There is no more America

More hints from the Rav.

Translated from Shivivei Or, 343.

Now at this moment, we are now finding ourselves at the greatest moment of Parshat Bo.

That now Parshat Bo is starting, ‘Come to Pharoah’ – because Hashem said to him that Pharoah is going to make teshuva. You are going to see!

Because Pharoah was against the decrees.

IT’s written in the Midrash Rabba that they said to him [Pharoah] that if you are against the decrees, then you can’t be king.

Because he didn’t want to do the decree against the Jews, because he knew that ultimately, everyone would be drowned. He knew.


[There was the prophecy:]

Know with certainty that your offspring will be strangers in a land not their own – and they will serve them and they will oppress them – 400 years.[1]

The whole world knew this prophecy.

Once, there still wasn’t a Tanach, but the prophecy that Abraham recieved – this was in all the languages, in the 70 languages, your offspring will be strangers in a land not their own – and they will serve them and they will oppress them – 400 years.


So, everyone knew about the 400 years, so Yitro ran away.

Pharoah had three advisors. Iyov said to him, 400 years, this is 20 generations. Every 20 years, this is another generation.

Every 20 years there is another birth, and then they used to get married even at age 12, so there are even more than 40 generations.

So, what do you think about there being more than 40 generations?! Torture them, [because] you can’t kill them.

Bilaam said, come, let’s kill them, let’s annihilate them.

They said to Og King of the Bashan, where does your strength lie? Og used to say that he was going to annihilate Avraham.


Avraham broke the idols.

Do you know what it means, to break idols? There was nobody who believed [in Hashem], other than Methuselach, but Methuselach closed himself up in some suburb.

No-one cared to break idols. The first one who broke idols was Avraham Avinu. He said, I am going to break all the idols!

They told him, we are going to throw you into the fire!

Let them throw me in the fire!

In the end, he [Nimrod] got angry, why isn’t the fire burning him?

He got angry. They said, Haran is a sorcerer! Haran is doing magic! Now, we are going to throw Haran in! Then it will be seen that the fire burns!

They said that he was doing magic, that the fire wouldn’t burn.


It’s like what is told about Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi, who lowered himself into a bath when the walls were red from the heat, and he came out alive.

Because he….used to cool off the water.


So the king [Nimrod] saw the angel Gabriel in the middle of the fire, cooling off the kiln. So the king bowed to him [to Avraham].

The king [Nimrod], instead of saying that there is Elokim, he said to [Avraham], you are God.

This is easier.

If Avraham is God, then it’s possible to do whatever you want – he doesn’t see anything. [But], if [Nimrod] would say Hashem – He is Elokim! – so Hashem sees everything, whatever is going on.

Hashem sees from one end of the world to the other.

But if Avraham is God, then it’s possible to do whatever you want, because the idol worshipers do whatever they want, whatever appeals to them. They just go to the idol.

And the notzrim are idol worshippers. So the notzrim do whatever they want, on the Xmas holiday.


So now, we are learning Parshat Bo, where Nimrod said I have discovered a new ‘god’.

He didn’t want to admit that Hashem, He is God, because if Hashem is God, then you need to guard your eyes, it’s forbidden to look.


Yosef said to the brothers, it’s forbidden to look!

The brothers said, it doesn’t harm us.

What does it mean, it doesn’t harm? It does harm, even if you don’t have a forbidden thought – it still does harm. It creates demons. Each glance.

If a man sees a woman, this creates another demon, and another demon, and another demon – this is all the Nazis, and all the Romans, and all the Greeks, on Chanukah. All the Greeks.


So, if a person opens their eyes, he creates another demon, and another demon, and then he doesn’t have parnassa….

And he doesn’t understand why. Because you opened your eyes!

Now, we gathered together 100 billion – but don’t lose it, if you open your eyes, you’ll lose it.


You don’t need to travel to America.

It’s finished.

The story with America is finished.

There is no America.

It’s being blown up. Putin is exploding it. This is being rubbed out.

The whole of America has been deleted.

America is finished, ain, ain (figuratively it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist). Delete this, already.

There is only Eretz Yisrael.

Here there is all the shefa (bounty) in the whole world.

Hang on for another day or two.

You will see that the shefa will start to come.


[1] Parshat Lech Lecha 15:13.

6 replies
  1. AK
    AK says:

    So true, as an American I can honestly say America was lost a long time ago. To bad so many Jews there still are in denial. Shabbat Shalom, and may we see Moshiach soon!

  2. Gila
    Gila says:

    Only the deep state, amalek, corrupt part of America is lost.

    Q with Trump are the boots on the ground military effort in wiping evil off the planet.

    Israel is the center of the world.

    The good guys in America are doing their Tov She’B’Eisav part of the Divine plan.

    The King Cyrus, Mashiach Ben Yosef part, to pave the way for the Third Temple. In our days and quickly with Hashem fighting before us all the way.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Trump is a puppet…. Q is another CIA ‘psyop’…. and the ‘good’ in Eisav never includes it leaders – that is clearly set out in our Gemara, and other sources.

      The US military is the source of just about every evil going on right now… including what is in the shots, the frequencies irradiating everyone, the guns / drugs / people trafficking….

      If you are relying on Trump and the US military to rescue you, good luck.


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