Excerpt of Lesson 1:2, Likutey Moharan

The main weapon of the Moshiach is prayer, which corresponds to the nose, as the verse says: “It is my praise to draw out My breath for you.”[1]

That [i.e. Prayer] is the main life-source of the Moshiach.

And all the wars he will wage and all the conquests he will make will all be with that power [of prayer]….


Every person should focus his attention during his prayers to bind himself to the tzaddikim of the generation, for the tzaddik of each generation represents Moshe-Moshiach.

We find this in that the tzaddikim call each other ‘Moshe’, as in:

“You have spoken well, Moshe,” (Tractate Shabbat 49:10)

And Moshe represents the Moshiach, as the verse says: “Until Shiloh arrives” (Genesis 49:10) [SHiYLoH  has the same gematria as MoSHeH] = Moshe-Moshiach.


Each and every prayer that each person prays is an aspect of a ‘limb’ of the Shechinah, and thus, the ‘limbs’ of the Mishkan (Tabernacle).

No individual Jew is able to place each and every beam in its proper place except for Moshe.

Therefore, all prayers must be brought and bound to the tzaddik of the generation, as the verse says:

“They brought the Mishkan to Moshe”[2]

He knows how to place each and every beam and to make it into a complete structure, as in:

“Moses erected the Mishkan.”[3]


Tonight, Monday evening October 2, 2023, it’s the hiloula of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Traditionally, Breslovers celebrate with a LOT of music and especially dancing tonight, to ‘sweeten’ all the harsh judgements.

If you can’t get out somewhere ‘Breslov-y’ to celebrate and dance, than whack this on instead and dance mindfully.

(I’m not a Na Nach myself, but they seem to do by far the wickedest dance mixes of Breslov music.)


Dancing mindfully means have whatever ‘harsh decree’, whatever evil you want to see eradicated from the world; bind yourself to the true tzaddikim, including Rebbe Nachman of Breslov – and then go and stomp that ‘evil decree’ into the ground.

Smash it to pieces.

Stomp until there is nothing left to stomp.

And then, watch what surprising ‘sweetening’ happens next.

(At the very least, you’ll burn off at least some of the Sukkot cake you’ve been stuffing in the last few days….)

Moadim L’Simcha



[1] Isaiah 48:9

[2] Exodus 38:33)

[3] Ibid.


PS: Watch the ‘Rabbenu Effect’ in action on the Gaza border, from nine years ago:


And here it is from Uman Rosh Hashana, last year, 2022:


When we are united, dancing together, connected to our true Tzaddikim – nothing can touch us.