The Rav: Gog and Magog will happen in 5784

Excerpt of a shiur given 6th Tevet, (Sunday December 17th, 2023) in Bat Yam

So now, we are questioning a kooshia (difficulty or problem with understanding a particular point):

How on Chanuka do we say ‘reshaim be’yad tzaddikim’ (the wicked in the hand of the righteous)?

After all, on Chanuka we read about the cows [in the parsha], and the bad ones swallow the good ones.

Always, the evildoers swallow up the tzaddikim, and it’s not the tzaddikim who swallow up the evildoers.

This is just [going to happen] when Moshiach comes, in the world-to-come, in Gog and Magog.


So, he says that in 5784, there will be Gog and Magog – the ‘Or Le Meir’.

Now, it’s the yarhtzeit of the Bnei Yissachar. We’ll do a shiur on his yahrtzeit, BH, it comes out on Shabbat kodesh.[1]

The yarhtzeit of the Bnei Yissachar, this is the biggest yahrtzeit there is in the whole world.

The Bnei Yissachar is the most important books from all the seforim.

And [the author of Or Le Meir] was his grandson, and he was also from Dinov. Him and Rabbi David of Dinov – he was the grandson of R’ Meir Yehuda, and he [Or Le Meir] was the grandson and continuation of the Bnei Yissachar.


And he said that the geula was going to be in 5784.

This is final, already.

Because 5536 was the gematria of Moshe and Yehoshua, and then we already got totally free of the A[…]. And now, we’re also going to be liberated from the [terrorists], 5784.

Now, this is the year that we get liberated from the A[…], because the [terrorists] killed 1,500 of our people.

400 soldiers were killed just in order to free the yishuvim (settlements). All of the kibbutzim had been conquered, and they were under Hamas for four days.

The Hamas conquered all the kibbutzim, this is the war of Gog and Magog.


All of this is written here [in the book Or Le Meir], in 5784.

Here it’s written: Koach ma’asiv hagid le’amo (the strength of his deeds he recounted to his people.)

This was David. Two times ‘David’ equals ‘koach’ (in gematria).

Now, it’s Moshiach ben David, 5784, this is the revelation of Moshiach ben David.

And so, 5784 is [the gematria] of ‘David’ times two, and this comes out 5784.

David Melech Yisrael Chai v’kayam – this is also 5784. Everything is called 5784.

And so, this is the time of the geula, so it’s the time when we will be totally liberated from the A[…].

And the A[…] will be transformed to dust.

The evildoers will be transformed into dust…

Now…. it’s the moment when everything is turned to dust.


Now, they are going to turn Lebanon into dust, because now, the rockets are already reaching Tiberius.

And in another little bit, they will get to Jerusalem.

So, where can we run away to? Maybe, to the moon, let’s see.

Now, they are building spaceships for a thousand people, let’s see. So everyone should leave on a spaceship.

Now, they fired three rockets at us, at Al Aqsa. It exploded above my head.[2]


One person from Ashkelon touched a rocket, his leg was pulverised, poor man.

It’s impossible to touch a rocket, don’t touch rockets. You see a rocket – don’t touch it! But one person touched one in Ashkelon, and I didn’t understand why. His leg disappeared.

Now, we need to pray for the second leg.


I said [that people were being injured in their legs], because the legs weren’t being covered.

People go with jeans skirts, they go along like that, so the legs are disappearing.

The legs are disappearing for many soldiers! And something like this has never happened before in any other war, that so many soldiers are seeing their legs disappear like this, as though the legs are being turned to powder.

And their legs are paralyzed, everything.

Mamash, something like this has never been in any other war.

Not in the War of Independence, and not in the Yom Kippur War, and not in Mivtza Kadesh, and not in Tzuk Eitan – there was never something like, that the legs were being injured.

Now, this is something new.


All this is 5784, all this is hinted to, all this is written by the grandson of the Bnei Yissachar.

And so on Shabbat, everyone should be here, you have to be hear, and we will do a shiur on the Bnei Yissachar.

Because the Bnei Yissachar asked [about this verse]:

“They became tamei I(spiritually defiled) because of a man’s nefesh.”

What happened?

He said that the tzaddikim don’t defile others [after death]. It’s possible [for the Kohanim] to go to Kever Rachel. But it’s not possible to go to the ARI HaKadosh, because this is mamash a grave yard.


[skipping some]

There was the Pilgat Gev’ah (the concubine of Geva).

There was a story in Geva… And her husband over-terrified her, and 70,000 fell from [the nation of] Israel.

