What happened in Zikim?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted up some translated comments the Rav made about Zikim.

You can see the full comments HERE.

This is the bit to focus on, for this post:

In Zikim, they didn’t enter in the first place.

Because in Zikim, they [the security team] didn’t agree to give over their weapons [to the army].

They only entered 21 kibbutzim.

They [the security team] were even sent universal warrants for arrest – what is this?! That you aren’t giving the guns?!

They told them: You are going to make some mistake, suddenly, and you are going to fire on some poor Arab.

[The security team] Answered, we don’t care, put us under arrest, we aren’t giving them.

And exactly the day after, the terrorists showed up.


So in Zikim, on the beach, they killed everyone.

There were around 100 young men there, because they wanted to feel the ‘delight’ of the festival. Simchat Torah, the biggest mitzvah is the oneg, the delight.

“[I]f you proclaim Shabbat ‘a delight…”[3]

So everyone went to the sea, to bathe. And then, they [the terrorists] came with boats, and annihilated everyone.


So now, we need to know that it’s possible to revive the dead.

Now, the war of Gog and Magog, they are saying that the war will continue until Pesach, at the minimum.


After translating this, I had ‘what happened at Zikim beach?’ on my mind.

This is where I’ve got to.

First, a video surfaced only on December 3, of one of these boats of ‘Hamas terrorists’ coming ashore at Zikim Beach, on what we are told is the morning of October 7, 2023.

This snippet comes from HERE:

The footage shows a boat carrying Hamas terrorists arriving at the beach under the diversion of mass rocket launches, Pazmars, and drones.

At least four boats managed to breach the defense line at Zikim Beach, allowing the terrorists to emerge from the sea and carry out a devastating attack.

The video footage depicts six armed Hamas terrorists disembarking from the boat and launching a brutal attack, resulting in the deaths of numerous civilians and soldiers. Fortunately, a military and police special unit from the Yad Mordechai intersection were dispatched to the scene and successfully eliminated the terrorists after a fierce confrontation.

Upon searching the bodies of the terrorists, maps were discovered that indicated their intention to advance to Ashkelon to carry out further acts of violence

Thanks to the swift intervention of the soldiers and police, a potentially even more catastrophic event was averted….

While six boats carrying terrorists were stopped and apprehended, it was revealed that two of the boats were en route to Ashkelon, and their failure to do so prevented an even greater tragedy.


There are so many strange things going on with this ‘official account’.

If you want, you can see the small clip being referred to above – it’s VERY small – interspersed with ‘dramatic footage’ that kind of looks very staged HERE (not graphic….just not really showing very much at all, for all the hype.

This is a screenshot:


The first thing I thought when I saw this is it doesn’t look like balmy October….

The sky looks very overcast and grey.

The second thing I thought is, it looks like a VERY rough sea….

And the third thing I thought is, the beach looks totally empty….


I am not a ‘sea tide’ expert’.

If you are, please go HERE where you can see a list of tide timings for Zikim Beach. It looks to me like the tide is coming in in this very short video.

Again, I’m no expert, so please do give me some input, here, as to whether it looks like the sea is coming in or receding – it seems to be pretty high up the beach.


Point is, that if you go to the ‘Mapping the Massacres‘ site and search details for Zikim Beach, you’ll find accounts of at least four elderly Russians who were apparently killed on Zikim beach early morning while they were fishing.

The footage of the sea attack we are being given here just doesn’t jive with ‘people killed while fishing’.

The whole beach looks empty.

And the sea just looks way too rough.


Moving on.

Here is another ‘official account’ of what is meant to have happened on Zikim beach, this time from Ynet:

Zikim Beach, near the kibbutz of the same name in the Gaza Envelope, tragically turned into a scene of massacre and devastation after Hamas terrorists overran it, unleashing violence in all directions.

A group of young people who were at the beach managed to escape after finding refuge from the attackers in a military base, but on the beach, around 10 civilians were murdered.

Later, the bodies of 9 more victims were discovered in a nearby shelter.

This story is totally ignoring the elderly Russian people who were killed ‘by Hamas’ apparently in the middle of fishing at Zikim Beach.


Here is a screenshot from ‘Mapping the Massacres’ – each red dot is a murder victim.

You can see that there were at least 5-6 Russians standing and fishing apparently in the sweet water lake that is right next to the sea shore in Zikim:


The army base in Zikim is literally a minute’s walk from the beach.

And again, there are details that aren’t jiving with the individual accounts on the Mapping the Massacres site.

There, there are repeated references made to the fact that the Zikim base commanders apparently locked a bunch of ‘rookie new recruits’ into shelters, before defending the base from ‘Hamas’:

Snippet from the post on Yanai Kaminka:

Yanai Kaminka
Killed On Duty, 20
Location: Zikim Base

Platoon Commander in Divisional Training Base, Search and Rescue Brigade Yanai’s mother says: “Since always, Yanai felt that he was not only the commander of these soldiers; he was also their father.

They first put all the rookies who were at the base into shelters.

Then Yanai and the other commanders ran to the peripheral positions and replaced the soldiers. Until some time after 8am they engaged in a valiant battle against three Hamas squads who attacked the base and repelled them.

There was no Hamas takeover of the Zikim Base. Not only did the base remain in the hands of the IDF, but Kibbutz Zikim was also saved.

It gave them enough time to organize.


It could be I missed it, but I went through all the individual posts for the soldiers and individuals who died on Zikim beach.

I didn’t see any references to Ynet’s:

A group of young people who were at the beach managed to escape after finding refuge from the attackers in a military base.



This is the weather forecast for Israel for October 7, 2023, from HERE:


It says the South was having high temps of 30+, it was partly cloudy, and with a very light wind.


