Always, when things are getting ‘difficult’ again for Am Yisrael, the Rav’s health takes a nose-dive.

That’s been happening again the last two weeks, since the failed State decided to go into Rafiah.

The Rav had a lot of water on the lungs during Pesach, and was unable to sleep. No-one knew that was the problem.

Then, in one of the regular check-ups with a doctor, the doctor noticed the Rav had a bad hand infection, and then ordered him to hospital for more tests.

(That’s when the ‘fake news’ was published that the Rav had been beaten up / stabbed, God forbid.)


Here is a snippet from the same shiur from the 29th of Nissan, when all that was happening a couple of weeks ago, that I just managed to translate now:


(Translated from Shivivei Or 359).

On Shabbat [when the Rav was forced to go to hospital], there was compulsion.

The Rav went out for just half an hour [to be checked at the hospital] and in the end they deceived me and lied to me…

One time, [on a previous stay in hospital] they hit the doctors. Then I understood that hitting the doctors was deserved.

The doctors kept me in.

I didn’t want [to stay]….

[The doctor] gave a note that I should be kept in, I didn’t want to be kept in [hospital] under any circumstances.

But there was no choice.

They found some illness for me, some cancer, I don’t know what. I don’t want to say, if it’s chas v’shalom some thing.

The bracha occurs when things are hidden from the eye.


Fast-forward 2-3 weeks, and this is the latest update on the Rav’s very fragile state of health:

The Rav is experiencing pulmonary edema, which is a condition where fluid builds up in the lungs due to impaired cardiac function, making breathing difficult and sleep nearly impossible.

The Rav has been given oxygen in order to sleep.

Traditional treatment typically involves diuretics, but since the Rav only has one kidney, there’s a risk involved.

Therefore, the Rav is currently under care at a private specialized heart center where we’re exploring alternative treatments to promote proper heart function without risking harm to the kidneys.  The Ravs heart is not functioning well.

They want to begin a week long treatment.


As usual, that stuff is really expensive.


I will keep you updated on the Rav’s condition, BH.

If you want to get more details and info than I put up here on the blog, (and you still have an evil smartphone….) consider joining the Rav’s English speaking Whats App group HERE.

If you’re not going to smash your phone, at least do one thing with it that’s tipping the balance towards ‘good’ in the world.

It’s a closed group, so there are things you can learn more about there, if you want to be more involved tachlis, then I can put up publically on the blog.


Lastly, I just wanted to come back to what happened with the last post, where I put up unverified information I got over email, that turned out to be old news / fake news from six months ago.

I was feeling a little unhappy, that I’d inadvertently ‘misled’ people in saying a few extra tehillim….

(How awful of me!)

But then this morning I was working this through in hitbodedut, and I realised a few things.

First, that in this confused world, no-one can be ‘right’ 100% of the time, and at the end of the day, I am doing my best to not mislead, and to correct information as soon as I have that information to hand, generally. (With it’s source – because as we’re learning more and more, so many of the ‘fact checks’ are also deliberate misinformation to hide the truth.)

That’s a general point.

Halavai, all the lying media and social media people follow and believe so mindlessly would adopt the same policy.


Then specifically with this subject, where the ‘misleading’ basically boils down to encouraging people to say more tehillim for our soldiers and hostages, this thought popped up:



What’s the big sin, exactly?


I wrote very clearly at the top ‘it’s unverified’.

And I wrote very clearly at the top, that even if it ends up being not true, saying more tehillim, more prayers, can never be a bad thing.

How low a level have we reached, as a people, that people get “upset” that they got ‘tricked’ into saying some tehillim?

The mind boggles.


So, if you’re upset that I accidentally posted something up from six months ago thinking it was current, you are entitled to be angry at the ‘world of lies’ that we still all live in, and sometimes, still get swallowed up by.

But if you DIDN’T BOTHER TO SAY THOSE TEHILLIM, then you should be even more upset.

With yourself.

That you’re at such an apathetic and cynical point in yourself that you’re looking for reasons why not to say tehillim for our soldiers and Am Yisrael, regardless of where that ‘prompt’ was coming from.

At the end of the day, God is behind everything.

Including well-intentioned but misguided emails that turn out to be fake news from six months ago.

And really?

It’s no big deal.


I haven’t verified this yet.


I got it over email from someone I trust, who doesn’t usually send me ‘nonsense’ of any kind.

It also mentions R Dov Kook and asks us to pray – and praying can never be a bad thing, whatever is going on.

Here’s the message in Hebrew, then I’ll translate into English:


הודעה מחייל המשרת בחטיבה מסווגת שיש מבצע חילוץ מסיבי של בני ערובה שמתרחש ממש עכשיו ומתחנן שנתפלל. כולם צריכים להגיד תהילים עכשיו
הצדיק ר’ דב קוק שליט”א שואל אם כולם יכולים בבקשה להפסיק את מה שהם עושים עכשיו ולומר את הפרקים הבאים , יש מצב חמור כרגע הם מצאו בני ערובה ונלחמים צוואר אל צוואר נא לקרוא תהילים *פרק קכ, קכא ,לז, פג ,קכד ,קמד, קנ *
הם אמרו שהם איתרו את בני הערובה, אבל יש קרבות עזים. הם אמרו להגיד אבינו מלכינו עכשיו אם יש לכם גישה לכל צ’אט אחר בבקשה תודיעו להם שכולנו מתבקשים להתפלל חזק ולהגיד כמה שיותר תהילים ל(חיילים) עכשיו. זה אינטנסיבי ומפחיד והם צריכים את התפילות שלנו כדי להגן עליהם.
*הפיצו הלאה *

A message from a soldier serving in a classified brigade that there is a massive hostage rescue operation going on right now and begging us to pray. Everyone should say psalms now

The tzaddik R. Dov Kook of Israel asks if everyone can please stop what they are doing now and say the following chapters, there is a serious situation right now, they have found hostages and are fighting neck to neck please read Psalms:









They said they located the hostages, but there is fierce fighting. They said to say our father our kings now if you have access to any other chat please let them know that we are all being asked to pray hard and say as many psalms as possible to (soldiers) now. It is intense and scary and they need our prayers to protect them.

*spread the word*



The person who sent me this didn’t come back to me, when I asked them where they’d got it from.

(Go to the ‘source’ if you want to try and verify this information, as much as that is even possible, in the crazy, confused times we live in.)

In any case, as I wrote above, I decided to post it up clearly marked as ‘unverified – because the worse thing that would happen is that a bunch of people would sit down and say some more tehillim that otherwise, they wouldn’t have.

I know I did.

And I also got ‘motivated’ to say another three Tikkun HaKlalis too, to help the soldiers and hostages – and all of Am Yisrael.


While I was doing that, I ‘felt’ something was going on, spiritually, in a good way.

Who knows what, but the prayers were a very good thing to say, and God for sure was using them for a good end.


A few hours later, one of my readers sent me this factcheck:

I just cut and paste the whole sentence part that speaks of Rav Kook, put it in quotation marks, and did a google search with it.
When you do that, you can see all the places it was posted, and when:

That link brings up about six sites from November 6, 2023, when this exact same message from Rav Kook was posted up online.

For the sake of honesty, I am posting this information up, but I was still glad that I posted what I posted, and prayed what I prayed, even though it now looks like the stuff about the fighting and the hostages is some form of ‘fake news’.

At the end of the day, who ‘tricked’ us into saying these tehillim at that time is God.

Even some of my less religious family members stopped what they are doing, to say some tehillim.

That can only be a good thing, even if it was prompted by ‘fake news’.


It’s a very narrow bridge, all this.

That’s why generally, I am sticking only to sources of information I 100% trust – i.e. Rav Berland’s shiurim and messages.

I have had a lot of information sent me that my gut just tells me is ‘wrong’, somehow, even if it sounds convincing.

I didn’t get that reaction with this email.

Saying tehillim for Am Yisrael is never a bad thing, and no prayer is ever wasted.

Even if sometimes, we get ‘tricked’ by Hashem into taking the time to do it.



On the Habayitah blog, there’s a post with the names of the soldiers who were badly wounded in that ‘friendly fire’ incident that killed five other soldiers.

I’m reposting the full thing here.

Take a look at the tehillim listed underneath the names – it’s exactly the ones we all said yesterday:


 Prayers for:

at Bellinson

1. Itai Avraham Biton ben Rachel2. Gal Bani ben Iris3. Shalu Ayala ben Tekloat

Ichilov4. ⁠Omer Aharon Lotan ben Tal5. Akiva Shalom Kudish ben Devorah6. ⁠Yeshua Levi ben Hanaat

Shaare Zedek7. Ili Ketar ben Hagit8. Lidor Buskila ben Merav9. Shagiv Sharabi ben Yifat10. Eliran Yitzchak Morday ben Patria

Please pick up Tehillim and daven for these soldiers and all soldiers that are injured that they would have refuah shlema speedily!

120, 121, 37, 83, 124, 144, 150


No prayer is ever wasted. And there’s something quite strange about all this.

Here’s a couple more names of injured soldiers to pray for:

Avraham Yagel ben Na’ama

Avraham Yeshayahu bn Deena Bracha Leah

All the soldiers in: Tzanchanim 890, Pluga Bet.



Me being me, I decided to take a closer look at this story of what is meant to have just happened in Gaza, with this ‘friendly fire’ incident.

As I said, I’m off the news at the mo and have been for months, so I’m not really following anything, just hearing what I hear from friends and family if they happen to mention something.

On the YWN site, (where I often catch a lot of conflicting information, and ‘fake news’) they had this story up on May 15:

DEVELOPING IN GAZA: More Than A Dozen Soldiers Injured, Some Killed In Horrific Incident In Shuja’iyya


Then yesterday, there was this story about another five soldiers injured in ANOTHER ‘friendly fire’ incident the day after, in  Jabaliya:

HORRIFIC: Five IDF Soldiers Killed In Friendly Fire Incident In Gaza


Is this true, that 17 soldiers and many more have been injured in two days, BY OUR OWN ARMY?!

What in the world!

How many more Jews have to be killed by ‘friendly-fire’ – no doubt, ordered by our ‘friends’ in America and other places – before we wake up and understand there really is no army, and no State.

Way, way more soldiers have been killed by ‘friendly fire’ than by Hamas – and it’s at the point where I just don’t believe these are ‘accidents’ any more.


I’m not wasting any more time on this today, but if you have a kid in the army – get them out. Encourage them to get out. Better to stay in prison, then to be killed in yet another ‘friendly fire accident’ that seems to be happening every day.

May God save us very soon from all this.

There was another horrible ‘friendly fire’ incident yesterday in Gaza.

I’m off the news (thank God…) but one of my friends in Israel texted me a little while ago this:

Apparently another friendly fire incident yesterday killed five soldiers and wounded more.

The Rav referred to friendly fire a lot, didn’t he?

Hashem should have rachmanut on us.

How much more can we bear?


Maybe that’s why yesterday I was feeling such a ‘heavy’ vibe and just had a lot of tears kind of choked back – without even knowing what on earth is going on.

I couldn’t pray properly, I couldn’t do anything, much.

Deep, deep sigh.


Here’s some of what the Rav said about ‘friendly fire’ – all taken from the shiurim printed up in ‘Rav Berland’s Conversations II’.

Excerpt of a shiur from Wednesday night, Parshat Bereishit, 26th Tishrei 5784, (11th October,, 2023):

So now, we are mamash in the situation where it is a Shoah.

And the only people who can stop this Shoah is Shuvu Banim, and the girls of Shuvu Banim, who walk along with maximum tzniut, and with maximum kedusha.

In no other community do you have this type of kedusha. So only they can [stop the Shoah].

And so, everyone needs to take it upon themselves to say a book of tehillim.


Because now, they are starting to enter Gaza. It’s just they are scared.

They are pushing it off, so that thousands of soldiers won’t die, that the soldiers won’t be killed by ‘friendly fire’.

Already, they can’t tell the difference.

When they enter, they can’t tell the difference between who is a terrorist and and who is a soldier. One person will start shooting at the other – a thousand soldiers will be killed just by ‘friendly fire’.

It’s already four days into the war, and they still didn’t enter Gaza.

They are deathly scared of entering Gaza. Who knows, who is going to live, and who is going to die, who….?


Message from Rav Berland from the week heading into Parsha Lech Lecha, 5784, distributed on 27.10.2023:

You should know that the whole matter of the ground invasion being delayed is all due to the prayers of the women.

Because the entrance into Gaza is the most dangerous thing in the world – cramped alleys that are a metre wide, quarters that are two thousand years old. It’s impossible to enter there with tanks. The soldiers need to go by foot, and the Hamas is waiting for them….

They are thinking about the 1,000 soldiers who will go in the first round of fire – and only the women who took it upon themselves to recite a book of tehillim each day, in the merit of these women, so the invasion of Gaza is being delayed.

Thousands of soldiers that otherwise would have been killed….


All those that drove to Gaza, so the soldiers got confused.

They didn’t know what is a ‘terrorist’, and what is an ‘Israeli’. They fired on whole battalions. There are many Jews who were destroyed just by ‘friendly fire’.

Just two days ago, a few soliders were killed, and a few police said that terrorists were coming to the beach. So, they saw a few soldiers were walking around outside, so they fired on them. They thought that these were ‘the terrorists’.

But really, they were Jewish Israelis.

So, there is a danger that a few thousand will die from ‘friendly fire’.

