Eugenics and the Anglo Palestine Bank

Even before the Rav kept mentioning the ‘Anglo-Palestine Bank’s role in funding the z-ist takeover of Eretz Yisrael during WW1, I’d been trying to pin down more of the money trail leading to the Holy Land.

Increasingly, it seems to me that all the ‘idealogical wars’ being fought by our dear leaders (ahem….) actually just boil down to who has more of the ‘donations’ pie from the Jewish community.

And Eretz Yisrael has always been the crown jewel, when it comes to squeezing as much cash as possible out of the poor Jews, who really do love this land with so much mesirut nefesh, at the soul level.


Let’s remind ourselves of what he said, back in THIS post:

In [56]42, Carmel Mizrahi was founded. Today it’s [57]84 – this has been the symbol for 142 years. And all the money used to pass [into Israel] via Carmel Mizrahi.[1]

All the money from the First World War used to pass via Carmel Mizrahi, from the Anglo-Palestine Bank, via Carmel Mizrahi.

And they – the zionists – they took all the money.


There was Ruppin[2], all of those.

Ruppin Street in Haifa [was called after him]. Whoever comes from Haifa, there’s Ruppin Street, that goes until Ahuza.

So, this Ruppin, he was the representative of the Anglo-Palestine Bank, and all the money during the whole of the First World War went via him.

In one second, it was already impossible to send it any more. But first, they used to send all the money via Carmel Mizrahi, via Ruppin, to support them here.

To build the Alliance here, and all the schools of the chilonim (secular people). They didn’t give the Talmud Torahs a single penny.

And this is how they collapsed all the Talmud Torahs.


As I said at the time, I was a bit scared to start digging into the Rav’s comments, because I always learn WAY MORE than I bargained for…

And that happened this time, too.


Let’s start with the ‘easier’ stuff to pin down, if you can call it that.

As well as being a financial whizz for the Z-ists, ARTHUR RUPPIN was also a big fan of eugenics.

The following comes from THIS blog, entitled:

Arthur Ruppin and Nazi Eugenics as Model for Hebrew Culture

and is part of a PhD thesis[3] put together by Etan Bloom in 2008.


“Throughout most of his career, Ruppin was in close relations with the academic field of German race scientists, who operated during the thirties with Nazi support and provided them with scientific legitimization and ideas.

This group was not only among the first scientists to join the Nazi party, they were also involved in shaping the general lines of its policy to exclude the handicapped, Gypsies and Jews.

Until the final solution stage of the Nazi policy, which began sometime at the end of the thirties, Ruppin was able to understand them perfectly, and to agree that their attitude towards the Jews was only natural.


Ruppin and his fellow-travellers viewed the ‘State of Israel’ as a eugenics project, where they could radically ‘engineer’ what remained of the Jewish gene pool after most of the religious Jews had been ‘vigorously pruned away’ during the Shoah.

Here’s another snippet from that PhD dissertation:

Zionist ideology was for Ruppin – like, previously, religion – a vehicle for eugenic codes and practices.

When Ruppin wrote, at the beginning of the 1940s, about the modern Hebrews who were born in the Land of Israel (the so-called Sabras), he referred to them as a new sub-race, “the Maccabean type,” which had emerged, in his opinion, as a result of his culture planning activities:

“Most of the young generation in the Land display a new type of Jew, a kind of Maccabean type from the past” (Ruppin 1940b, 287). [Bloom p. 144]


We all grew up hearing about the Israeli ‘New Jew’ they were trying to create, but I think it was lost on most of us that they were literally talking about eugenics, and ‘engineering’ a ‘new race of Jews’.

Go take a look at the rest of that post, you’ll learn a lot about Arthur Ruppin and the z-ist eugenics project that became our failed State.


Ruppin took a lot of credit for this social engineering project, because he also wore the hat of being the head of the Jewish Agency in the crucial years of 1933-1935.

Hitler had just come to power in Germany…. And Ruppin and his fellow-travellers were doing all they could to make agreements with Hitler’s government to ‘encourage’  ‘racially-desirable’ intellectual German Jews to move to Mandatory Palestine – along with their financial assets.

We won’t talk about the Ha’avara Agreement.

At least, not yet.

We’ll save that for when we actually get into the meat of the discussion about the Anglo-Palestine Bank.


For now, it’s enough to know this, from Ruppin’s Wiki page:

He headed the Jewish Agency between 1933 and 1935, and helped to settle the large numbers of Jewish immigrants from Germany who came in that period.

