Previous lives and post-Purim explanations

I had a long trip to make today, which gave me the chance to listen to some shiurim from Rav Shlomo Elmaliach, from post Purim.

I’m just going to paraphrase what Rav Elmaliach was saying, the main points. If you have Hebrew, I highly recommend you listen yourself, as there are undoubtedly some nuances and details that I will miss in the paraphrasing.

And if you are stuck with the English paraphrasing, hopefully I’ve captured the main points, without errors.

(That said, if there are errors or important omissions, feel free to let me know in the comments.)


Shiur 1:

Rav Elmaliach is explaining how even within Shuvu Banim, a lot of people didn’t really believe he was getting real messages from the Rav via what he calls ‘tikshoret’.

This, R Elmaliach explains elsewhere, is happening either with the ‘Tzaddik Nistar’ in the middle, who calls him and tells him what the Rav has said.

Or increasingly now, it seems, Rav Elmaliach is having conversations directly with the ‘dimut’ of the Rav.


[Ed. Note: If this sounds weird, there are so many stories of the Rav being seen physically, when it’s literally physically impossible for him to be seen where he is being seen.

To give one recent example, a totally secular soldier from Gaza came back with prayers from Rav Berland in his pocket. When someone asked him how he had those prayers, he explained that ‘a rabbi’ showed up in the middle of the fighting, told them not to go into a certain house, which was booby-trapped, and then handed out these prayers, which he said would protect the soldiers.]


Rav Elmaliach explains that the day before the awful crash which killed three bochurim from Shuvu Banim last week, the Rav spoke to him via tikshor and requested that he ask the community to say 7 tikkun haklalis that afternoon at 4.30pm, plus another 7 TKs the following morning (the day of the crash.)

R Elmaliach says that the people who run the two main Shuvu phone lines didn’t want to call an atzeret based on what he told them, and basically ignored him.

The next day, the three young men died…. And a lot of people in Shuvu, including the people running the kavim, apparently made a lot of teshuva, about doubting what’s been going on with R Elmaliach.


Three young men were also injured in that crash.

One of them, Dov Heller, who is often seen next to the Rav on the bima, escaped with barely a scratch.

Another young man called Snir had a very bad prognosis, as his skull was fractured. The Rav called his parents 4-5 days after the accident and asked them to put the phone next to Snir’s head, who sounds like he was unconscious still.

The Rav told him to wake up, that he was going to be healthy again, and that he wanted to see Snir at the Shabbat prayers that coming Friday.

Amazingly, this is what happened.

Snir amazed the doctors, started to recover in a way that can only be called ‘miraculous’ – and came to the Beit HaRav on Shabbat to pray and bench the gomel prayer.


In the next video, around 22 minutes long, Rav Elmaliach describes much more about what was going on ‘behind the scenes’ on Motzae Shabbat, down on Ido HaNavi.

Long story short, he got a phone call from the Tzaddik Nistar, to tell him that starting at exactly 9pm, he was to start singing David Melech Yisrael, chai, chai v’kayam, with the crowds until 10pm.

R Elmaliach explains that a little earlier in the week, the Rav had told R Eliyahu Succot that he was going to be revealed as moshiach at 10pm motzash, so R Elmaliach assumed that was the ‘preparation’.


He explains for the last month and a half, there has been a terrible machloket raging in heaven, between the Rav and Rebbe Nachman on one hand, who want to push off the geula for another six years, so more people can make teshuva and fewer Jews will die in this process, God forbid.

And the rest of the tzaddikim, who are demanding that ‘moshiach’ openly reveals himself now, so geula can begin in earnest.

R Elmaliach said that the Rav has still not given up on the six years, and so the argument is continuing. He says he is still very scared about what will be, in connection to geula now or pushed off for another six years.


Anyway, so the Rav gave R Elmaliach strict instructions to begin singing this song with the kehilla at 9pm, and then at 9.30, to also start singing ‘yehi Melech HaMoshiach HaRav Eliezer Berland’ from 9.30pm to 10pm.

R Elmaliach was then to say the brachot for Moshiach, without the shem Hashem, with the crowd at 10pm etc.

They were then meant to dance at 11pm.

[I know all this is hard to take in. But whatever the Rav wants – all the way! He knows way, way more about what needs fixing here than any of us do. And this is the whole test of emunat tzaddikim, to stick close precisely when it all seems so weird.]


At 8.55pm, the Rav then went into his house – and somehow, the speaker system that is at Shuvu every single night, and was there until 8.55pm motzash, totally disappeared.

That left R Elmaliach in quite the pickle and he said he was seriously panicking about how he was meant to get the crowds singing etc.

