The death of the MSM

The YWN government propaganda site is in the middle of a new ‘make-over’.

I check it every couple of days, once, just to see what brand of ‘government propaganda’ is being put out to the one-and-a-half-retards who still believe the media.

Maybe, it was just early morning when I checked, and that’s why the ‘viewer counter’ for all the posts I was looking at was under 300….

Or maybe, the readership of these sites has truly crashed into the floor, and if not for all the ‘sponsorship’, ahem, they get from various places, they would have folded a longggggg time ago.


Amid all the doom-and-gloom, all the worry about the war, all the fear for Am Yisrael, there is some small glimmers of ‘hope’ starting to sprout.

Even on mainstream Israeli sites like Walla and Ynet (in Hebrew), I am noticing that between 60-80% of the comments below the posts are going against the narrative.

For example, Walla had a post up a few days ago about flu shots (sponsored by Astra Zeneca) – and I couldn’t believe the amount of invective it unleashed.

Against Walla itself.

And I’m seeing the same thing all over the place – that the comments section is ‘pushing back’, in a big way, against all the manipulative, brain-washing, zombie-fying lies and deceit and ‘social programming’ that we today call ‘news’.


Yesterday, someone sent me this article that Chananya Weissman wrote last week about the very slick ‘Bring them home’ campaign.

You can read it HERE.

It’s interesting that this campaign began within 24 hours of the kidnappings – before anyone really knew who had even been taken, and they were still fighting to recapture the kibbutizm along the Gaza border.

It’s also interesting that this campaign is being run by the same (very expensive….) ad agency that the MoH in Israel used to brainwash everyone with ‘Covid’.


I walk around Jerusalem, with the never-ending (and expensive…) supply of ‘Bring them home’ propaganda – which is reaching new lows, BTW.

They are now hanging out full size ‘reproductions’ of that SOS message apparently written by the three hostages in Gaza that were somehow killed ‘by mistake’, but who before they were killed, somehow managed to find enough paprika in a cupboard somewhere to somehow write an SOS message on a perfectly sized bit of white cloth….

Point is – the sickos behind this ‘Bring them home’ ad campaign have reproduced that white-cloth-with-paprika, and are now hanging it all over the railings by the side of the road here in Jerusalem.

And probably all over the country.


Millions, maybe even billions, is being spent by our own government on this ‘Bring them home’ campaign.


Yeah, I know that you and everyone else donated at least a billion dollars to fix that problem – but guess what?

It seems that very little of that money is actually getting to where it was meant to go.

I would LOVE to see a detailed statement of the spending of all this big charities, like the Joint, and the Jewish Federations, and all the rest of them, to see where all that massive bounty of cash ‘for the soldiers’, and ‘for the residents of the South and North’ actually went.


In the meantime, it breaks down like this:

No money for working guns or proper equipment for soldiers going into combat.

Tons of money for more nauseating ‘bring them home’ propaganda, that seems to be renewed every couple of days, at tremendous cost.


So, back to the media’s role in all this.

A little while ago, I wrote a post setting out how THE NARCISSIST MOTHERLAND operates.

The basic ‘tools’ of every narcissist, whether at the national, communal or personal level is:


But the way this stuff shakes down is that single narcissist by itself can’t actually do much to ‘police’ everyone else, and keep them inline.

Which is why every successful narcissist needs their gang of ‘flying monkeys’.


This screenshot comes from the VeryWellMind website, and is a good basic introduction to how ‘flying monkeys’ operate:


Basically, our ‘MSM’ is just another branch of government intelligence.

And ‘government intelligence’ is basically just one, big ‘FLYING MONKEY’ operation.

But here’s the thing: the guilt trips and manipulation and ‘threats’ really only work when you and me haven’t figured out that the ‘flying monkey’ is NOT independent, is NOT ‘nice’, and is NOT interested in making things better.

As soon as that penny falls, the flying monkeys get so much easier to bat away – and the Wicked Witch of the West at the centre of it all loses 99% of it’s power to control and enslave us.


That is happening now.

Yeah, the MSM propaganda sites (and also, the paid ‘influencers’ on social media….) are still doing their best to ‘scare’ people, and to ‘guilt’ people, and to create a mass-movement of unthinking zombies that just chant things like:

100 days! 100 days! 100 days!

Doing this for Hersh! Doing this for Hersh’s mom! Least I can do for Hersh’s mom!

And of course, that also ‘demonises’ anyone who doesn’t just go along with ‘the narrative’, and who feels very disturbed by all the ‘bring them home’ posters being stuck all over the place… which no-one is allowed to challenge or question.