Ruppin exercised considerable influence in the cultural formation of East European Jews who performed aliyah and were to rise to positions of importance in later decades, such as David Ben-GurionItzhak Ben-ZviJoseph ShprinzakBerl KatznelsonYitzhak TabenkinZalman Shazar, and Levi Eshkol.


It’s reassuring to know that nearly all the leaders of our failed State were ‘culturally formed’ by a guy who was good buddies with the eugenics-promoting scientists of Nazi Germany…. Isn’t it?

And who also put in place the policies and quota system at the Jewish Agency that kept the gates of Eretz Yisrael firmly shut to anyone deemed ‘undesirable’ for the new Jewish eugenics project in the Middle East.

Deep, deep sigh.


You can go and read way, way more about Ruppin, Jewish eugenics and the early z-ists all over the web.

Even now.

Even with all the huge amount of censorship going on.

Here’s another snippet from his Wiki page:

Ruppin wrote that Jewish race should be “purified”, and he stated that “only the racially pure come to the land.”

After becoming head of the Palestine Office of the Zionist Executive (later the Jewish Agency for Israel), he argued against immigration of Ethiopian Jews because of their lack of “blood connection” and that Yemenite Jews should be limited to menial labor.

Due to the Holocaust, historiography in Israel usually played down or ignored altogether this aspect of Ruppin’s life.


I bet….

If you really want to understand what is going on in this country with all the ‘protests’ against religious Jews and the Torah, I suggest you do just that.

It’s the same Jewish eugenics playbook and belief system, just updated for the 21st century.


In the meantime, let’s take a look at the Anglo-Palestine Bank.

Let’s start with THIS very informative article on the Jewish Telegraph Agency site, from 1934.


After thirty-four years of active work, the Jewish Colonial Trust has ceded its place to its daughter company, the Anglo-Palestine Bank.

Founded in 1899 by Herzl as the financial instrument of the Zionist Movement, the Jewish Colonial Trust has for many years hold are important place among the Jewish institutions of England.

The decision to transfer its banking business to the Anglo-Palestine Bank shows the declining importance of the Diaspora, and the ever-growing significance of Palestine in the Zionist Movement.


That article basically explains that the Jewish Colonial Trust effectively turned into a ‘bank’ in Palestine. Then:

In 1902, it founded a subsidiary company in Palestine, the Anglo-Palestine Bank, for the purpose of promoting Zionist work there and of furthering the economic development of the country.


The Anglo-Palestine Bank basically outgrew it’s parent – so the two banks de-merged in 1934.

Again, notice that date: 1934.

The year after Hitler rose to power, and the middle year when Ruppin is in charge of the Jewish Agency, and conducting a policy of ‘purifying’ the Jewish Race [sic]. And also, ‘sick’.

Now, read this snippet, from that same JTA article:


The financial position of the Anglo-Palestine Bank is a remarkably healthy one.

Its total deposits, at the end of September 1933, amounted to over $20,000,000, and in the succeeding two months of October and November this figure had increased by a further $30,000,000.

[Emphasis added.]

Its assets show an exceptional liquidity, for nearly $14,000,000, or 60 percent of the deposits, consist of British Government securities, cash in hand and deposits with other banks.

Few even of the biggest banks could show so high a proportion of their assets in immediately realizable investments.

In addition, some $8,000,000 are invested in Palestine itself in the form of mortgages, loans and investments in industrial and financial undertakings.


What happened to swell the coffers of the Anglo-Palestine Bank by a massive $30 million dollars in the two months between September and November 1933?

We’ll try to answer that question in a moment.

Before we do, take a look at the names of the founders of the Jewish Colonial Trust (Bank….), from the Jewish Encyclopaedia entry for the JCT, HERE:

The first governors of the trust were Dr. Schauer of Mayence, Leib Schalit of Riga, and Abraham Hornstein of Kiev.

That last one is particularly interesting, at least to me, because he’s a big tycoon in the Ukraine, descends from Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev – and also, from the Sabbatean Naftali Katz, the ‘Smichat HaChachamim’, who is buried in Istanbul, and who nearly did Rabbenu in, when he went to visit his grave.

Point is: this was a neo-Sabbatean project, right from the get-go.

(As I keep repeating ad infinitum, until you finally understand what is really going on here.)


OK, so now let’s ‘solve the mystery’ of what swelled the Anglo Palestine Bank’s coffers by a whopping $30 million, in two months, in late 1933.

The following snippet comes from the ‘Ha’avara Agreement’ page on Wiki, all hidden in plain sight, as usual:

The Haavara Agreement was an agreement between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933.

