George-Jacques Danton, the French Revolution, and more masons

This is the second part of the shiur on Gog and Magog.

It often happens with the Rav that he goes off into something that looks like a total ‘disconnect’ from the initial subject at hand, but when you start researching things…. you learn a great deal.

I can tell you already, Georges-Jacques Danton was one of the initial leaders of the French Revolution, a freemason at the Neuf Soeurs (Nine Sisters) Lodge in Paris – and I think he may be another ‘hidden famous black personality’.

Here’s a few sketches – make up your own mind.


Remember, he’s wearing a wig – underneath, his hair is black.

And this very strange description of his features comes from the World History Encyclopaedia:

During his childhood, Danton’s face was scarred by a smallpox attack and by some unfortunate encounters with farm animals: he was stampeded by pigs and kicked in the face by a bull, leaving him permanently disfigured.

Or maybe…. he doesn’t have a ‘classic white European’ face because…. he just wasn’t a classic white European.


Anyway, here’s the Rav’s comments, and then I will add in some more historical stuff and links at the bottom, after the footnotes.


There was Louis XVIth.

He didn’t agree to ‘seclude himself’ with his wife – Louis XVIth, I have the book.

So Prince Josef came here.

Prince Josef, he was a ‘lover of Israel’, and also Marie Antoinette [the wife of Louis XVIth]. She was also a ‘lover of Israel’. They commemorated her birthday until World War II – they used to buy new dresses for the girls.

She was called Marie Antoinette, she cancelled all the decrees, together with Louis XVIth. They were ‘lovers of Israel’, and they protected the Jews. And they cancelled all the decrees.

There were all sorts of decrees, they cancelled all the decrees. This was Marie Antoinette, she cancelled all the decrees.

And now, it was her yahrtzeit. Now, in October, it was her yahrtzeit.

He brings this in B’dvar B’Ito, in [17]93. Today, we are in [20]23. In other words, we are exactly 230 years from when they hung her, that they brought her to the guillotine.


So, he brings her yahrtzeit, because she was a ‘lover of Israel’.

She cancelled out all sorts of decrees. And she became queen at age 16, and at the age of 11, she was already betrothed, because all the royals used to marry each other.

Because there was the 30 Years War, and this is how Austria and France were brought together.

[Marie Antoinette] was the daughter of Maria Teresa [of Austria] who was a great ‘hater’ of Israel. Maria Teresa hated the Jews, she expelled the Jews from Prague, and everything.

And she [Marie Antoinette] was the opposite of her mother.


And Louis XVIth didn’t want to ‘seclude himself’ with her.

He said, ain li koach (I don’t have the energy), I’m going to go out at night. I’m going to go and hunt deers. I don’t have the energy to sleep in a bed for six hours – I don’t have it!

So, Prince Josef came especially.

He travelled for a month in the winter, in the month of Tevet, from Vienna to Paris. And he started to explain to him [Louis XVIth] that Maria Teresa was already old, she was 70-75 years old, she wanted a grandson.

She didn’t have any other grandchildren.

So, okay then. He agreed to two occasions.

And from this, a daughter was born, but she died. And after this, a son was born, and this was Louis XVIIth.

And Louis XVIIIth was his brother [it’s not clear who the Rav is referring to here].

He was going to be after him.


And then they destroyed the monarchy [in France].

‘Romas’[1] had already killed 100,000 people. In the space of a year, he destroyed 100,000 people, and also Danton.[2]

Danton was the head of the whole French Revolution.

He was called Danton. He asked him, have you already killed 100,000 people? Catch people in the street and ask them ‘are you for Robespierre?’If he doesn’t immediately answer ‘yes’ – jail him.

You had to say ‘yes’ immediately, and to not hesitate.


It’s written ‘you should teach it to your children’ – that words of Torah should become ‘sharpened’ in your mouth.

He went along according to ‘you should teach it’, according to the verses, he went according to the holy Torah. A person needs to have everything ‘sharpened’, to answer immediately.

Are you for Robespierre?! Or for who?!

