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People believe what they want to believe

I wrote a whole long rant that I just decided to delete. There are so many ‘false beliefs’ and ‘fake information’ circulating, it’s kind of disheartening. But the bottom line is that people are free to believe what they want to believe, and at the end of the day, each person will have to live […]

Was the Vilna Gaon another ‘failed messiah’?

Hopefully, you’ll find this post very interesting and ‘enlightening’, if that word can still be used in a positive sense. Our Sages teach us very clearly: In every generation, there is an individual who has potential to become the ‘Moshiach ben David’ (MBD) of that generation. In every generation, there is a person who is […]

A difficult message from the Rav

My friend just sent me this. ***UPDATE from my friend: Apparently in a later message today Rav Elmaliach said that after many tefilot on shabbat the din over the Rav was sweetened b”H. If I hear more, I’ll let you know.*** == It’s from yesterday, from the Rav, via R Shlomo Elmaliach. ==== I will […]

At least, help yourself

Another motzae shabbat, another dose of horrible news. Eight soldiers killed by *something* (not a drone, or anything like that of course… because the people with the drones in Gaza are not Hamas….) So no, definitely not a drone did this. Just some sort of IED or anti-tank missile, that just happens to be so […]

Just an illusion

Yesterday, I saw a small clip of IDF soldiers launching a burning ‘bundle’ over a wall with a catapult. Here’s how that looked: ==== Yah, they are burning trees in LEBANON, sure they are… == Yesterday, I had a big chat with my husband about how everything that is going on right now is an […]

Shavuot musings and update on the Rav

I went into Shavuot feeling exhausted this year – even before any plans to stay up late and learn. The Rav was back in hospital with the same serious heart condition that struck last month, and then got ameliorated, after two weeks of very expensive treatment in a private clinic in Israel. We didn’t know […]

How the masons took over the Jewish community – Part II

Let’s quickly recap where we got to in the first post. (You can read that HERE.) The ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD is set up using ‘old kabbalistic mysteries’ learnt from an anonymous Sabbatean preacher who is based in Jerusalem, at least in 1743. This initial Jerusalem-based Sabbatean, code-named ‘AZARIAH’ passes this twisted kabbalah onto a German catholic […]