The Left arranged everything

This is the second part of the Rav’s shiur in the week of Parshat Vayekhel 5784, to the Breslov community of Eilat.

Read the first part HERE.

BH, I am working on translating a ‘nevua’ the Rav gave over the last few days via Rav Elmaliach. It’s very hard Hebrew – mamash not at all how the Rav himself usually speaks – and it’s mind-blowing.

I will try to post that up on Thursday, BH.

In the meantime, here’s more of the Rav’s comments.


Now, we are regretting.

One person came from Holon to rescue [people on Simchat Torah]. People came, people arrived within an hour.

The whole distance is an hour’s journey from Metulla. From Jerusalem, it’s half an hour. People arrived within two hours. Already, all the [army] bases were full with 400,000 soldiers, who came.

They didn’t give them weapons.

They wanted everyone to be slaughtered, and like this, they would topple Bibi. That everyone would be slaughtered, and they slaughtered 1,500 bochurim (young men).

They slaughtered them with all the tortures in the world.

They slaughtered them, gouged out their eyes, all sorts of things. People saw it all, they recounted what happened there.

In the most cruel way, they killed them.


And the point of all this was to topple the government.

Everyone was a partner in this, because they said that [the terrorists] were breaking the fence.

Within a second, a plane could come – what’s the problem?!

There were a couple of bulldozers there, and they broke down the fence.

I was also there, and I saw how they destroyed the fence. I contacted the generals, and they said [to everyone who called them]:

No, you are dreaming a dream. It’s impossible, this is an impregnable fence, it’s impassable, it’s impossible to blow it up, it’s impossible to break it.

But they are breaking it! I see that they are breaking it down!!!

You aren’t seeing anything, you are hallucinating. You drank a lot of champagne, you are day-dreaming….


They called all the commanders, [told them] that they are breaking down the fence.

They told them:

You are going to jail! If you call us one more time, you are going to prison, because you are harassing us! You are bothering us for nothing!

This is a true story, how many people told this over, it just doesn’t end. And they didn’t give them weapons.

For two days, they didn’t give them weapons.

The people in charge of the guns said that they didn’t have the keys to the armouries, and then when they opened the armoury, it was empty. And they said do a list! It’s impossible to give out guns, stam! We need to know who we are giving them to! We haven’t done a list!

And this is how they held on to them for two days, until they [the Hamas] had slaughtered everyone.


In Kissufim, they only got there on Wednesday morning – in Kissufim.

Kissufim is the most south. And the [kibbutz’s security] co-ordinator had one hand gund and 15 bullets.

And it’s illegal to keep your own bullets in the State. Either it’s illegal to have a handgun, or it’s illegal to have a handgun with bullets.

At the [Nova] party, no-one had a single bullet in the whole party. It didn’t exist. There were a few security guards, but without bullets.

Everything, the Left arranged, so they would slaughter everyone.


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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    There’s stuff all over the place that the US has agents among the Left here who are helping them bring down Bibi. Isn’t this treason?

    My post, which I left here in your last post, has a lot of info at the bottom of the page, it might save you some time; and I’m keeping track as best I can of Bibi’s actions after he said, “with God’s help.” We won’t know until we see what he does with that.

    Einat Wilf came up with a term: deep legitimacy, which she claims the Right, Bibi and Torah Jews don’t have, here in Israel. Only the Left & seculars should rule, according to them, even though the Right has the numbers and the votes. Doesn’t that make her undemocratic, and all the more so, them? For me, this proves the screaming need for judicial reform, as long as this government system lasts (which I hope won’t be for much longer).

    I hope I’m doing some serious azamra for Bibi. It’s the first time I’ve identified such a big need for it.


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