[My emphasis added.]

The agreement was finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany.

It was a major factor in making possible the migration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine between 1933 and 1939


Are you starting to see how all the bits of this thoroughly evil puzzle are coming together?

Who was the head of the Jewish Agency in August 1933, when this agreement was signed under its ‘directives’?

Why, that would be one Arthur Ruppin – you know, the Jewish eugenicist with big plans to ‘purify’ the Jewish ‘race’; big hopes that ‘superior German Jews’ would provide the seedstock for the ‘New Jew’ he was socially-engineering in the Jewish eugenics project that became our failed State.

And of course, big friends of those same Nazi eugenics-preaching scientists who became the backbone of Hitler’s Nazi ideology – and the implementation of the Final Solution.


It’s all starting to make so much more sense now, isn’t it?

May God save us from these demonic people, and their evil descendents.


So now, let’s just pick up a few more details on who was actually running the Anglo-Palestine Bank, because there’s some interesting info there, which we will have to return to in a future post.

OK – I just got sidetracked again by some more interesting ‘descendants’.

The forerunner of the Ha’Avara agreement was drawn up with a company called ‘Hanotet’ – The Planter.

HERE is the Hebrew Wiki page for that, and when you start clicking through, you discover that it’s three owners are all linked to people from Shklov…. And other people we’ve been discussing here at length, including our very own ‘Baruch of Shklov’ – meant to be a pupil of the ‘GRA’ of Vilna, who translates the Euclid into Hebrew.

Oh, and who is a Freemason.

Of course.


Here’s a machine-translated snippet about the financial arrangements going on, beginning May 1933:

Agreement 1: The first of the transfer agreements was signed in May 1933 between Hanotet and the Germans. This agreement was brokered by Sam Cohen, a German-Jewish banker and businessman, and a wealthy man in his own right.

One million German marks from Germany to the Land of Israel, so the funds were deposited into the account of the company “Hanotet” in Germany, and she made sure to make equipment purchases and send them to the Land of Israel.

Agreement 2: Due to pressure from the Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency on the “Notarized” company that initiated the agreements, and the German desire that governmental entities also benefit from the commissions, it was decided to share the Zionist Jewish settlement bodies and the Templars.

So on July 18, 1933, a new agreement was signed in which the deposit of the funds in Germany was made into a joint bank account Anglo-Palestine and the Templar Society Bank. In addition, the transfer volume was increased to three million marks.


OK, so now we have the Templars also in the mix here.

Who ‘owned’ Hanotet?

The company was headed by Oved Ben-AmiGad Makens and Baruch Ram.


That first guy is really a Dankner (does that name ring a bell?)

And the second guy’s Wiki page is HERE.

It turns out, that Gad Makens descends from Baruch Shick of Shklov (the Freemason….) and Rabbi Yitzhak Minkovsky (1788) rabbi of Carlin and the author of Keren Ora.


His daughter, Zissel, married Rabbi Uri Orenstein, one of the leaders of the Hasidic community in Eretz Israel, and the father of the Orenstein family in Jerusalem


We talked a lot about this particular ‘Orenstein family’ when we were trying to figure out who owned Beit Wittemburg, in the Old City, and the Diskin Orphanage.

It’s always the same people.

When I look up ‘Zissel Orenstein’ – I get to Zissel Blau of Jerusalem, who married R Moshe Uri BLAU, Amram BLAU’s parents – who started off life as Chabadniks living in ‘Beit Wittemburg’, before they parted ways.

(And their son then founded Neturei Karta….)


R URI ORENSTEIN and ZISSEL MINKOWSKY were Amram Blau’s great-grandparents.

And somehow, they were also the direct ancestors of that GAD MAKENS guy, who came up with the great idea of collaborating with the Nazis in 1933….

Always the same people, no matter what ‘costume’ they wear.


OK, we will have to stop here, but two more quick things:

Of course, there is a Shneerson angle to this story, and the Anglo Palestine Bank.

Of course.


In 1929, one of the main Directors of the Anglo Palestine Bank in Hebron was Eliezer Dan Slonim.

His father was Rabbi Jacob Joseph Slonim, the Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Hebron.

Slonim Jnr was massacred in Hebron, in the massacres of 1929, together with a crowd of people who had congregated at his home for protection, as he had very good relations with the local Arabs.

According to the Wiki site for the Hebron massacre:

From the contemporary Hebrew press it appears that the rioters targeted the Zionist community for their massacre.


