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Napoleon’s Sanhedrin

Before we dive in to the next tranche of ‘real Jewish history’, let’s just do a recap of where we’ve got to, so far, in this series of masons and maskilim. Josef II, the ‘enlightened dictator’ of Vienna, was the brother of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France – and also head of a bunch of […]

Coping strategies

The last couple of days, I’ve been feeling unusually ‘stressed out’. We could blame ‘the war’, ‘the matzav’, ‘the weather’ – but that’s been going on for almost four months, already. And the type of stress I’ve been feeling the last two days has been almost exclusively ‘physical’, with strange pains and weird ‘vibes’ in […]

More Masons, Maskilim – and Mozart

I went back to the Rav’s comments about the ‘benevolent despot’ and lover of Eva Frank, Josef II of Austria. (Read that HERE.) When I started to take a closer look at the Jewish maskilim who were in Josef II’s circle, helping him to destroy the Jewish community from within while also promoting their satanic […]

Miracles at the Baba Sali

Shavua Tov! Some more interesting info from the Rav about the ‘near miss’ at the Baba Sali’s hiloula, two weeks ago. Translated from the Shivivei Or Newsletter 44. ===== Shiur given over Monday night, 7 Shvat, Parshat Bo (January 22, 2024) So 40 missiles stood ready to be launched at the hiloula of the Baba Sali. There […]

‘Friendly fire’, and a bit more light in the darkness

In Israel, it’s an ‘open secret’ that something very bad happened this week, that led to the deaths of so many soldiers when those buildings collapsed. By ‘very bad’, it’s understood ‘very corrupt and something stinks to high heaven’. They are talking about this ‘anti tank terrorist cell’, whatever, that could apparently appear out of […]

There is no more America

More hints from the Rav. Translated from Shivivei Or, 343. Now at this moment, we are now finding ourselves at the greatest moment of Parshat Bo. That now Parshat Bo is starting, ‘Come to Pharoah’ – because Hashem said to him that Pharoah is going to make teshuva. You are going to see! Because Pharoah […]

Masons, Monarchs and Maskilim

Well, the Rav’s comments about ‘Josef II’, the Holy Roman Emperor of Austria and brother of Marie Antoinette, led to some more massive bits of the ‘Frankist-Freemason’ puzzle falling into place. If you go to the ORDO AB CHAOS site HERE, you’ll find a whole big write up about Jacob Frank, the Asian Brotherhood – […]

Inside vs outside

Inside Israel now, more and more people are waking up that ‘something’ is not right here. That last horrible Gaza death trap, that killed 21 soldiers two days ago, is so obviously ‘wrong’, that even the so-called ‘normies’ are publically questioning if the IDF has been corrupted, and is deliberately sending our soldiers to their […]

Bring all our soldiers home, NOW

Another day, another ‘accident’ in Gaza. More than 20 killed, more than 20 wounded…. Tatty, we can’t any more! Say whatever you want, but it’s clear that the ‘friendly fire accidents’ in Gaza are killing and wounding way, way more of our soldiers than ‘Hamas’. In fact, it seems that our own army is now […]

Six hours of peace

For the first time since October 8, 2023, I had the head-space to do six hours of hitbodedut. There were no big ‘wow’ insights, but I just am feeling SO much calmer then when I began, earlier this morning. The madness is going up levels at the moment, and the ‘lie machine’ is spinning at […]