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That’s why the title is coming up unreadable.

We are over the target.

To really understand the power of frequency, first take some time to watch this old video from 1996, where Sharry Edwards explains how sound / frequency can literally be used to pinpoint what is going ‘wrong’ in a person’s body.

And then, how it can be used to encourage the body to create whatever it’s lacking – be that mineral compounds, vitamins, or in the case of her son, even encouraging a new knee cap to grow back, after he smashed his leg into 70+ pieces during a bad motorcycle accident.


Remember, this was given over in 1996 – almost 30 years ago!

Now, take a (quick….) look at this – it’s a symphony that was composed based on the ‘sound’ – the frequency! – captured from a cancer patient in Israel, working with none other than Ido Bachelet:


This is not about snake venom.

Jane Ruby, Stew Peters, Brian Ardis – all the rest of those ‘ultra xtians’ with dodgy ties to the establishment, they are all controlled opposition.

The problem is energetic / frequency / spiritual.

Frequency can be used to cause the body to produce whatever it needs to heal.

And it can also be used to totally destroy the body, and the mind, and ‘encourage it’ to produce lack, illness – cancer, even.


What’s the answer?

EMF shielding methods will work a little, but this is literally coming at us from every direction.

Here’s a snippet of what a reader sent me this morning:

[Self censoring, starts with a C and ends with RN] has been starting up again for the last 2 weeks or so, and people are contacting me from around the world wanting to know if it is, because they are all not well, and all in that sensitive-person-frequency-overload kind of way.
This is just the start up, they are not even really “on” yet, and you can see the corresponding changes in the earth resonant frequency charts.
I’ve attached, as an example of what I am talking about, an image of the earth’s resonant frequency charts from a station in Italy- from today and for the last few days. All that red stuff just shouldnt be there at all.
Here is that screenshot:

What’s the answer to all this?

More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion it has to be spiritual.

‘Frequency’ is also prayer.

‘Frequency’ is also talking to God in hitbodedut.

‘Frequency’ is also singing zemirot on Shabbat.

The body’s ‘frequency’ is ultimately guided by the soul, and when the soul is vibing and attached totally to God, it’s frequency lifts the whole physical shell that we call ‘the body’.


It’s no coincidence, at all, that the Rav has been speaking so strongly about getting rid of smartphones, and even getting off the internet totally.

These devices are ‘kill machines’ installed in our own homes, and remote-controllable by the evils.

The more time we spend on them – even looking at good stuff – the more their ‘frequency’ can affect us.

Ditto for all the secular songs – a great example of ‘frequency’ that literally can destroy a person’s mind, body and soul.

The Rav is also talking very strongly about only listening to songs from God-fearing people.


And, on the ‘plus’ side, I am starting to realise that this is at least part of why the Rav insists on singing both before and after the evening prayers – sometimes, even for an hour or two.

And more on Shabbat.

There is a lot more to say.

Things like NAC definitely have their place.

But the issue we are facing with this is way beyond just gulping down minerals and vitamins.

There is some serious teshuva required at the soul level.

And each person has to think for themselves that that actually involves, but for sure, it includes:

Getting rid of the smartphone

Minimising internet use as much as possible

Praying more – way more! – including an hour a day of hitbodedut

Identifying and uprooting the bad middot that are bringing the body’s frequency ‘down’ to a place where the outside frequencies can start to harm us.


There’s a lot to think about.

The last three weeks plus, I have been feeling pretty bad.

Actually, it started more like 6 weeks ago, when I just started feeling overwhelmed with stress and tension, and my neck and back started ‘hunching’ so badly, my kids started making comments about ‘the bells…. The bells….’

So, I finally got around to finding a private pilates teacher, and started the process of ‘unhunching’ all the stress, that was also affecting my ability to breathe.

The war…the wedding… – lots of stuff going on.

Three weeks in, I started to feel much better, I was standing straighter, feeling less tense.

That’s when the three day non-stop headache began.


I am probably more sensitive to wifi, and it’s effects, than a lot of people.

I immediately could ‘feel’ the headache was connected to wifi radiation. At first, I thought I was just being taken out by all the phive g zapping antennas put up all over the place over the last three years where I live – and also, where you live too.

But then, I started noticing something else: being on my computer, online, was exacerbating my ‘ill feeling’ way, way more.


Around this same time, I was getting a few emails from a reader in the US who had just bought a wifi radiation monitor – and they told me that you could forget about any discussion of phive g.

He was picking up signals from devices that were already up in the 6 and 7 g zones.



In the meantime, the headache gave way to a feeling of total exhaustion, loss of appetite, taste disappearing again (which you’ll recall, is a key symptom of radiation poisoning) – and a strange, super-painful ‘cough’ that showed up out of nowhere.


(Now I just posted this back up, I see the muscle and joint pain and nosebleeds are also connected….)

What I mean by that is that usually, you get a cold etc, you get all bunged-up, stuffy-nosed, the rest of it, and then that mucus makes it way down to your chest and you start coughing to free it up.

That’s not what happened here.

I barely had any snot, I could breath perfectly well through my nose – but this cough began that felt so painful, right from the beginning I was worrying I’d broken a rib, or something.

But how can I have broken a rib already, when I only started coughing two minutes ago?!?


The coughing was also weird.

No cough most of the day – and then at night, I was waking up with coughing fits so bad I was getting a nosebleed.

That continued for two days, until another reader suggested I try a niacin flush.

(You can read up about that superficially HERE, and do a deep-dive HERE.)

(UPDATE: I took off the first link for the niacin flush, to see if that got around the censorship of this post.)


I did the experiment– and the first two times, I felt it really helped.

The nocturnal coughing fits subsided, and I started to feel I was improving again.

Then, I spent a huge amount of time online trying to get a few things done, including sorting out the Rav’s new book – and after a few hours of being irradiated from my computer and the wifi router again, I felt awful.


I tried a third niacin flush, upping the amount to 600 mg – it didn’t seem to work.

And now, I was in a situation where I was having very intense aching pains in my chest, particularly under my armpits.

But again, it all just felt so weird. And those aches and pains were literally jumping all over the place, and also going to my back.

For a week or two, I was wondering if I had pneumonia or bronchitis, God forbid.


So, my husband mixed up another batch of miracle mineral solution, and I started necking that down, 2 drops every hour for eight hours a day.

When I got taken out by radiation poisoning three years ago, in the middle of ‘Covid’, the MMS is actually what pulled me around, and got me out of the feeling of total exhaustion and illness I’d been struggling with for many weeks.

This time around, it also worked very fast to clean up any lingering suspicion that this is coming from a chest infection.

Yesterday, I finally realised that it isn’t. At all.


In the middle of all this, the aches and pains intensified, particularly under my arms on the outside of the ribcage.

A few years ago, I spent two years retraining to do ‘energy medicine’, based on acupressure points and Chinese medicine principles.

Yesterday, (after my husband did a small pidyon nefesh for me HERE, because the pain was starting to get unbearable) – the penny finally dropped that they are causing these symptoms by overloading the spleen meridian with wifi radiation.

That probably sounds like goobledy-gook to you, so let me try to explain.


Basically, Chinese Medicine maps the body out according to acupressure points and ‘energy lines’ that carry the life force through the body, that are known as ‘energy meridians’.

The body is electric.

This is the ‘big secret’ Western Medicine  has gone to great pains to conceal from us all, because it touches directly on matters of the soul, and the ‘animating force’ in the body – and also, how frequency can be used to make people sick, make people well, change their thought patterns, entrain their brains, and even, in some senses of the word, to ‘brain wash’ them totally, and capture their souls.

The whole thing with the smartphones is way, way bigger than what a person just chooses to watch or engage with on their smartphone.

It’s a super hitech monitoring device that is also pulsing out frequencies that affect your health and your thinking, mamash.

Even if all you watch on it is shiurim from big tzaddikim.

(Read more HERE about the physical affects of smartphone use, if you’re interested.)


The areas that were so very painful the last three weeks all correspond to the acupressure points for the Spleen Meridian.

Here’s a diagram of the spleen m eridi


In Chinese Medicine, these meridians and the body’s electrical energy system are also linked directly to a person’s state of mind and emotions.

That’s one of the main reasons I was drawn to energy medicine in the first place, because I was totally sick of even ‘alternative’ practitioners boiling everything to do with health down to how many organic sprouts I ate, washed in rainwater from the Himalayas.

From my own experiences, I realised that while food and ‘physical’ stuff like vitamins and minerals are part of the equation, an equally if not greater part of the equation is our emotional state and our middot.

And then, there is a third area in the mix, too, which is our spiritual state, and our relationship with God, and our keeping of God’s commandments, and spiritual tikkunim we have to go through down here.

There is way, way more going on here than just eating lentils and necking down zinc supplements.


Long story short, a few years ago I even wrote some books about this stuff, and the connections between emotion, soul and physical health.

The books are no longer for sale, but you can download one called ‘How your emotions are making you sick’ HERE.

Here’s what I collated about the Spleen meridian:


Spleen Meridian

Emotional energy  when unbalanced:

Either too much compassion for others, and too little for the self;  or too little compassion for others and too  much for the self; or too little compassion  for anyone; unable to accept and internalize  others’ ideas, feelings, or needs. Emotional  energy when balanced: Compassionate and  caring; fair and generous with others, but  not at the expense of the self; able to assimilate and respond to ‘outside’ information.


Out of all the Meridians in the body,  Spleen energy is the most associated with  feelings of happiness and joy. When you get  stressed-out, the first thing that goes out the  window is your joie de vivre.

Energetically-speaking, all the energy in all the Meridians can get severely depleted and weakened  by chronic stress, but the one that takes the  biggest hit is Spleen Meridian.

That’s because together with the Triple  Warmer Meridian, Spleen Meridian is responsible for running our immune system.  Where Triple Warmer mobilizes the body’s  energies to respond to a perceived threat or  danger, Spleen tries to keep you healthy by  keeping you happy, and full of vitality and  joy.