Because of one woman, 70,000 from Israel.


We don’t have so very many people today.

All of the army is just 50,000 people. It’s said 400,000 enlisted, I don’t know why.

They did a ‘Tav 8’ [mandatory call-up notice to the reserves] for 200k, and 400k showed up. I don’t know why it was two times as much, what do they need so very many for?!

Now, they fired on the [three] hostages.

What are the hostages guilty of? Three poor hostages, they were walking without vests, and they were even holding a white flag.

[They shot them] against the orders, against everything. It seems the soldiers were angry. Maybe, they hadn’t slept for a few days. I don’t know.


Send food to the soldiers, maybe they didn’t eat for a few days.

[If you] don’t send food to the soldiers, the soldiers are ravenous, and they go crazy.

One person fires on another.

Just on that same day of the catastrophe [Simchat Torah 5784], it was impossible to differentiate between the terrorists and the Jews.

It was impossible.

Today, it’s impossible to really differentiate between them, everyone walks along without vests.

When a person doesn’t have a vest – they fire at him.

Don’t walk around without a vest. I’m cautioning you.


[skipping some]

So the Gemara says that if a man is angry at his wife, so then 70,000 will died.

Each time that a man is angry with his wife, at that same moment, 70,000 die.

Now, 1,500 soldiers and people died. And 400 [died] just to reconquer the three kibbutzim again.

With just one handgun, it would have been possible  to save the kibbutzim.

But they took their weapons away.

BAGATZ [the Supreme Court] ruled that it’s forbidden to carry [a gun that holds] more than 10 bullets.

If you even have a handgun – first, they took the handguns away from them, and even if you carry a gun, so no more than 12 bullets. Maximum, a commander could have 20 bullets, maximum.

So, everything was planned. Everything was organised. It’s a very ‘organised’ State, a very ‘organised’ Prime Minister.


So, there were 12 bullets, you could fire on 12 people – but a thousand people showed up.

A thousand people came to each kibbutz. They fired 12 bullets – gomarnu. What can you do with 12 bullets against 1,000 people?

So in Kissufim, he had 15 bullets. He was the only one who had a gun. He ran to the armoury – they said there are no guns in the armoury, there are no weapons!

In every kibbutz, they made an armoury, and that’s where they kept all the guns, so they wouldn’t be in the house.

[Because] suddenly, some boy starts playing with the gun, suddenly, he’ll find the gun.


There was one man in Ofakim who had a handgun in a safe – a religious family.

He had it in the safe, and he forgot the number to open the safe, the code. Suddenly, there was a ‘miracle’, and he remembered it and got the gun out. His wife said to him don’t go outside! Don’t go out!

The woman sees everything.

She has has ruach hakodesh (a spirit of prophecy). “Whatever Sarah says to you, listen to her voice.”

Whatever the wife says this is ruach hakodesh. Don’t go out!

He went out – straight away, they shot him. She was left without a husband – but they didn’t enter her house. She locked the door firmly.

This was in Ofakim.


And in Be’eri, Rachel built the synagogue, so she stayed alive.

In every place – whoever built a synagogue stayed alive.



[1] This didn’t happen, as the Rav was taken ill with pneumonia and missed praying with the community the whole of that Shabbat.

[2] On Shabbat night, Parshat Mikeitz, while the Rav was praying Kabbalat Shabbat with the kehilla on Ido HaNavi, there was a siren and rockets exploded mamash over the head of the Rav, and the Old City of Jerusalem.


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  1. Hoshea
    Hoshea says:

    Do you have any idea what the Rav is referring to when he said the following: “Because 5536 was the gematria of Moshe and Yehoshua, and then we already got totally free of the A[…].” What happened in that year to indicate this freedom from the A…?

    • Daisy
      Daisy says:

      Excellent, Hava; a good way to put it. Nice to hear from you! I am just so so busy these days, never a moment. I hope you are well.

      Think about it: what do we remember during Parshat Zachor? Think!

  2. Hoshea
    Hoshea says:

    The Rav says that “David Melech Yisrael Chai v’kayam” – this is also 5784.
    I can’t see how he does the calculation.
    דוד מלך ישראל חי וקיים is 829. Do you have any idea how the Rav got 784 out of this phrase?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No – but gematria is not my strong suit. Maybe another reader can help figure it out?

      Also, see if you can track down the original Hebrew, as gematria is top of the list of the things that can get ‘lost in translation’ with the Rav’s stuff in English.


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