And so, only the women who are covering their hair, and walk with long dresses – because it’s forbidden for women to emphasise the body. And it’s forbidden for men to show off their body….


And straight away, we need to smash to pieces the new ‘satanic’ thing [i.e. the Xiomis and the smartphones]…

Everyone [in the chareidi world] is buying Xiomi, they call it ‘Xiomi’.

We need to smash it up immediately, this second, with a hammer….it’s causing all the disasters.


And the Jews that go into Gaza in the first wave will even be killed by ‘friendly fire’.

Because they already don’t know how to discern between the terrorists and the soldiers.

So, everything depends upon the girls….


This is just a little of what the Rav was saying about thousands of Jews being killed by ‘friendly fire’ in this war.

Who knows, if all these deaths are deliberate or accidental – either way, anyone who is still banging the drum for more war, or for ‘reconquering Gush Katif’ is literally insane.

The army is not ‘protecting’ anyone – the army, especially our children in the army, desperately need more spiritual protection from all the forces out to destroy them.

Whether ‘deliberately’ or ‘accidentally’.


Twenty young men from the Hesder Yeshiva of Eli alone have been killed ‘in battle’ since this accursed ‘war-that-is-no-war’ began.

The heart breaks.


But still, so many of us are refusing to understand that until there is some serious teshuva on our side of the fence, this horrible situation is going to continue – and even get worse, God forbid.

Instead of wasting so very much time and effort on more pointless speculation about ‘who is Moshiach’, the discussion needs to cut to the chase:

Whether or not the Rav is ‘moshiach’ is kind of irrelevant, at this stage.

But he’s definitely the Gadol HaDor, he has clear ruach hakodesh (which you can tell in 10 milliseconds, if you actually read anything I post up here from his translations) – and following the Rav’s instructions is the only way we get out of this mess.


The Rav has given us some very clear instructions on how to get this war to end, and how to stop all these deaths from happening – the vast majority of which are coming from ‘friendly fire’.

Whether ‘accidental’ or ‘deliberate’.

Like this:

  1. Smash the smartphones, and stop making excuses about how much we’re all addicted to things that are killing us spiritually, and ruining our relationships in so many ways.
  2. Women and girls – to lengthen their skirts down to the floor. Married women: to cover all their hair, as their is no heter to show anything, not a fringe, not curly side bits, nothing.
  3. Men – to guard the eyes, avoid tight clothes – and smash their smartphones.
  4. Generally – to get the Rav’s Torah finished ASAP.

And of course, to carry on reciting as many tehillim and Tikkun Haklalis as possible, and to come down to Ido HaNavi and pray with the Rav at least sometimes, because all the singing and dancing is what is ‘sweetening the judgements’.


This snippet is from THIS post, written back at the beginning of January 2024:

Another day, another ‘accident’ in Gaza.

More than 20 killed, more than 20 wounded….

Tatty, we can’t any more!

Say whatever you want, but it’s clear that the ‘friendly fire accidents’ in Gaza are killing and wounding way, way more of our soldiers than ‘Hamas’.

In fact, it seems that our own army is now on track to kill and wound way more of our own soldiers than Hamas ever was….


This is a snippet of a post written at the end of January 2024:

In Israel, it’s an ‘open secret’ that something very bad happened this week, that led to the deaths of so many soldiers when those buildings collapsed.

By ‘very bad’, it’s understood ‘very corrupt and something stinks to high heaven’.

They are talking about this ‘anti tank terrorist cell’, whatever, that could apparently appear out of nowhere when the army has been clearing that bit of Gaza for three months already…. whatever.

But this incident is so fishy, even the MSM is trying to bring controlled opposition ‘explanations’, to head off the questions and discontent.


I stopped following the news day-to-day a few months back.

If I hadn’t, I’m sure I’d have at least another 10 examples of ‘tons of soldiers killed and wounded by ‘friendly fire’ in Gaza’ posts to share with you.

When is the penny finally going to fall, who are real enemy is here?

And when are we finally going to understand that all this talk of ‘military might’, ‘reconquering Gaza’, ‘fighting wars’ – it’s all pie-in-the-sky fantasy?

We have been totally sold-out by our leadership.

How many more of our children have to die before that’s understood?



You really want to get this horrible ‘war’ against the Jewish people to stop?

Here’s what you do:

  1. Smash the smartphones, and stop making excuses about how much we’re all addicted to things that are killing us spiritually, and ruining our relationships in so many ways.
  2. Women and girls – to lengthen their skirts down to the floor. Married women: to cover all their hair, as their is no heter to show anything, not a fringe, not curly side bits, nothing.
  3. Men – to guard the eyes, avoid tight clothes – and smash their smartphones.
  4. Generally – to get the Rav’s Torah finished ASAP.


Here’s how you help to get the Rav’s Torah finished ASAP:


A parchment (20,000 nis)
A page (5,000 nis)
Anything smaller

The Rav has been laying all this out clearly for months.

BH, hopefully soon, more people will to start to listen to him.

If you’ve recovered from PART I, it’s time to dive into ‘PART II’ of what was really going on around the money being raised for the settlement of Eretz Yisrael.

(Read Part I HERE).

At least part of the reason figuring this stuff out is so important is because THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN, and the main fight between all these ‘leaders’ in the Jewish community in our days also boils down to who gets the biggest slice of the financial pie, here in the Holy Land.

Whether it’s straight-up bribes, political corruption, or simply, running ‘charities’ mamash like multi-billion-dollar businesses, with all the yuck that entails, built up around media depictions of wunderwerkers…..

It’s still happening today.


So, let’s dive back into the murk, to set what other sparks of truth we can rescue.

And remember, this is all coming from the Rav. He’s the one who told us:

There was a kupah (charitable collection) for Eretz Yisrael, that the Baal HaTanya was in charge of. And there was a machloket (disagreement) about who the money was going to.

One person said it was going to the zionists, it was going into private pockets.

He was against hamaot [giving the small change]for Eretz Yisrael. There was the Kupat Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, there was the Machazit HaShekel.

In the end, [text missing] took it all for themselves.

Not a penny got to the chareidim.

This was all ‘chareidi people’ that did this, and they took it all for themselves.

This is the true story, according to its most simple telling.


Everything in the ‘quotation style’, above, is a quote from the Rav.

Not my words.

So if all these ‘true stories’ are bothering you, please switch off now.

For everyone else – buckle in! There’s a lot of fascinating material to get through in this post.


Let’s start with a brief recap of what we learnt in PART 1:

  • After MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK’s death in 1788, management of the ‘HOLY LAND FUND’ he set up passed into the hands of SHNEUR ZALMAN of LIADI.
  • By 1796, massive disputes over the management of the money had already broken out, with SHNEUR ZALMAN accusing AVRAHAM of KALISK of financial mismanagement.
  • Already then, THE HOLY FUND was split into two seperate organisations, the KOLLEL VOLYHNIA (for money from the region of Volhynia, Poland and Galicia) and the KOLLEL RASSEINI (for funds from Ukraine and Russia).
  • SHNEUR ZALMAN remained in charge of the KOLLEL RASSEINI.
  • R MORDECHAI SHAPIRO of NESHKIZ  was initially put in charge of the KOLLEL VOLHYNIA, with the agreement of the SEER of LUBLIN, and other Chassidic masters that are mentioned a lot in the biographies about R NACHMAN of BRESLOV.


  • By 1799, possibly even 1800 or later, AVRAHAM KALISKER, leader of the Chassic aliya in Tiberius, writes a letter to Rebbe Nachman bemoaning that no money is still coming through to the Jews in Israel from either of these Kollels.
  • In 1798, SHNEUR ZALMAN of LIADI is arrested on suspicion of sending funds to the Ottoman Empire (i.e. Eretz Yisrael). Tzar Peter I investigates the accusations – and finds no evidence that Shneur Zalman is sending money on to Eretz Yisrael. He is released.
  • The leadership of the KOLLEL VOLHYNIA passes to ‘YISRAEL of RUZHIN’ in 1841, aka MOSHE TZVI of SAVRAN, the big persecutor of Breslov, and especially, R NATAN of BRESLOV.
  • It then passes on to ‘YISRAEL of RUZHIN’s’ descendants, via the ADMOR of SADIGURA, and then his son, the first ADMOR OF BOYAN.


  • ‘Chabad’ / Ruzhin / Boyan / Sadigura – they all just keep marrying each other over and over again, suggesting that ‘CHABAD’ is exactly identical with the (fake name…) ‘RUZHINERs’ etc.
  • ‘BOYAN’, RUZHIN and CHABAD are directly connected to the BEILIS blood libel trial, which leads to many of the personalities involved having to ‘flee’ the places where they live, and adopting false identities and alter egos, going forward.
  • And BOYAN, RUZHIN and CHABAD are also directly connected to THEODOR HERZL, the zionists, the JEWISH COLONIAL TRUST, and what became the ANGLO PALESTINE BANK where the Nazis deposited money taken from German Jews before the Shoah, as part of the ‘Ha’Avara Agreement’ in 1933.


OK, so now let’s take a closer look at ‘KOLLEL CHABAD’, ‘KOLLEL RASEINI’, AND ‘KOLLEL VOLHYNIA’, to see what information we can learn.

Let’s begin with Kollel Chabad.

This snippet comes from the Hebrew wiki page, HERE, and it’s the Chabad-fake-history version of what happened:

As a result of the dispute between Shneur Zalman of Liadi and Rabbi Avraham of Kalisk, Chabad’s followers in the Hasidic community in Eretz Israel were harmed and they did not receive financial support from the Holy Land’s Ma’ot Fund.

They were forced to relocate from Tiberias to Safed. As a result in 1805, the Alter Rebbe established a new fund called: “Kollel Chabad.”



Shneur Zalman seems to have been withholding funds from the chassidim in Tiberius for a number of years already, by this point.

I don’t know if his followers really were ‘forced out’ of Tiberius in 1805, or if they were just told by the Alter Rebbe to leave and move to Tsfat. At this point, no-one knows.


There’s really not a lot of info on that page about ‘Kollel Chabad’, and what they actually funded and paid for in the Holy Land.

But that ‘Kollel Chabad’ page  does give us a few more names and details to work with. It continues like this:

The Gabayim [of Kollel Chabad] were usually Chabad devotees who would travel through Jewish settlements to collect money for the activities. 

The gabaim included many of the greatest Chabad Hasidim, among them:

Rabbi Yitzchak Avigdor Orenstein [We wrote a lot about him when we were trying to figure out what was going on with the MAHARIL DISKIN in Jerusalem.]

Rabbi Avraham Haim Naha,

Rabbi Schneur Zalman Fradkin,

Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin,

Rabbi Azriel Selig Slonim

Rabbi Eliezer Nance and

Rabbi Yehosef Gedalya RBG.


Strangely, they have left the first ‘big gabbai’ off this list, namely ‘JACOB of SMOLYAN’.

So, let’s start with him.

Over HERE, I found a very interesting ‘discussion’ on geni, in Hebrew, which brings a bunch of new information to light, including a discussion about a certain gabbai of AVRAHAM of KALISK, named ‘JOEL SMOLYAN’.

Here’s some relevant (machine-translated) snippets:

Since my previous book came out, another letter has been discovered by Rabbi Sursky, it’s the letter of Adm. Avraham of Kalisk, to his friend and disciple Joel Smulian.

The”new” letter was sent from Safed in 1778, a year after the Admor Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk and Abraham of Kalisk, led 300 of their followers to the Land of Israel.

The writers from Smolyan were in order: Joel; Aryeh Yehuda Leib; Yaakov; Zvi Hirsch; Mordechai.


From this we learn that Joel may not have arrived in Israel with the group in 1777, but rather he remained in Russia.*

We can also surmise, in order of the writers, that Joel was the most important among them, and indeed, we know that after the death of Abraham of Kalisk,

Joel was offered the leadership of the Hasidim of Tiberias, but he refused.


This JOEL of SMOLYAN is clearly an important dude, if he’s being offered the leadership of the Chassidic Yishuv in Tiberius… strange none of us have ever heard about him.

That snippet then continues:


In 1783, Schnor Zalman of Lyadi, who Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk put in charge of the remaining Hasidim in eastern Belarus, appointed Rabbi Yaakov of Smolyan to be the chief custodian of the collection of funds intended for shipment to Eretz Yisrael.

Only in 1786 did Joel appear as a signatory in Tiberias for the first time.


So, Joel of Smolyan appears to join, or take over from, ‘YAAKOV of SMOLYAN’ just as the argument over money starts to reach boiling point, and the HOLY LAND FUND is split into two parts, in 1786.

So now, who is ‘JOEL of SMOLYAN’ meant to be working for? Shneur Zalman, or Avraham Kalisker?

That very erudite and well-sourced discussion then continues:

In the book ” The History of Chabad…”(page 13), the way the money was collected is described.

Once a year, Rabbi Yaakov of Smolyan would collect it from the centers, and then the money would be sent by faithful messengers appointed by Schneur Zalman of Liadi, or via an emissary who came from the Land of Israel.

It appears that Joel was the special envoy of 1786, and his signature appears on the documents of the Tiberias community immediately after the signatures of Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk and Abraham of Kalisk. 

He signed ” Joel, son of the late Rabbi Moshe.” He becomes one of the followers in Tiberias, but continues to travel to and from Russia, until his death, circa 1817 (?).


That snippet suggests that JOEL of SMOLYAN is working for SHNEUR ZALMAN, at least, at this stage.

