Bring all our soldiers home, NOW

Another day, another ‘accident’ in Gaza.

More than 20 killed, more than 20 wounded….

Tatty, we can’t any more!

Say whatever you want, but it’s clear that the ‘friendly fire accidents’ in Gaza are killing and wounding way, way more of our soldiers than ‘Hamas’.

In fact, it seems that our own army is now on track to kill and wound way more of our own soldiers than Hamas ever was….


You can carry on believing in ‘accidents’ and ‘coincidences’ if you want to.

I don’t.

I want to know where those 5,000 US soldiers that were sent into Gaza to ‘help’ our soldiers are, and exactly what they are doing.

But way more than that, I am praying that our troops get out of Gaza NOW.

Our military and government are hopelessly corrupted.

And Jews are being blown to bits every day by our own forces.

The only question is – how can this keep happening?


And the casualties keep getting higher and higher.

While the government continues to send food, money and aid directly to Hamas in Gaza.

And no-one is calling that out?


Bring our soldiers home from Gaza, now.

This war cannot be won with weapons and guns – especially, as these weapons and explosives are now being turned upon our own troops.

It can only be won with lots of prayer and sincere teshuva.

And also, by getting the Rav’s sefer Torah to end the war written ASAP.

They have raised around 14% of the total – that’s a great start!

But there is still 86% to go.

And the way this works, spiritually, is ‘money’ instead of ‘blood’.

Who can stand for there to be more blood shed like this, in more ‘accidents’ in Gaza?

So, if you feel the same way, please put your hand in your pocket and help to get this Torah scroll written ASAP.

The longer this ‘war’ lasts, the more dead and wounded Jews there will be.

And it won’t change anything on the other side of the equation, because keeping this war going forever is exactly what ‘the Evils’ want.


I have no nice sign off today.

Please, develop some real emunat tzaddikim in a real tzaddik, and help to get the Torah scroll completed.


You can help to write the Rav’s Sefer Torah for the soldiers in the following ways:

20,000 nis – donates a whole section of parchment (including the actual writing), and gets your names transcribed as donors.

5,000 nis – donates a page (parchment and writing).

OR, donate whatever amount you can afford.

In all cases, just go to THIS link, and make it clear in the comments that the donation is for the Rav’s Sefer Torah.


A parchment:

A page:

Anything smaller:


PS: This article appeared on January 12 in Hebrew, in the Yedidiot Acharanot.

It basically states that a large number of the victims on October 7th – possibly even the majority – were ‘friendly fire’ incidents, caused by Israeli drones.

I can’t help but wonder what those same drones are now up to in Gaza….

And if that helps to explain the totally horrific scope of the injuries now occurring, on a growing scale, for our troops there.

Read it, come to your own conclusions.

BH, if even the MSM here is starting to question the narrative, maybe there is some small ray of light dawning after all.

Bezrat Hashem.


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  1. AK
    AK says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Enough is Enough, our boys need to come home now. I heard someone say that it is not the ones in Gaza who are only hostages, but nearly 10 million Jews, held hostage by the evils running the show. But we can change that by working on our Emunah.

  2. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    I think this is more a message from “Above” and maybe it’s time to exit and let Shamayim take over.
    “ The buildings were being rigged for demolition by troops when Palestinian gunmen fired an RPG at a tank securing the forces. A second blast then occurred in the buildings, possibly as a result of a second RPG, leading to their collapse. It was the single deadliest incident since the start of Israel’s ground offensive in the enclave, and raised the military death toll in the operation to 219.” The enemy is more evil than we know!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      This sounds like a very similar ‘explanation’ to how that truck full of explosives got ‘accidentally’ blown up by one of our tanks two weeks ago, killing a whole bunch of our guys and seriously wounding a whole bunch more, including blowing off limbs.

      I didn’t buy that explanation, and I’m not buying this one either.

      But totally agree about the message…. and hope more and more people can hear it.

      • Neshama
        Neshama says:

        DID IT HAPPEN LAST TIME, AND HAVE YOU NOTICED A TERRIBLE “ACCIDENT” AND DEAD SOLDIERS BEFORE ISRAEL GIVES IN TO A “truce”, “time-out”, or “release of terrorists in an agmt”? “Report: Israel and Hamas mulling exchange deal during one-month truce in Gaza. Reuters reporting that Israel offered to end the war if Sinwar and five other Hamas leaders leave Gaza. Hamas rejected the proposal.” This govt needs to be brought before a military court and ……..!


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