In an emergency (ie, whenever you get  stressed-out by something), Triple Warmer can pull energy away from all the Meridians except the Heart to fuel it’s ‘flight or fight’ response – and the first Meridian it takes energy from is Spleen.


When the ‘emuna energy’ in Spleen  is flowing well you:

� Can easily metabolize your food, energy, knowledge and learning.

� Can digest things properly, in both the physical and mental realms, without experiencing any negative reactions.

� Can integrate new information and to  react appropriately to the things you’re being told, and the things that you’re learning, instead of blanking the new  information, or blocking it out.

� Have a lot of healthy compassionate energy available, both for yourself and for others.

� Can more easily connect to your deeper  self, your ‘inner child’, and your sense of intuition.


When the emuna energy in Spleen Meridian is blocked or unbalanced, you can experience the  following emotional issues:

� You find it hard to nurture yourself, and others, appropriately.

� Your ability to empathize with others is impaired.

� You can’t stand up for yourself appropriately; OR you can’t take anyone else’s view or opinion into account.

� You’re more susceptible to developing  a number of emotional disorders and  issues, including: Bi-polar, schizophrenia, ADD / ADHD, and any personality disorder or condition characterised by a  lack of, or unhealthy, empathy.


And the following physical issues:

� Autoimmune disease including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

� Excessive, easy bruising

� Nose bleeds

� Varicose veins

� Any problems keeping the blood in the  veins, arteries and blood vessels

� Diabetes

� Hypoglycaemia

� Pancreas / blood sugar problems

� Allergies

� Immunodeficiency

� Issues related to pregnancy

� Haemorrhaging

� Blood clots

� General swelling and inflammation

� Issues with tear ducts

� Neuropathy (sore feet)

� Osteoporosis (if hormone-related)

� Anything on the heel

� Fasciitis

� Infections

� Depression

� Learning disorders, including ADHD


What weakens your Spleen energy?

As you can see, weak spleen energy is a major factor in so many of the most challenging and widespread illnesses and issues facing us in our modern world.

Once you  identify what might be making it so weak, you can start talking to God about turning things around.


All of the following things could be wiping your spleen energy out:

� Environmental pollution

� Unhealthy food and food additives

Heavy-duty stress

Electro-magnetic energy (think PCs, mobiles, wifi, microwaves)

Negative emotions

� Angry / critical / selfish / demanding people

� Not enough or too much compassion for ourselves, or others

� Ingratitude

� One-off shocks or traumatic experiences


I wrote the above a decade ago.

As we sit here in 2024, it’s resonating even more strongly.

We are are in a ‘spleen energy’ destruction zone, right now.

Tons and tons of wifi radiation, shocks, trauma, stress and disgusting, evil people to deal with – and very little joie de vivre to boost it back up and keep us protected.


What to do?

The simple answer is emuna and emunat Tzaddikim – keeping optimistic, keeping up-beat, not falling into despair, keeping close to God and His True Tzaddikim, and following their instructions.

But there is way, way more going on here.

And in the next part of this discussion, we are going to start taking a much deeper look at how frequency can mamash kill or cure a person.

And how that connects back to ideas like praying, clapping, singing, and other advice for happiness and health our real Tzaddikim have been giving us for centuries.

If we would only take them seriously.

Stay tuned.

If you want to know what’s going on right now, you just need to read Rebbe Nachman.

Rebbe Nachman explains clearly that the yetzer hara is not really so interested in the ‘sin’ he gets a person to do, but in what happens to that person after he sins.

Many people, most people, fall into despair, and then abandon themselves to doing many more sins, God forbid.

That’s why Rabbenu teaches very clearly:

Even if I did the worst sin in the world, I wouldn’t fall into despair! I would continue to serve Hashem!


(I will try to find the source for this quote and put it here, after I’m done writing this up.)


The point is: the yetzer is ALWAYS more interested in what happens afterwards, then ‘the sin’ or ‘the issue’ itself.

That’s when the real damage is done, the real spiritual fall happens, the real ‘crushing’ of a person.

How does this relate to what is going on today?


Let’s walk back four years to Covid, and replay what happened.

As it turns out, the ‘original sin’ of Covid 19 – this apparently super-scary, super-fatal, super-infectious ‘virus’ – actually never existed in reality as it was portrayed.

Way more people died from being suffocated to death by unnecessary intubation tubes and neglect in hospitals (plus a bunch of ‘lethal injections’ for old folks in the sheltered housing….) than died ‘from Covid 19’.

But the yetzer than used that original sin to trip us into panic, forced masking, social distancing, health, sanity and economy-destroying lock downs, banning travel, green passports – the whole shebang.

Because the end-game was the Covid shots.

That was the point, right from the beginning.

And once enough people caved into the fear and the despair – ‘Covid 19’ apparently magically disappeared as a problem.


OK, now let’s look at this ‘war’ in Israel.

If there is anyone out there who still can’t see how this whole ‘war’ was set up and planned meticulously – on our side of the fence! For months! – you should visit an eye doctor.

October 7th was meticulously designed by the yetzer to trip us all back into those feelings of anger, hatred, fear and despair.

And then just like Covid, the plan was to ‘break us’ here in Israel, and especially our belief that our army could protect us, that we could deal with the (State-sponsored….) terrorists in Gaza… that we could continue to live in Israel feeling safe and secure….


Just like Covid, there was a ‘nub’ of stuff that really was happening, that was then wrapped up in State-sponsored smoke and mirrors, and ‘spun’ by the totally corrupt media and ‘controlled opposition’ social media personalities.

Just like most of the real victims of ‘Covid 19’ turned out to have been killed by the medical professionals who were meant to be caring for them, I have no doubt that one day, we will discover that most of the victims of this ‘war’ in Israel were not killed just by Hamas.


But there’s a lot more to this.

Sunday, I wrote a whole blog post about how quiet and beautiful the North currently is.

My husband told me that tomorrow, you are going to see there were rockets up here.

That’s also what happened to me when I went to the Baba Sali in Netivot, and had one of the quietest, nicest experiences there I’ve ever had.

Apparently, while the media was reporting ‘multiple rockets’ there….

That whole experience really got me wondering how much of what we’re being told is happening in this ‘war’ is real, and how much is being staged to get to the outcome desired post-war.


So sure enough, Monday morning swings around, and suddenly there are all these videos of rockets being fired into the Golan, apparently next to a bus of teenagers.

It doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t make sense that ‘Hezbollah’ is going to deliberately fire their precision rockets – 60 of them! – at a totally empty hill in the middle of the Golan.

Does it?

Not if there is a ‘real war’ going on.

But, it makes total sense that this is what is going to happen to create the impression of a ‘real war up North’.

Where both ends are being controlled by that same masonic NWO.


Remember the spiritual rule here:

It seems that spiritually, the yetzer can’t bounce us into a real war in the North until and unless enough of us have fallen into that low place of believing the media’s lies, so we ourselves start clamoring for ‘war with Hezbollah’.

The same thing happened with Covid.

They could never have enforced all those lock downs, force masking, forced injections if so many people hadn’t fallen for all the lies.

This is the spiritual rule, this is how it works.

The yetzer isn’t interested in the ‘original sin’, but what it can do with us all afterwards, once we’ve fallen into despair and fallen away from emuna and God, God forbid.


Today, I did my usual five second check-in with the government propaganda sites, and sure enough, there is more weird video of rockets now apparently falling near Har Meron yesterday morning.

I say ‘apparently’, because if you look at the video, it’s very hard to see any rockets anyway, and nothing seems to be landing – it’s the same ‘firework rockets’ they fired at Kiryat Shemona two weeks ago, that weirdly just self-imploded in the sky, even though there was no Iron Dome deployed to take them out like that.

All you see is a small group of weird looking people blowing shofars in Meron and waving old lulavs.


When I was there, there were no groups of people blowing shofars and waving lulavs.

The shofar blowing does happen, it’s not so strange – but the lulavs?

Amazing, how they had ruach hakodesh to show up with some old lulavs just as a barrage of 35 rockets were apparently being fired at Har Meron….

All I’m saying, is that we are being manipulated constantly by fake news, 24/7.

And what makes it all so head-wrecking is that not all of the news is ‘fake’.

Soldiers are still being killed and injured in Gaza, God forbid, people are still being shot on the roads by State-sponsored ‘terrorists’….


So, what do we learn out from all this?

First, that what is going on right now has been meticulously designed to manipulate us all into the real problem, the real difficulty.

Call that a ‘two state solution’; call that ‘clamouring for more war in Lebanon’ (just so that more young men can get themselves killed and disabled fighting for the same people who planned all this to happen, right from the beginning…)

Call that ‘moving people out of rural areas and into 15 minute prison cities’.

Call that ‘sparking WW III’.

Call it whatever you want.


If you want, you can call it other things, too, like:

Getting all the chareidim to join the corrupt army, so they can also be brainwashed into thinking and acting the way ‘the State’ wants them to.

And worshipping guns as ‘the answer’ to every problem we face here in the Holy Land.

Or call it: getting frum girls to join the corrupt army – so they can also come out totally morally corrupted, with 15 boyfriends, and / or five ‘girlfriends’, and a total weakening of their connection to God and kedusha.


Do you know anyone, anyone at all, who went into the army secular, and came out more connected to their Torah and their yiddishkeit?

I mean, before all the miracles of this current ‘war’?

But I know plenty, plenty young people who went in frum, and came out really less frum  – and even atheists, and even all into the LGBTZQQ whatever.


If I lived up North, and I left to go to a hotel – I would move back there.

There are no guarantees of safety anywhere in the world, and if a person is with God, that’s the single best protection there is.

Here in Jerusalem, I spent the first 30 days after Simchat Torah saying a whole book of tehillim every single day, I was so scared of what the local Arabs might be planning.

We had family calling us up and offering to send us to hotels for a few days…. and telling us to come back and live with them in the UK for a few weeks….

BH, we had the Rav’s advice and support, and he made it very clear that the best approach was just to stay put, and pray.

He was so right.



Don’t fall for the yetzer’s tricks.

Things aren’t as bad as they appear, by a very long way.

