Update on the party, and 100,000 more Tikkun haKlalis required

First, one of my readers sent me this:

The Rav’s kav (02 5326 502) posted a message from the Rav yesterday, where he is asking people to say another 100.000 Tikkun Haklalis until 24:00 motzei Shushan Purim (if I understood correctly).

Say one, say three, say seven, say 10 – but a big part of how you get aboard the ‘Shuvu Banim’ ark that is going to carry us through the turbulent waters ahead is simply just by doing your bit when the Rav calls for prayers – and actually making an effort to do what he asks.

So, say one, say three, say seven, say 10 – but say something, because clearly we entering another ‘hot’ zone over the next few days for Am Yisrael.


Next, the update on the party from Rav Elmaliach:


Long story short, something is happening, at least in terms of organisation, on motzash.

While it’s Purim in most other places, in Jerusalem it will just be a regular ‘motzash’ gathering by the Rav, down on Ido HaNavi.

Except…. there will be apparently be quite a few secular people coming down to ‘party’ with the Rav….

And there will be some sort of revelation of Moshiach (or not…., or at least, not obviously….) around 10pm.

Rav Elmaliach says that people should bring some Arak, and that they will be distributing bottles of water from ‘Miriam’s Well’, that is hidden in the Kinneret.

If you listen to the video, Rav Elmaliach actually describes how he went up to the Kinneret again with the two hidden tzaddikim and the Rav, and this time filled up a bottle with the hidden waters of the Beer Miriam, to be distributed motzash.


Anyone who drinks from this water will merit to much greater understanding of the Torah, connected to the Or HaGanuz.

(I am just roughly paraphrasing what is being said in the video, I have no more idea than you do, what this actually means.)

BUT – that greater understanding will only occur people who take upon themselves, for men:

  • Shmirat Eynayim
  • Shmirat HaBrit
  • At least one Tikkun Haklali a day
  • To smash their smartphone

And for women:

  • Skirts down to the floor
  • No make-up or jewellery outside the home
  • To smash their smartphone.


No-one knows what the ‘revelation of Moshiach’ is going to look like, or whether it will be obvious to any of us small people.

I can tell you in the past when the Rav said there was going to be a ‘revelation of Moshiach’, and we all went down to Ido HaNavi – nothing obvious actually happened at the time. On multiple occasions.

But I started to notice that a ‘new ruach’ would come into the world each time the Rav announced stuff like this – like, a mass of new information, or understanding, would suddenly just kind of ‘come down’ to a whole bunch of people.

Or, I would start to have some massive insights and breakthroughs in my own life.

Or something would change for me in my dalet amot, even while it looked like business as usual in all other circumstances.

So, who knows what’s going to happen motzash, but things are for sure moving in a whole bunch of areas, in any case.


If appropriate, the following blessings should be recited at or around 10pm – but strictly without the Shem HaShem.

Rav Elmaliach explains that the halachas about when these blessings on seeing the Moshiach can be said with the full Shem HaShem are extremely complicated, and that the conditions have to be exactly as described.

So, no Shem HaShem!

(At least, not on motzash).

These are the transliterated blessings (minus the Shem HaShem) to say:


Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, hatov ve’hameitiv.

Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, ga’el Yisrael.



Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, hacam harazin.



Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, she chalak mi’kvodo l’yeerayav.

Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, she chalak me’chachmato l’yeerayav.

Baruch Atah Hashem, Elokeynu Melech HaOlam, she chehayinu, vey kayamnu le’zman hazeh.


Again, just to stress for the millionth time, I have no idea what’s going on, or if these blessings will be required motzash – halavai, we should all be able to say them with a full heart, and with very good reason!

In the meantime, we can all agree that the world is continuing to ‘go to hell in a handbasket’ (to quote my mother), so BH, the time for the evil to finally be uprooted and Hashem to be fully revealed in the world is very, very close.

Whatever happens next – just stay close to the Rav, and say as many Tikkun Haklalis as you can.

Even if motzash is an anti-climax, those prayers are still sweetening tons of stuff for Am Yisrael – and not least, for you.


Finally, another reader pointed this out about the ‘biblical language’ of the Rav’s navua, and I’m sharing it here:

Biblical Hebrew has a strange convention called the “vav hapuch”.

So I’d like to assume that every time you (or the translation team) translated a lot of the “והיה ביום ההוא” (or however it was actually written) literally, as “and it was on that day” instead of “and it will be on that day” that it was deliberate for some reason.

Is the Rav inviting the last blast of bizayon, perhaps?


We didn’t translate it in the future, because that kind of sounded a bit pretentious. We were just trying to stick as close as possible to what was being said, which was hard enough to try to translate, without giving too much of our own peirush.

But the reader is right, that this is probably referring to future and should have been translated like that.


I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it pretty hard to concentrate on ‘this world’ at the moment.

I guess, I’m waiting for motzash to arrive, so at least we can get that anticipation behind us, whatever else occurs.

And may we just hear good news.







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  1. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    b”h did the closest I was comfortable to to the 7 Tikun Klalis at Kever Rachel and Maarat haMachpela…the Baba Sali apparently said someone who visits Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s grave is as if they visited the graves of all the tzaddikim, since their souls are tied to his. So I said the 7 there twice [two visits…my legs hurt after 🙂 ]

    mamash felt like I’d taken a shower, don’t know how to describe it.

    As for the party, if I go I won’t have a reasonable way back by dawn, and I don’t want to miss out on the mitzvahs of Purim…idunno, the revalation of moshiach isn’t supposed to be limited to a specific place when it happens. Also I still have a computer in the house and haven’t smashed it, so I’m probably not a great vessel for this yet…?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Kol Hakavod for all the effort Jeremy!

      Each person has to do what their heart is telling them. You are right, the Rav said earlier, a few weeks back, that the blessings will be made wherever a person happens to be located.

      I have no idea what that means, btw…

      Purim Sameach, in the meantime.

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    I’m working on a translation of Rav Berland’s prophecy, and I’m halfway done. I will be finished within a few days.


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