Bombing Kiev, Carrington Events, and WWIII

One of my readers just sent me this:

(These are screenshots, btw, don’t try to ‘play’ the images.)

In the middle of the night from Fri March 22 to Sat 23 (Shabbat night) there was a very large explosion on the sun, earth directed, from a huge sunspot in the center of the earth facing sun:


The proton flux, which is the first part of such an event and hits the earth within minutes, looked like this:

Under normal conditions, this would be something like the “Carrington event” that they are always warning that, if it happens, might throw all of our electronics based technologies into chaos.
It won’t be clear whether this is a direct hit, or whether it will miraculously only glance the earth’s magnetosphere, until the main part of this explosion hits the earth.
They can’t say this with certainty, it will be somewhere between now (March 24) and March 26, most likely the night between March 24 and March 25.
They are not really putting this on the news, I guess to avoid panic because there is nothing you can really do about it, anyway, in the “scientific/physical” world (but you can say some Tikkun Haklalis!)
I would recommend turning off and unplugging devices tonight, so that if there is a direct hit they dont get fried.

NASA is now saying this will produce with 90% certainty minor interruptions, and with 45% certainty major interruptions, over the next 2 days.


Ad kan, from my correspondent.

As always, the timing is everything.

The Rav asked four days ago for an extra 100,000 Tikkun Haklalis to be said, by midnight of Shushan Purim.

Now, we start to see a bit more ‘behind the curtain’, about what is actually going on here.


Three weeks ago, on March 6th, the Rav gave a whole big shiur about Purim which I am in the middle of translating.

This is the bit that jumped out at me (after the video), after I read the ‘news’ about the shooting in the Russian theatre (which was either done by Russia itself, or was arranged by the CIA.)

You recall that Obama and the USA created and supported the ISIS mercenaries to topple Assad in Syria. This isn’t ‘conspiracy’, it’s proven fact. Here’s Putin himself, explaining how that works:


Anyway, the point is, why would ‘ISIS’ take on Russia right now?

What would be the point, exactly?

Especially as ISIS is  just a bunch of paid mercenaries that switch sides and kill people depending on who is paying them more….

So who paid ISIS to pull off that Russian theatre massacre?

Putin, or Biden?

And the point is – it doesn’t really matter.

Because they both work for the Satanic masons, and the whole goal here is to just provide Russia with another excuse to reignite the war in Ukraine by stepping things up a level.


Anyway, here is what the Rav said three weeks ago, in the middle of the shiur about Purim, apparently apropros of nothing:

Now they will enter Kiev, and murder the whole city.

You will have a war with the whole world.


I read that on Shabbat, and it seemed so out of place – not least, because the war in Ukraine has fizzled.

But not anymore!

Cue: more war, more threats of nukes – and then the ‘alien invasion’ to save us all from nuclear armageddon.



The point is: the timing is everything.

Read the update on THIS post, if you didn’t see it already.

The next few months are going to be extremely interesting, culminating in a ‘bloody’ Elul – and then redemption. For whoever makes it through this process.

BH, it won’t be Jewish blood flowing like a river this time around.

Bezrat Hashem.


So, keep going with the Tikkun HaKlalis, even though we small people have no idea what is really going on.

Our prayers and sincerity and simple emuna are literally changing everything.

But the test is, we usually can’t see it ourselves.



One of my readers sent me this, about their EMF protection shirt they’ve started wearing (and testing out with their EMF-o-meter):


I asked them for the links and this is what they sent me:


I haven’t tried it myself, but I’m passing on the info incase others find it helpful, and I know this reader has literally been doing experiments with their EF-o-meter for months, and is constantly doing other experiments to try and figure off how to ward-off as much radiation as possible.
Try it if it speaks to you (and you can afford it).

In the meantime, I am still planning on being offline Monday – Wednesday, inclusive.

And it looks like a bunch more people may be joining me, albeit unwillingly, if this latest solar flare fries their equipment.
That’s one way of ‘smashing the smartphone’….
It really could be a massive blessing in disguise.



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  1. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    Thanks for the clothing links. I currently wear a special cap when sleeping to protect my pineal gland etc. I believe they turn up the rad in the middle of some nights bc most people are sleeping then. Havent used my meter to check; honestly i cannot figure out how to use all the features. Also bought a faraday cage for the phone apparatus, but again havent done a thing with it. I think they are way way ahead of us and trying to “catch up” in protection might be a losing battle. Another observation, the weather is just not our ‘famous sunny skies in the M.E.’. They must be doing some weather management to hide all the spraying, and i heard that the plan is on to ‘block the sun’ which is supposed to really destroy the backyard farmers. Do I have any good news? YES, PURIM is coming and the Geulah is coming.

  2. Simcha VSasson
    Simcha VSasson says:

    If space is a hoax, and the only Nassau programs I know about are Photoshop and Adobe…then what are these “solar flares” really?
    From in the rakia?
    C-rn and Hadron colliders?
    Some other effect?

    Curious to hear your thoughts.
    Purim Sameyach!


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