They want to evacuate Jerusalem

More very interesting comments from the Rav.

Excerpt of a shiur given on Monday, the week of Parshat Vayekhel 5784, to the Breslov community of Eilat.


In Zikim [on Simchat Torah], people travelled to Zikim to feel the ‘oneg Yom Tov’.

500 people came, boys and girls, all of them tzaddikim amiti’im (true saints).

In Gaza, there is no beach. In Gaza, it’s impossible, if you want to go to the beach in Gaza, you can’t do it, until Rafiach [the crossing by the Egyptian border] it’s impossible.

But Zikim, is exactly in […]

So, it’s possible to go exactly to the North [of the Gaza Strip]. But everyone said that the terrorists, they are ‘ha-bubbie’ (the most beloved), that Hamas is our bubbie.

Hamas is our best friend, [that’s what was said] in all the kibbutzim.


Now, people were in Zikim , and they saw there in the matnas (community hall) that [they wrote to Hamas] you are our friends, we love you!

They saw a whole inscription. People went in there, to Zikim, a few of the people from Shuvu Banim went in.

(Someone in the audience then says to the Rav: You can see a Palestinian flag in every house! The Rav then continues:)

What are you saying?! So also here, we will do a Palestinian flag, underneath the clock. Immediately after the shiur.


Because [the kibbutzim] invited them in [i.e. Hamas]. They invited them!

They said to them, you are our bubbie, Hamas is a bubbie, Hamas are our friends, you are our friends, that’s what you are….

They teach them [in the kibbutzim] to hate chareidim and to love the Hamas, because thanks to the chareidim, it’s impossible to drive to the beach [on Shabbat].

There are no buses, there are no trains.


[The previous government] Said that the first thing, is that the train is going to run on Shabbat.

Before they fell, before that woman, she voted [against them] because of the chametz on Pesach, so she exploded the government. It was someone from the Likud, what is she called?

That woman from the Likud, who broke up the government two years ago? Silman? Yes, she said what is this, chametz on Pesach?! Chametz?!

She was chilonit (secular).

Chametz on Pesach, have you gone crazy?! I’m a Jew, what is this? Chilonit or not chilonit, who cares about that.

So, she broke up the government. They had 61 seats, so she left and they had 60.

So, exactly 10 days before Pesach at that time, [Nitzan Horowitz’ was the Minister of Health. He stayed being the Minister of Health, Nitzan.

He has a beard down to his belly button and peyot down to the floor. So he, ten days before Purim, he put out the Chametz Law, that from now, chametz can be taken into every hospital [during Pesach].

Because there are a lot of chilonim  there, and Arabs, and they want to bring chametz in. They want to eat pitas, and to eat shwarma, and to eat pizzas, so now they can.


So they said to him, tov, give us ten days.

All the managers of the hospitals – none of the managers agreed, even the most chiloni. So they said this to him. It wasn’t possible to tell him ‘we don’t agree’ – this is the Minister of Health! And he remained the Minister of Health. The government was brought down, but the ministers remained.


[In the previous government] Lapid was the Prime Minister.

He gave the Arabs 900 square kilometres, 840 square kilometres. He gave Hezbollah Lebanon as a present.

Biden said what a man, with such a broad mind. What broad-minded people, with vision! A man with ‘vision’!

This is exactly what Biden said.


So, this ‘Left Wing’ wants to give the whole of Eretz Yisrael to the Arabs.

Now, the Arabs want to kick out the Jews. There are a million displaced people, where are they going to put them all?!

So, there is a piece of advice to evacuate Jerusalem. Beitar [where the people attending the shiur are from] no. Beitar won’t be evacuated, but Jerusalem will be evacuated.

Beitar – it’s only Jews. Here, [in Jerusalem], it already ‘belongs’ to the Arabs. Here, Mohammed tied-up his horse.


Now, I read ‘The Man on the Walls’, who was here, that there was a committee here, the Peel Commission, they called this ‘the Kotel Commission’.

So, they came after the English conquered Eretz Yisrael.

So, there was a question: who does the Kotel belong to?

Does the Kotel belong to the Jews, or to the Arabs?

So, they called this the ‘Kotel Commission’. The Foreign Ministers came, and the Interior Ministers, from England.

The conquering of Eretz Yisrael was roughly in Cheshvan. They conquered it on the eve of Chanukah, so in Cheshvan they came, the year after, to decide who the Kotel belonged to.

So, they fixed things, and it transpired that Mohammed tied his horse to the Kotel. He was called Baruch. And there are films about this, it was filmed.

So, this is what transpired, and the Arabs claimed that he tied his horse to the Kotel – so the Kotel belongs to the Arabs and Mohammed.


Mohammed was never in Jerusalem his whole life.

In the Qu’ran, the word ‘Jerusalem’ isn’t mentioned – it’s not even mentioned! You need to know that by us, this is 641 times.

“This is what you will say to Beit Yaakov”. ‘Ta’amar’ (what you will say) = 641. Jerusalem is mentioned 641 times and more – and ‘Yerushalima’ in Aramaic. But in the chumash, ‘Jerusalem’ isn’t written.

It was only written ‘Melech Shalem’ (the King of Shalem), it wasn’t written ‘Jerusalem’. It only began with Shmuel I, Chapter 13 – there is the first time [it’s written] ‘Jerusalem’. Before that, the word ‘Jerusalem’ wasn’t mentioned, because it wasn’t in our hands. It was only David who conquered it.

It was ‘Jebus’, the city ‘Jebus’.


The young women [from the story of the Concubine of Geva] said:

Come, let’s stay with the Arabs. The Arabs are sweet, the Arabs are cute! The Hamasnikim are the cutest!

He said: No, no, we aren’t staying by the Hamas!

He was from the extreme right-wing. He was the husband of this woman. I don’t stay by Arabs!

She, dafka, was a little left-wing – the young woman.

Come, let’s sleep, it’s already nighttime, there is no electricity, nothing, everything [is dark], we can’t continue. Come, let’s go [to Jebus], we’ll give them $100 and we’ll sleep by them.

He said, no, no, I only stay by Jews!


So, all of this is to get us to understand that now, so now, the Hamas is….

They have a plan to evacuate the whole of Jerusalem.

You live in Beitar, you don’t have to be afraid. Do you live in Jerusalem? [The Rav asks someone else in the audience]. So, this is going to be a bit of a problem.

I think that in the end, you will resist this, so they want to evacuate Jerusalem – to empty out all the Jews, and bring in all the refugees from Gaza.

Gaza has two million refugees. Here, there are 150,000[1].

By them, there are two million refugees.


Now, Biden isn’t letting them empty out Rafiach.

Only after Ramadan, that’s what he says. And after Ramadan, he’ll say after Pesach. Now it’s Pesach, we need to do Seder Night.

After that, he’ll say it’s L’ag B’omer.

The question is, if there will be L’ag B’omer [in Meron], because they launched 30 rockets at Meron on Shabbat.


To be continued…


[1] Probably referring to the Jewish refugees who came to Jerusalem from the North and from the South of Israel.

The Rav gave this shiur over two weeks’ ago, before the whole warning about the ‘pogrom’ planned to happen in the Meah Shearim neighborhood last Sunday, March 10th, that BH was sweetened, when the Rav was rushed to hospital.

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