Just like they did with this:


And maybe it’s just me, but all these horrible videos showing poor soldiers with their legs blown off sitting in wheelchairs getting ‘clapped’ by medical staff as they slowly travel down hospital corridors are also giving me strong ‘Clap for Covid’ vibes….

Remember this?


A-L-W-A-Y-S the same tactics and ‘propaganda’ and manipulation.



Those poor soldiers are now facing an up-hill battle on so many levels.

And it’s not something that should be trivialized by being turned into more government propaganda about how great it feels to have your legs blown off in Gaza.



The point is: the media, and the social media influencers, are the NARCISSIST MOTHERLAND’S ‘flying monkeys’.

But they are losing ground rapidly.

More and more people are fighting back against the manipulation, refusing to be silenced, challenging the lies, calling out the simply evil behavior, policies and actions of our ‘authority figures’.

And not just in the secular world.

I’m hearing from places like Bet Shemesh that the strangle-hold the ‘tznius police’ has maintained on the chassidic world’s discussion of child abuse and pedophilia is also starting to crack in a very serious way.


There are more and more symposiums being held in places like Bet Shemesh to warn parents about the predators in the orthodox community.

And when the ‘tznius police’ come in to try to get them closed down – with the usual tactics of guilt, blame and threats – the parents are not having any of it – and are accusing the ‘tznius police’ themselves of being in cahoots with the pedophiles…


Things are changing all over the place.

There is a growing swell of discontent and anger at such a fundamental level here in Israel, that things will not and can not continue along the same destructive path for too much longer.

That’s why ‘the Evils’ are desperately trying to trigger off another war here, to try to head off what is going to happen, sooner or later.

And to remain ‘in power’ until the very last minute.

I am praying, so very much, that they don’t succeed.



You can help to write the Rav’s Sefer Torah for the soldiers in the following ways:

20,000 nis – donates a whole section of parchment (including the actual writing), and gets your names transcribed as donors.

5,000 nis – donates a page (parchment and writing).

OR, donate whatever amount you can afford.

In all cases, just go to THIS link, and make it clear in the comments that the donation is for the Rav’s Sefer Torah.


A parchment:

A page:

Anything smaller:


9 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The way these things seem to work is that each ‘birth pang’ pushes more people into ‘awake’, and a bunch more people into ‘no mans land’ where they are disturbed, but not yet ready to go full ‘awake’ mode.

      More than half the country, easily, is now in ‘no mans land’.

      The next birth pang will lead to some massive changes.

      I just hope it’s not too painful.

  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    I’m thinking that the world may be going through changes as well, that we’re not paying attention to because our eyes are on the war. Not that we can help that a whole lot, of course.

    I’m wondering why we’re having such a warm winter. If it’s not because of “climate change” or the war (as a friend of mine always says, wars bring on warmer weather), what could it be?

    Could HQB”H be shifting the position of Earth, or the skies, ever so slowly, so that we might have to change our Jewish calendars to reflect real time netz and shkiah, prayer times and Shabbat coming in and going out, not too long from now?

    I could be crazy or maybe we will soon notice the calendar being wrong all of a sudden.

    Shabbat shalom umevorach to all!

      • Shimshon
        Shimshon says:

        I have a friend who says there are Jews (mainly Chasidish I think) who used do melacha and to (or still do, surreptitiously) accept Shabbos when it looks like it is well after dark to our eyes. My understanding is they were 100% kosher and there is a strong mesorah for Shabbos starting and ending much later, but there was a push some decades back to have all Jewry conform to a single standard for Shabbos onset and exit.

        This is distinct from things like Rabbenu Tam time and the like. That’s a variation on the one standard.

  2. אור הגאולה
    אור הגאולה says:

    סוד החשמל הגאולה השנה אדר בניסן תשפ”ד !!! הבטחה מהרב שטרנבוך שליט”א המשיח הרב אברהם עבאדי קו

    “”הגאולה השנה אדר בניסן תשפ”ד שלושים יום טכניות המייסמים”””

    הרד”ק על יחזקאל 45:18 אומר שבית המקדש ייבנה כבר לפני א’ בניסן תשפ”ד . האיציה מגולוס תהיה לפני. אולם פרשת הזוהר פנחס אומרת שביום י”ד תשפ”ד יהיו לנו מכיית המלק ועשו.
    לפני א אדר תשפ”ד

  3. Malka
    Malka says:

    Your posts are insightful, as always. “They” were right about “new normal”. Things will not return back. I have a question. Do you think this war was also created to further experiment and hide Vax deaths?


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