Hezbollah should have started ‘the war in the North’ a long time ago already, if it just depended on them and the NWO running things here.

But that didn’t happen, because spiritually, the yetzer needs a critical mass of people to buy their lies, and to buy their propaganda, before they get the spiritual permission to make that happen.

And so far, it’s not happening.


If you have some free time, go drive around the North.

It’s beautiful right now.

It’s as safe as anywhere else in Israel – even places like Kiryat Shemona.

There are no guarantees anywhere, not in Israel, and not in chul. We can’t continue to live in fear like this.

Really, the only thing to fear is the lack of emuna in God, and the fallen fears themselves.

When we remember that God is behind all this, God is doing everything, it’s all just a test of our own emuna and our own middot – the world becomes a much happier and safer place again.

For everyone.

This is a repost from April 2019.

That’s when the late Rav Chaim Kanievsky made some widely-publicised comments that Moshiach would be coming before the Israeli Elections that were being held on April 9th, 2019.

Three months later, the autistics came out publically saying the Rav was Moshiach….

And Rav Glazerson also started turning up all sorts of ‘Torah codes’ showing the Rav was Moshiach, like this one, from June 2019….


And then, all the people who believed every single lying word of the anti-Torah, anti-Jewish MSM – working for our masonic NWO government and institutions – went totally nuts.

Instead of ‘moshiach’ and ‘geula’ – we got Covid 19 instead.


So anyway, I put together a bunch of the original sources on ‘how to recognise Moshiach’, when he finally shows up.

And I’m now reposting it here.

I have a feeling it’s going to come in handy, pretty soon.



First up, this Midrash from the Pirkei HeiChalot Rabbati, which describes how we will be able to identify Moshiach:

The generation in which Moshiach will be revealed is “a poor generation, that doesn’t have any merit except to stand and make criticisms against them [i.e. against Moshiach and his people]. And they disgrace them and degrade them in the marketplaces, and in the streets, and they say things about him that the ear shouldn’t even hear.”

That Midrash continues that Moshiach will be imprisoned, slandered, horrible announcements will be made about him in every city in Israel, and he’ll have his image destroyed.

The Midrash continues:

“It’s written in Kohelet 4:14: ‘From prison he [i.e. Moshiach] came out to rule…” – but after a short ‘ceasefire’, his enemies amongst the Jewish people continue to mock and disgrace him, and start calling the Moshiach meshuggah (crazy).

God Himself comes out to bat for the Moshiach, and tells people:

“And all who believe in him will not be erased from the book of life.”


Next up, we have the sources describing how Moshiach will reveal himself gradually, not in one big, glorious burst of publicity:

In Tractate Sanhedrin 97 of the Gemara, it says that:

‘Moshiach will come riding on a donkey’.

In his commentary on this Gemara, Rashi explains that this means that Moshiach will be revealed ‘bit by bit’, or slowly, slowly.


Moshiach is going to come both from chutz l’aretz, and also from Israel.

The sources who suggest that Moshiach will come from outside of Israel include:

  • The Prophet Hoshea
  • The Targum Yonatan
  • And the Midrash (Shmot-Raba 1/31)

Meanwhile, the followings sources state that Moshiach will come from within Eretz Yisrael:

  • The Zohar (1:119/1 and 2:7/2) “Moshiach will reveal himself in the Galilee”
  • The Rambam in his Letter to Yemen (Chapter 4), where he says about the Moshiach: “He will stand in Eretz Yisrael, and there he will begin to be revealed.”


The Abarbanel resolves these statements by saying (Nishuot Mashicha 1:3):

“The Moshiach will first be in chutz l’aretz, and then from there he’ll come to Eretz Yisrael (and that’s where he’ll start to reveal himself.)”


When the Moshiach comes, he’s going to be accompanied by the police and have to sit in jail.

The Ramban (explaining the quote from Zecharia 9:9, which says that Moshiach will be poor and riding on a donkey) writes the following:

“This means that he’ll be accompanied by prosecutors and policemen, who’ll attack him with abuse and invective.”


The Gemara in Sanhedrin (98:1) says that Moshiach is going to sit:

“At the entrance of Rome”.

The Ramchal explains (in Kinat Hashem Tsivakot Part 2):

This means he’ll sit in prison” – as is mentioned many times in the midrashim.


When Moshiach first arrives, he’s going to be the subject of enormous machloket (controversy).

In the Megillat Setorim, or Hidden Scroll of Rebbe Nachman, Rebbe Nachman tells us that:

“At the beginning, there is going to be a huge machloket (controversy) surrounding the Moshiach.”


Even when the Moshiach is sitting in prison, his opponents are going to continue to humiliate and shame him – and the Moshiach is still going to forgive them and save them.

(If they make teshuva, and admit they were wrong about him….)

The Midrash (in Pesikta Rabbati Parsha 34) says:

“Even at the time that the Moshiach is sitting in prison because of our sins, there will still be so-called ‘religious people’ who will continue to mock and make fun of him.”


Then, there’s Rav Berland’s own statements about the geula process.

In a shiur he gave on The Child’s Prophecy in 5775 (2014), the Rav said:

At the moment that Moshiach would be revealed, Armilus HaRasha [the head of the mixed multitude, or Erev Rav] would come, together with all of the nations of the world, and he would try to fight against the Moshiach. So then the Moshiach would escape to the desert, together with some simple, pure-minded people, and there they would hide-out for nine months, the same amount of time as it takes to bring a pregnancy to term.

After nine months, the Moshiach would return and would reveal himself openly to everyone, and then everyone would reconcile with him, and make peace with him. The Rav said that the moment that Moshiach received his [spiritual] crown on the day of hakhel, soldiers will come from all over the world, with warships from all the nations of the world, against Eretz Yisrael.


In recent comments made in 2024, the Rav said this about ‘Armilus’:

It’s written that Armilus the Rasha will come with ‘one eye’.

Armilus the Rasha, who will make the war of Gog and Magog, he will come with just one eye. He will have just one eye in his forehead.

This sounds to me like a clear reference to the Masons / satanic NWO people.


Then, there is this Midrashic Source for ‘eating grass in the desert’ at the time of Geula, from Midrash Heichalos:

“Evil King Armelius will arise and tell Edom: “I am your messiah! I am your god!” The people will immediately believe in him and unite under his leadership. He will say to Esav’s descendants worldwide: “Bring me the Torah I gave you!”

“Every nation will present its religious law. Armelius will declare: “I gave you this law. I am your god.” He will likewise summon the Jewish people and say: “Bring me your Torah, and declare me your god!” The Jews will be shocked and frightened…


Nechemiah will say: “You are not God, but the Satan!”

He and thirty thousand mighty Jews will battle Armelius and kill 200,000 of his soldiers. Outraged, Armelius will mobilize and international army and wage a terrible war against the Jewish people. Thousands of Jews will be killed, including Nechemiah, who will die in the afternoon….

The Jewish survivors will flee into the wilderness. For forty-five days, they will survive on grass.


Moshiach ben David and Eliyahu HaNavi will reveal themselves to the Jews hiding in the wilderness and restore their spirits.

The people will know God has saved them. As it is said, For God has redeemed Yaakov, and ransomed him from the hand of one stronger than he (Yirmeyahu 31:10), and those lost in the land of Assyria and the outcasts in the land of Egypt will come (Yeshayahu 27:13).


The nations will fear God. 

Heretofore scattered, the Jewish people will return to Israel with Moshiach. Uniting in the Judean desert, the Jews will go to Jerusalem. Remnants of the house of David will rise up from the ruins, and Moshiach will rule.

Armelius will assemble an international army to fight Moshiach and the Jewish people.

God will fight for his nation, telling Moshiach: “Sit at my right hand…” (Tehillim 110:1). Moshiach will say to the Jews, “stand firm, and see God’s salvation,” (Shemot 14:13).

God will immediately do battle for them.


[Hopefully, all this got radically sweetened by the Rav’s mesirut nefesh and all the prayers and sincere teshuva from the last few months, 5784. Hopefully.]


OK, so here’s all these sources summed up in a nutshell:

There’s going to be huge machloketover the Moshiach, who will spend time being defamed, slandered and mocked in prison; then, as soon as he’s properly revealed, a huge army is going to come and wage war against Israel; and the geulaprocess began in 5776 and is going to continue on until 5781.


Ad kan, from the sources back in 2019.

Again, please notice that we were meant to have had Moshiach and geula in 5781 – 3-4 years ago.

Instead…. we’ve had four years of ‘Covid 19’ hell, forced injections, 45 people murdered in Meron, thousands more killed and wounded from October 7th onwards, 60,000 residents of the North still in hotels…. and ‘Armilus the Rasha’ still has plans for more ‘war in the North’ leading to WW III.


So basically, whether we get the next stage of geula the sweet way, or the really totally horrible way, comes down to whether we make some serious teshuva.

And the main teshuva to make is about all the lies and lashon hara we uncritically swallowed-down about the Rav, and all the avoda zara we’re engaging in, with our ‘worship’ of Golden Calves and false idols.

(This is a great time to do some hitbodedut, and to introspect a little. We all make mistakes. The only difference between a tzaddik and a rasha is that the rasha never acknowledges all the bad stuff they have done, both to themselves and to others.)


A last thing I just wanted to mention is the importance of asking God to show us who the true tzaddikim really are, because the Midrash Heichalos makes it clear that there will be at least one ‘false messiah’ in the mix, too.

(At the moment, I have at least four ‘false messiah’ candidates on the radar, and that’s just in the Jewish world…. It’s going to be interesting.)


If we simple Jews are attached to true tzaddikim, we don’t need to worry about trying to figure out all this stuff.

If our real tzaddikim tell us ‘so and so is the Moshiach’ – good enough!

We don’t need to break our heads trying to figure out who the real Moshiach really is. The true tzaddikim already know, and they will announce it publically, when the time is right.


(This is already starting to happen, btw. More on that soon.)


But Rebbe Nachman warned us there would be so many false leaders at the end of days, misleading people with their heresy and false ideas.