Another apostle in those years was Rabbi Meir of Bikhov (page 21), and it seems that there was a “alternation” between the two. Meir returned in 1789, Yoel left, returned in 1791, Meir left, etc. There are records of Meyer’s travels up to 1803. Since Joel was delayed to return in 1791, they both probably returned in the same year.


One ‘Meir Bichovsky‘ happens to be the grandson of HILLEL RIVLIN, son of BENJAMIN RIVLIN of SHKLOV, and family member and student of the ‘VILNA GAON.’

In the next post we’re going to see more evidence that the ‘KOLLEL RASSEINI’ run by Shneur Zalman seems to overlap tremendously with the secret organisation called the RASSEINI VILNIUS, run exclusively by close family members of the GRA.

Let’s continue with the snippet:

There is a mention of the sons of his brother Joseph, and of his brother’s wife, but nothing about his wife or children. Only once did his son-in-law ask that he pray for a sick family member, at the grave of Rabbi Avraham of Kalisk, and he forgot to do so.

It can be concluded that [JOEL of SMOLYAN’s] family lived in Russia.

He may have “spent” time with them in Shklov during his visits for a year or two, and may have divorced his wife (it was customary if one of the spouses refuses to move to Eretz Yisrael, it is permissible to divorce), or she may have died, and so Zvi Hirsch, Moshe, and perhaps other children, remained with relatives in Shklov.


So, just like the GRA’s relatives and students, the RIVLINs of SHKLOV, Chabad’s ‘JOEL of SMOLYAN’ is also based in Shklov.


There still exists a letter written by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi for Yoel of Tiberias, asking the Hasidic congregation to help him raise money.

According to the letter and its style, it implies that there was a special connection between them, and if indeed it was Joel, the grandson of Chaim Haikel [of AMDUR], then his uncle, Shmuel Ben Heikel [of AMDUR], not only gave up his land, but also joined Schneur Zalman in establishing Chabad, and even sat with him in prison. 

All of Joel’s descendants were Chabad followers. 

One of his descendants was the seventh Rebbe.

[Menachem Mendel Shneerson….]


We heard about Chaim Chaikin and Shmuel Chaikin before.

They were mentioned as followers of YECHIEL MICHEL of ZLOTCHOV in Mor Altshuler’s research, and were given a special mention in the anti-chassidic diatribe ‘The Breaking of Sinners’.

Here’s the snippet, from page 135 of Altshuler’s thesis:

An additional lead can be found in the list of “the leading ruffians, called by name to be hung on gallows that was prepared [cf. Esth. 8:9–10]; they alone produced the poison.”

This listing of Hasidic activists is contained in Breaking of Sinners by R. David Makov, whose opposition to Hasidism led him to compile lists of its activists so he could pursue them to the bitter end, just as Haman’s ten sons, alluded to in the foregoing quotation, had been pursued.

This list, which appears to have been assembled in the 1780s or 1790s, includes sixteen names.

Some identify persons whose connections to R. Yechiel Mikhel are known through their own writings or through manuscripts that had been in their possession:

  1. Jacob Isaac, “the Seer of Lublin,” R. Ze”ev Wolf of Zhitomir, R. Isaiah of Dunayevtsy,  R. Mordecai of Nesukhoyezhe, R. Levi Isaac of Berdichev, the Maggid R. Israel of Kozienice, R. Zusya of Annopol, and R. Samuel b. Hayyim Haika of Amdur.

Other individuals on the list are known to have quoted R. Yechiel Mikhel in their writings, though their connections to him have not yet been studied, and still others are associated with him only in Hasidic hagiography:

  1. Shneur Zalman of Lyady, R. Elimelekh of Lozansky, (R. Zusya’s brother), and  R. Menachem Nachum of Chernobyl and his son, R. Mordecai.


This is the first I’ve heard that SAMUEL CHAIKIN of AMDUR goes to prison with SHNEUR ZALMAN, and jointly founds ‘CHABAD’ with him….

Usually, we’re told that the people who were arrested with SHNEUR ZALMAN were MORDECHAI JAFFE of LECHOWITCH and ASHER of KARLIN.

(I bet you didn’t know about that bit of the story, either… we’ll get to them in due course.)


So, the discussion continues:

I guess Joel was born either in Kobrin or in Shklov, his father Moshe moved from Karlin, to Cobrin, and then to Shklov.

Yoel probably had children born in Shklov, moved to Smolyan, had close personal ties with the leaders of the Hasidim of Eastern Belarus, who became Chabad hasidism.

His children, who remained in Russia, became Chabad followers, while he moved between the two worlds, the Chabad of Russia, and the Rassein Hasidism in Tiberias.

I’m sure if he had stayed in Russia, he would have joined the Chabad.


What we have learnt so far is that chassidim that stayed behind in chul, in Russia etc, became known as ‘CHABAD’.

While the chassidim that actually moved to Eretz Yisrael under AVRAHAM KALISKER became known as ‘RACINE / RASSEIN’ chassidim, after the big fall-out over money.

Which would explain why ‘KOLLEL CHABAD’ doesn’t really do anything, much, in Eretz Yisrael for another 30 years, until the Mitteler Rebbe starts sending his followers to Hevron, to buy some land there and create a ‘Chabad presence’.

The CHAIKIN family are also part of this effort.


The snippet continues:

[JOEL of SMOLYAN / CHAIKIN’s] grandson (? Shimon Menashe Chaikin (1798-1893), apparently came to Safed with his father Moshe.

They were sent by the Middle Admor between 1817 and 1823 to settle Hebron. Shimon Menashe lived for a time in Safed, married there and went to his destination as the Rabbi’s commandment. We don’t see Joel’s signature after 1817, so they probably never met again.


The tomb of Zvi Hirsch in the old Chabad plot on the Mount of Olives reads: “Rabbi Hasid Zvi Hirsch son of Rabbi Yoel Chaikin 1883.”…

I have at least three testimonies that indicate that Zvi Hirsch and Moshe of Shklov (Shimon Menashe’s father), as well as Yisrael Shraga and Eliyahu (who lived in Jerusalem), were brothers.


You can see one of the GENI profiles for JOEL CHAIKIN HERE.

Strange to say, there is absolutely no mention of his grandson SHMUEL MENASHE CHAIKIN, who was the (Chabad…) Rabbi of Hevron for apparently 70 years!

SHMUEL MENASHE CHAIKIN is a real person, because if you go to the Kedem Auctions website HERE, you’ll see a letter he signed on when he was in post.

And what’s even more mind-blowing, is how old this guy is meant to have been.

This snippet is from the Kedem Auctions site, who we presume should really know their stuff:

Letter signed by the members of the “Va’ad Hakelali” of the Ashkenazic community in Hebron:

R. Shimon Menashe Chaikin, R. Binyamin Rivlin and R. Meir Tzvi Hershler. Hebron, 1890.

The letter was sent to the administrators of “Pekidim Ve’Amarkelim” in Amsterdam, and contains an account of the expenditures for food and medicine for those suffering during the plague outbreak. The reverse contains a detailed list of expenses “to assist the suffering, may their troubles not return”.

R. Shmuel Menashe Chaikin (1777-1893) was a prominent disciple of the “Mitteler Rebbe” and the Tzemach Tzedek of Chabad. He moved from Slutsk to the Holy Land in the 1810s, and served as the Chabad rabbi in Hebron for over 70 years, until his passing at the age of 116.

At the time he signed this letter, he was 113 years old.


Again, it’s strange that KOLLEL CHABAD was apparently still collecting so much money for the Holy Land at this point, apparently – and yet, the rabbis of Hevron have to ask a totally different charity in Amsterdam, the PEKIDIM VE’AMARKELIM, for help with food and medicine.

Where did all the money go, that was meant to be helping these Chabad chassidim ‘settle’ Hevron?!

Here‘s a snippet about the PEKIDKIM VE’AMARKELIM organisation in Amsterdam – it’s very hard to track down info about them, today:

The Pekidim and Amarkalim (officers and treasurers) formed an international organization whose purpose was to coordinate the fundraising to support impoverished Jews in Palestine.

The organization maintained close contacts with the leaders of the Jewish communities in the cities of Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed and Tiberias.

The archive, which contains 10,100 incoming letters, is a very important source for the early history of the Jewish settlement in Palestine in modern times

The link to access that archive is now broken….. What does that tell us?


While you are pondering all this, here’s another snippet that might shed more light, as we continue to ‘follow the money’.

It’s from THIS article written by a Jewish-Russian prof of Judaic Studies for The Forward, which explains a little more of what was happening with at least some of the money being paid to the Chabad Rebbes, at the time SHMUEL MENASHE CHAIKIN was writing to Amsterdam asking for help to weather the plague that had hit Hevron:

The town of Lubavitch became world-famous as the center of Chabad, a position it has held since 1813. The Polish owners of the town specially invited the second Chabad rabbi, Rabbi Dov-Ber Schneerson to settle in Lubavitch.

The Rabbi’s presence attracted business and Chassidim to the town.

The third rabbi, Rabbi Menachem-Mendl, built up an elaborate net of Chabad communities and prayer groups in Belarus, Northern Ukraine and southern regions of “New Russia” like Ekaterinoslav and Cherson.

Chabad always had a strong organization with a strict discipline.

They instituted an effective system of collecting money through the voluntary pidyon-nefesh.

It was a type of tax that Chassidim paid to the rabbi and his family.

The responsibility to collect money fell on the Chabad emissaries, who visited Chabad communities every month.

The rabbi’s family would invest the money in various businesses that contributed to the economic health of Lubavitch.


I’ve written a lot about pidyon nefesh from the Rabbenu / Rav / Breslov perspective over the years….

I’ve never seen it described in these terms before.


(I have a theory, BTW, that the successful ‘fundraiser’ MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK initially sent to Vilna and Brody, by the name of SHLOMO ZALMAN VILNER, is one and the same as ‘SHNEUR ZALMAN’. )

‘RIVLIN’ is just an anagram of ‘VILNER’.

Ok, back to the snippet:


*The researcher Mor Altshuler found that Yoel was married to the sister of Rabbi Meshulam Faybush Halevi Heller….”


MESHULAM FAYBUSH HALEVI HELLER was a leading student of YECHIEL MICHEL of ZLOTCHOV – as all these people actually were.


Last snippet:

The book “Rabbi, Leader and Doctor” contains a written testimony from Rabbi Shmuel Heller of Safed, about the marriage of Moshe of Kubrin to Rabbi Haikal.

It is a fact that he was the grandson of Rabbi Meshulam Feibush Halevi Heller, and it is a fact that the above was JOEL of SMOLYAN’s brother-in-law.

It makes sense that he knew the details he dictated because Joel was a member of his family, via marrying his great-aunt…

Is Joel Chaikin, who we know was the father of Zvi Hirsch, the son of Moshe of Kubrin and the father of Moshe of Shklov?

Is he Joel of Smolyan / Shklov / Tiberias / Dobryanka?


We also mentioned R SHMUEL HELLER of TSFAT before, on the post about ABRAHAM PERETZ being the B-I-L of LEVI YITZHAK of BERDICHEV.

Here’s the relevant snippet:

If you go HERE, you’ll see a handwritten letter from one ‘SHMUEL ben ISRAEL PERETZ HELLER’ – who became the Rav of Tzfat in the 1830s, talking about the pogrom that happened in Tsfat.

I have never heard of this pogrom before – apparently many Jews were raped and murdered, and ‘R YISRAEL of SHKLOV’, head of the perushim in Tsfat, had his eye gouged out by Arabs….


Read more HERE.


That’s interesting, but it’s not even the most interesting thing.

I think this R SHMUEL HELLER of TSFAT is our ABRAHAM PERETZ’s grandson….

Here’s why, a translated snippet from the HaMichlol website:

Rabbi Heller is a scion of Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipman Heller. He was born in Zlochev in Galicia. Before they immigrated to Israel, his grandfather, Rabbi Avraham Peretz, was considered one of the Seer of Lublin’s followers, and this fact also invited his grandson to meetings with the Seer – Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Horowitz, who imprinted a deep imprint on Shmuel Heller as a child.

Rabbi Shmuel would say that he had been blessed from the Seer of Lublin over a hundred times and even merited to be with to be with him at the Passover Seder.

The Heller family belonged to a group of Hasidim whose ideological foundation was among its main motives for immigrating to the Land of Israel.


We didn’t get anywhere near the real story of what really happened with the ‘rift’ around the SEER of LUBLIN.

The one thing I’m certain of, is that it’s not what they tell us happened.


OK, so now, who is the ‘MOSHE CHAIKIN’, possible father of that JOEL CHAIKIN / SMOLYAN, who was the main shaliach for the HOLY LAND FUND?

That would be MOSHE OF KOBRIN.



He’s the brother of ‘Aharon the Great’ Perlow of Karlin.

And the son of one ‘R YAAKOV KARLINSKY, Ha-NISTAR’.

But now, we have even more of mystery on our hands, because apparently there were two ‘MOSHE of KOBRINS’ at this time.

One was apparently the close follower of R SHLOMO of KARLIN, before becoming the close follower of R MORDECHAI JAFFE of LECHOWITCH (mentioned above, who apparently went to prison with the ALTER REBBE and R ASHER of KARLIN, in one version of the story).

And one, apparently, was not.

But, this second guy WAS the father of JOEL CHAIKIN of SMOLYAN, close follower of the ALTER REBBE whose uncle, SHMUEL CHAIKIN of AMDUR is meant to have gone to prison with the Alter Rebbe, and founded Chabad…

As usual, the more lies you unpick, the more lies you end up having to try to unpick.