Long story short, a little while later on the men’s side, they started dancing and singing that spontaneously, and then R Elmaliach could kind of join in and guide them.

He explains the dancing went on to 1.30am – and that by that point, there was a huge feeling of joy and uplift.


[This ties in with Jude’s experience. I left at 11pm, when it was still feeling very confused and pretty ‘flat’.]


R Elmaliach then explains that after motzash, he was basically told that the Rav has struck a ‘deal’ with the other tzaddikim, to push off the open revelation of Moshiach until 25th Elul, 5784 – six more months.

And in that time, there is an urgent need to get as many people making real teshuva as possible.

What happened motzash was a ‘spiritual’ revelation of Moshiach.

R Elmaliach goes into more details about the legions of tzaddikim who were in attendance on Ido HaNavi, at the soul level – including the 45 martyrs of Meron.


In the meantime, there will be another revelation of Moshiach on Shvii Shel Pesach.

Rav Elmaliach has no idea what form this will take, and whether it will be more ‘gashmi’ and obvious in our world, that time.

Then, the major revelation of Moshiach takes place on Tisha B’Av 5784.

And then, something else is meant to happen on Elul 25th, 5784.

In the middle of all that, Rav Elmaliach also said that the Rav mentioned a nuclear bomb, and that Am Yisrael is going to be going through some very hard stuff, lo alenu.


There are a bunch more interesting details, but this is the main gist.


Last video – Rav Elmaliach explains how he was so broken after motzash, because everyone was having a go at him for the Rav’s ‘no show’.

He says he’s been having tremendous tests of emunat tzaddikim the whole time since this began, on the hiloula of the Baba Sali, and they reached cracking point after motzash.

So then the Rav told him, via tikshor, who his soul was in a previous gilgul, and why he has to go through all this now.


Long story short, Rav Berland’s soul is mamash that of Rav Natan Sternhertz, Rabbenu’s main pupil.

After Rebbe Nachman’s death, Breslov chassidut split into many ‘rival’ groups – and all of them were holek against Rav Natan, and especially his insistence that Rabbenu’s path should continue after his death, as it was during his life.

I.e. Going to Uman for Rosh Hashanah, hitbodedut for an hour every day, and shmirat habrit etc.


R Elmaliach says that the Rav told him he was the gilgul of a Litvak mitnaged who then became a pupil of Rabbenu for seven years, before he died. This man then apparently became the chief person who ‘went against’ Rav Natan, and caused Rav Natan so much terrible suffering.

(R Elmaliach was told the name of his previous incarnation, but won’t share it. He said it’s someone that no-one talks about, but one of the experts on Breslov history actually found someone by that name, after R Elmaliach went to speak to him about who that person actually was.)

So now, Rav Natan is back as the Rav, and R Elmaliach is back with the tikkun of having to undergo terrible public bizayon on behalf of the Rav, to atone for what he did last time around to distance people away from Rav Natan.


R Elmaliach asked him, post-Purim, how much of this tikkun he’d now completed, after 40 years of being the Rav’s faithful student, and going through all the bizayon of being part of Shuvu, and now all this stuff as well.

The Rav told him: 92%.

When I heard that, I laughed out loud for five minutes.

No-one can make this stuff up.

And R Elmaliach says that he now knows he’s got another 8% of ‘bizayon’ to go through – but he’s feeling so, so much happier now, that he understands the deeper reasons why he is going through this.


To sum up: He says the Rav sees souls, not ‘bodies’.

And this whole process is about rectifying those souls, in whichever way is required, but especially, via lots and lots of bizayon.


Ad kan, dear reader.

If you are also feeling a bit of heat at the moment for daring to be ‘pro’ the Rav, even in the smallest of ways, take heart: none of this is stam.

It’s all fixing something, cleaning something, repairing something.

That’s the whole point of being down here, in this lowly world.

And it’s much better to get fixed via bizayon, than by terrible suffering in myriad other ways.

So, stand firm!

The truth will shine out very clearly, soon.

Just hang on until it does.

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  1. Talia Abraham
    Talia Abraham says:

    THANK YOU RIVKA FOR UPDATING ….the last 10 days were very confusing….THANK YOU FOR THE CLARITY….it helps to understand all these episodes of bizayon!
    B”H I will get back to continue to pray …

  2. Michal rus
    Michal rus says:

    Thanks so much. I was smiling so much while reading this and only realized it when I read about you laughing for 5 min… there’s deep simcha when we feel the truth being revealed. Coming up : More tk and lots of tefilos for us all to make Teshuva for real. Besuros tovos!!


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