And these false leaders will for sure be against the real Moshiach – so it’s going to get confusing for anyone who doesn’t have strong emunat tzaddikim, and for anyone who isn’t attached to a true Tzaddik.


Somewhere, a long time ago, I did an infographic (remember those?) with the blessings you are meant to say when you see the Moshiach.

If I can find it, I will post that up here soon.

Word on the street is that Shushan Purim 5784 is going to be a very big day for the Jews this year.

But it all depends on us, and our sincere teshuva.

And we aren’t out of the woods yet.


Yesterday, I had a bunch of chores to do ‘up North’.

So, we drove up the Bi’kaa Road, Route 90 – baruch Hashem, all quiet, and so beautiful and green after all the rain we’ve been having the last few weeks.

The Kinneret was looking satisfyingly full.

Tiberius was quiet.

We went further North – Katzrin was calm, quiet and beautiful.

We went to Meron, to the RASHBI, for the first time in at least six months – all quiet.

And sunny. And beautiful.

With a really nice ‘calm’ vibe that is actually pretty rare at the RASHBI, at least, for me.


Tsfat was calm and quiet.

Karmiel was calm and quiet. And sunny. And also had a nice ‘vibe’.

B’kitzur….. there is no ‘war’ to speak of, up North.

And the government appears to be keeping the 60,000 residents of the North out of their homes (now ongoing until July….apparently….) on false pretences.


Sure, there are still acts of violence going on.

The same is true for Jerusalem, Maaleh Adumim, Tel Aviv, even.

But, the same is also true for New York, Baltimore, LA, London, Paris….

It’s not a reason to kick 60,000+ people out of their homes and keep them living like dogs in hotel rooms for month after month, as the whole family unit disintegrates from the stress.

These people in the government don’t work for us.

If they did, they wouldn’t be sending hundreds of trucks of ‘humanitarian aid’ direct to Hamas in Gaza every single day.

They just wouldn’t.


And, they would have begun a serious inquiry immediately into who the traitors were, who worked with the Americans etc to ‘breach the fence’ on Simchat Torah.

And they would have made some serious, serious teshuva.

But these people don’t work for us, you and me, the Jewish people.

They work for the masonic New World Order.

And that’s the only reason they were given their jobs in the first place, and still are keeping them today.


But there is hope on the horizon.

Spiritually, things are really starting to move here in the Holy Land, on a number of levels.

I will write more shortly about some of the more ‘interesting’ things going on, particularly around the Rav, and stories of open miracles involving the Rav that are starting to filter out of Gaza.


In the meantime, I got a message the books should be ready today, BH.

Once I know a bit more who is taking on the job of distributing them, I’ll let you know where you can get them, in Israel.

Outside of Israel – the book is now up on Amazon, HERE.


The book contains so much light, so much ‘truth’, so much hope.

If you are feeling the lack of that in your life right now, I suggest you pick up a copy and spend a little time going through it.

Big things are about to start happening in the Holy Land, and in the Jewish world generally.

It’s good to be prepared.

And may we just hear good news!

Long story short: a thousand books of the Rav’s Conversations II are now being printed in Eretz Yisrael, BH.

Usually, we print 100 – 200 copies of these books, and hope for the best.

But for some reason, I got a strong ‘push’ in my hitbodedut to print 1,000 copies of this book:


The last time we were doing 1,000 book print runs for the Rav, in English, was five years ago.

A lot of people were starting to get interested in what Rav Berland had to say, were willing to consider that maybe something wasn’t as it seemed in the whole media witch hunt, and were open-minded enough to at least start to hear more of the other side.

Then….. the autistics came out in a series of messages saying that Rav Berland was Moshiach – and all hell broke loose.


You can see one of the messages that triggered the next wave of hatred and state-sponsored persecution of the Rav HERE, from Ben Goldin.

It’s in the usual format, here’s the bit that ‘went nuclear’:

For example, they want to take all the boys to the army they want to empty out the yeshivas. Only let the top top ones stay in the yeshivas and go to kollels. However, there’s one catch to it, that they decide who’s the Talmid Chacham, they decide.

That means the goyim decide who’s a Talmid Chacham andwho isn’t, and its very terrible, just very terrible. And the funny thing is that they don’t really need any more people in the army, they have enough people in the army, because they are more high- tech than they were, so they don’t really need so many people in the army especially frum Jews that demand kashrus and all kind of things like that, they need to daven three times a day and so on and so forth.


The radio announcers speak about the frum in such a disgraceful way, but let me tell you, you non-frum Jews in Israel, the only claim that you have to the land of Israel is from Hashem, He gave it to us and not your chalutzim, HE gave it to us, and He let you come in, but it’s not going to help, you’re not going to continue ruling here, you’re not going to continue.

You’re going to run away when it gets really bad, you’re going to run away and leave here the real Jews. And don’t worry, Hashem will protect us because we have Moshiach, we will have Moshiach, and I will suggest that all real Jews do teshuva fast.

And I agree with many of you, many of our Rabbanim are not the way they are supposed to be, but you’re not the way you’re supposed to be either. And if those rabbis are trying to please you than what do you got against them? They are trying to be like you, so what do you got against them?


But now let me get to the main point. The main point is this – Moshiach is here already and we can’t deny it.

You can deny it if you want but it’s not going to help you, the earth is a in a very bad situation and the people on the earth are in even a worse situation. You think that the earth itself, your cities, your so-called cultures, that that’s the essence of life, but it’s all lies, lies.

The only things in this world that is not a lie is the Torah and all the seforim that the tzaddikim have written like the Gemara, all the seforim that the greatest scholars in Yiddishkeithave written throughout the generations – that’s the truth.

The rest is lies.

And I’m forewarning you, and I’m talking only now to Am Yisrael – you better do teshuva fast. But fast! It’s true, the Moshiach is here, and he lives in Yerushalayim and he’s a great person, and people talk bad things about him, dirty things about him and it’s not true.

But boruch Hashem that they speak dirty things about him because it only proves that he’s Moshiach.


Not chas v’shalom because Moshiach does bad things, chas v’shalom, chas v’shalom, no, that’s not the reason. But because every huge tzaddik was slandered in the worse way because of jealous people that wanted to take over their positions.

Well, it’s happening again and this is one of the greatest signs that he is Moshiach because the dirtier they make the stories, the more we know that it’s all lies, and he is Moshiach. And this great person already has a very large following all over the world, he has worked wonders and he also is the exact description of what Moshiach is going to be like from all the seforim.


So, I will only tell you his name and you can check it out for yourselves.

And I bless you that you use your sechel, you use your intellect, and your Jewish heart to realize that the people that speak the most dirt about him are the dirty people.

They’re the ones that speak the dirt about him, they’re the ones that can’t stand purity, they’re the ones that can’t stand anything that’s close to Hakadosh Boruch Hu, they’re the Erev Rav or worse.

His name is Harav Eliezer ben Etia.

And I tell you, you better daven for him because he’s sometimes very sick and he’s sick because of us, because of our sickness. And he takes it upon himself, but we don’t have to worry about him.

When we are praying for him, we are really praying for ourselves because he is above everyone, and he is sacrificing himself for Am Yisrael, he’s taking the suffering on himself so that we can be saved. However, we have to still do teshuva because Hashem loves us very much and he loves Eliezer ben Etia even more and he wants us to do teshuva and it’s not enough that he suffers for us, Eliezer ben Etia, it’s not enough.

We have to ourselves do teshuva and we have many people that are sure they’re tzaddikim. And
they’re not. Not at all.

Only כאילו, just as if, they are tzaddikim.

So, my dear fellow Jews, you haven’t got much time you better get your act together because time is out. Finished. And we’re almost at the end, and we’ve better get it straight.


These messages from Dani18 and Ben Goldin came out in July 2019.

And they ignited a firestorm.

All of a sudden, commentators and bloggers who had been avidly sharing every tiny little whisper about ‘Nibiru’, and the ‘Erev Rav’ from the autistics decided that Shuvu Banim must have somehow ‘infiltrated’ the FC with ‘pro-Rav Berland’ messages….

Of course!

That’s what happened…. of course! How very smart those anti-Rav Berland people were.


And I found myself in a bind, because I also used to hang off every word from the autistics about ‘WW III’ and the ‘Erev Rav’, and the need for people to make some serious teshuva, that including moving to Eretz Yisrael.

I pressured my family members (all of whom still live in chul) to make aliyah, shared the scare stories of the ‘end of days’ – and long story short, most of my family stopped talking to us for a couple of years, because they were sick of us harping on about things that seemed to have zero relevance to their ‘real life’.

And back in July 2019, all the autistics’ ‘scary stories’ and WW III alerts were kind of wearing thin.

Back in July 2019 (just before when Jeffrey Epstein got arrested….), it looked like the people who believed in all the stuff the autistics were saying didn’t have a heck of a lot to point at, in terms of ‘things that actually came true’.

Now, I know it’s because the Rav was holding off the geula, and busy sweetening everything again and again and again.

But back in July 2019?

I had been ‘off’ the autistics for a long time, already.


And then, they showed up with all these messages saying that Rav Berland was Moshiach.

And then, that led to some MASSIVE push back, as people like ‘Mr Nibiru’, (who’d built his whole career in the frum community giving ‘presentations’ on how the dark star was going to show up and cause massive natural disasters on planet earth), went into ‘damage limitation mode’ and started claiming this latest batch of ‘autistic messages’ had somehow been ‘faked’ by Shuvu Banim.

As if.


For a few more months, the autistics continued giving out very clear messages that the Rav was moshiach and WWIII was imminent….

And then the Rav himself told them to stop.

Look at the timing: July 26, 2019.

That massive earthquake had just hit the China Lake ‘torture base’ of the US Navy…. Epstein had just been arrested…. there was a real feeling in the air that ‘the bad’ was about to be revealed openly, and stuff was finally going to start going in a much better direction for us all.

But…. we flubbed the ball.

We had an opportunity to do things ‘the sweet way’, and instead, we said:

Nah, Shuvu Banim are faking these messages, and the MSM are the ones you should be believing, when it comes to Rav Berland!!!