This is probably going to turn into a five post monster, before we’ve tied up more of these loose ends following the money trail into Eretz Yisrael, but let’s see what else we can pick up specifically about ‘KOLLEL CHABAD’, before we end today.

Here’s another snippet from the KOLLEL CHABAD wiki page in Hebrew:

After the death of the Tzemach Tzedek of Chabad, there was a dispute over the presidency of the ‘Kollel Chabad’ of between the followers of the Maharashtra [Chabad Rebbe Number 4) and his brother, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Schneerson.


Fancy that! Another ‘charity war’….

Let’s continue.

Because guess what? There was then yet ANOTHER ‘charity war’ over the Kollel Chabad money:


In 1911, Rabbi Shmarya Noah Schneerson, the brother of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Schneerson, established the”Special Chabad Kollel”and appointed Rabbi Chaim Eliezer Bichowski as the Gabay.

After the death of Rabbi Shmarya Noah Schneerson, in 1923, the Kollel was reunited with the main Kollel, called”Chabad-Tzedek Rabbi Meir Baal Ha Ness”, under the presidency of the Rebbe the Ritz (Chabad Rebbe Number 6).


If you click that link for CHAIM ELIEZER BICHOWSKI (probably related to the MEIR BICHOV that SHNEUR ZALMAN was using in the same capacity, 120 years earlier…) you get some more details about the second (or is it the third?) new charidee war involving the KOLLEL CHABAD.

Here’s a snippet:

The Chabad-wide dispute was over control of the Chabad Kolel.

The Admor Shalom Dubar Schneerson of Lubavitch [the 5th Rebbe] wanted the control to be with his men, who were mostly Hebron men.

And the Admor Shmarya Noah Schneerson of Bobroisk, on the other hand, tried to seize control by his men, who were mainly Jerusalem men.

On Lubavitch’s side was Rabbi Yisrael Dov Frumkin, editor of the Havatzelet, and on Bobroisk’s side was Rabbi Chaim Eliezer Biakhovsky. The dispute was of a fierce nature and lasted for several years, with mutual skirmishes.

In the mid-70s, the Admor of Bobroisk decided to part ways with the Chabad Kolel and established the”Special Chabad Kollel”, headed by Rabbi Biakhovsky.

After the passing of the Admor of Bobruysk, the total returned to being a part of the Chabad-General Assembly.


SHMARYA NOAH SHNEERSON and the war over the Chabad succession deserves its own post.

A lot of people involved in that ‘war’, at least on the Kopust side, seem to have met an untimely death.

But if you’re wondering why the KOLLEL CHABAD just seemed to be causing so much friction all the time, remember this:

Chabad always had a strong organization with a strict discipline.

They instituted an effective system of collecting money through the voluntary pidyon-nefesh.

It was a type of tax that Chassidim paid to the rabbi and his family.

The responsibility to collect money fell on the Chabad emissaries, who visited Chabad communities every month.

The rabbi’s family would invest the money in various businesses that contributed to the economic health of Lubavitch.


I was going to stop here, but my friend, C., just sent me some more material from SIACH SARFEI KODESH, which describes the interactions between Rebbe Nachman and Shneur Zalman over Liadi.

First, here are the screenshots in the original Hebrew, then I’ll post up what she sent me in English, underneath. And then, we have another big mystery to solve, that hasn’t even been on my radar, up until now:


That red box is around the reply the Alter Rebbe makes to Rebbe Nachman, when Rabbenu asks him if it’s really true, that he has 80,000 ‘chassidim’.

The Alter Rebbe replies:

Why should this be a chiddush to you?

I have a lot of talmidim who are melamdim (teachers of) small children. And the melamdim have a lot of ‘talmidim’ (lit. students). And the melamdim want to educate their pupils to give tzedaka. 

And each of the pupils give a prutah (coin) for the tzedakah for Eretz Yisrael, that I am involved with.

And when a student gives me tzedakah – then already he is not going to speak about me or go against me.

And from this, he is already called my talmid (follower).


The reason I stuck this whole page up is because if you read on, you see that SHNEUR ZALMAN is visiting Rabbenu in Breslov, on the way to see Rabbenu’s uncle, BARUCH OF MEDZHIBOZH, in Tulchin.

Apparently, there was also a big machloket going on between BARUCH of MEDZHIBOZH and SHNEUR ZALMAN about the money being raised for the Holy Land, too. I’m  just flagging that here. For sure, it’s going to take hours of digging to even begin to unpick that part of the story.

(And while we’re mentioning BARUCH of MEDZHIBOZH, we should also mention that he tried to kill Rebbe Nachman, literally, by pushing him down the stairs. And that he also lived a very opulent life-style, that mamash reminds me of YISRAEL of RUZHIN. Who tried to kill Rav NATAN of BRESLOV, a generation later.)



This is the snippet where the Alter Rebbe is, understandably, a little paranoid that some of Rabbenu’s followers might be spies or informers for the Tzar.


And the Rav [Shneur Zalman] continued on his journey to Tulchin [where he’s going to have a big show-down with BARUCH of MEDZHIBUZH].

And Rabbenu accompanied him until outside the city, and Rabbenu sat together with him in his carriage, while Anshei Shlomenu (our people – i.e. followers of Rebbe Nachman) walked around the carriage, to accompany him.

And at this time, the Rav [Shneur Zalman] was extremely scared about informers and spies working for the authorities, who were tailing him, and when he saw how so many people were accompanying him, he asked Rabbenu:

“Maybe, there are spies here….?”

Rabbenu replied to him, and these are his words:

“But the aren’t ‘stupid’.”

I.e. that Anshei Shlomenu knew how to be careful and guard themselves, and so there was nothing for him to suspect.


OK, that will do for today.

The next post is going to be about the KOLLEL RASSEIN in Vilna, run by the Vilna Gaon’s family.

And yes, it’s just us eye-opening as all this other stuff has been, and there are just as many ‘secrets’ and dodgy people associated with that charidee project for the Holy Land too.




The Rav gave some very big ‘clues’ as to what was really going down in the Holy Land, when the whole argument with the Baal HaTanya blew up.

It was over money.

And specifically, it was over who was actually pocketing the huge amounts of charity that were being raised for the Holy Land communities.

This is something my research has been bumping into again and again and again – especially when it comes to the main players in the Vilna and Brody communities.

But for this post, let’s focus specifically on the Rav’s words, and see where we get to.

Let’s begin by reminding ourselves what the Rav actually said, from HERE.


The Rebbe came to eat on Shabbat.

He didn’t want to steal their food from them, like Shuvu Banim, who steals food. He came to them nicely, he said, can I eat with you?

[They said to him] You are a criminal! You are coming to go against the people of Eretz Yisrael, you are the son of the Komarna!


At that time, the Komarna was the chief opponent against the people of Eretz Yisrael.

It was said that all the money was going into private pockets.

There was a kupah (charitable collection) for Eretz Yisrael, that the Baal HaTanya was in charge of. And there was a machloket (disagreement) about who the money was going to.

One person said it was going to the zionists, it was going into private pockets.

He was against hamaot [giving the small change] for Eretz Yisrael. There was the Kupat Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, there was the Machazit HaShekel.

In the end, [text missing] took it all for themselves.

Not a penny got to the chareidim.

This was all ‘chareidi people’ that did this, and they took it all for themselves.

This is the true story, according to its most simple telling.


We need to read all the stories, there is what to do.


Let’s start with the more ‘low hanging fruit’.

Who was this ‘Komarna Rebbe’, at the time of Rabbenu, who the Rav says: was against hamaot [giving the small change] for Eretz Yisrael. There was the Kupat Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, there was the Machazit HaShekel?

It would appear to be this person, R Yitzhak Eizek Yehuda Yechiel Eichenstein (SAFRIN), 1740-1800.

In the text on that page, it says he was the great-grandson of R Yom Tov Lippmann Heller-Wallerstein, the TOSFOT YOMTOV. He was a leading student of the SEER of LUBLIN.


Not unusually, I’ve never heard of him.

But he has some famous kids – and most of them even have real gravestones, so it looks like he is a real person, and not just another ‘fake chassidic persona’.

His kids include:

The ATERET TZVI of Zhidchov




As usual, there is some very funny business going on around the family tree.

For example, if you go HERE, to the Geni page for ALEXANDER SENDER EICHENSTEIN, all is does in the ‘about’ section is talk about his famous brother, the ATERET TZVI of ZHIDCHOV.

As I’ve mentioned before, whenever the ‘gatekeepers’ of real Jewish history want to try and mix things up, they invent personas using the name ‘Alexander Sender’, and kind of shove any awkward relatives / wives / descendants under that person’s name.

I think that might be was is happening here.


I don’t want to get bogged down with this bit today, so let’s just quickly pick up who the ‘ATERET TZVI’ is connected to, and then we’ll move on.

He’s meant to be the talmid muvhak of the Seer of Lublin; also hangs out with Rabbenu’s uncle, Baruch of Medzhibozh, and his students include: R Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov, the ‘Bnei Yissachar’.

Snippet from HERE:

A close disciple of the Chozeh of Lublin, he also travelled to other Chassidic masters, such as R. Moshe Leib of Sassov, R. Yisrael the Maggid of Kozhnitz, R. Menachem Mendel of Rimanov and R. Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apta.

After the passing of his teacher, the Chozeh of Lublin, in 1815, Zidichov thrived under the leadership of R. Tzvi Hirsh, becoming one of the largest and most prominent Chassidic centers in Galicia. He was highly venerated, this being expressed in the exceptional praise he received from tzaddikim of his generation.

The Malbim, although not a Chassid, studied kabbalah under him.


So, when Rabbenu is travelling to Eretz Yisrael, he is accused of being the son of the ‘Komarna’, who is against the yishuv in Eretz Yisrael, and that person is Yitzhak Eizik Eichenstein, father of the ATERET TZVI.

Just park that bit of info for now. Hopefully it will all start to come together by the end.


Let’s look at the next bit of information we got from the Rav:

At that time, the Komarna was the chief opponent against the people of Eretz Yisrael.

It was said that all the money was going into private pockets. There was a kupah (charitable collection) for Eretz Yisrael, that the Baal HaTanya was in charge of. And there was a machloket (disagreement) about who the money was going to.


Chabad has its own ‘version of history’ about what was going on at this time, and that’s the version we are all familiar with.

But let’s see if we can unpick a bit more of what was really happening, from sources we can actually trust.

The following comes from Rav Natan Sternhartz’s biography of Rebbe Nachman, Chayei Moharan (translated into English as ‘Tzaddik’, by the Breslov Research Institute.)

In the section entitled ‘Journey to the Holy Land’, there is a whole letter reproduced from R Avraham Kalisker, the leader of the ‘chassidic aliya’ in Tiberius, who took over from Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk.

This is who the Baal HaTanya fell out with, over the handing of the money that was being raised in chul.


When he was in Israel, Rabbenu tried to mediate between R Avraham and the Ba’al HaTanya, immediately going to see the Alter Rebbe in Liozna, after he’d come back from the Holy Land.

He wasn’t able to make peace.


Here’s a little of what R Avraham Kalisker (who is buried in the old cemetery of Tiberius, very close to Rabbenu’s grandfather R Nachman HORODENKER, had to say:

“You have certainly already heard by means our last year’s representative, the honorable R Eliezer, of the incident which has come to pass since your words to us and about the compromise which we have reached with the people of Volhynia.

We have still not recieved [tzedaka payments] even once from them, and we do not know what will be in the end….

Even from the province of Reissin we have no information of what is happening there in this respect, after your journey there when you met with them and told them about the difficulties which have overtaken us….


This letter was written either in 1799, or a little while afterwards.

Menachem Mendel of Vitbesk had passed away in 1788 – more than a decade earlier. And that is when Shneur Zalman took over the management of the funds for the Holy Land that had been established by Menachem Mendel.

You’ll recall from the posts about YECHIEL MICHEL of ZLOTCHOV that the Brody and Vilna communities were happy to fund the ‘chassidic aliya’, initially.

It was only after the ‘war’ between Yechiel Michel of Zlotchov and R PINCHAS of KORETZ exploded, over the exorbitant taxes being charged on kosher meat, that this funding dried up, and MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK tried to set up alternative funding.

(Brody and Vilna appear to be part of the ‘Province of Reissin’ referred to by Avraham Kalisker. We will come back to them in Part II.)


So, let’s take a closer look at the fundraising going on in Volhynia (Poland).

So much has been hidden and covered-up, but there are still some clues we can pick up, starting HERE, the Hebrew wiki page for something called the ‘Kupat Ma’ot’, or in English, THE HOLY LAND FUND.

Here’s some pertinent snippets:

Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk…established the Holy Land Fund. This fund was donated by Jews from the diaspora, mainly from White Russia and later the State of Volhynia.


Here’s a description of how this fundraising system was actually organised:

The collection was based primarily on an annual personal obligation of each of the White Russian supporters, for all the Hasidim in the Land of Israel…..

Those who were entrusted with collecting the funds were the holy gabbaim for the Eretz HaKodesh appointed by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, in each of the Hasidim’s buildings in white Russia….

Every year during the winter months, Rabbi Yaakov of Smolyan would travel from city to city and collect the funds that were placed with the Gabbaim, and bring them to the president of the institution, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi.

