The pogrom that was planned for Meah Shearim

These are translated comments from the Rav, from the end of last week.

I have a couple more things to type up and post here tomorrow (Sunday) – and then Mon- Wed, I am going offline again, BH.

There’s still a lot going on…. And I also want to translate more things from Rav Elmaliach, to fill out the picture more.

In the meantime, this is what the Rav said last week, shortly before being rushed to hospital in a very serious condition.

BH, he was back at the prayers on Shabbat – and even jumping to ‘sweeten the judgements’ yesterday…. It’s just incredible.


Shiur given Wednesday evening, after the ma’ariv prayers (March 6th, 2024)

We’ve come to announce that the Rav, he is not Moshiach, and not a spark of Moshiach, and not a shred of Moshiach.

And all those who say that he is Moshiach, he’s doing such a chilul Hashem, that there hasn’t been a chilul Hashem like this since the creation of the world. He need to be given 60 pulsa dinora.

It’s like it’s written in Torah alef:

“When one strikes it with a club, on which is engraved ‘Ehyeh asher Ehyey’ (I will be what I will be)[1]“.

Kick him out of the yeshiva, send him away from the whole area, because he’s doing a terrible chillul Hashem.


None of the children will be accepted into [educational] institutions after this.

This will now cause all the children to be thrown out of all the schools. The children will be left without Talmud Torahs, and without seminaries, because the situation now…

Because each girl needs to be the head of a seminary. Each girl needs to get to seminary by 8.30am. There are another 30 days of studies until the 1st of Nissan, so each girl needs to get there by 8.30am.

And to break her Xiomi, and her smartphone, which [shows] such things that they didn’t even have at the time of the Flood, and that they didn’t have at the time of the Dispersion. Even the people of Sdom didn’t have these things!

They are things that the Samech Mem – the Satan – is inventing every second, to trip up the generation before the geula.


We are the generation that is before the geula, and each each person needs to know that this is the test.

Instead of talking about nonsense, about ‘Moshiach’, we need to only be talking about the fact that we need to break the Xiomis and to break the smartphones.


And every girl needs to go with a skirt down to the floor, and then they won’t continue to add-on more murdered soldiers.

Every day, soldiers are being killed.

Every second, they are killing soldiers and citizens, in all sorts of places in the country, they are killing more and more.


Now, it’s going to be Ramadan.

They are going to do a terrible pogrom. They already announced that they will do a pogrom that will kill at least 100,000 Jews in a single day.

Bibi already agreed to this, Ben Gvir didn’t so much agree.

But Biden said this is legitimate, it’s OK, it’s a normal thing to kill Jews, it’s legitimate.

Hitler killed six million, so here, they will kill 100,000 – nothing is going to happen! You don’t need to get upset about this, you aren’t small kids. You’re already grown up, accept everything with love.


So, each person needs to know that now is the miracle of Purim.

Before Purim, the miracle that was seen, that within three days, they hung the enemy of the Jews.

Hitler ruled from the 30th of January, 1933 until 1945 – until the evening of L’ag B’omer, until Rabbi Shimon subdued him. Erev L’ag B’omer, he was finally subdued.

But this was 12 years and three months – February, March and April – that he ruled the world.


Hundreds of thousands of Jews were sent to their death every day. Hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands!

The world was silent, the world was happy.

Roosevelt didn’t agree to accept a single Jew. A few ships came to America, he threw them back out into exile, to the Nazis.

They ruled over the world, they ruled the world for 12 years, between 1933-1945.

And now, we are waiting for the complete geula.

Speedily in our days, amen!


Excerpt of a shiur given on Thursday night, 28th of Adar Alef, 5784 (March 7th, 2024)

The war is going to continue a few more months.

They progress a meter a day, a house a day, and on Ramadan they are are not going to fight.

Instead, they will bring 100.000 Arabs here, so they will destroy the whole Chareidi neigborhood here.

For a kilometer around Sha’ar Shechem, they need to evacuate all the Chareidim, to clear out all the apartments, to make space for the refugees from Gaza.

The poor, unfortunate people – they need to arrange apartments for them. Two million people who don’t have apartments.

So now, there is an order from the prosecutors to clear out all the houses in this area, up until Kikar HaShabbat. Everything is to be vacated, each person needs to be evacuated. Before there is going to be a terrible pogrom here on Sunday morning, at 8.30am. (March 10th, 2024).[2]


They decided there is going to be a pogrom here, and that they will destroy all the Jews who life here, and then give it to the Hamasnikim.

“Hamas is a bubbie, they are our friends.”

This is what they teach in the kibbutzim, by the chilonim. The chilonim have gone totally crazy, they have gone out of their minds. They have lost their brains.

They say: “Our friends are the Hamas, and our enemies are the Chareidim. They won’t let us drive to the beach on Shabbat. Why do we need to go by foot?!”


So, a person needs to know that there won’t be any revelation on the night of Purim, which is motzae Shabbat – there won’t be any revelation!

The Rav is not Moshiach, and is not a spark of Moshiach. Nobody should buy tickets, not for the coaches, and not for the party, and not for the show.

We should merit to the complete geula speedily in our days, amen!



[1] Tractate Bava Batra 73a.

[2] The notes from the editors of the Shivivei Or Newsletter says this: “On Sunday at 8am precisely, Moranu HaRav went to the hospital. And on Wednesday, three bochurim from Shuvu Banim were killed, and two more injured. Who knows what tikkunim were happening, and how things were sweetened.”

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  1. Jeremy M, Confused
    Jeremy M, Confused says:

    Fine, got it, the call of the hour is as always…WORK ON OURSELVES, and in particular SHMIRAT HABRIT/TZNIUT, and we don’t need to think about who’s Moshiach and who’s high and who’s low…it’s enough to have faith in G-d, the Torah, the sages, the Jewish people and ourselves, to take the advice we’re given as best we can, to trust that it will be good…

    Still, the whole “mekor chachma” “torah of moshiach” business is confusing. I assume Rav Elmaliach wouldn’t just take someone’s word that they’re a hidden tzaddik and communicating teachings of Rav Berland, received from Rebbe Nachman himself, etc., that he has some sort of proof? I mean, I also once met a “head of the 36 hidden tzaddikim”…
    (I was in a mental hospital)
    …which gave me the opportunity to realize that absolutely NOTHING my eyes and ears of flesh and blood can see/hear will prove/disprove the person across from me’s spiritual level…(really, I’m unsure to this day if he was telling the truth, and the point is that it doesn’t matter)

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      This is an excellent comment, thank you for sharing your insights.

      As to ‘who is crazy’ and who isn’t…. It comes back around to each person needing to do their own hitbodedut, and to ask God to show them the truth.

      There are no shortcuts.

      Because the ‘lie’ is so strong, and the world of lies is so pervasive, that it’s otherwise impossible to know what is ‘true’ and who is telling ‘the truth’.


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