Barely six months later, the Rav was back in prison, based on more scurrilous lies in the media – and we were sailing straight into the misery of ‘Covid 19’, brought to us all by the same liars who’d framed the Rav.


Once the Rav was back in prison, the book sales kind of dropped off.

Nobody wanted a book from the Rav even for free.

And it really felt to me like ‘the bad’ had won again.


So here we are, in February 2024, and in my hitbodedut, I got the ridiculous idea in my head that we need to print 1,000 copies of Conversations II.

That equates to 50 boxes of books, at least.

Being delivered some time in the next few days, BH.

And I am starting to panic.


Dear reader, I need your help.

I need some ideas of where to take these books, I need some help to do the hafaza, I need some more people to gird their loins, to help get these books ‘out there’ more in the English speaking world, because we are currently standing before another very big crossroads, in this whole spiritual process of geula.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go check out R Shlomo Elmaliach’s channel on Youtube. Maybe more about that another time.)

Point is: it doesn’t really matter if Rav Berland is, or isn’t hezkat Moshiach.

He certainly fits the bill, but nothing is ‘guaranteed’ until it’s actually ‘guaranteed’ – and by that point, there is no argument.

But in the meantime, there are so many people in the English-speaking so-called ‘frum’ community, who are still buying the lies about him – and still buying the media’s lies about what is happening in our failed State around ‘Operation Swords of Iron’, and who is really responsible for what is going on.


Conversations II is literally dynamite.

By the end of the book, the world of lies has been totally blown to pieces and a person’s brain suddenly gets flooded with all this insight and da’at about what is really going on in Israel.

It’s invaluable information to have, as we lurch forward into the next stage of the geula process.


Yah, I know.

There are so many arrogant ‘news junkies’ out there, who think they know everything there is to know about Rav Berland because they never miss a bit of gossip anywhere online.

And dafka, those yucky people with horrible middot are usually the ones that start yelling the loudest, when any whiff of challenging their viewpoint comes up.

The question is:

How much longer do we let the narcs and the bullies and the people with bad middot and very little critical thinking ability rule the roost, in our communities?

That is the question.

I don’t have an answer.


So, a thousand books are about to land on my doorstep.

It’s either going to be awesome – or a nightmare.

(Or more realistically, a big admixture of both.)

And it looks like things are going to start getting ‘interesting’ again.


PS: One of my friends follows a lot of kabbalists online, and apparently they are saying something, something, some big revelation of Moshiach, is due this Shabbat, Purim Katan.

She’s worrying that means more war, God forbid.

From my experience, these ‘revelations of Moshiach’ can be way, way more gentle.

It can be that we ourselves wake up one morning and start to make some serious teshuva, smash the i-Phone, apologise to that family member we’ve been feuding with for years, switch our priorities around in a serious way…

Really, so much of this comes down to us.

If we make ‘teshuva from below’, then God doesn’t need to send harsh wars ‘from above’ to wake us up.

Each person knows their own struggles.

But I will say this:

Anyone who is ‘anti’ Rav Berland should probably give that topic some serious consideration.

You don’t have to be ‘pro’.

But to be openly ‘anti’ is a very big problem – most of all, for you.

May we just hear good news.

All our leaders are corrupted scum.

Hopefully, we can at least agree on that.

All the ‘leaders’ you hear about, that have all the PR, the adoring write-ups, the social media groupies – if they get anywhere at all in this world, you can assume they are working for ‘the other side’.

And if that isn’t the case at the beginning of their careers – and maybe, it isn’t for some of them – the only way they can carry on being our leaders, without getting jailed, exiled or out-right killed, is if they start playing ball with ‘the other side’.


So, the discussion of whether our leaders can ‘make teshuva’, really, is an interesting one.

In theory, of course they can.

Even King Menashe, son of Hezkiyahu, made teshuva – and he literally slaughtered eight million Jews in his career of serving idol worship, before that happened.

Then, after a few years, King Menashe got kidnapped by his Babylonian enemies, and they started boiling him alive in a big pot.


Menashe called on his buddies the Americans to save him…. called on his buddies the Saudis…. called on Trump, called on Kushner, called on AIPAC, Chancellor Shultz, his old friends from the masonic lodge of Tel Aviv, the Friends of Zion…..

Nothing, nada, nobody.

So then, desperate, he called out to Hashem.


The angels didn’t want that prayer to ascend, so they blocked it.

But God made a special ‘hole’ under His Kisay HaKavod – and that’s how Menashe’s prayer ascended on high.

And God answered it, and saved this idolatrous king who killed more Jews than Hitler.


Point is, if Menashe could make teshuva…. then anyone can make teshuva.

At least in theory.


We are currently at the point where ‘the good guys’ – i.e. the sincere Jews of Eretz Yisrael – are being zapped with blue death rays almost to the point of no return.

(BTW, is it just me or do all these ‘evil emperors’ look like American politicians?)

But you know what happens next to turn that around.

And if you don’t, watch this and remind yourself:


In the meantime, they are so desperate to get ‘the war in the North’ going they are now sending drones that mysteriously don’t explode into the back gardens of local mayors ‘up North’, who then furiously have to tweet that ‘there is a war going on’.

In my experience, you usually don’t need big, persuasive PR campaigns that ‘there is a war going on’ when there really is a war going on.

And it’s interesting to me, that ‘Hezbollah’ managed to send their unexploding ‘drone’ precisely to the back garden of an outspoken mayor who has been pushing for ‘war in the north’ for years…..

(And what, is he retarded?! You don’t get close to unexploded drones just to video them and tweet about it…..What in the world.)



If you want to do your bit to tip the Evil Emperor into the abyss, here’s how:

  1. Join the Shuvu Banim campaign to get 100,000 Tikkun Haklalis said by 7th Adar BET.


Here are the Rav’s words encouraging the saying of 100,000 Tikkun HaKlali’s to end the war:

“Until 7 Adar II, we need to complete 100,000 Tikkun HaKlali’s – the Yahrzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu, 100,000 Tikkun HaKlali’s and the war will end.  The war will end and no Jew will be killed anymore.”


Every day, more poor Jews are dying in the meat-grinder in Gaza – and for what, exactly?

One day soon, I have plans to write something about all the Trojan Horses in the so-called ‘frum community’, pushing for greater enlistment in the religious world.

If you want your sons and daughter betrayed by their commanders and left to be gassed, murdered, tortured and kidnapped while at their posts – because their corrupt commanders ignored their warnings and needed some ‘korbanot’ for political reasons – then sure, encourage your children to enlist!

And if you want your kids to come out totally disconnected from God and Torah, then sure, encourage your kids to enlist!

And if you want kids coming out as quadraplegics and paraplegics and with other serious disabilities and injuries that will  leave them seriously impaired for the rest of their lives – then sure, encourage your kids to enlist!

And, if you want your kids dealing with years and years and years of serious PTSD after seeing and doing awful things in combat situations  – which they will have to deal with all alone, because the State and the army don’t want to admit that PTSD is really a ‘thing’ that so many soldiers experience – then sure, encourage your kids to enlist!

Like, duh, no-brainer.


Here’s the second thing you can do to get the war to stop and the deaths to end and the ‘Evil Empire’ to finally turn on itself and fall into the abyss:

You can help to write the Rav’s Sefer Torah for the soldiers in the following ways:

20,000 nis – donates a whole section of parchment (including the actual writing), and gets your names transcribed as donors.

5,000 nis – donates a page (parchment and writing).

OR, donate whatever amount you can afford.

In all cases, just go to THIS link, and make it clear in the comments that the donation is for the Rav’s Sefer Torah.


A parchment:

A page:

Anything smaller:

Rebbe Nachman himself made it clear:

In the end, everyone will be ‘Breslov’.

But what does it mean, to actually ‘be Breslov’?

That you grow long payot, go to Uman, do hitbodedut for an hour every day, dance on a few vans?

Some and none of this is for sure part of the authentic experience of trying to ‘be Breslov’.

But really, the clue is hidden in the very name of Rabbenu’s chassidut:





‘Being Breslov’ means we merit to develop a ‘lev basar’ – a feeling heart of flesh, as opposed to the cold, uncaring and cynical ‘heart of stone’ that is currently prevalent pretty much every where you look.

And acquiring a ‘lev basar’ is a painful process.


Right now, the world and his wife seems to be sick with something.

It doesn’t matter if we call it ‘covid’, flu, disease x, stress-induced-symptoms – the name really actually doesn’t matter.

After my own experiences of the last two weeks, which are still ongoing, it seems to me that the ‘sickness’ is heartsickness and sadness.

It’s all the negative emotions, worry, anger, hatred, sadness, fear, despair (etc….) that have just been wrapping themselves around our hearts tighter and tighter, another layer, and another layer, and another layer – until the heart of flesh is squeezed so tight of hope, emuna and oxygen, it becomes a heart of stone.


This current wave of ‘whatever it is’ has God behind it, whatever else is going on.

And God is using illness to show us what it is we need to do, what emotions we need to let go of, what lack of emuna we need to identify and acknowledge, what bad middot we need to rectify – to start the slow, painful process of reclaiming our heart of flesh.

Our ‘Breslov’ heart.

Everyone who goes through this process will be ‘Breslov’.

And anyone who doesn’t go through this process will be stuck following their heart of stone to the very bottom of the pond, when the ‘tipping point’ finally comes into full view.


I think, this is what’s going on now.


People with hearts of stone spend a lot of time ‘running away’ from themselves, and ‘escaping’ into stuff like Youtube and work.

(It used to be holidays and shopping, but not so easy to ‘escape’ that way, these days. At least, not here in Israel.)

Other forms of escapism include all the pointless ‘discussions’ and arguments people have on social media.

And smoking / eating pot.

And popping more mind-altering prescription pills for:

anxiety / depression / stress / [make something up and write it in this box – you’ll get the pills whatever you say the problem is, don’t worry]


What are we running away from, all the time?


And God.

And those ‘extensions’ and mirrors of our soul-selves we call ‘our spouse’ and ‘our children’.