Yaakov could not visit all the towns in such a short period of time, so he would send sub-emissaries to several towns.


In addition to R. Yaakov of Smolyan, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi would send other shadranim to collect for the Holy Land to several towns in White Russia and Lithuania, and even to towns in Volyn and Poland…

The funds were then brought back to the ‘Baal HaTanya’ [whose many letters written about the need to donate for Eretz Yisrael are contained in his book, the ‘Baal HaTanya….]

And the gabbays would gather at R Shneur Zalman’s place, where he then would send the money on with a trusted messenger to Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk in Tiberias, and after his death to Rabbi Avraham of Kalisk.


There was a lot of money being collected, by emissaries that Shneur Zalman was personally appointing, and all that money was brought to him, at the end of of the process, to be delivered on to Avraham Kalisker in Tiberius.

But at some point before 1798, if not way before, this mechanism broke down.

The question is: whose ‘private pockets’ was this money flowing into?

Let’s see if we can figure it out a bit more.


Back on the Wiki page for the Holy Land Fund, which states that the dispute over the money began in 1788, immediately after the death of MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK, is says this:

As part of the dispute, the parties agreed that two different funds should be created, each to be collected separately and recorded for a different group.

It was decided to make a division between the donations collected from Russia and Ukraine, which became known as the “KOLLEL RASEIN”, and the donations collected from the then-Polish-Russian region of Volhyn, now known as KOLLEL VOLHYN .


The initiative to establish the VOLHYN KOLLEL as a totally seperate entity was carried out in 1796 with the consent and encouragement of some of the Chassidic leaders including:

Rabbi Mordechai Menchchiz,

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak of Lublin (“The Seer of Lublin”),

The Magid from Kozhenitz and

The Ohev Yisrael from Apt, who transferred the presidency to Rabbi Yisrael from Rozhin.


To put this into plain English, Shneur Zalman was left in charge of collecting funds from Russia and Ukraine, as part of what became known as the ‘KOLLEL RASEIN’.

According to the firsthand testimony of R Avraham Kalisker himself, none of this money was delivered into the hands of the ‘Chassidic aliya’ in Tiberius, at least from 1796 – 1799. At least.


Meanwhile, the seperate KOLLEL VOLHYN was still delivering money to Chassidic aliya, at least, still in 1798, which is when Rabbenu and his attendant was in Eretz Yisrael.

How do we know this? It’s been preserved in Rebbe Nachman’s biographies.

R YAAKOV SHIMSON of SHEPETVKA (died in 1801) was the ‘disciple’ of PINCHAS of PINCHAS of KORETZ and also R BARUCH of MEDZHIBOZH.  He met Rebbe Nachman in Tiberius, when he came to Eretz Yisrael to deliver the funds from the Kollel Volhynia to Avraham Kalisker.

In Shivchey HaRan (translated as ‘His Wisdom’ in English), it explicitly says:

“The Rebbe made peace between the Rebbe of Shepetovka, and R Avraham Kalisker.”

And the Rebbe of Shepetovka even handed over the money he was bringing to the yishuv to Rabbenu’s attendant, to bring to Tiberius, because the Ottomans had been tipped-off that a large amount of cash was arriving for the Jews.


Let’s pin down a bit more about the KOLLEL VOLHYNIA, before we go back to the KOLLEL RASEIN that was being run by Shneur Zalman of Liadi.

The first thing to point out is that the running of this particular KOLLEL is transferred to none other than YISRAEL OF RUZHIN, aka MOSHE TZVI of SAVRAN, by the Apter Rav.

And then, YISRAEL of RUZHIN transfers the management of the fund to his son, AVRAHAM FRIEDMAN, the newly-created ‘ADMOR of SADIGURA’.

And here’s where we pick up some more interesting connections.


Back in THIS post, we started to unpick the connections between the Chabad ZAITZEV family, who were implicated in the BEILIS BLOOD LIBEL, and whose descendents married the HASKELL / SASSOONS who were instrumental in carving-up the Middle East for the British.

Guess what? There are even more interesting descendants hanging out in that family tree.

You’ll recall that the guy who owned the factory where BEILIS worked was called YONAH ZAITZEV.


His granddaughter Vera marries into the HASKELL clan of Iraqi-Jewish spooks working for the British Empire.

YONAH’s brother is called ‘MORDECHAI ZAITZEV’, who either shares a wife with MENACHEM NACHUM SHNEERSON, son of the Mitteler Rebbe of Chabad – or is his alter ego.

Why would they need multiple identities, you ask?

Read on.


“MORDECHAI ZAITSEV” had a daughter Reichel who married this guy:



Before I tell you more about him, specifically, and there is what to tell, let’s take a look at his dad, one Rabbi Naftali HaKohen Horenstein (Orenshtein).

Here’s some interesting snippets about him, from HERE:

Born in Berestechko sometime between 1820 and 1823, Naftali’s family had moved to Aleksandriya by 1834.

As a young adult, he became an important force in Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin’s growing Chassidic movement, and his activities in this movement are one of the reasons for his fame among the Jews of the region.

In 1838, Rabbi Yisrael was accused of complicity in the death of two Jews who had been accused of being informers.

Although he was never formally charged and no trial was held, Russian authorities imprisoned him for two years, probably because Czar Nicholas I had been told by his agents that the rebbe was trying to establish his own kingdom and was fomenting opposition to the government.

On his release he moved to Kishinev, then to Iasi and other places before finally settling in 1842 in Sadigora in the Austrian Bukovina.

With their rebbe living so far away, young Reb Naftali of Aleksandriya became the leader of the orphaned Ruzhiner Chassidim in Ukraine.


You’ll recall that the big persecutor of Rav Natan of Breslov is R Moshe Tzvi of Savran, who they say dies in 1837…. Really? He’s sent to prison for two years by the Russians, then pops up with a different identity = ‘R Yisrael of Ruzhin’ (who they say is imprisoned in 1838, for two years…)

Both men are accused of arranging the murder of two Jewish informers.

Both men are accused by the Tzar of trying to ‘create their own kingdoms’ on Russian soil. And both men end up becoming the Rabbi of Chisinau / Kishinev in Moldova….



So, Avraham Horenstein’s dad, Naftali, takes over the Savraner-Ruzhiner’s chassidim in Ukraine, when Moshe Tzvi is forced to flee Russia.

And then:

“Naftali became one of the largest Jewish timber merchants in Ukraine, with holdings covering as much as 54,000 acres of woods, land, fields and rivers.

Yet this was only one aspect of his growing financial empire.

By 1887 he was the owner of a sizable tree resins factory in the hamlet of Yahnovka, located on the coast of the Teterev River above Kuhari.

He also purchased or built distilleries and, later, several sugar and paper factories. One of his distilleries (valued at 10,000 rubles) was in Lubovichi, most likely at the Lubovichkoye estate where he was leasing both the forest land and the facilities. It was operating by 1877.

By 1881, Naftali had become the owner of a sugar beet refinery in the village of Luka, Tarashcha uyezd.

His largest sugar beet refinery, however, was the Yanushpol’ beet-sugar works in Volhynia Gubernia.

By the early 20th century, the factory had a yearly income of 3 million rubles and had become one of the largest sugar factories in all of Volhynia.


Where was all the money coming from, to finance these massive purchases?

And is ‘Lubovichi’ the same as Lubavitch?

Let’s see what else we can learn about this HORENSTEIN family.


Naftali and his family were devout Chassidim, and their Jewishness was never subordinate to their business enterprises or lifestyles. Naftali lived a modest life for a man of his means, earning more money than he spent.

Like his older brother, he became widely known for his deeds of charity and generosity – such as donating large sums of money to help to build the “Tiferet Yisrael” synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem for the Chassidim from Sadigura and its environs, a project which underwent construction between 1870 and 1872.


The Horenstein “court” in Radomysl included his six sons and three daughters, his sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren, as well as the teachers, wet-nurses, attendants and servants.

In addition, there were carriages, horses and stables, wine cellars, large wedding tents in which to celebrate the almost constant weddings, and their own beit-midrash [house of religious study]. There were always guests: friends, rabbis and emissaries.


Naftali Horenstein marries one Miriam Shifra Landau.

Her father is meant to be one ISRAEL SEGAL LANDAU (WEINGARTEN), ABD OF ZLOTCHOV – and a grandson of the ‘Yad HaMelech’, ELIEZER LANDAU.

Snippet from HERE:

Rabbi Israel Landa of Brody, father of the famous scholar our teacher Rabbi Elazar Landa Brod, author of the famous book Yad Hamelech, new interpretations on the RAMBAM (Maimonides) (Lwow, 5582 [1821/2]).

Brody elders would spoke about his righteousness, his wisdom and his holiness. …He died in 5591 [1830/1] in Brody.

His grandson, the righteous scholar R’Israel [Segal] Landa z”l ABD Zlotchov, had been one of the respected and rich residents of Kiev, but had to flee the town at the time of the Beilis trial [1913], because he was Zeitzov’s [a witness in Beilis trial] brother-in-law.


So, from this we learn that the Beilis trial was such a big deal at the time, anyone associated with it was being forced to ‘flee the town’ they lived in.

Even if they were rich and connected. Which starts suggest a very real motive for why so many of the people appearing in this post appear to have multiple personalities and alter egos.

And there’s more.


Over Shabbat, coincidentally, I was looking back at SARA SONIA RATNER’s family tree.

The ‘YAD HAMELECH’ also figures prominently there, too. Like this:


The YAD HA MELECH also has a famous brother, namely ‘MOSHE LANDAU’ of Uman, who is one of the leading heretical maskilim of Uman who plays chess with Rabbenu, and marries the daughter of another infamous Uman heretic called CHAIKEL HURWITZ.

And now, we can add in another famous descendant to this family, namely MIRIAM LANDA, whose son marries into the infamous Zaitsev family.


So now, I start clicking around to see how all this is meant to fit together – how come we find over and over and over again all these ‘Ruzhiners’ and ‘Savraners’ and ‘Boyaners’ marrying Schneersons?

Since when did ‘CHABAD’ marry into other chassiduts like this? Something is not adding up.

Let’s leave that question for now, because there is more ‘low hanging fruit’ hanging out by AVRAHAM HAKOHEN ORENSTEIN, the ZAITZEV / SCHNEERSON son-in-law.


Here’s a snippet from the page about Abraham Horenstein:

In 1897, an article was published in the weekly magazine of the Zionist Movement. The writer was Dr. Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism who prophesied the birth of the future State of Israel.

The article, titled “The Jewish Colonial Trust”, argued that the Zionist Movement was badly in need of financial institutions to support the Jewish settlers in Palestine.


Herzl’s financial vision began to materialize in London, the contemporary global financial center. Initially, due to ideological difference, leading Jewish bankers refused to cooperate with Herzl’s plan to establish a financial institution. Herzl turned to his most ardent followers- the common Jewish people who believed whole-heartedly in the Zionist idea.

He put great efforts into collecting 250,000 Pounds, a minimal sum which allowed the “Jewish Colonial Trust” to launch its activities in London.

In order to allow even the poorest of Jews to take part in the project, a maximum of 80 payments was allowed for each share. Eventually, the capital of the newly established company amounted to 2 million Pounds – quite a fortune at the time.”


Abraham Horenstein – whose dad was a leader of ‘Ruzhiner’ chassidut – is now described as being a leader of BOYANER Chassidut (and lives in UMAN, which at that time was almost exclusively populated, Jewishly, either by maskil-heretics or Breslovers.)

As it turns out, he also becomes Theodor Herzl’s little helper, and becomes one of the first three governors of the Zionist fundraising project called the Jewish Colonial Trust.

If that last name sounds familiar, that’s because we covered it in detail in THIS post entitled: EUGENICS AND THE ANGLO-PALESTINE BANK.


You can go back and read that whole post, but here’s the main bits to remember:

The Jewish Colonial Trust turned into the Anglo-Palestine Bank.

And the Anglo-Palestine Bank reaped in a massive extra $30 million in the last two months of 1933 – just after the ‘Ha’avara agreement’ was signed with Nazi Germany, which ‘transferred’ Jewish money and assets in Germany straight to zionist interests in Eretz Yisrael.


Let’s remember what the Rav told us:

There was a kupah (charitable collection) for Eretz Yisrael, that the Baal HaTanya was in charge of. And there was a machloket (disagreement) about who the money was going to.

One person said it was going to the zionists, it was going into private pockets.

He was against hamaot [giving the small change] for Eretz Yisrael. There was the Kupat Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, there was the Machazit HaShekel.

In the end, [text missing] took it all for themselves.

Not a penny got to the chareidim.

This was all ‘chareidi people’ that did this, and they took it all for themselves.

This is the true story, according to its most simple telling.


Awesome stuff!

And we’re still not done yet.

AVRAHAM HAKOHEN ORENSTEIN – the son-in-law of Mordechai Zaitzev / Menachem Nachum Shneerson – has a nephew called MOSHE HAKOHEN HORENSTEIN.

He marries one CHAYA MUSHKA SHNEERSON – daughter of the 4th Rebbe of Chabad, and sister of the 5th Rebbe, Shalom Dov Ber.

Meanwhile, another of AVRAHAM HAKOHEN ORENSTEIN’s nieces is called PERL, and she marries R ABRAHAM JOSHUA HESCHEL FRIEDMAN.

He’s the great grandson of – who else? R YISRAEL OF RUZHIN.


The conclusion I am coming to is that RUZHINERS / SADIGURAS / BOYANERS / RACHMISTRIVKAs etc – they are actually all just CHABAD.

