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The Titanic Test of spotting narcs

A few years ago, I did a deep-dive on ‘narcissists’ and so-called ‘Narcissist Personality Disorder’ (NPD). By ‘deep dive’, I mean I read tens of books, did hours and hours and hours of praying about how to handle the ‘narcs’ in my own life, and my own ‘narcissistic tendencies’, that I was just waking up […]

Previous lives and post-Purim explanations

I had a long trip to make today, which gave me the chance to listen to some shiurim from Rav Shlomo Elmaliach, from post Purim. I’m just going to paraphrase what Rav Elmaliach was saying, the main points. If you have Hebrew, I highly recommend you listen yourself, as there are undoubtedly some nuances and […]

Simcha on Purim is a mitzva d’orayta

Here in Israel, there was a ‘debate’ about whether we were allowed to be happy on Purim. I was hoping to get this shiur translated and up before Purim, but in the end that didn’t happen, so I’m sticking it up now. I still have more to translate from this particular shiur – it’s the […]

Reflection vs reaction

It’s amazing how different life is ‘offline’. Now that I am having a regular three days off from the ‘pace’ of keeping up with the internet, and the 24 hour (fake) ‘news’ cycle, that just keeps us all hopping from one manipulated event to another, I feel like my brain is finally starting to kick […]

Earthquakes on the horizon?

I am super-dizzy today. I think there might be more earthquakes on the horizon. I am going offline until Thursday now, but in partial answer to SimchavSasson’s query about what might be going on with solar flares and sunspots etc, this video has some interesting information on man-made directed energy effects on our planet.

Bombing Kiev, Carrington Events, and WWIII

One of my readers just sent me this: (These are screenshots, btw, don’t try to ‘play’ the images.) In the middle of the night from Fri March 22 to Sat 23 (Shabbat night) there was a very large explosion on the sun, earth directed, from a huge sunspot in the center of the earth facing […]

Some thoughts on the ‘coming of Moshiach’

Shavua Tov! So…. What happened yesterday, motzash, down on Ido HaNavi? The short answer is: nothing much. Me and my husband got into our glad rags, we got there an hour later than planned, at 9.30 ish, because my daughter was running late and that’s when she could take us…. And the Rav had already […]

A new prophecy of the Geula

A couple of days’ ago, Rav Elmaliach read out a ‘prophecy’ he recieved from the Rav. You can hear that for yourself here: == My husband listened to it – and then couldn’t sleep the whole night. He said his head was literally full of ‘light’ the whole night, or what Breslovers call orot. He saved […]