But when geula finally comes, and Moshiach is finally openly revealed in the world, the running away will finally stop.

It’ll be us, and all hearts, cleaned up and wide-open to expand into the next part of this process called ‘the world to come’.

People with hearts of stone can’t live in that world.

You can’t get into the door if you’re still dragging around all the bad middot, the cynicism, the arrogance that’s keeping your heart suffocated to death, and your spiritual development in a place of permanent stasis (at best…)


But remember: developing a heart of flesh can be a very painful process.

Rabbenu gave us the advice to do an hour a day of hitbodedut, and to go to Uman, to his grave, to try and ‘ease’ this process along, as much as possible.

That’s why so many people talk about the ‘spiritual surgery’ they experience when they go to Uman – it’s literally like that.

Or can be.


And Moshiach is also going to have some tremendous advice and ‘help’ to share with people, on how to acquire the heart of flesh.

The people who have already begun that process of ‘thawing out’ the heart of stone probably will find it way, way easier to spot him, when he shows up.

And the people who have not – won’t.

And, the people who have no intention of ever ditching their hearts of stone will probably be in the frontlines fighting against Moshiach – until their heavy hearts finally drag them down to the bottom.


There are big things on the horizon.

There are big changes afoot.

We are moving into a time where not much longer, Moshiach is going to be openly revealed.

And together with that, there will be 500 ‘fake moshiachs’ (at least).

It’s going to be a time of terrible confusion, machloket and doubt.

Prepare yourselves mentally.

But also remember what Rabbenu told us, more than 200 years ago:

In the end, everyone will be Breslov.


The story begins with an email a reader sent me, that contained this image:


The reader wanted to know if this could be real, and if so, could our PM and the Argentian PM actually be related?

I didn’t know. But given what happened next, with the two Argentian hostages being ‘amazingly’ freed in Gaza, Baruch Hashem – I thought I’d do a bit of digging around, to see what turns up.


The first thing to tell you is that the ‘Milikowsky’ name links us straight back to the Vilna Gaon.

Yes, that Vilna Gaon, R Eliyahu the son of Shlomo.

The Netanyahu family are direct descendants of the GRA – but for some reason, this information started to get routinely scrubbed off the internet, around 5-6 years ago.

But you can still find some references to it, like this the following snippet, from HERE:

Nathan Mileikowsky Netanyahu was born to Zvi Mileikowsky in Krevo.  Many Mileikowsky people have been from Vilnius, Lithuania....

He was a descendant of the Gaon from Vilna. He studied at the Volozhin Yeshiva for 8 years and then became an orator preaching about Zionism. He migrated (with his children who were born in Warsaw) to Palestine in 1920 and served as headmaster of various Hebrew high schools in several towns before settling in Jerusalem as an official of the World Zionist Organization.

On his arrival in Palestine, Milikovsky changed the family name to Netanyahu (“Lord has given”).


The PM’s family tree stops with Zvi Hirsh Mileikowsky, so we have no idea how he is actually related to the Vilna Gaon.

The tree is also covered, literally, in five million ‘privates’.

But at least one of ‘Nathan Mileikowsky Netanyahu’s sons shortened his surname to ‘Milo’, and then had a bunch of ‘private’ descendents.

(Another thing to notice is that Geni apparently doesn’t know which of BenZion Netanyahu’s two wives gave birth to our PM…. Stuff like this is a dead giveaway that there are family connections being hidden.)


OK, so now let’s scoot over to Javier Milei’s family tree, HERE.

Also packed full of ‘privates’, so very hard to actually trace any descent in any meaningful way.

And the tree also just comes to a dead halt in the late 1700s – which is around that time when so many of the Frankist-Freemasons started converting to Roman Catholicism en masse.

So nothing concrete.

But then, there is never anything concrete, that’s how they keep getting away with this stuff over and over again.


What I can tell you, is that it’s highly unlikely that a ‘simple bus driver’ married to a ‘simple housewife’ in Argentina would end up with a son (with hair like that…..) who becomes the PM in a ‘totally surprising’ way.

And, that lightning struck twice, because Javier Milei’s sister, Karina, is now the ‘Secretary General of the Presidency’ of Argentina – and the most powerful woman in the country.

HERE is her Wikipedia entry, there are some might strange things going on there.


First, here’s a snippet about her education and hobbies:

Milei graduated from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa with a degree in public relations. She Also studied marketing and communication at the University of Belgrano. 

Among her activities was also reading the tarot.


Nothing weird about that….

Then, before 2021, Karina is said to be running a tyre repair shop, and also ‘running the investments’ of her more successful, economist brother.

And then, after 2021, Karina becomes the ‘PR manager’ for her brother Javier when he decides to go into politics– and of course, he becomes Argentina’s next PM!!

It works like that for everyone……. Doesn’t it?


I have no idea if either of them are married, or have children.

From what I’m seeing online, it looks like they aren’t.

Which is also kinda strange – both in their 50s, and never married?

So, I headed over to his Wiki page, HERE, and that’s when I saw the bit of info that all this really boils down to:

In a major foreign policy reversal, the Milei administration shelved plans to join BRICS, which Argentina was slated to join on January 1.


BRICS is one of the main ways the ‘other nations of the world’ are trying to escape from the USA’s global control of the world’s economy.

Of course, the USA doesn’t like that, and doesn’t want that to happen…. So, lucky them, they got someone who thinks the same way they do to become the president of Argentina, and shelve the plan for Argentina to become more financially independent of the USA.

That’s how all this works.


Two more snippets about Javier, the puppet-PM of Argentina put in place by the USA, and then let’s move back to our own puppet-PM, put in place by…. [all the Likud voters ;-))

For 15 years, he worked at the private company Corporación América as the chief economist and financial adviser to [multi-billionaire] Eduardo Eurnekian.

Of course he did.

And this woman (a practising Roman Catholic… I’m sure she’s just thrilled by his talk of converting….) is apparently Javier’s ‘partner’ (of very recent vintage). Here’s the snippet from her Wiki page that most caught my eye:

In 2008, she took a course in Inter-Agency Coordination and Combating Terrorism at the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, a U.S. Department of Defense institution based at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

Of course she did.

I wonder how many ‘high ranking’ Israelis she met there, while she was doing her ‘training’ with the American Department of Defense….


Chananya Weissman also did a partial deep-dive into Milei, and dug up that:

  • He’s connected to the WEF.
  • He’s an actor (literally…)
  • His ‘spiritual guide’ also sounds like another interesting character. He they both are in action – (caution: watching the following may cause nausea).
  • He is supporting policies that are anything except compatible with the Torah.

Read more HERE.


All that, for sure, is already plenty bad enough.

But there’s more.

Apparently, there’s a machloket about how Milei came to the decision that he should run – providentially! – for Argentinian PM. One version says that his ‘Jewish advisor’ told him he was was going to become the PM of Argentina and ‘save’ the country (from joining BRICS and dumping the US dollar…..) during a ‘kabbalistic ceremony’ he was performing.

The mind boggled when I read that.

But that doesn’t even seem to be what really happened.

It seems that Milei got the ‘push’ to run for PM during a seance session with his dead dog….


Yes, I know.

But it actually comes from a ‘reputable’ paper in Argentina (not that any such things really exist any more, if they ever did) – the Buenos Aires Herald, from HERE.


A man and his dog: the mysticism behind Javier Milei’s campaign

The presidential frontrunner believes he can communicate with his deceased pet and that he is on a mission from God, a new book reveals

….After the death of his dog-child and most loyal friend, Milei changed completely. It was a blow that several clones of the animal — which he ordered in the United States for US$50,000 plus tax, and which he now refers to as his “grandchildren” — could not soften.

His sister, Karina, who is as essential to him as Conan was, tried to help him. She studied to become a medium, and it was she who helped the deceased dog communicate with his owner. Today, the youngest member of the Milei family claims he can talk to both living and dead animals and makes important decisions based on those conversations.


Crazy stuff!

But there is actually one more sentence I want to quote from that Buenos Aires Herald piece:

But that’s not all. The congressman has started to tell more unsettling stories to those willing to listen: that Conan [his dead dog] didn’t actually die — “It was a physical disappearance” — but has gone to sit next to “Number One” to protect him; and that he, Milei, has started having conversations with God himself.

“I saw the resurrection of Christ three times, but I can’t talk about that because people will say I am crazy,” he told a friend recently, in a chat that person has saved.


It’s true I’m also a big fan of ‘talking to God’, and I also believe that God gives every single one of us messages.

I get some of my most sublime ideas from hitbodedut – and also, some of my most controversial ones.

But I’m not the president of Argentina, I’m not witnessing ‘resurrections’ three times that never even happened the first time around ‘in reality’ – and the idea simply wouldn’t cross my mind to try and raise my dead hamster up from the dead for a conversation about what economic policies I should try out on my poor, unsuspecting, fellow-citizens.


The man is a crack-pot!

At best…. With a serious addiction to satanic seances, cloning things – and of course, the American Deep State.

It all goes together.


This original post I did continued with a deep-dive back into Netanyahu’s part of the Milikowsky family.

But after multiple cloned pets and seances with ‘Conan’, who told Milei to run for Argentine president….

Well, you can’t really continue on ‘as normal’ after that.

So, we’ll call this ‘part one’, and continue with ‘part 2’ separately.



I should have checked earlier for ‘Conan the dead dog’s’ details, I apologise for not checking into Milei’s ‘family’ as thoroughly as usual.

You’ll recall the original Conan died in 2017, and then Milei got him cloned for $50k in the USA.

Apparently, he got six cloned puppies (right, you weren’t so aware this was legal and they’ve been doing stuff like this for a lonngggg time, already?)

So, Milei named four of the puppies after famous economists, called one ‘Conan’ (what else?) and the sixth one something else.