Or vice-versa.

Just with a bunch of alter-egos and ‘made-up stories’, to muddy the waters about what was really going on in the Jewish community, especially around the fights to control the massive amounts of charity flowing into Eretz Yisrael.


And there’s still some more clues to pick up, we aren’t done yet.

Let’s return to that Wiki page about the HOLY LAND FUND.


We learn that:

The Hasidim, who were based in Tiberias and the Galilee at the time, named the funds in which the funds were collected as the coffers of the Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess.

Remember, this is just the money that’s being collected from the KOLLEL VOLHYNIA area of Poland, and apparently the fights over the money just continued and grew. We’ll maybe have to do a seperate post on the RABBI MEIR BAAL HANESS fund, as this post is getting plenty long enough without it.


Now, we get into some really interesting details that possibly change the whole picture of why the Alter Rebbe was ‘informed against’ to the Russian Tzar.

Here’s what it says:

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi

In 1798, during the storm of persecution against the Hasidim in Lithuania, and during the Napoleonic Wars, Hirsch ben David, one of the mitnagdim in Vilnius, informed on Rabbi Schneur Zalman, that he was conspiring with the French Revolution and sending money to Palestine, thus aiding the Ottoman Empire, which were rivals of Imperial Russia.

As a result of this report, Rabbi Schneur Zalman was taken for interrogation and imprisonment in St. Petersburg.

On 16, 1798, Emperor Peter I of Russia decided to release Rabbi Schneur Zalman on the grounds that he found “no corruption or anything else that violates the general peace.”


This is the usual story we’re told by ‘Chabad’, and the other members of the mafiosos that control the Jewish community, and distort history in a million different ways to hide their tracks.

But look at the year all this was happening: 1798.

And now remember what we learnt from Rav Avraham Kalisker’s letter to Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, written in 1799 sometime:

“You have certainly already heard by means our last year’s representative, the honorable R Eliezer, of the incident which has come to pass since your words to us and about the compromise which we have reached with the people of Volhynia.

We have still not recieved [tzedaka payments] even once from them, and we do not know what will be in the end….

Even from the province of Reissin we have no information of what is happening there in this respect, after your journey there when you met with them and told them about the difficulties which have overtaken us….


So, Schneur Zalman of Liadi is accused of something, connected to the money he’s meant to have been collecting on behalf of the Jews in Israel from Russia and Ukraine, and is sent to prison in 1798 – exactly when Rebbe Nachman is in the Holy Land discussing the fact that no money is being sent from Rasseini, i.e. Russia and Ukraine, with Avraham of Kalisk.

It’s kinda weird, that Rav Natan seems to have missed this crucial piece of info, that the Alter Rebbe had been imprisoned by the Russian authorities on the suspicion of passing money to Eretz Yisrael very shortly before Rabbenu visited him to discuss the issue.


This is from note 113 in Chayey Moharan:

Immediately after arriving from Israel [in 1799] he travelled to Liadi to visit the chassidic leader and Torah luminary, R Shneur Zalman, and he had lengthy discussions with him about the settlement in Israel.


It’s at least possible that Schneur Zalman was ‘informed against’ by people who were desperate to get him out of his position of collecting all the money from Russia and Ukraine for Israel.

Why was this?

Maybe, they just ‘didn’t like Chabad’ – as Chabad-history teaches us, that the only reason people ‘didn’t like Chabad’ is just because of that showdown with the ‘Vilna Gaon’ (that actually never happened, in real life….)

Or maybe…. None of the money being collected from Russia and the Ukraine was actually being passed along by Shneur Zalman to the chassidic settlement in Eretz Yisrael.

And that is the real reason the Tzar could find ‘no evidence’ of any money being sent to the Ottoman Empire.

Because it really wasn’t being sent.


(It’s a post for another time, but it’s truly amazing how many of the ‘leading Chabad chassidim’ mentioned in Chabad teachings were all very wealthy landowners in Ukraine and Russia. Again, it’s an interesting question where all this influx of money came from, all of a sudden, just as the Chassidic aliya got underway….)


OK, let’s take a look at the last ‘clue’, for now, back on that Wiki page for the HOLY LAND FUND.

It’s talking about the ‘dispute’ between R Avraham Kalisker and Shneur Zalman, that fake Chabad history tells us all only began in 1803 – five years after Shneur Zalman had printed the Tanya.

But we already know that’s not true.

We already know that ‘the problems’ had started at least back in 1796, and revolved around money, not the Tanya (at least, at that point.)

Here’s another snippet:

In the years 1803 to 1805, there was a dispute between Rabbi Avraham of Kalisch and Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, both regarding Rabbi Schneur Zalman’s method in the Book of the Tanya, and also regarding the leadership of the Hasidim and the management of the Holy Land fund.

Until they separated, Rabbi Avraham of Kalisch established a new fund headed by R Mordechai of Lechovitch and R Asher of Carlin.

R Mordechai of Lechovitch appointed two general Gabbayim, R. Aharon and R. Israel of Ostravana, to work under the supervision of Rabbi Yaakov of Smolyan, who worked under the supervision of Schneur Zalman of Liadi.


We need to take a closer look at ‘Yaakov of Smolyan’, who played such a key role in all this, and also, R Mordechai of Lechovitch.

Here’s a snippet about the latter:

Rabbi Mordechai Jaffe of Lechovitch (1742 – 18 January 1810) was a Hasidic rabbi who was the disciple of Rabbi Shlomo of Karlin and was the founder of the Lechovitch dynasty of Hasidism, from which the Kobrin, Slonim, Koidanov, and Novominsk courts descended.

He was the president of the Holy Land Fund for Jews in Israel.


Already, the bells are dinging off.

Because the president of the Holy Land Fund at this time was SHNEUR ZALMAN, not MORDECHAI JAFFE.

And if Mordechai Jaffe had been appointed by Avraham of Kalisk to ‘get around’ Shneur Zalman…. then someone please explain this next snippet, also from Wikipedia:

[H]e was arrested in 1799 by the Russian government due to opposition to his practices by Russian elite.

He was arrested along with Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi and Rabbi Asher of Stolin, and was released later in the year.

Say what?


And just to be clear, MORDECHAI JAFFE was heading up the ‘Russian-Ukraine’ bit of what used to be called the HOLY LAND FUND – i.e. the exact same organisation that SHNEUR ZALMAN was meant to be in control of:


He was appointed to serve as president of the Holy Land Fund on behalf of Kollel Raysin (of Belarus), where he worked extensively to financially support the Hasidic community in Eretz Yisrael, travelling to collect funds for them


‘KOLLEL RASSEIN’, and it’s tight links to Vilna mitnagdim and Chabad, will be the main focus of Part II.

In the meantime, let’s just conclude with the last snippet from the Wiki page on the HOLY LAND FUND:

In the wake of the aforementioned conflict that affected Chabad’s followers in the Land of Israel, they were displaced along with the Hasidim of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev to Safed.

Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi continued, with the assistance of Rabbi Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev, to send money to his followers living in Safed.

From then on, the fund was named Chabad”.


NOTICE: there was no ‘Chabad chassidut’, at this point. There was just a FUND called ‘CHABAD’.


You’ll recall from THIS post that we figured out that R Levi Yitzhak’s brother-in-law was ABRAHAM PERETZ, the business partner of NATAN NATA NOTKIN, and S-I-L of JOSHUA ZEITLIN, who all get big write ups on the Chabadpedia site for being ‘anti’ the Alter Rebbe.

Abraham Peretz is even fingered, in some versions, as the guy who ‘informed’ against the Alter Rebbe to the Russian Tzar Peter I.

Maybe, he really did tell the Tzar about charitable funds being embezzled…. And corruption…. But in a totally different way from what we’ve been taught.

And that would also explain another strange footnote, that’s been troubling me. I read that one of the reasons Abraham Peretz fell away from Judaism, and eventually married out, is because he was subjected to a violent campaign by the Alter Rebbe’s followers, including being barred from praying in synagogue.


If he was a yucky person…. Who has sympathy for what happened to him?

But if he was a ‘whistleblower’, decrying charity money being embezzled and going into ‘private pockets’….

Well. That’s a very different story.


You know what, let’s do the rest as ‘Part II’.

There is a lot of information to digest in this post.

And we’re not done, yet.


PS: When I went back to that post about ABRAHAM PERETZ, which has the sources where Chabad itself accuses him of informing on the Alter Rebbe, there was a bunch more pertinent info there, which I’m also bringing here, so it’s easier to pull it all together, going forward:



Here’s why, a translated snippet from the HaMichlol website:

Rabbi Heller is a scion of Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipman Heller.[1] He was born in Zlochev[2] in Galicia.

Before they immigrated to Israel, his grandfather, Rabbi Avraham Peretz, was considered one of the Seer of Lublin’s followers, and this fact also invited his grandson to meetings with the Seer – Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Horowitz, who imprinted a deep imprint on Shmuel Heller as a child.

Rabbi Shmuel would say that he had been blessed from the Seer of Lublin over a hundred times and even merited to be with to be with him at the Passover Seder.

The Heller family belonged to a group of Hasidim whose ideological foundation was among its main motives for immigrating to the Land of Israel.


It looks like we have stumbled on another ‘scrubbed’, unnamed son of ABRAHAM PERETZ, whose grandson ends up being the Chief Rabbi of the perushim in Tsfat.

Of course.

While his cousins back in Russia are all practising Lutherans, baptising their kids, marrying non-Jews and trying to get the Russian monarchy overthrown, in between joining Masonic lodges and starting up revolutionary secret societies.

Who can make this stuff up?


Here’s a few more interesting snippets from the HaMichlol page for R SHMUEL HELLER, grandson of ABRAHAM PERETZ, the converted maskil of St Petersberg, who informed on the Alter Rebbe of Liadi to the Tzar, and married Joshua Zeitlin’s daughter:

  1. Shmuel Heller served as the head of the distribution of the Land of Israel on behalf of the Clerical and Amarchal Organization of Amsterdam(PECOAM), and the main recipient of other philanthropists, most notably Moshe Montefiore and Baron Edmond James de Rothschild.

(Those last two are indisputably both freemasons, and hail from Sabbatean-Frankist families.)


From the beginning, Rabbi Shmuel Heller’s ascension to the leadership seat of the Ashkenazi community in Safed involved a long struggle with another claimant to the throne, Rabbi Yaakov Dov of Roman.

In this great dispute, Rabbi Heller showed courage and determination to stand up to one of the greatest of the generation, Adm. Yisrael Friedman (Rozin), who supported his opponent.



We are back to the two main families of Jewish mafiosos, battling it out for financial control of funds flowing into Eretz Yisrael….



For years, there’s been an argument in my house over Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’Atzmaut.

Growing up in that ‘ra-ra State of Israel’ dati leumi environment meant that my kids were brainwashed from a very young age into:

  1. Watching and / or attending as many Yom HaZikaron events as possible.
  2. Insisting on buying Israeli flags for the car and / or house; insisting on ‘BBQing’ on Yom HaAtzmaut; insisting on playing loud music during the Omer because ‘it’s a chag’.

Since Covid, a lot of the brainwashing has thankfully disappeared.

But not all of it.


So it was, that one of my kids got extremely upset with me this year, because I wasn’t ‘feeling Yom HaZikaron enough’.

The implication was that I don’t care, enough, that Jews are dying in Gaza. Etc.

Why did my kid draw this conclusion? Because I refused to watch tear-jerking, manipulative interviews with October 7th survivors, and their family members on Yom HaZikaron.


For that brief couple of hours that the brainwashing kicked back in again, it didn’t matter that I spent literally a whole month after October 7th saying the whole book of tehillim, every single day, to try and ‘protect’ the soldiers who were going to be sent into Gaza.

It didn’t matter that I say the Rav’s prayer for the soldiers and the hatufim every single day.

It didn’t matter that I’ve contributed a buchta of cash to try to get the Rav’s Torah written to protect the soldiers and stop the war.

(You can join me in that endeavor – see the end for how to do that.)

It didn’t matter that so much of my hitbodedut has been tied up with trying to manage my worry and sadness about the situation in our failed State, not least, the young men being cynically sent to die and get their legs blown off in Gaza, as our politicians play games with us all.

All that mattered, is that I didn’t fall into a massive state of sadness and depression by gorging on manipulate Yom HaZikaron content.


When the brainwashing wore off, a couple of hours after Yom HaZikaron had ended, my daughter apologised.

But in the meantime, we were ready for ‘ra ra Independence Day’!!!!

With yet more planes flying overhead!!!!

And other ostentatious displays of military might, and stupid, empty speeches from politicians and ‘leaders’ about the power of this failed State, that just ring so very hollow in 2024.


I decided, I’m not doing anything special, at all, this year.

Not even a token BBQ for my kids.



In the meantime, my neighbor downstairs, who’d been programmed for the ‘down’ on Yom HaZikaron, obediently got programmed for the ‘up’ now the magic switch had been flipped, and ‘sadness’ had turned to ‘joy’.

Just like that. In the space of a minute.


On Yom HaZikaron, she told me she wasn’t going to eat the cookies I brought her yet, along with the Rav’s prayer for Yom HaZikaron, because she ‘didn’t want happy things in her mouth today’.

Eight hours later, the music was turned way, way up, and she was having a very loud, very long party in the garden, rehashing 70s rock hits with a bunch of friends.


What changed, all of a sudden?

