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Life as ‘normal’

It’s interesting that the less ‘online’ I am, the less interesting ‘online’ is becoming. According to the alternative reality that only exists ‘online’, something big was meant to have happened on Monday, to coincide with the solar eclipse going on across North America. (For a really nice first-hand account of that, read THIS, by writer Annette […]

Kimche de Pische

With all the Pesach cleaning, I didn’t get any where near the other translations. BH, I’ll see what I can do when I’m offline again now, until Thursday. There is a lot of stuff ‘in the air’ at the moment. There is a rumour the Rav is back in hospital – I’m trying to verify […]

The ‘magnetic’ star – Rav Elmaliach

Rav Elmaliach is putting up a number of simply mind-blowing videos. They take a very long time for me to translate into English, as they are verbal, not written. There is one new ‘message’ from the Rav that I am hoping to get done and up before I’m offline again on Monday for three days, […]

Zorem-ing with God

‘Zorem’ in Hebrew means ‘to flow’. And right now, I am doing my very best to stp thinking things need to be a certain way, that I need to have things how I want them, and how I think ‘they should be’, and to just zorem with God’s decisions. It’s really hard. My neighbor downstairs […]