Urgent: Please pray, apparently they found hostages and there is fierce fighting

I haven’t verified this yet.


I got it over email from someone I trust, who doesn’t usually send me ‘nonsense’ of any kind.

It also mentions R Dov Kook and asks us to pray – and praying can never be a bad thing, whatever is going on.

Here’s the message in Hebrew, then I’ll translate into English:


הודעה מחייל המשרת בחטיבה מסווגת שיש מבצע חילוץ מסיבי של בני ערובה שמתרחש ממש עכשיו ומתחנן שנתפלל. כולם צריכים להגיד תהילים עכשיו
הצדיק ר’ דב קוק שליט”א שואל אם כולם יכולים בבקשה להפסיק את מה שהם עושים עכשיו ולומר את הפרקים הבאים , יש מצב חמור כרגע הם מצאו בני ערובה ונלחמים צוואר אל צוואר נא לקרוא תהילים *פרק קכ, קכא ,לז, פג ,קכד ,קמד, קנ *
הם אמרו שהם איתרו את בני הערובה, אבל יש קרבות עזים. הם אמרו להגיד אבינו מלכינו עכשיו אם יש לכם גישה לכל צ’אט אחר בבקשה תודיעו להם שכולנו מתבקשים להתפלל חזק ולהגיד כמה שיותר תהילים ל(חיילים) עכשיו. זה אינטנסיבי ומפחיד והם צריכים את התפילות שלנו כדי להגן עליהם.
*הפיצו הלאה *

A message from a soldier serving in a classified brigade that there is a massive hostage rescue operation going on right now and begging us to pray. Everyone should say psalms now

The tzaddik R. Dov Kook of Israel asks if everyone can please stop what they are doing now and say the following chapters, there is a serious situation right now, they have found hostages and are fighting neck to neck please read Psalms:









They said they located the hostages, but there is fierce fighting. They said to say our father our kings now if you have access to any other chat please let them know that we are all being asked to pray hard and say as many psalms as possible to (soldiers) now. It is intense and scary and they need our prayers to protect them.

*spread the word*



The person who sent me this didn’t come back to me, when I asked them where they’d got it from.

(Go to the ‘source’ if you want to try and verify this information, as much as that is even possible, in the crazy, confused times we live in.)

In any case, as I wrote above, I decided to post it up clearly marked as ‘unverified – because the worse thing that would happen is that a bunch of people would sit down and say some more tehillim that otherwise, they wouldn’t have.

I know I did.

And I also got ‘motivated’ to say another three Tikkun HaKlalis too, to help the soldiers and hostages – and all of Am Yisrael.


While I was doing that, I ‘felt’ something was going on, spiritually, in a good way.

Who knows what, but the prayers were a very good thing to say, and God for sure was using them for a good end.


A few hours later, one of my readers sent me this factcheck:

I just cut and paste the whole sentence part that speaks of Rav Kook, put it in quotation marks, and did a google search with it.
When you do that, you can see all the places it was posted, and when:

That link brings up about six sites from November 6, 2023, when this exact same message from Rav Kook was posted up online.

For the sake of honesty, I am posting this information up, but I was still glad that I posted what I posted, and prayed what I prayed, even though it now looks like the stuff about the fighting and the hostages is some form of ‘fake news’.

At the end of the day, who ‘tricked’ us into saying these tehillim at that time is God.

Even some of my less religious family members stopped what they are doing, to say some tehillim.

That can only be a good thing, even if it was prompted by ‘fake news’.


It’s a very narrow bridge, all this.

That’s why generally, I am sticking only to sources of information I 100% trust – i.e. Rav Berland’s shiurim and messages.

I have had a lot of information sent me that my gut just tells me is ‘wrong’, somehow, even if it sounds convincing.

I didn’t get that reaction with this email.

Saying tehillim for Am Yisrael is never a bad thing, and no prayer is ever wasted.

Even if sometimes, we get ‘tricked’ by Hashem into taking the time to do it.



On the Habayitah blog, there’s a post with the names of the soldiers who were badly wounded in that ‘friendly fire’ incident that killed five other soldiers.

I’m reposting the full thing here.

Take a look at the tehillim listed underneath the names – it’s exactly the ones we all said yesterday:


 Prayers for:

at Bellinson

1. Itai Avraham Biton ben Rachel2. Gal Bani ben Iris3. Shalu Ayala ben Tekloat

Ichilov4. ⁠Omer Aharon Lotan ben Tal5. Akiva Shalom Kudish ben Devorah6. ⁠Yeshua Levi ben Hanaat

Shaare Zedek7. Ili Ketar ben Hagit8. Lidor Buskila ben Merav9. Shagiv Sharabi ben Yifat10. Eliran Yitzchak Morday ben Patria

Please pick up Tehillim and daven for these soldiers and all soldiers that are injured that they would have refuah shlema speedily!

120, 121, 37, 83, 124, 144, 150


No prayer is ever wasted. And there’s something quite strange about all this.

Here’s a couple more names of injured soldiers to pray for:

Avraham Yagel ben Na’ama

Avraham Yeshayahu bn Deena Bracha Leah

All the soldiers in: Tzanchanim 890, Pluga Bet.



Me being me, I decided to take a closer look at this story of what is meant to have just happened in Gaza, with this ‘friendly fire’ incident.

As I said, I’m off the news at the mo and have been for months, so I’m not really following anything, just hearing what I hear from friends and family if they happen to mention something.

On the YWN site, (where I often catch a lot of conflicting information, and ‘fake news’) they had this story up on May 15:

DEVELOPING IN GAZA: More Than A Dozen Soldiers Injured, Some Killed In Horrific Incident In Shuja’iyya


Then yesterday, there was this story about another five soldiers injured in ANOTHER ‘friendly fire’ incident the day after, in  Jabaliya:

HORRIFIC: Five IDF Soldiers Killed In Friendly Fire Incident In Gaza


Is this true, that 17 soldiers and many more have been injured in two days, BY OUR OWN ARMY?!

What in the world!

How many more Jews have to be killed by ‘friendly-fire’ – no doubt, ordered by our ‘friends’ in America and other places – before we wake up and understand there really is no army, and no State.

Way, way more soldiers have been killed by ‘friendly fire’ than by Hamas – and it’s at the point where I just don’t believe these are ‘accidents’ any more.


I’m not wasting any more time on this today, but if you have a kid in the army – get them out. Encourage them to get out. Better to stay in prison, then to be killed in yet another ‘friendly fire accident’ that seems to be happening every day.

May God save us very soon from all this.

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  1. M
    M says:

    BH read the psalms and shared on Facebook. Also apparently there is a massive magnetic pole shift happening right now and that’s why we could see the auroras as far south as Texas and Mexico.

    I had been complaining that ever. Single. Day. Has been overcast this year. I’ve had maybe a handful of sunny days. But as I learn about the pole shift and how it affects our natural protection from sun rays and space radiation, I’m realizing HaShem is layering a protection over us with the clouds. So instead of complaining I’m celebrating the clouds.

  2. Hava
    Hava says:

    A young, 20-year-old Torah scholar in Iran is about to be executed – this story has been going around for the last few days and a news source even said he WAS executed, but that was, fortunately, fake news.

    HOWEVER…tomorrow may be the day; may it never happen! The Iranian mekubal, Rav Netaneli, rav of the Persian community in Los Angeles, wants to have 1,000 people say Perek 13, 13 times (it’s short, fortunately, and the Hebrew is really good for singing a fanfare if you can) for:

    Arvin Netanel ben Sonia

    I did it earlier today. You can let them know when you’ve done it at: https://forms.gle/hDZKaJ846r2f37xv


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