If he doesn’t understand the question – straight to the guillotine! Straight away, they hung him. They got up to 100,000 [dead] within around half a year – 100,000.

So, Danton asked him, why did you kill these 100,000? Why not 50,000? Did you need to hang everyone?

He [Robespierre] responded, you’re also going to be hung!

After three months, they hung him. All this, they brought down in David’s [book?][3]


They made a law in France that it’s forbidden for a woman to walk around in France totally covered-up.

If a woman is totally covered-up, they put her in prison. Now, a year ago, all the Muslim women came to the beach with veils. So they made a law that it’s forbidden to come to the beach with veils – just with a bathing suit.

And whoever comes [covered up] – they immediately arrest her.


So, they wanted to put the wife of R’ David Sinzheim in jail, because she was walking around totally covered-up.

But after they’d already handed down the sentence to put her in jail, after a month, they sent her away.

[Returning to the topic of Danton] – They also killed him, and brought the monarchy back again, because they saw that it was never-ending.

The Revolution was worse than the monarchy, they killed 100,000 people, they were killing people in the streets.


So, we are talking about Marie Antoinette, that Louis XVIth [her husband] didn’t agree to become ‘secluded’ [with her].

He went according to RASHI, that a cup of water is enough [to impregnate someone].

So, Prince Josef came especially.


The Chatam Sofer sent R’ Shimon Deutsch to welcome him [Prince Josef], when he came to Jerusalem.

He said what is your request?

He was so very astounded by him, so he said to him, what?

[R Shimon Deutsch responded], I request that the yeshivas shouldn’t be closed down! That the synagogues shouldn’t be closed!

Because the Reformers had succeeded to influence the Austrian parliament, to close down all the orthodox synagogues.

So in this merit [that R Shimon Deutsch met with Prince Josef]…. He brings this down in [the book] Yerushalayim shel ma’alah, the whole story.

So, R Shimon Deutsch met him, and he was terribly amazed by his dignified appearance.

What is your request?

He said, I am requesting that you cancel this decree, to close all the synagogues.


There was a decree here.

It took him half a year to persuade the parliament to not close the synagogues, because the maskilim ruled over the whole parliament – because they were chilonim (secular).

They used to visit the ministers.

A Jew who learns Torah, he doesn’t have the time to visit ministers.

It took him half a year to cancel this decree. They were already ready to pass this decree to close all the orthodox synagogues.

All of this was in Austria, in Vienna.


[1] It’s not clear which character in the French Revolution the Rav is referring to here. It could be a reference to Maximillian Robespierre, or more likely, to Gilbert Romme – another freemason at the Nine Sisters Lodge who also playing a leading role in the French Revolution. It may also be a play on words, as the word ‘ramas’ in Hebrew means ‘to trample upon’.

[2] Georges Jacques Danton (1759-1794) was a French lawyer who became a prominent leader of the French Revolution (1789-1799).

[3] Possibly referring to the book written by R David Sinzheim, who lived in France and was the head of Napoleon’s reforming ‘Sanhedrin’.


OK – it’s astounding to me, how much information the Rav shares in his everyday conversations and throw-away remarks.

First, he was dead right about Louis XVI not consummating his marriage with Marie Antoinette for seven years.

You can read more about that HERE.


The ‘Prince Josef’ is Josef II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Marie Antoinette’s brother – and probably, a secret freemason.

(BTW – I’m using ‘freemason’ loosely here, to describe a member of the many secret societies – nearly all ‘satanically inspired’ – that were springing up all over the place at this time.)

And yes, he did come specially to Paris to give some ‘marital advice’ to the French Monarchs.

He was also a big ‘reformer’, an ‘enlightened’ monarch – and someone who despised organised religion, despite claiming to be a catholic.


This comment is also accurate:

He agreed to two occasions.

And from this, a daughter was born, but she died. And after this, a son was born, and this was Louis XVIIth.

And Louis XVIIIth was his brother [it’s not clear who the Rav is referring to here].


The couple’s first child was a girl called:

Then, they had a son called Louis Joseph Xavier François who apparently died from tuberculosis when he was 7.


Maria Theresa’s mother was a big fan of vaccinations.

