremely ‘high’ Tanach-Hebrew, and nothing how the Rav usually expresses himself. But the more I listened, the more I could make out bits – and I decided I have to try and translate this into English, at least the first part.


What you read below happened across two days, multiple hours – and with the help of three people – to try and make the first part of the Rav’s prophecy about geula accessible to as many English-speakers as possible.

We tried very hard to avoid any errors or mistakes, but as the language is so difficult, there may still be some – if you identify anything that needs amending, please let me know in the comments.

Also, there are another seven minutes of the prophecy that we just ran out of energy to translate, at least at this stage.


The last thing to say is that like you, I have no idea what is really going on.

BH, the party with the 250 chilonim is apparently back on again, for motzash, down on Ido HaNavi. It will be starting around 10pm and finishing by 11pm, to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

Not in a billion years did I ever think a major ‘revelation of Moshiach’ – if that is actually what is going to happen motzash – would occur like this – squeezed into an hour before the neighbors call the police because Shuvu Banim are making too much noise after 11pm.


The Rav has said repeatedly now that he is not Moshiach.

No-one knows what is actually going to happen, if anything ‘obvious’, motzash.

But I am planning on being there, with my new dress, to see first hand what is actually going on.

In the meantime… here is the first part of the nevua, translated directly from the video above.


[Rav Elmaliach begins by saying:]

The Rav requests that before they hear the prophecy, everyone should take upon themselves shmirat habrit and shmirat eynayim.

Iggeret of Or HaGanuz ve HaMoshiach yored

And God said to Eliezer, because, behold, the time has arrived to wipe out all sorcery, and every demon from off the aretz.

And I overturned the demons and the impure spirits on the face of midron, which is under the rakia (firmament).

And there was at this time, I will break apart every mishan and mishana, to overturn them to having emuna in Me, Hashem, HaElokim. And I have placed My signs in all the nations, and I will expand my Name amongst all the nations.

And they will know that I am Hashem, your Savior.

And all the tumah that is upon the land will be destroyed. And I have overturned all those who come within My gates, and I will purify them from all their sins. I am Hashem, your God.

And I have established a covenant with My servant, to demonstrate My signs and wonders before all flesh. And they will know and they will see in My servant, who I send before you, and My children I will raise up, from all the aretz, and I will return them to Gan Eden, with My Heavenly Court [pamallia].


And I will shine a great light upon you, I am Hashem, Your God, Who took you out of the land of Mitzrayim, to be unto Me a nation.

And I have cleansed the nation from all of its sins, says Hashem, Your God.

And I have taken you again, like the first time, and I have brought you to Jerusalem, and I will build you up with sapphire and with every charm. And I will raise you up in the eyes of everyone, and I will emplace you in security, and bring you to my House, says Hashem Your God.

And after I have emplaced my Shechina to me, in My chosen House, with an embrace and a kiss[1], and with the joining of letters.

And behold, the Cherubim stand in the place of the Holy of Holies, face-to-face. And I will gather you from all corners of the aretz to see My face, says Hashem Your God.

And My Shechina will be enjoined there, and it will be at that time that I will emplace peace within all the aretz, and they will call My Name ‘Shalom’, which I placed below, and I enjoined it with the ‘Shalom’ above, says Hashem.

And I wiped away tears and purified hearts to serve Me, says Hashem Your God.

And I healed you with My Servant, from all your sadness and your sufferings and all your brokenness. Shalom, Shalom.


And Hashem said to the servant of God, take the staff and gather to you all the impure spirits, and cover them with ashes, and I will burn them up and turn them into dust, and I will burn up all the impure chayot (animals) and impure sheratzim (insects).

And I will bring them before Me in judgement, and I will call the demons by their names. And I will bring them before Me, to wipe them out from off the face of the earth.

And it was at that time, Hashem will turn the Nachash into dust, and the beast which eats grass into a pure animal, that you will bring [as a sacrifice] before Me.

And on that day, I will rule over all the world, with a good hand, and the goodness will increase upon all the aretz.

And there will be at that time, that I will send shefa and bracha to the inhabitants of the aretz. And they will eat in happiness and with a good heart and I will bring the Torah down again, and I will establish My Covenant as at first, and your fields, your flocks and your children will be picked out for My blessing.

And the goodness will be expanded and I will send the sea to afar, to add the dry land on for you. And you will know no more suffering. And I will add My blessing to all your dwelling places, to be a comfort for you.


And Hashem said to the servant of God, gather together the people who remain, and draw them close to you, to return them to your house with anshei shlomim (my people).

And gather all those who reside on the aretz, who are broken-hearted, to comfort them.

Because with my consolations, I will comfort them. And give to all those who are defeated and broken, consolation from Hashem.

And I will raise up My children from all those who remain, to guide them to my Beit HaMikdash. And I will bring them close to Me, says Hashem, and I will gather for them peace in My House, all their days, until I will gather them to Me, says Hashem.


And it was in that time, I will raise up My servant to be the shepherd for My flock, and I will go before him to strengthen him, and I will bring down support through him, and grasp his hand and lead him to the house of My flock to fulfill My promise.

Therefore, don’t fear from before Me, from the blow which I will strike against all the inhabitants of the aretz, because those who are faithful to Me, I will not make from them to fall, and I will grasp their hands.