Even more interestingly, it seems that ‘the mob’ were especially targeting the yeshiva students of Slabodka, headed up by our ‘secret society’ chum, R Mordechai Epstein:


Slonim, the son of the Rabbi of Hebron, was a member on the city council and a director of the Anglo-Palestine Bank.

He had excellent relations with the British and the Arabs and those seeking refuge with him were confident they would come to no harm.

When the mob approached his door, they offered to spare the Sephardi community if he would hand over all the Ashkenazi yeshiva students. He refused, saying “we are all one people,” and he was shot dead along with his wife and 4-year-old son.


Slonim and his father were apparently both direct descendants of Shneur Zalman, Alter Rebbe of Chabad, via Yaakov Kuly Slonim and Menucha Shneuri.

I say apparently, because Chabad lies about everything….


Here’s a snippet connected to what happened to the Slonims in Hebron in 1929:

Yosef Yitzchak went to Palestine… from 7–22 August 1929.

He visited Hebron ten days before the massacre and, according to Chabad accounts, was the first Jew for many years to be allowed into the Cave of the Patriarchs.

Little information is available about the effect his visit had on the attitude of the local Arabs.


Funny, that.


And lastly, over in Haifa – another place that the Rav specifically name-checked for the Anglo Palestine Bank – we find this guy:

Shlomo Zalman Nathanson

Snippet from HERE:

Nathanson (1888-1963, born in Jerusalem), was an economist and a public figure, a veteran of the city of Haifa. He worked as a clerk in the Anglo-Palestine Bank (later Bank Leumi) in Jerusalem.

After World War I, settled in Haifa and was active in developing the industry and trade in the city. From 1928, served as manager of the Anglo-Palestine Bank in Haifa and president of the Trade and Industry Department there….

Was chairman of fundraising for recruiting and rescue in Haifa, chairman of the national loan and chairman of Keren HaYesod.

Served as deputy chairman of the Reali School in Haifa and Swedish Consul of Haifa and North Israel for 25 years.


This NATHANSON family connects us straight back to the Frankist-Mason-Enlightened Bankers… To ‘Shmuel, Last ABD of Vilna’, and they also intermarried – a lot! – with the ORNSTEINS, mentioned above.

But we’ll have to keep all that interesting stuff for another time.




[1] Arthur Ruppin and the Production of the Modern Hebrew Culture a dissertation submitted by Etan Bloom for the PhD at Tel Aviv University, December 2008.

3 replies
  1. AK
    AK says:

    Another great job in exposing the evil ones of the failed state. You mentioned Zalman Shazar who according to Wikipedia was born to a Chabad family and supposedly helped the 6th Rebbe in the founding of Kfar Chabad. It always comes back full circle.

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:


    I have to say that every time you hit on Chabad, I am frankly quite upset at that. Chabad does so much good in the world: for you information, we, our whole family, spend Pessach in various locations we love, which would be absolutely impossible without the hard work of Chabad Sheluchim. They organize Minyanim in Chu”l, make sure that every Jew has the ability to attend a Kosher Seder. Granted, they charge for that, but aren’t they allowed to cover their costs? It’s true, we are supposed to invite all the poor to the Seder, but who else opens their doors and homes to unknown guests on various locations? They are really doing holy work.

    Give them the credit they deserve. Nobody does the Kiruv and spiritual support of Jews all over the world as they do..

    So when you bash them, I recall the good they have done for decades. Thank you, dear Rebbe, for the great movement you started all over the world. I am sure your place in Shamayim is very great!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No-one is arguing that there is a lot of good being done by many of the Chabad shluchim.

      The one I have in my area is also a very good person, and really puts himself out to help others.

      The Chabad leadership has always been served by a lot of very good people…

      That’s part of what is so upsetting.

      (and btw, xtian missionaries also ‘do a lot of good’ for the communities they are sent into. That’s always been the main way they make converts to their cause. Does that make xtianity ‘good’?)


      It’s also interesting that you characterise me sticking up facts and information as ‘bashing Chabad’.

      Would you prefer me to not stick up these uncomfortable facts and information, about who has really been controlling the Jewish community behind the scenes for centuries, and causing us so much sa’ar?

      How is that going to help anyone?

      Geula is all about entering the world of truth…. isn’t it?

      Even when that’s painful, uncomfortable and upsetting.

      And even when it forces us to re-evaluate things we took for granted as being ‘true’, and basic assumptions we had, both about ourselves and about others.

      As someone who was fighting ‘for truth’ for many years, Daisy, it’s kind of disappointing how you keep trying to shut these discussions down, when they start to hit too close to home.


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