Now, we’ll let the Wikipedia page for ‘Conan (Javier Milei’s dog) tell the rest of the story:

Milei allegedly stated that he communicates with the dogs through a mystic,[11] and that he seeks counseling from them.[2]

He also allegedly commented that the new Conan provides ideas on general strategy, Robert is the one who makes him “see the future and learn from mistakes”, Milton is in charge of political analysis, and Murray of the economy.[12]

When asked about this by El País journalist Martín Sivak and Nicolás Lucca of Radio Rivadavia, Milei did not deny it, and said: “

What I do with my spiritual life and in my house is my business. If Conan advises me on politics, it means that he is the best consultant of humanity.”[5]

In addition to having dialogues with the likes of Rothbard and Ayn Rand, Milei allegedly cited Conan as a source of inspiration for his writings in 2015.[5]


Who can make this stuff up?

This is a short video of Milei ‘thanking’ his four canine advisors after his landslide victory:


There’s more crazy details in this article from the New York Times.

Apparently, Milei wants to totally eviscerate the Argentine central bank and replace the Argentine peso with the US dollar…. which is currently backed by approaching $35 trillion of massive debt….

You can go to the US ‘debt clock‘ site here, and see where it’s up to.

Oh, and he also wants to get the whole cloning thing going big-time in Argentina.

I don’t know if that just means for animals, or for humans too.

He hasn’t made that bit clear – and I’m waiting to hear how his rabbinic advisors are going to fall over themselves squaring that abomination with the Toyrah they claim to care about and learn.



Let’s wait and see what happens to Argentina’s economy now.

If the dogs manage to turn it around while avoiding outright civil war (already looking like quite a big ask….) maybe, we just ask to clone them and let them take over a few ministries here in Israel?

(And also, the medical ethics departments of our our so-called frum institutions?)

It’s highly unlikely they could do a worse job.



Well, this story just keeps going.

I went to look up who Milei want’s to make the ‘cloning tzar’ of Argentina, one Daniel Salamone.

You can read more about him, and his cloning activities, HERE.

This is the relevant snippet:

Salamone worked with genetically modified cows and was thus able to eliminate the “mad cow” gene. His goal was to achieve cloned cows whose milk could be used as medicine. In this way he cloned cows that give formula and pigs whose organs and skin can be transplanted into human beings without being rejected. 

The scientist gave lectures in the United States, Canada and France, among other countries, and obtained the Konex Prize for Science and Technology, among other distinctions; and he organized a company, New Organs Biotech SA, through which he is dedicated to the manufacture of “humanized pig organs.”


We are back to koshering the pig again, mixed-in with organ transplants and satanic seances.

I.e. just the usual mix we return to again and again.

Milei just made his cloning ‘tzar’ the head of CONICET, Argentina’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council.

I am willing to bet very good money that all this cloning of ‘humanized pig organs’ (yuck! yuck! yuck!) is going to need some serious kosher certification, before anyone would touch it with a barge pole….

You know how that works, just someone with a big beard and impeccable ‘orthodox’ credentials to state (for a huge amount of money, paid into a secret bank account somewhere) that it’s very safe, effective – and of course totally kosher.

Pigs were only created in order for man to kosher them, don’t you know!

It’s going to get interesting.

OK, so now let’s get back to the Milikowsky-Lurie family.

(You can see Part 1 HERE)

Thank God, for genealogy sites that preserve information that is otherwise scrubbed off the net.

Back on the Jewishbubba.blogspot site mentioned above, there’s another post that starts to fill in more of the picture of who this family of ‘Milikowskys’ who gave us our current PM (at the very least….) are related to.

There, we learn that TZVI HIRSH MILIKOWSKY’s parents are CHAIM HALEVI MILIKOWSKY and one PESIA, the daughter of HIRSCH BER.

Here’s a snippet from the Jewishbubba blogspot:

Pesia, was born about 1820.  Pesia was the daughter of Hirsh Ber. There was the Ber of Bolechov of Galicia, and the Ber of Liubavich of Russia.

It was Dov Ber b; 1773-1828, maybe her grandfather, that was the son of Shneour Zalman, leader of Chabad, a group of Jews who teach about Judaism. that might be her ancestor.


I’ve mentioned before in other posts how it happens nearly every time, that when I start to trace back the ‘movers and shakers’ in the State of Israel, I hit the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

And now…. Looks like that is happening again, with our very own PM.

(How this ties in with the descent from the Vilna Gaon…. We are still trying to figure that bit out. But you remember we said a long time ago, there was no ‘falling out’ between chassidut and mitnagdim, rather there was a ‘falling out’ between different branches of the exact same family, who continued to ‘rule’ on all sides of the equation.)


Tov, into the mix of who this Milikowsky family actually descend from, let me add in another candidate:


He was one of the ‘three pillars’ of Vilna, a man who was very involved in running the ‘tzedaka business’ that was turning over huge amounts of money, ostensibly to fund Jewish settlement in the Holy Land – and a very close relative of the Vilna Gaon.

In a way that has been hidden and distorted.

His family tree is a total mess – but from the little we can garner, we know that his son was ZVI HIRSCH ELIAS – and take my word for it, that we are now deep, deep in that territory all this always returns to, populated by RIVLINS, SHORS, and ELIASOHNS.

All connected to the maskilim who externally ‘stayed religious’, whilst promoting assimilation and sitting for portraits of themselves doing strange masonic hand-signals.


But the other options are also interesting, because ‘DOV BER of BOLECHOW’ was heavily mixed up with fighting the Frankists, together with R CHAIM RAPPOPORT.

I know you can’t keep up with all the info, so if you’re interested, go to the Jewish Gen page HERE, to read the info about what was going on.

This is a snippet:

The number of [corruption] accusations [against R Chaim Rappaport] increased to such an extent that the officers could no longer cope with the complaints of the Jews. The prosecutor Ulanowski was also obliged to act against the mischief of the community–governors, to cancel elections and to remove the leaders from their posts.

In May 1743, the deputy–voivode accused the regional rabbi, Rabbi Chaim ben Symche (Rapoport), that on his initiative all those elected as leaders were his supporters, that he did not let Jews use the appeal courts, and that he boycotted those who did. He accused him generally of irregularities in the community, and of refusing to take part in meetings about the clearing of taxes.

Rabbi Chaim was also accused of inciting his supporters to submit applications to the Starosta, and that when the emissaries of the deputy–voivode’s office came to the Jewish Quarter, he instructed to have them beaten up and to drive them out.

He was further accused that “in one lawsuit (presided by the Rabbi), two contradictory verdicts were passed after he had received a bribe.”


Even Dov Ber Birkenthal [of Bolechów], his contemporary and assistant in the Frankists lawsuit at Lwów, wrote that he had heard complaints against him but did not believe them “when they say that they hate him, they freely discredit him out of jealousy.

“And when he was old, I held him as artless and honest, loved and accepted by most of the community. But now, with his disgrace revealed, we discover the truth that his misdemeanours during his rabbinate far exceeded those, so that he has no option but to flee Lwów”.


This is the ‘R CHAIM RAPPOPORT’ who took part in the disputation with the Frankists held in Lvov, where thousands of them converted to Catholicism afterwards.

And financially…. He was totally bent and corrupt. And also handed down very harsh death sentences (!) against Jews who rode past his house smoking a pipe on Shabbat…..


So, it was corrupt, old-school ‘orthodox rabbis’ on one side, with very dodgy personal morals, facing off against Frankist-masonic ‘reformers’ who  were ‘anti’ the Torah and God, but made a good case about the corruption of the orthodox rabbinate.

There is literally nothing new under the sun.



Again, strangely, the family tree on the LURIE side peters out very fast, and is full of first names only and hardly and information.

Which is when I remembered this strange comment, a little while back, from the Rav:


So the Luria family came, this was Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Luria, who came here, from Vilna, from Lithuania, they came.

They brought with them crates full of golden dinarii.


The guy mentioned by the Rav appears to be called SOLOMAN ZELMAN LURIE.

One of his daughters, RIVKA, marries someone called ‘GREGORY ZHISLIN’ – very possibly aka, GRIGORI ZEITLIN, grandson of YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN, and son of the St Petersburg banker, ABRAHAM PERETZ – who converted out of the faith.

His full name was:

Tzvi Hirsch (Grigori Abramovich) Gabriel Gregorie Peretz


And there is a PESHA in the picture, too (pun fully intended)…

Remember that the Jewish Bubba told us that:

CHAIM HALEVI MILIKOWSKY married one PESIA, the daughter of HIRSCH BER?

Well, the step-mother of ‘Rabbi SHLOMO ZALMAN LURIA’, who brings his crates of golden dinarii to Eretz Yisrael is called PASHA, and her maternal grandpa  is GIRSH (HIRSH) EPSTEIN.

(Yes, we are back to the same names again…. It all comes around in a circle with these families of spooks.)


But on GENI, ‘Rabbi SHLOMO ZALMAN LURIA’’s mum is said to be HANA MINA RIVLIN – the daughter of R HILLEL RIVLIN of SHKLOV – main disciple of the Vilna Gaon.

This family is at the heart of so much of what’s gone on, and is still going on, in Eretz Yisrael – and it seems to me there are a lot of ‘duplicate’ identities being used all over the place here, to cover-up how everyone is actually related to each other.

So, let’s take a look at PESHA’s dad, to see why he might have been ‘scrubbed’ out of the descent, and who he connects us back to.


His name is:

R’ ELIYAHU ZE’EV LEWIN (HALEVI) (1799-1846) – and his profile is being curated by none other than Kevin Lawrence Hanit!

Wooho, we are onto something…

He’s from Vilna.

Of course. There is no other place popping up in this story.


And he has a son called R YEHOSHUA HESCHEL LEWIN (1812-1883) – who gets into a massive argument with the NETZIV (BERLIN), Rosh Yeshiva of the VOLOZHIN yeshiva, and ends up becoming the ‘ABD’ of post-Napoleonic Paris….

Snippet from the Jewish Encyclopaedia, HERE:

LEWIN, JOSHUA HESHEL BEN ELIJAH ZE’EV HA-LEVI (1818–1883), Lithuanian talmudist and author. Lewin was born in Vilna and studied under Elijah *Ragoler. In his youth he was friendly with Mordecai Aaron Gunzberg, Samuel Joseph *Fuenn, and Julian Klaczko. In addition to his extensive talmudic learning, he acquired a knowledge of secular subjects.