I’m not drawing any conclusions here, just laying out the info that I’m finding.


On the IsraelDiaries site, they pulled together more info, and videos, of some of what was happening on Zikim beach that morning, HERE.

Here’s the Twitter thread, with some of the video:


This says only one of the ‘Hamas’ dinghys got through to Zikim.

What happened to the others?

Now, let’s go to the ‘Limited News‘ site which kind of google-translates stories from places like Walla! news.

It’s a little garbled, but here are some ‘cherry-picked’ parts of what it is saying:

A fateful decision by the commander of the Ashdod base on the morning of Black Saturday prevented a greater disaster, but Hamas naval commandos nevertheless managed to get ashore and start the murder spree.

While the investigation continues, harsh criticism is emerging from within the army: “The corps identified the training opposite and enabled it. The danger was clear.”


This is talking about how observers at the Zikim base reported to their superiors that they saw ‘Hamas’ practising maneuvers in the sea next to Zikim on dinghys for four days in the run-up to October 7th.

Their reports were totally ignored.

But there’s more.

Let’s quote a fairly big snippet now:

On 7 October 10, on the morning of Black Saturday, Gaza Division Commander Brig. Gen. [A.R.] updated the commander of the Ashdod naval base, Col. Eitan Paz, with intelligence information about what was happening on the Palestinian side, and asked him to remain vigilant in the area.

According to military sources, a message was also conveyed in the spirit of the instructions of the senior military echelon: not to carry out unusual actions.


Sources within the defense establishment claim that this instruction was passed “downstairs” in order not to create escalation vis-à-vis Hamas, which would think the IDF was headed for an attack.

During those minutes, an unusual network was identified on the Palestinian side, but no one assessed in any way that Hamas was facing an attack by thousands of terrorists at dozens of points along the border, including the maritime border.


However, during those minutes, Col. Paz made several fateful decisions contrary to recommendations.

He bounced a platoon commander from vacation at home, urged the commander of the Bee Patrol to reach the base, raised the alert level of a force aboard a bee, and sent a crew from a fin unit aboard a wasp-type vessel out to sea. Military naval officials said after the initial investigation that the base commander’s decisions advanced the transition from routine to emergency.

“The decisions made by the base commander prevented more killings,” says a military source, “He sent the bee boat first in the sea and then everything else.”


Plain English: the naval commander in Ashdod Naval base was given specific instructions by his superiors to not do anything ‘unusual’, shortly before the attacks on October 7th.

Precisely because he totally ignored these instructions from his superiors, the Navy were able to take out most of the ‘Hamas terrorist dinghy flotilla’ headed towards our shores.

Make of this what you will.

I highly recommend you read the rest of this translated report, HERE. It has a ton of details that have probably already been submerged in the whitewashing muck, at this point.


The last thing to tell you is that the Ashquelon Power plant is literally a five minute walk down to the beach from Zikim, where the ‘Hamas terrorists’ came ashore that morning.

I really don’t know what happened that morning at Zikim.

But I can tell you this 100% for sure:

Hashem saved us from a much worse disaster.

And not only just with the power plant.


If you go to page 33 (!) of this document, it’s also talking about the terrorist threat to the off-shore gas rig by Ashkelon.



Israel Electric Corporation Eshkol is operating the only offshore gas rig in Israeli territorial waters off the coast of Ashkelon. Due to its geographical location, the gas rig lies within striking distance of terrorist organizations located in Gaza and thus
requires special protection….

Located 2.1 nautical miles from the Gaza Strip, Ashkelon’s power plant is
the most endangered as terrorists in a speedboat would only need about 10 minutes to cover the distance.


Let’s just quote another pertinent google-translated snippet about what was going on around 6.30am on October 7th, in the sea by Zikim:

[A[ccording to the Israeli navy’s observers, four speedboats belonging to the naval commandos of Hamas’ military wing, carrying 35 Nukhba naval fighters, broke out.

At the same time, Hamas terrorists fire anti-tank missiles at Israeli naval observations and blow up part of the border fence.

Colonel Paz conveyed to the forces at sea over the radio the order: “Destroy in your sector.” The first to open fire and hit – two female fighters and two fighters from a fin unit on top of a wasp.

Three boats were destroyed.

In some cases, the fighters had to charge at the boats at close range.


Whoever this Colonel Paz, it seems he single-handedly stopped a way, way worse shoah occurring on October 7th – precisely because he didn’t follow the orders given by his superiors.

If he’d have waited even 10 minutes to get the ‘green light’ to start fighting back – those Hamas boats could already have been at the gas rig, and at the power station.


Even in the middle of all this darkness, God is still  looking after us.

And our enemies are going crazy, precisely because the Guardian of Israel has been thwarting most of their horrible plans, even now, even in the midst of all the death and destruction of our soldiers going on in Gaza.

BH, may that continue!

BH, may He also thwart their plans to start a second front in Lebanon.

And BH, may He also thwart their plans to ‘conquer’ Eretz Yisrael covertly, and all this talk of a ‘two state solution’.

And Bezrat Hashem, may all our soldiers – and the hostages, whatever is left of them – come home now. ASAP.

And let’s get on to the ‘sweet’ part of geula and the open revelation of Moshiach, already.

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  1. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    News on Zikim in Telegram group האמת יוצאת לאור. Search זיקים.
    I heard from the beginning that what happened at the party was small in comparison to what happened at Zikim.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There were 364+ civilians killed (and counting…) at Nova.

      If it was worse than that at Zikim, they are clearly hiding the body count – and are still hiding the body count. But surely, the ‘missing people’ would have relatives that would be talking about this, already?


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