While they are saying this son died from ‘tuberculosis’, there’s actually an interesting tidbit that suggests something else might have killed him:

[I]n March 1785, he…. was inoculated against smallpox. However, his health remained fragile.

In 1786, the fevers returned, but his household regarded them as being of no importance. These fevers, however, were the first signs of tuberculosis…. By January 1788 the fevers grew more frequent and the disease progressed quickly.


Once you understand that there is nothing new under the sun, you can spot the tell-tale patterns everywhere you look.

Moving on.

According to the Rav…. that was the end of the Louis XVIth’s attempts to have children, but Marie Antoinette was routinely accused of having extra-marital affairs, and the paternity of all her children was publically questioned throughout France in the run up to the French Revolution.

So, there are two more biological children of at least Marie Antoinette:

Louis Charles XVII 

Sophie (apparently dies before she reaches her 1st birthday.)

And then, Wikipedia says that Marie Antoinette did a ‘Madonna’ and also adopted some children as well:


Jean Amilcar, a Senegalese slave boy given to the queen as a present by Chevalier de Boufflers in 1787, but whom she instead freed, baptized, adopted and placed in a pension;

Ernestine Lambriquet, daughter of two servants at the palace, who was raised as the playmate of her daughter Marie-Thérèse and whom she adopted after the death of her mother in 1788; and finally

“Zoe” Jeanne Louise Victoire, who was adopted in 1790 along with her two older sisters when her parents, an usher and his wife in service of the King, had died.



There are all kinds of ‘conspiracy theories’ about what really happened to Louis XVII – including that he ended up being smuggled out of Paris and sent to America, where he ended up ‘owning’ most of the country (under a pseudonym, natch).

I’m not deep-diving on that today – but take a look at this list of ‘conspiracy theories’ about the USA, and decide for yourself how many of them sound so far-fetched, given what is now happening in our world in 2024.

I’ll give you the first one as a snippet:

A few years after the American Revolution ended in 1783, political parties started accusing each other of secret plans. This all began in the late 1700s. A minister named Jedidiah Morse from Massachusetts was a big part of the problem.

He would give sermons saying that a group called the “Bavarian Illuminati” had infiltrated American society.

According to him, they supposedly wanted to overthrow the government and take down Christianity.

Morse said that the Illuminati were like the Jacobins in France, who were closing churches and promoting atheism at the time. He also said the Illuminati wanted people to live poorly and not follow traditional values.

Morse even said that future president Thomas Jefferson and his political party were all part of this Illuminati….

Ho ho ho, those ridiculous ‘conspiracy theorists’….

There is nothing new under the sun.

BTW – Benjamin Franklin was the head of that Nine Sisters Lodge in Paris (that played a huge role in encouraging and funding the American Revolution), before he headed back to the USA.

He was replaced by one….Thomas Jefferson.

Snippet from HERE:

In 1778, the year Voltaire became a member, Benjamin Franklin and John Paul Jones also were accepted along with Jean Sylvain Bailly.

Benjamin Franklin became Master of the Lodge in 1779, and was re-elected in 1780. When Franklin, after a long and influential stay in Europe, returned to America to participate in the writing of the Constitution, Thomas Jefferson a non-Mason took over as American Envoy.

And of course, everyone knows that George Washington was also a Freemason.


(Whisper this, maybe Wikipedia is now being written by conspiracy theorists….)

Moving on.


So far, I can’t find anything relating to Josef II visiting Jerusalem.

If he came, maybe he came incognito – with a a pseudonym.

YIVO has a good rundown of the interaction between Josef II and his relationship with the Jews – including those Freemason-Frankists-Reformers we keep writing about here.

This is a snippet:

Earlier, on 13 May 1781, Joseph had made his intentions known to both the supreme chancellor Count Blümegen and the Hungarian chancellor Count Pálffy, outlining a series of measures that would make the “numerous members of the Jewish nation more useful to the state.”…

The means to achieve a useful and “productive” Jewry involved a dual transformation: economic and cultural. The languages of the Jews bred mistrust, misunderstanding, and corrupt practices; hence, Hebrew and Yiddish were to be confined strictly to the religious sphere….