Did we just win the war in Gaza?

Did techiat hameitim happen and all the dead came back to life?

Did all our corrupt politicians and army leaders get arrested?


Just the brainwashing program had switched from the ‘down’ to the ‘up’, and so millions of people here had their emotions manipulated by the media and social media into a (kinda fake…) state of (fake…) ‘pseudo-joy’.


I walked around doing hitbodedut for an hour in the afternoon, and saw a bunch of people doing BBQs, of course. But in a pretty subdued way.

There were very few Israeli flags being flown this year.

Even though the brainwashing is still so very strong, there are encouraging signs that it’s finally reaching the expiration date.


Next year, we’ll be having a different celebration of ‘Remembrance’ – the remembrance that this whole world is just a corridor to the World to Come.

And that rectifying the soul is the main point of everything that’s happening down here, in ‘crazy world’.

And we’ll also be celebrating ‘Independence’ in a totally different way, too, next year.

Independence from the corruption of the failed State and army; independence from foreign control; independence from all the ‘brainwashing’, that keeps us so small, spiritually, and so easy to manipulate and fool.

Bezrat Hashem.


But for now, the ‘brainwashing storm’ has passed on into the night.

I am free to feel sad again, if I want – and also, to feel happy again, regardless of how ‘bleak’ the outlook currently looks in the world, and especially in Israel.

The worry and strain is really starting to get to a whole bunch of people.

The war is dragging on, with no end in sight.

The casualties are climbing higher and higher.

But Rabbenu teaches mitzva gadolah l’hiot b’simcha. L’hiot b’simcha tamid.


It’s very hard to hang on to happiness right now.

But remaining ‘positive’ about this process we are all going through has never been more important.

Or more difficult.



A parchment (20,000 nis)
A page (5,000 nis)
Anything smaller

Read the footnotes for this one, so you start to understand a little how many ‘secrets’ the Rav is giving over.

But only if a person is willing to work a little bit, to try to uncover them.

I had no idea what the Rav was really saying, until I cracked open the Likutey Moharan…. I translated that main bit of Likutey Moharan too, below.

But please go and read the whole shiur, to start to grasp more of what’s really under discussion, here, and why it’s so important to come and pray with the Rav, and to also participate in the songs and niggunim.

It’s literally cleaning off the soul.

And when the soul is ‘cleaned’, there are very few dinim hanging over that person.


Excerpt of a shiur given by the Rav on 28th Nissan, 5784, after the Ma’ariv prayers

“Raise your voice like a shofar.”[1]

The Rebbe says that in Lesson 8[2] that a shofar is niggunim (melodies).[3]

72 ‘voices’ of niggunim. The Rebbe says that everything is only niggunim, it’s just songs.

People see they are singing[4] – they run away.

The whole prayers is quarter of an hour, from ‘Barchu’ until Shemoneh Esrei, this is quarter of an hour. This is all the prayers. Afterwards, there are niggunim, after this, there is a shiur.

The shiur used to always be a minute, today we stopped during chol hamoed, because of the Sefira (counting the Omer). Now, we are starting to renew the shiurim, to renew the shiurs. Maybe it will help that we we will start to learn a little, what is this with Nadav and Avihu, it will start to interest [people].

Why did they say, that they should die, already?


After all, Esav said, that my father should die already, yemach shemo, this father, what a father I have – he stole the blessings from me, he out-witted me.

When Esav heard his father’s words, he cried out an exceedingly great and bitter cry, and said to his father, ‘Bless me too, Father!’

But he said, ‘Your brother came b’mrmah (with cleverness) and took your blessing.’ He said, ‘is it because his name was called Yaakov (from ekev – heel) that he outwitted me these two times? He took away my birthright and see, now he took away my blessing!’”[5]

‘B’mrmah’ – this is the gematria of ‘afikomen’.

‘B’mrmah’ is 287, he missed out on the afikomen. Why? Because he tied up tzvi’im (deers).


Esav knew how to hunt deer.

In the end, [instead of bringing Yitzhak venison] he brought dog-meat. The Targum says ‘dog’, because he wanted to catch deer, and each hour he was trapping another deer, and another deer, and tying them up.

But [the Angel] Gabriel came, and untied the knots, until in the end, he hardly had even one deer left. And even that one didn’t stay.

[So Esav] brought dog-meat.

In the end he came, and he missed-out on the afikomen. He missed-out on the afikomen.

You shouldn’t miss-out on the afikomen, I’m cautioning you. You want to run away in the middle of the Seder, I remember. Yaakov ran away in the middle, but Esav came dafka on time. He was a good boy. But this was already after Leil Seder, this was after the afikomen.

He lost everything.


Everything is the afikomen – the afikomen is all the salvations, all the mochin (intellectual grasp / ‘brains’).

This is k’neged (set against the) Korban Pesach. We need to eat two zeitim – [for the] Korban Pesach and Hagigah. One k’zeit we eat [with the blessing] ‘motzay lechem min ha’aretz’. The second k’zeit [we say] ‘al achilat matzah’.

And after this the third [k’zeit] at the ‘Korech’, and there are those who do two times ‘Korech’, so they even eat two zeitim.

So we need to learn the Haggadah before Leil Seder, to understand why [we do what we do].


And the Rambam says to drink the fifth cup.

The Rambam says ‘and there are those whose custom is to drink the fifth cup, the cup of Elijah HaNavi’. And they say Nishmat over this. There are no end of things, and it’s also possible to learn the Mishna Brurah.


The first thing is the Mishna Brurah.

When I entered yeshiva, my father said to me, ‘now you are really going to start learning Gemara.’

Beforehand, I had to know the Mishna Brurah. To know the halachot, the halachot of Shabbat, the halachot of blessings, the halachot of Kriat Shema al ha meita (reading Shma at bedtime). To know the simple halachot, to know what to do!

5.30 is netz (dawn) and at 20.00 it’s already ging to be shkeia (twilight), in another little while. So, it’s possible to learn for 14.5 hours! And after this, another hour for ma’ariv, and then afterwards it’s possible to learn until 22.00.

From 22.00 until 6.00, this is eight hours [to sleep]…by 22.00, it’s possible to finish the whole SHAS. Whoever learns until 22.00, they can learn…


R Chaim Kanievsky learnt just the parsha for a whole year.

So they went to this father [the Steipler Gaon, R Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky] – what,he’s not learning?! He’s not in the yeshiva! We don’t see him at all!

So [the Steipler] went to check things out, what’s happening, with my son? He discovered that he was closed up [in his room] for 12 hours, and that he was learning the commentaries on the parsha.

A person needs to know, that the first thing is to learn all the commentaries on the parsha. Long days like these, now, such long days – instead of being gangsters and criminals and shababnikim and hooligans – there is what to do!

Go and learn the parsha, there are a thousand kooshiot (questions) on every verse.



[1] Isaiah 58:1.

[2] Likutey Moharan II:8.

[3] The explanation in Likutey Moharan reads:

“Now there is soul-nourishment and body-nourishment, and body-nourishment weakens soul-nourishment. This is because body-nourishment, which is food and drink, empowers the heel of the Realm of Evil….This can be rectified by way of the ‘Voice’

The ‘Voice’ waters the Garden where all fragrances and fears grow…this Voice waters the Garden, by way of which all fragrances – which symbolize fear / awe, which is the soul’s nourishment – grow. This is because this Voice subdues the heel of the Realm of Evil, since this Voice is represented by ‘The voice is the voice of Yaakov’, which is why Jacob attained ‘fragrance’, as in: ‘See, my son’s fragrance is like the fragrance of the field,’ which refers to Yaakov. Thus, he subdues the heel of the Real of Evil, as in: ‘His hand was grasping Esav’s heel.’


Now, this voice symbolises the voice of the capable rebuker, as in: ‘Raise your voice like a shofar, and tell My people their transgressions.’

This is because the rebuker who wants to rebuke the Jewish people and tell them their transgressions and sins must possess this Voice, so that he does not cause them a sense of malodorous repulsiveness by way of arousing their sins, as said.

Therefore, he must possess this Voice, for by virtue of this Voice he adds and imbues them with a fragrant odour, for this Voice causes all fragrances to grow, since this Voice waters the Garden, as said.


This is alluded to in: ‘Raise your voice like a shofar’ – specifically like a shofar, for this voice that waters the Garden, which is represented by, ‘A river comes forth from Eden,’ corresponds to the Voice of Song that will be aroused in the future, when the world will be renewed, which is a simple, double, triple and quadruple song.

This is the allusion of ‘KaShofar’ (like a shofar), which is the acronym of pashut (simple), kaful (double), shalush (triple), ravua (quadruple), which represents the Song of the Future, which corresponds to the Voice that waters the Garden, for specifically by virtue of this Voice, he is able to rebuke.

And thus, ‘Raise your voice like a shofar’ – specifically, like a shofar.”

The suggestion seems to be that the Rav’s niggunim are actually ‘rebuking’ the people who hear them, in such a gentle way that they don’t notice, but which still strengthens their souls and weakens their tendence to commit transgressions.

[4] I.e.The singing before and after the evening prayers with the Rav, on Ido HaNavi Street.

[5] Bereishit 27:34-36.

Excerpt 3, from the Rav’s shiur from last week.

Read parts 1 and 2 by clicking the numbers.


Excerpt 3 of a shiur given by the Rav on 28th Nissan, 5784, after the Ma’ariv prayers

So now, we are [studying the parsha] of Nadav and Avihu.

This by itself could take a whole year.

There are 15 reasons [why Hashem killed them]. That they spoke lashon hara about Moshe. So what was the lashon hara?

They said: Moshe is ascending to shemayim, so we will be the leaders of the generation. Because Moshe is from the old generation, and we are from the new generation.”


The ARI says: Those who entered the land, they weren’t the same people who left Mitzrayim.

The ones who left Mitzrayim were the souls of Leah. They recieved the 10 Commandments.

[But] those who entered the land were ‘Rachel’. Eretz Canaan – Eretz Canaan is ‘Rachel’. Rachel and Leah.[1]

We learn all this from the Etz Chayim, in 68 he explains what the ‘meraglim’ (spies) are, and what the ‘dor de’ah’ is, the generation of the Aretz.

We need to govern the people according to the new mochin (intelligence / perceptions). Moshe is a different mochin.

They didn’t [believe that they were] speaking lashon hara.


But no-one ‘knows’ that they are talking lashon hara.

When a person says lashon hara, he absolutely doesn’t know that he is saying lashon hara. He thinks he’s speaking lashon tov.

And so because of this, there is no geula.

With avoda zara, there was geula.[2] With arayot there were geula. Because a person knows, I did something, I did something bad, I committed adultery, I did something with my sister – so he knows that he did something bad.

And he makes teshuva.

He serves avoda zara – he knows he’s committed a sin.


But with lashon hara – he thinks that this is lashon tov, he thinks it’s the language of doing a mitzvah. And so, he will never make teshuva.

The Gemara says about this, in Yoma 9b, that the former generation, their sins were revealed – and their ‘end’ was revealed.  They knew that they’d worshipped avoda zara, they knew that they’d committed immoral acts.

But the latter generations – this was sinat chinam. Each person was listening to lashon hara, and then he was ‘obligated’ to believe it. Nothing would help him.

The best thing is not to listen at all. If he already heard it – he was lost.

So then, he’d have to go through another 100 reincarnations. And it still wouldn’t help him.


So, it’s the same thing with Eliezer (the servant of Avraham Avinu.)

He was sure that Avraham was wrong. He had no doubt about this.

[How was going to find] One kosher girl amongst a million girls?! How was he going to find her?!

What, he’s going to bring her to a doctor?! What is he doing here?!


Avraham said to him: My angel will go before you.

The first woman you meet – this is the shidduch. Because a man needs to know that the first woman he meets – this is the shidduch!

If he starts looking for other shidduchim, he’s just going to go from the frying pan to the fire. Rav Elya Lopian said this. He told us this in Kfar Chassidim.[3] [He said]: The first woman you meet – close it! The second one – this is already not your wife.


The shidduch is ‘the first one’.

Say some dvar Torah, say something. Don’t just talk nonsense during the meeting, say over a dvar Torah.

And then the shidduch will work. The shidduch will be successful.



[1] The Rav is referring to very deep kabbalistic concepts when he speaks about ‘Rachel and Leah’.

[2] The Rav is now referring to the three cardinal sins that caused the destruction of the First Temple – but where the exile only lasted for 70 years, until the Jews were partially redeemed to their land and the Second Temple was built.

[3] This is the location of the mussar yeshiva that the Rav attended as a young man, located close to Haifa. See One in a Generation Volume I for more details, and also read more about who Rav Elya Lopian actually was, HERE.

Here’s another excerpt from the long shiur I’m translating from the Rav.

BH, I will put up a few more excerpts too.

They contain astounding information, and need quite a bit of ‘unpacking’.

Here’s excerpt 2, where the Rav tells us that right from the beginning of the ‘chassidic aliyah’, the tzedaka being raised for ‘Eretz Yisrael’ was being funnelled into private pockets.

I’ll have a lot more to say about this shortly – it dovetails perfectly with so much of the information I’ve been gathering from my end of the equation.

In the meantime, there are so many clues here. And I encourage you, dear reader, to really try to think for yourself, about all the clues and hints in the Rav’s shiurim.

Engaging with his shiurim from that place of trying to figure them out, even if we don’t really get it, kick-starts the whole process of ‘expanding the mind’, and helps a person to start thinking in some different, and very enjoyable ways.