He married a granddaughter of Isaac b. Ḥayyim of Volozhin, in which town he took up residence. His opposition to the teaching methods at the yeshivah of Volozhin brought him into conflict with its heads, Eliezer Isaac and Eliezer’s brother-in-law, Naphtali Ẓevi Judah *Berlin.

Lewin had hoped to become head of the yeshivah and to make fundamental changes in its curriculum and direction. When his differences with Berlin were brought before the trustees of the yeshivah, however, they decided against Lewin, who thereupon felt compelled to leave Volozhin.

…In 1882 he succeeded Israel *Lipkin of Salant as rabbi of the Russian community in Paris, but died in the following year.


Here’s the French Wikipedia page for him.


He is a grandson of rabbi Aryeh Leib Epstein (1708-1775), the author of the Sefer Hapardes, which corresponded with the Gaon of Vilna (17201797).

He married the daughter of rabbi Eliyohu Zalman, the son of rabbi Yitzchok of Volozhin, himself the son of the famous rabbi Chaim of Volozhin (1749-1821).

He was appointed Rosh Yeshiva at the yeshivah of Volojine (Volozhin), a city located today in Belarus.

Great rabbinical authority, and a great speaker, it advocates some reforms in the mode of life orthodox jewish who are not adopted.

He made many enemies by his words.

He is a rabbi in different cities from time to time. He did not stay long in every position, because of controversy.


And, he also seems to have been a ‘maskil’ – albeit a more moderate one than the Frankist-Masons who surrounded Mendelssohn and controlled the Jewish community via the CONSISTOIRE ISRAELIT in France.

YEHOSHUA HESHIL LEWIN was hanging out with known, but more moderate, leaders of the Russian haskalah, including SAMUEL FUENN, and MORDECHAI AARON GUNZBURG, both of Vilna – this guy:


HERE is a brief description of ‘MORDECHAI AARON GUNZBURG’s’ family tree:

Günzburg was born into a prominent Jewish family in Salant (now Salantai, Lithuania) in 1795.

His father Yehuda Asher (1765–1823), under whom he studied Hebrew and Talmud, was one of the early members of the Haskalah in Russia, and wrote treatises on mathematics and Hebrew grammar…..after a period of wandering [Mordechai Gunzburg] settled in Vilna in 1835



Yes, that’s the same SALANT that gave us the same famous mussar Rabbi who preceded LEWIN in Paris, R Yisrael of SALANT.

When I try to pin down the family a bit more, I get to THIS on geni, that explains that MORDECHAI AARON GUNZBURG’s mum was the daughter of one:


But the tree is the usual wasteland, even though this info is based on the census for the Jewish population in Lithuania.


That’s when I remember this guy:

RABBI AHARON BRAUDE (1715-1798) – dayan of KALWARIJA at exactly the same time.


This is how I first got into this whole ‘Frankist family tree’ stuff to begin with, because AHARON BRAUDE is meant to be the father of the GABIA HEKESEF, BINYAMIN BRAUDE (RIVLIN…) OF SHKLOV.

Who is the father of that same ‘HILLEL RIVLIN of SHKLOV’ whose daughter married that Rabbi SHLOMO ZALMAN LURIA who came to Eretz Yisrael with crates full of golden dinarii.


The Geni curators have been cleaning up the tree to make it harder to follow the trail, but I have screenshots still from five years ago.

Long story short, ‘BENJAMIN BRODA / RIVLIN’ married a grand-daughter of the false messiah, JACOB FRANK, apparently now called on Geni ‘SJEZNA HOROWITZ’.

That would make HILLEL OF SHKLOV Jacob Frank’s g-grandchild.

And ‘SHLOMO ZALMAN LURIA’ of the golden dinaari fame who bought up the whole of Eretz Yisrael now slots into place as the gg-grandchild of JACOB FRANK.

Suddenly, all this starts to make way more sense.


Remember, a while ago I wrote a whole bunch of posts about SARA SONIA RATNER, the wealthy wife of the MAHARIL DISKIN?

She’s also here.

Another unnamed daughter of SJEZNA BRODA marries PINCHAS LANDAU.

Their daughter LIEBE marries ZVI HIRSH RATNER of MINSK – and SARA SONIA DISKIN comes from this branch of the tree.

I.e. She appears to be another direct descendant of ‘JACOB FRANK’.


There’s more.

Another brother of ‘BINYAMIN BRAUDE / RIVLIN’, and uncle of that famous Russian maskil MOSHE AARON GUNZBURG, is this guy:

Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Broide (Salanter), A.B.D. Salant – the main Rebbe of Yisrael Lipkin of Salant, head of the mussar movement.


One of ZVI HIRSH BROIDE (SALANTER)’S daughter marries:


He links us straight back to the DISKINS.

In the ‘parallel universe’ where all the family trees for our dear leaders are kept, we are told that the TOSFA’A TANA marries a second, unnamed wife. (Whatever….)

And the sister of this ‘unnamed wife’ happens to be CHAYA DISKIN, who marries BENJAMIN THE GREAT DISKIN – and apparently gives birth to that same MAHARIL DISKIN we talked about earlier.


It all fits like a glove.

The MAHARIL DISKIN’s first wife is meant to be HINDE BROIDE – the ‘alternative’ name of the RIVLIN clan of Frankist direct descendents.


And there’s another daughter of ZVI HIRSH BROIDE (SALANTER) who also marries someone interesting, namely:

MOSHE ZEITLIN (1812-1856)

He is the g-grandson of that same YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN I keep writing about.

Like this (screenshot machine translated from HERE):

His mother was the daughter of Rabbi Moshe Zeitlis, the son of Rabbi Yehoshua Zeitlin. 

His mother’s brothers were: Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Zeitlin ABD Cherkov. His brother-in-law, also the son-in-law of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Broida Maslant, was Rabbi Shmuel Avigdor Tosfah, author of “Tana Tosfah.”


From that same site, we also learn this:

Born in Shklov, grandson of Rabbi Yehoshua Zeitlin of Shklov.

He married the daughter of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Broida of Salant in Zamot (he was one of seven great disciples known as the Seven Branches of the Menorah:

1)Rabbi Yisrael Salanter,

2)Rabbi Alexander Moshe Lapidot,

3) Rabbi Shmuel Salant,

4) Rabbi Moshe Itzel of Ponevezh,

5) Rabbi Dovber M’ Czernik and

6) Rabbi Avraham Broida ABD Serhiy.


(I can already see there needs to be another post now, about what really happened with the mussar machloket. I don’t know that information myself….)

OK, last touch for the genealogy nerds, and then I’ll sum this up.

SHMUEL AVIGDOR’S dad is meant to be one ‘AVRAHAM RABINOWITZ’. He leads us right back to that semi-mythical ‘SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR’, last ABD of VILNA like this:


RIVKA EPSTEIN is the daughter of ZVI HIRSH EPSTEIN of GRODNO – the brother of the ARYEH LEIB EPSTEIN, BAAL HA-PARDES, who we mentioned above.



The family tree for ARYEH LEIB EPSTEIN, the BAAL HA-PARDES, has also  been very heavily distorted.

It links us straight back to the KARELITZ family….

The defacto ‘rulers’ of Bnei Brak, still today.


And also, back to that strange maskil called Rabbi Shimshon (Samson) ben Mordechai, A.B.D. of Slonim and Königsbergwho had tight links with a bunch of Frankist-masons, including BARUCH SHICK.


Lengthy snippets from Wikipedia, HERE:

Shimshon (Samson) ben Mordechai of Slonim (c. 1734/1736 – 13 May 1794), was an 18th-century rabbi, philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. He was one of the leaders of Haskalah and the Misnagdim, and was influenced by the Vilna Gaon. He was the Av Beit Din of Slonim and Königsberg and is thought to have been descended from Shimshon Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal of Prague’s brother, through his grandson, Samson ben Pesah Ostropoli.

In around 1765, Shimshon was arranged to be married to Basha, the niece of Aryeh Leib Epstein. [THIS IS THE BAAL HA-PARDES]

In 1778, upon the recommendation of the Vilna Gaon, Baruch Schick of Shklov (1744-1808) journeyed to Slonim to ask Shimshon to write an approbation to the first ever Hebrew translation of Euclid’s Elements, Sefer Oklidus. Shimshon agreed and wrote part of the introduction to the book. Several other rabbis such as Saul Loewenstamm and Solomon Shalem from The Hague and Amsterdam contributed to the introduction as welL.

In December, 1787, the English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, was going to visit his brother, Samuel in Krichev, when he spent the night in Slonim.

As he writes in his journal, all of the inns were full, so he was forced to spend the night with a rabbi who also kept a hardware store.

He goes on to describe the rabbi’s home and that he had two bookcases with “not fewer than 250 or 300 Vols.”. Bentham also talked about how the rabbi possessed a copy of Euclid’s Elements, as well as a manuscript on astronomy which contained a diagram that was the rabbi’s own work. Historians such as Israel Bartal have logically assumed that this was the same rabbi who lent Solomon Maimon books nine years earlier.

Shimshon’s descendants mostly settled in Kosava. They adopted the surname, Karelitz after the town of Karelichy. Some of his most famous rabbinical descendants were the Rabbis Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz (author of the Chazon Ish), Nissim Karelitz, and Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim Kanievsky.


If you are bored, this ten minute video explains a bit more about who Jeremy Bentham was and what he believed in – including gay rights, separating church and state – and embalming his body after his death and hanging it in cage in the foyer of University College London:


Yah, nothing creepy or remotely ‘satanic’ about any of this….. go back to sleep.


So, we started this post with some descendants of the Vilna Gaon doing strange things in the Holy Land.

We then discovered a whole bunch more maskilim and Frankist-masons hiding out in family trees of our Jewish ‘royalty’.

And now, we are back to where we began:

That the same small family is ruling the Jewish community on all sides of the equation.

And they are hiding behind a bunch of fake names and forged geneologies, so we never figure out what is really going on.