Jews were to establish their own schools under state supervision or were to send their children to Christian ones without prejudicing in the least their religious beliefs.

Universities and other institutions of higher learning should now be opened to Jews…

Jews [were to be channelled] away from their “characteristic usury and deceitful trade” toward productive occupations such as agriculturetransportationcrafts, arts, and manufacture.

Jews were to be restored to their dignity: their notables could carry swords; they were no longer obligated to pay the degrading body tax or display discriminatory signs such as yellow bands or beards.


Basically…. this was the manifesto of the maskilim, made law in Austria, many decades before that same process began in Russia.

And if you go and read that piece on YIVO, you’ll see that while it sounded good on paper, at least a bit, in practise Josef II’s laws for the Jews led to all sorts of problems, difficulties and suffering. Oh, and also this:

Military conscription of Jews began in Galicia in February 1788 and spread to the Bohemian lands and Hungary in the months that followed. This was the first time that Jews served as soldiers in modern times.

There is nothing new under the sun.


While it’s not so easy to dig up the names of Josef II’s ‘enlightened’ maskilim at court, I got some help from POE.

This is what it brought back:

Solomon Maimon: A philosopher and scholar, Maimon served as a tutor to Joseph II’s brother, Archduke Maximilian Francis. He was known for his expertise in mathematics, philosophy, and Jewish studies.

Moses Mendelssohn: Mendelssohn was a philosopher and one of the leading figures of the Jewish Enlightenment, also known as the Haskalah. Although he did not serve directly at Joseph II’s court, he had a close relationship with the emperor and corresponded with him on matters of Jewish emancipation and religious reforms.

Benjamin Wolf Herxheim: Herxheim was a banker and court agent who served as a financial advisor to Joseph II. He played a significant role in managing the imperial finances and had a close relationship with the emperor.

Samson Wertheimer:He served as the chief court Jew and financial advisor to the Habsburg emperors Leopold I, Joseph I, and Charles VI. His influence extended beyond Joseph II’s reign, but he played a crucial role in the financial affairs of the Habsburgs.


Two of these four we’ve covered before – and I wouldn’t be shocked if MOSES MENDELSSON, mentioned above, and leading Frankist-Freemason who played a part in the French Revolution, MOSES DOBRUSHKA are actually the exact same person.

POE also gave me a few more names on a second try:

Isaac Herz Homberg: Homberg was a prominent physician who served as the personal physician to Joseph II. He was known for his medical expertise and had a close relationship with the emperor. Homberg’s position allowed him to interact with the court and influence medical policies and practices.

Marcus Herz: Marcus Herz was a philosopher and close associate of Moses Mendelssohn. While he did not serve directly at Joseph II’s court, he was part of the intellectual circles that influenced the emperor’s thinking. Herz was known for his contributions to aesthetics and psychology and played a significant role in disseminating Enlightenment ideas.

Joseph II’s Jewish Advisors: Joseph II sought the counsel of several Jewish advisors who were influential in shaping his policies regarding Jewish emancipation and religious reforms.

These advisors included figures like Solomon Dubno, a rabbi and scholar who provided guidance on matters of Jewish law, and Joshua Falk, a Talmudic scholar who advised on matters of religious doctrine.


I can’t find a ‘SHIMON DEUTSCH’ who coincides with Josef II.

But I did find this ‘SHIMON DEUTSCH’ from 50 years later…. who bears all the hallmarks of a Frankist-Freemason-Reformer – and has links to the Young Turks, to boot.


Simon Deutsch (1822 – 1877) was an Austrian Jewish bibliographer, businessman, and revolutionary. He was an important member of the First International and a veteran of the Paris Commune….

Towards the end of his life Deutsch was a supporter of the Young Turks movement. He died unexpectedly while in Constantinople on business.

Young Turks….Sabbateans….Constantinople….Revolutions….Maskilim….

Round and round it goes.



I will stop there.

As always, so much more to unpick with the Rav’s ‘throw away’ comments.

But bed is calling….

And the birur will continue some other day.

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