I am Hashem Who keeps His promise.


And Hashem said to the servant of God, gather together the people who remain and bring them close to you and save them in your house, with anshei shlomenu [our people].

And gather together all those who reside on the aretz, who are broken hearted and comfort them, with my consolations I will comfort them.

And call to the inhabitants of the aretz to cease their work, because they will Serve Me.

Because all flesh will only call out to Me and fear me, because I will sustain them and give them satiation.

Therefore, don’t fear My faithful ones, from the cessation of your bread, because it’s not your enemies who will give you, rather I will satiate you with bread and wine, and all delicacies for oneg (enjoyment) you will have.

And My goodness I will draw down for the poor and the destitute, because I will not give only to the wealthy, because I will enrich the destitute, to return him with the royalty of the aretz, says Hashem.


I didn’t forget you, in the merit of your Forefathers, as I promised.

I will fulfill it, that you will be secure on your land.

And it will that at that time, I will take you out from your suffering, I and My servant, who I have rested My hands upon.

And I will heal him from all his sicknesses and all illness I will remove from him, and I will pour My light upon him.

And all the people of the world will know that him I have anointed, to rule over the remaining people, and the distant ones. And I have given him a clear expression (language) and I will perfect him. I am Hashem.

And give him the malchut (kingship) to establish it, and to join it to Me, with a joining of love and happiness. Because no longer will My dove and My beloved suffer in my Beit HaMikdash.


And it was on that day, I will bring down My angel to the aretz to fight My war, with My servant, and all the people of the aretz will be afraid of him.

And his enemies will fall before him, because My fear and My dread I will pour upon him.

And his enemies will not stand up again.

And I will pour upon him a thread of kindness and My flock will come close to him to take refuge in his shade, to be secure in their land. And My servant will guide them with happiness to their chosen house [Beit HaMikdash].

What is the prophecy given to the mountains?

The voice which brings tidings [it] brings tidings and it gives over a salvation.


A great light I will place over Jerusalem, and I will widen it to place my Beit HaMikdash within it.

And I will endow it with charm and with beauty, and it’s light will shine in all the worlds. Because she is the city that I have chosen to establish peace and tranquility, and I will not forget Jerusalem in its resplendance and the resplendance of Yehudah, wonderous beauty.

And her palaces will be like towers of light to all who see them. And every precious stone I will set [there], and all the aretz will rejoice, and every house will rejoice in them, and I have expanded your borders to gather in My children.


And there I will place you for everlasting happiness, and I will build My Beit HaMikdash, and the precious light will shine in all the worlds.

And I will return Your children and your prophets to praise My name, and to bring sacrifices for a pleasant aroma to Hashem, it will be for Me.

And all the peoples will come to see the happiness of your Children.

And I will place a crown and writings upon their head. And they rise above all flesh to be for Me a kingdom of priests. To increase My name in all the worlds, I am Hashem your God.

To bring down blessing for you with no limit and I will lead you to the understanding of the Pardes of Torah and the light of the Torah and the path which is paved.

And when the man will walk inside the garden he will see the roses and the flowers and the leaves. And the song of the bushes will join with the song of the melodies that make the soul happy, and that calm the spirit to enable him to serve Hashem with happiness.



[1] This is reference to two types of spiritual unifications, or yichudim.

8 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I will post up more details later today BH – it’s not Purim in Jlem motzash, but the ‘party’ is going to be outside by the Beit HaRav on Ido HaNavi, same place where the community prays every night.

      Right now, it looks like it’s getting started at 10pm, and then lasting just an hour.

      I will give more details in a post – but things can always change between now and then.

  1. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    Oh wow, I listened in Hebrew but didn’t get all that. Some of it is very scary sounding because it says the people who remain which doesn’t sound like the majority obviously. Why would this be a negative prophecy? Negative doesn’t have to come true but this is a new prophecy, isn’t it? It sounds like some of the older ones but not exactly. PLEASE finish translating the whole thing!

  2. doowop rebbe
    doowop rebbe says:

    i am a simple(mindedperhaps) dati leumi old jew and an alumnus of chofets chayim yeshiva among others and strongly respect your brilliant if convoluted theories and i dont hold any strong opionions apropo rav berland but just wish to say that much of the stuff you bring down re the rav goes well beyond weird!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I totally agree with you.

      What’s amazing, tho, is that you are still here and interacting in a respectful way. I am very grateful to you for that, and it shows you have very good middot.

  3. Alizah
    Alizah says:

    Miriam, the Rav spoke about wiping out the demons–so maybe the non-demons remain? Wiping out demons doesn’t sound negative, right?

  4. Molly
    Molly says:

    Baruch HaShem, hugging my babies extra close while we wait. My husband sent a donation to the Rav for us. Thank you Rivka for this space!

  5. Molly
    Molly says:

    Not a bit of Hebrew understanding here, but I listened to it just to fill my home with the words. In the description is a generated transcription if that helps in the speed of translation. As soon as I played the video it began pouring down rain and thunder, which was nice.

    I’m so, so thankful for the promises HaShem made to the forefathers. I like to joke, “we’re not worthy!” But it’s true, we’ve been enjoying the merits of our ancestors for a long time. Thank you HaShem for having mercy on little ol us.


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