So, take the pressure off about trying to understand all this 100%, and just enjoy the process of exploration.

It’ll really start to change the way you think about things, and how you see the world – in a very beneficial way.


Excerpt 2 of a shiur given by the Rav on 28th Nissan, 5784, after the Ma’ariv prayers

In the end, they kidnapped Adel.[1]

They said that the most tasty flesh in the world was Adel. They called this a ‘d-e-l-i-c-a-c-y’. I also tasted, it was really a delicacy. It was such tasty meat, I’ll bring some to your home. Adel’s flesh is the most tasty meat in the world.

They tied her to a tree, they lit the bonfire.

And after that, they also kidnapped her father, in the end they also took her father, poor thing. What was he guilty of?! OK, they wanted to eat his daughter, ok, fine, eat until you are sated, you’re allowed.

But also him?! How am I to blame, that I’m her father?! They also took the father.

And there was the shamash (attendant) there, poor thing – R Hirsch, the poor thing, the unfortunate.

He wasn’t part of things at all, but they also tied him up, and they also wanted to eat him.


So Rabbi Hirsch said to the Baal Shem Tov, Rebbe, why are you quiet?! Cry out!!

[The Baal Shem Tov said to him]: What ‘cry out’?! My mochin (brain) has disappeared! I am left with no mochin! I am tied to a tree, what can I do? They want to eat me, and they are saying it’s a ‘delicacy’.!!

So the Baal Shem Tov said to R’ Hirsch, Nu, so you cry out!

[Reb Hirsch replied] How can I cry out? Where’s my mochin?!

[The BESHT said to him] Say something! Cry out! What do you remember? The Alef-Bet? So scream out the Alef-Bet!

[Reb Hirsch started to scream out] Alef, bet, gimmel, dalet, hey, vav….


Suddenly, they heard the FBI had arrived. The FBI came. It was the CIA, or…merkavah (chariot) with four horses, everything gold.

(I think they had a smartphone, they hid it under their clothes, they connected the FBI, the FBI arrived.)

This was Eliyahu HaNavi. He cut their bonds for them, put them up on the ship, the ship got to Istanbul – and so, we tell over the story on the Shvi’i shel Pesach.

Next year, it falls out on Shabbat. So, there is what to learn from the story of the Baal Shem Tov, to know, why did they tie up Adel? Why did they tie up the Baal Shem Tov?


And the Rebbe was also from the hatufim (the kidnapped).

Adel was from the hatufim, and they didn’t want to free her. They wanted 1,500 terrorists for her, so the Baal Shem Tov didn’t agree. The Baal Shem Tov was ‘right-wing’, and they were lefties. They wanted to give 1,500 terrorists for her. Or even [text missing].

In any case, this was the problem.

And then, Blinken and Biden came, and they said….In the end, they came down from 1,500 to 1,000. There was already ‘a breakthrough’, we got to a ‘breakthrough’. Instead of 1,500, we’ll make it 1,000.

This was fantastic progress!

They announced across the whole of the media that they’d made progress. Instead of giving 1,500 [terrorists] for each hostage, they’d reached a compromise, Israel is flexible, Israel is putting it’s head down, a bit.

They compromised on 1,000 terrorists – there’s dancing across the whole State.

They already danced for 12 hours. See, it’s possible to compromise with the Hamas! With the Jews, it’s already a problem, they aren’t prepared, they aren’t prepared to give 1,500 terrorists for a hostage…

So, it was 1,500 for Adel’eh.


And when they kidnapped the Rebbe[2], they wanted 5,000 terrorists.

They said: Rebbe Nachman?! We’ve caught Rebbe Nachman?!

They wanted 5,000 terrorists for the Rebbe. For the Rebbe, 5,000 terrorists? Where are they going to get 5,000 terrorists from?

There are terrorists they imprisoned in Turkey, in France – they wanted all of the terrorists in the whole wide world, if this is Rebbe Nachman!

It’s like what they said during the journey to Eretz Yisrael [text missing], Rebbe Nachman, [text missing], to the Rebbe’s attendant, when they threw him down the stairs….[3]


The Rebbe came to eat on Shabbat.

He didn’t want to steal their food from them, like Shuvu Banim, who steals food. He came to them nicely, he said, can I eat with you?

[They said to him] You are a criminal! You are coming to go against the people of Eretz Yisrael, you are the son of the Komarna!


At that time, the Komarna was the chief opponent against the people of Eretz Yisrael.

It was said that all the money was going into private pockets.

There was a kupah (charitable collection) for Eretz Yisrael, that the Baal HaTanya was in charge of. And there was a machloket (disagreement) about who the money was going to.

One person said it was going to the zionists, it was going into private pockets.

He was against hamaot [giving the small change] for Eretz Yisrael. There was the Kupat Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, there was the Machazit HaShekel.

In the end, [text missing] took it all for themselves.

Not a penny got to the chareidim.

This was all ‘chareidi people’ that did this, and they took it all for themselves.

This is the true story, according to its most simple telling.


We need to read all the stories, there is what to do.

Now it’s such a long day, now it’s 22.00, we need to know all the stories, about what the People of Israel have gone through, what injuries we’ve suffered at the hands of the zionists.

They took the money!

The Machazit HaShekel!

People here were destroyed by hunger.


HaRav Aryeh Levine, the Rav of the prisoners[4], the Rav of the prison – they sent him money from abroad.

The gabbai [who was responsible for distributing the money in Israel], he was a chareidi gabbai. He said: I am not giving you the money, [first] I want to check if there is another ‘Aryeh Levine’. Maybe there are two ‘Aryeh Levines’. Who says, there is only one?

[R Aryeh Levine told him] My son is being destroyed by hunger. My son, a baby of one year old, I don’t have food for him!

That was the situation here, simply put.

[The gabbai replied] First, I need to go and check.


Great. Until he made his checks – the boy passed away.

In the end, [the gabbai] came to the shiva, and he said: I checked. There is no other ‘Aryeh Levine.’ There is only one ‘Aryeh Levine’. Take all the money.

Now you are coming?! I told you that my son didn’t have food, and that he was going to die!

People need to be familiar with all the stories, how there was such poverty in Jerusalem.


[Skipping some].

So now, we find ourselves in the most awful period that there has been in Eretz Yisrael.

After 80 years where they founded a state of criminals here, of murderers.

All the government ministers are a collection of murderers, a conglomeration of thugs, of Haidemaks.

That the army only got [to the communities around the Gaza Envelope] after four days – they’d already slaughtered everyone.

Now, they are recounting what happened, half a year ago. The army only came after four days. They slaughtered children, babies, women, children.

In Be’eri, they slaughtered 100, and in Nir Oz, they only showed up after four days – the army. After they’d already slaughtered everyone, and not a single one remained alive. That’s when the army came.


So, they are saying that the mefakdim (army commanders) were ‘confused’.

It’s not like the Yom Kippur war, that within two hours…

Everyone on Simchat Torah, everyone on Simchat Torah was drunk. They were in Eilat, they were like that, in hotels, they weren’t answering their telephones.

They said terrorists are coming in! – but the army didn’t recieve any notices. They didn’t know how to proceed. There are other stories that we’ll tell, during the time of…[text  missing].

It’s going to take another 100 years, to tell over all the stories.



[1] The Rav is referring back to the famous story that Breslov (and other chassiduts) tell on the Shvi’i shel Pesach, of when the Baal Shem Tov tried to get to Eretz Yisrael with his daughter Adel.

[2] See Shivchey HaRan for the full story of how Rebbe Nachman and his attendant were held hostage aboard a Turkish warship which they mistakenly boarded when they were fleeing from Acco, a day before Napoleon began his assault against the city. (In English, translated in the book ‘His Wisdon’, by the Breslov Research Institute.)

[3] A reference to the two Jews the Rebbe and his attendant met on the way to Israel, who mistakenly thought they were spies coming to make trouble for the Jewish community of Eretz Yisrael. The Rebbe asked if he could eat with them, as they had slaughtered kosher meat, but they didn’t want to admit him.

[4] Who were being held by the British Mandate Authorities, primarily but not only in Jerusalem.

This is a bit of a ‘flurry’ of stuff going up at the mo.

For a few different reasons, including that I came back from Rashbi with a lot of energy, BH. And also, that I decided to try and translate almost a whole shiur of the Rav, so that more people can actually understand the depth and breadth of the Torah learning and knowledge going on here.

I tend to just translate the ‘low hanging fruit’ from the Rav’s shiurim, because that’s the easiest stuff for me to do, and it’s usually related to current affairs.

But I’m starting to realise that it’s good to translate more of the true richness of the Rav’s shiurim, and to stop thinking that most people are too dumb to grasp it.

That’s probably true for some people out there, and I guess they’ll either persevere, or give up and go elsewhere.

But most of the people who are regularly visiting this blog are actually pretty darned clever, Baruch Hashem.

And now more of my own arrogance is starting to dissolve a bit, I can see that it’s better to just put out as much as possible, and to stop worrying about ‘explaining’ what the Rav is saying (like I even know…) or trying to ‘dumb things down’ to make it more accessible.

Things are plenty ‘dumb enough’, online, without me adding to it.

And each person will take their own ‘gems’ away from the Rav’s words, in their own unique way.


Before you read the first section, below, this is a comment the Hava just put up in the comments on THIS post:

Here’s an interesting comment from another blog about the failed State:

” Anonymous Anonymous said…

Northern leaders announce communities will secede from Israel on Independence Day

As 80,000 Israelis are still displaced from their homes with no information about when they can expect to return, frustration among northern residents is growing, with some leaders seeking to break away from the State of Israel altogether.

Moshe Davidovitch, head of the Mateh Asher Regional Council and chair of the Confrontation Line Forum declared, “The soul of the public in the north has been torn apart by the lack of action.”

He added, “From now on, we will stop listening to the government; we will run as an independent country and act independently without a state.””


This could be how Israel really fails, if the perimeter secedes on all sides — or maybe most.

We will really need Mashiah then, if we didn’t think we really needed him now, never mind the 200-years-from-now statement. The blog is the End of Days/Years of Awe, at the moment I posted, the last comment:

I myself have had the idea that secession might be the way parts of the country could defend themselves against attack without government interference, but I didn’t dare say so, to my chagrin.


And now, read this, the first part of the shiur from the Rav:

Excerpt of a shiur given by the Rav on 28th Nissan, 5784, after the Ma’ariv prayers:

They said that I was Moshiach, and that I will reveal myself on Purim.

In the end [text is missing in the newsletter] with the tikshoret (communication / speaker system), I don’t know what.

I didn’t reveal myself.

Now, they are still makpidim against me (holding a grudge, judging harshly) because of this. They aren’t forgiving me.

It was publicised that they should come with tattoos, they should come with nose rings, they should come with earrings – nobody came.

This was a very big mashber (‘shattering’, breaking).

It was also a mashber for me.

And I ask for forgiveness, that I didn’t reveal myself.

And there will be a wait for another 200 years.

The Gaon said that the Moshiach will come, really, in another 200. Only in another 200.

Only at the end of the 6,000.


We have another 200 years to learn the parsha, to finish eight pages of gemara every day.

A long [Shabbat] day like this, 5.30 is netz, 19.30 is shkia, and in the month of Sivan, it’s already going to be six minutes to 20.00. [Shabbat] will be 14 and a half hours, and there’s what to do, there’s what to learn.


You can’t learn Gemara? So learn the parsha! Read the parsha with the ‘Kli Yakar’, with Rashi. Each person should sit with their wife, and read the parsha.

We need to know the parsha, why Nadav and Avihu were burnt, what’s the explanation, that they said Moshe and Aharon should die, already?

Even Datan and Aviram didn’t say this.


Datan and Aviram said [to Moshe and Aharon] why are you so arrogant?

You took all the jobs, all the portfolios, for yourselves! Defense Minister, and ‘Kehuna’ Minister, and Justice Minister. Each of you has 10 portfolios in their hands. Stop this!

There are 250 men, and they want you to distribute the portfolios to them!

There will be 250 portfolios – the ‘Jerusalem Minister’, and the ‘Meron Minister’, and this one will be the ‘Tsfat Minister’. And this one will be the Minister of Tiveria, and there will be a Minister of Eilat, and a Minister of the Negev, and Minister of the Galilee.


And this one will be the ‘Minister of the Coffee Shop’, and that one will be the ‘Minister of the discotheques’, and there will be a ‘Minister of the Supermarkets’

It’s possible to create 250 ‘ministers’, this is not going to be a problem. Each person will get 50,000 shekels a month.

So, 250 men came, we also want a portfolio, what, don’t we deserve it?!

But they didn’t say they should die.

They didn’t say to Moshe: Die, already! It’s enough! Enough!

[Instead], they said: We want a portfolio, we went to be a part of the government, and a Member of the Knesset.

And “why do you exalt yourselves over the congregation of Hashem?”[1]

You took all the portfolios! Leave some for other people, so they’ll look at you with a favorable eye!


So, at the end of the day, Datan and Avraham wanted a tik (portfolio)[2].

A tik (fil) with the police, a tik (briefcase) in Gaza, a tik Rafiach, a tik in Khan Younis – each person will recieve a tik. Each person will get a tik.


You want to eat some food?

Go to Gaza – there, it’s possible to eat all the food.


[1] Bamidbar 16:3.

[2] The Hebrew word ‘tik’ has many translations, including portfolio, file, briefcase, bag, etc.