Update on the Rav: He’s back in hospital

Always, when things are getting ‘difficult’ again for Am Yisrael, the Rav’s health takes a nose-dive.

That’s been happening again the last two weeks, since the failed State decided to go into Rafiah.

The Rav had a lot of water on the lungs during Pesach, and was unable to sleep. No-one knew that was the problem.

Then, in one of the regular check-ups with a doctor, the doctor noticed the Rav had a bad hand infection, and then ordered him to hospital for more tests.

(That’s when the ‘fake news’ was published that the Rav had been beaten up / stabbed, God forbid.)


Here is a snippet from the same shiur from the 29th of Nissan, when all that was happening a couple of weeks ago, that I just managed to translate now:


(Translated from Shivivei Or 359).

On Shabbat [when the Rav was forced to go to hospital], there was compulsion.

The Rav went out for just half an hour [to be checked at the hospital] and in the end they deceived me and lied to me…

One time, [on a previous stay in hospital] they hit the doctors. Then I understood that hitting the doctors was deserved.

The doctors kept me in.

I didn’t want [to stay]….

[The doctor] gave a note that I should be kept in, I didn’t want to be kept in [hospital] under any circumstances.

But there was no choice.

They found some illness for me, some cancer, I don’t know what. I don’t want to say, if it’s chas v’shalom some thing.

The bracha occurs when things are hidden from the eye.


Fast-forward 2-3 weeks, and this is the latest update on the Rav’s very fragile state of health:

The Rav is experiencing pulmonary edema, which is a condition where fluid builds up in the lungs due to impaired cardiac function, making breathing difficult and sleep nearly impossible.

The Rav has been given oxygen in order to sleep.

Traditional treatment typically involves diuretics, but since the Rav only has one kidney, there’s a risk involved.

Therefore, the Rav is currently under care at a private specialized heart center where we’re exploring alternative treatments to promote proper heart function without risking harm to the kidneys.  The Ravs heart is not functioning well.

They want to begin a week long treatment.


As usual, that stuff is really expensive.


I will keep you updated on the Rav’s condition, BH.

If you want to get more details and info than I put up here on the blog, (and you still have an evil smartphone….) consider joining the Rav’s English speaking Whats App group HERE.

If you’re not going to smash your phone, at least do one thing with it that’s tipping the balance towards ‘good’ in the world.

It’s a closed group, so there are things you can learn more about there, if you want to be more involved tachlis, then I can put up publically on the blog.


Lastly, I just wanted to come back to what happened with the last post, where I put up unverified information I got over email, that turned out to be old news / fake news from six months ago.

I was feeling a little unhappy, that I’d inadvertently ‘misled’ people in saying a few extra tehillim….

(How awful of me!)

But then this morning I was working this through in hitbodedut, and I realised a few things.

First, that in this confused world, no-one can be ‘right’ 100% of the time, and at the end of the day, I am doing my best to not mislead, and to correct information as soon as I have that information to hand, generally. (With it’s source – because as we’re learning more and more, so many of the ‘fact checks’ are also deliberate misinformation to hide the truth.)

That’s a general point.

Halavai, all the lying media and social media people follow and believe so mindlessly would adopt the same policy.


Then specifically with this subject, where the ‘misleading’ basically boils down to encouraging people to say more tehillim for our soldiers and hostages, this thought popped up:



What’s the big sin, exactly?


I wrote very clearly at the top ‘it’s unverified’.

And I wrote very clearly at the top, that even if it ends up being not true, saying more tehillim, more prayers, can never be a bad thing.

How low a level have we reached, as a people, that people get “upset” that they got ‘tricked’ into saying some tehillim?

The mind boggles.


So, if you’re upset that I accidentally posted something up from six months ago thinking it was current, you are entitled to be angry at the ‘world of lies’ that we still all live in, and sometimes, still get swallowed up by.

But if you DIDN’T BOTHER TO SAY THOSE TEHILLIM, then you should be even more upset.

With yourself.

That you’re at such an apathetic and cynical point in yourself that you’re looking for reasons why not to say tehillim for our soldiers and Am Yisrael, regardless of where that ‘prompt’ was coming from.

At the end of the day, God is behind everything.

Including well-intentioned but misguided emails that turn out to be fake news from six months ago.

And really?

It’s no big deal.


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  1. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    I know I, for one, say Tehilim / TK a LOT less than I should. Your post yesterday prompted me to say them, and I’m glad I did, regardless of the specific circumstances described in the email.

    Thank you.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    There are natural substances that are good for the heart; red fruits, red beets, hibiscus tea, and various others. Maybe somebody should bring some of those items to the Rav where he is staying, if it is allowed to bring in food and drink.

    I don’t have the whole list here ( it is almost Shabbat here), but somebody should be able to find the list, and bring those items to the Rav to help him recover faster.

    I was sick since Pessach, and I nursed myself back to health, all with natural means – and of course with Tefillah, the essential part. It IS possible.

    And on another note, I will send you a link to some very disturbing info coming from a person I hate, but who somehow manages to get info from the ‘other side”; after Shabbat if I don’t forget.

    Shabbat Shaalom



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