Six hours of peace

For the first time since October 8, 2023, I had the head-space to do six hours of hitbodedut.

There were no big ‘wow’ insights, but I just am feeling SO much calmer then when I began, earlier this morning.

The madness is going up levels at the moment, and the ‘lie machine’ is spinning at full-speed.

Do yourself a favor – and switch it off.

At least for an hour, if you can’t manage six.

Leave the phone, turn off the internet, and do something useful, constructive and ‘calming’ for your soul.

None of us know ‘what is really happening’.

Every day without more war in the North is an open miracle.

And the people calling for our soldiers to ‘stay in Gaza’ are not on the right side of this question, spiritually, for so many reasons.

(Always check if someone publically attacked Rav Berland – if they did, you can be sure 100% they are not operating from a good place spiritually.)

The lies are piling up so high right now, they have to break apart soon.

It’s not going to be a ‘fun’ process – for anyone who built their whole life on a basis of lies and what the ‘news’ and ‘authorities’ tells them.

But for the people who are doing hitbodedut every single day, who are trying to follow Rabbenu’s advice, trying to stay close to the Rav, trying to get the Rav’s sefer Torah for the soldiers completed…. this process will go way, way easier, BH.


So – turn it all off, and give your soul some peace.

At least, for an hour a day.

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  1. Malka
    Malka says:

    Wonderful! Make sure you cover your smart meter, turn off modem, electricity you are not using. We installed EMP shield. I experienced instant peace. I remind myself that Nazis want us to fear and be in a constant state of insecurity and panic. It is not hard to achieve…They know we care about our people. They use it against us. Sorry. Just going on here about obvious. Gazan not having internet and phones…why are they giving this blessing to enemy?😄


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