I wake up at the moment feeling like I have 10 mountains to climb before lunch.

And I can’t do it.

Most of the time, my modus operandi in life is to just kind of ‘push through’ and get to the finish line on stuff, on projects – and then have a few days of being ill or exhausted, while I recover.

And then, it starts all over again.

Right now, I feel I have hit the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of my energy reserves, my ‘soul power’.

I feel like I need a month of ‘being on holiday’ – primarily from myself, and all my bad middot.

This is the stage I would usually book a ticket for Uman, but my passport is out of date, and I don’t have the energy even for Uman at the moment.

(Probably, I’m still also scared to return, not because of the war there, but because I think I got a black mark in my passport, somehow, and I have run out of energy to spend hours at the border being yelled at by Ukrainians with guns.)


Even the ‘fun’ stuff I try to do to take my mind off the matzav is starting to feel too much to deal with, some days.

Me and my husband went to such a nice zimmer last week, when we went to Meron, with it’s own little pool and v close to a private beach.

I spent an hour on the sand doing hitbodedut while I looked at the waves, and then I came home and spent most of the rest of the time reading stuff on the sofa inside, or the deckchair outside.

I have even run out of energy to ‘be on on holiday’.


I am not a quitter, by definition.

Probably, I’m not going to quit now.

But for sure, the last few days, weeks, months have built into such a crescendo of ‘exhausted’, I don’t know what to do with myself.

There’s so much I want to get done, so much Rav stuff to translate, so many secrets of real Jewish history still to share, so many tikkun haklalis to say, so much teshuva still to make on a million bad middot that keep popping up, so much washing up to do….

And I am hitting the wall.


Maybe, it’s a good sign.

Maybe, it’s a sign that even lunatics like yours truly are finally just going to have sit back, let go and ‘let God’.

Each person has their own narrow bridge to cross, to get across into ‘geula’, and no-one else can do that work for them.

I’m seeing it even with my kids.

Maybe it’s the intense power of the Counting of the Omer, that’s supercharged this year, but it seems like there is just no running away from our own bad middot at the moment.

God is shoving all our spiritual ‘junk’ in our faces, and He’s not giving anyone any free passes.

I’m having my tests with impatience, anger and despair, and everyone in my family is also having their own tests with their own ‘supercharged bad middot’.


It’s a time of trouble for Yaakov.

But from this, we will be saved by Hashem.

Even if we’ve run out of energy to ‘do’ everything we really are meant to be doing, and all we can do is sit back, and ask God to please rescue us.

And especially, from ourselves.

Let’s return to some solid ‘real history’ sources.

You may not know this about me, but I read like a demento, and I have been going through a ton of source material trying to figure out what is really going on with ‘real Jewish history’.

Most of the clues I find are hidden in books and old documents that take a long time to parse properly.

I know it often looks like I’m just basing all of this on Geni, but the fact is, Geni is just a source of clues, and then I have to go and try and pin all the info down in books and other ‘real sources’.

So in the next couple of posts, I wanted to introduce you to some of the stuff I learned from a book called:

RUSSIA’S FIRST MODERN JEWS: The Jews of Shklov, by David E Fishman.


It’s very interesting, as always.

First, let’s see who was meant to be spear-heading the campaign against the ‘chassidim’ when the war erupted against them (p.12):

“[O]ne Hasidic author notes that: “when the great Mitnagdic rabbis used to gather in order to ban our rabbis and those who followed them, the city of Shklov was their metropolis. Most of the meetings and actions took place there.”

The author explains that the ordinances against the chassidim published in Shklov were signed by:

“R Benjamin Rivlin, R Issachar Ber b. Judah Leyb (the communal rabbi of Shklov and Rivlin’s brother-in-law), as well as other local dayyanim, scholars and notables.”


On page 13, Fishman brings an example of what these ‘anti-chassidic’ ordinances actually said, from a meeting held in 1787:

“The following are the restrictions which we adopted at this meeting:

  1. To decree a public fast on the 25th of Teveth.

  2. To employ all means to destroy the altars of these heretics and prevent from gathering.

  3. To ensure that no-one study their books, and to conduct searches for this purpose.

  4. To enforce the validity of the ordinances passed in Brody and Vilna prohibiting travel to the leaders of the sect.

  5. Meat slaughtered by their shohtim is forbidden and treif, and all meat coming from outside the city limits will be considered treif, unless is has a writ of kashrut from a well-known person, who does not belong to their sect.

  6. It is forbidden to provide lodging to anyone of their sect.

  7. No community may accept one of them as a cantor, rabbi, or preacher, and particular attention should be paid to the melamdim (teachers), to ensure that none of them teach boys without an appropriate certificate from the rabbis.

  8. To announce in all the communities that anyone who knows anything about them, whether favorable or negative, should report it to the rabbinic court.


Notice the ban on the ‘books’ of the chassidim – and also, the big emphasis placed on the kosher meat.

You’ll recall that the real dispute between mitnagdim and chassidim boiled down to challenging the Chief Rabbis’ monoply on kosher meat, where they were adding an extraordinary amount of tax on top, from which they made a nice living for themselves.


On page 15, we learn this about the rabbinical court and the Shklov kahal:

“If the waters of the Dnieper could speak, they would tell a great deal about the informers who were drowned to death according to the decision of the kahal of the Shklov region.”

But the violence and murder wasn’t only on the mitnaged side of the equation.


In the footnotes on page 140, we find this:

“[The chassidim] consider it permitted to kill, beat and inform on those who oppose them, as they did to R. Sholem of Lubavitch, and as they did to R Jacob of Shklov.”

After serving the community of Shklov for more than twenty years, R Jacob surfaced in the Lithuanian town of Slutsk, where he died in 1774, suggesting a sudden departure.”


This ‘R JACOB SHICK’, ABD of Shklov, who is apparently beaten-up and informed on by the unidentified ‘chassidim’ is none other than the father of BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV  – translator of Euclid, ‘student of the GRA’, and a member of the satanic-masonic ASIAN BROTHERHOOD Lodge, set up by the Frankists.

We’ll come back to him shortly, and in more detail in a future post, BH.


In the meantime, pay attention to the fact that our ‘dear leaders’ on both sides of this mitnaged/chassidic divide are mamash acting like violent mafiosos, and that ordering ‘hits’ on their opponents, or trying to get them imprisoned and / or executed by the non-Jewish authorities, was apparently standard practise at this period of time.

Lovely middot!!!!


So, how does Shneur Zalman and CHABAD fit into this picture?

It’s not at all clear.

Let’s bring a few more snippets, and then we will turn to the family trees to try and bring a bit more elucidation to what was really going on here.


You remember that the ABD of Shklov, CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, Benjamin Rivlin’s brother-in-law, was one of the people who signed on the ordinance banning ‘chassidic books’ in 1787?

Strangely, seven years later, this exact same CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK pops up giving SHNEUR ZALMAN an approbation for his book. Snippet from page 20:

“R Shneur Zalman of Liady’s halachic manual hilkhot talmud torah was first published in 1794 in Shklov, with a letter of approbation from its communal rabbi, R Chanokh Henekh Shick.

The circumstances surrounding this publication are shrouded in mystery.”

That’s quite the understatement.


Meanwhile, Shneur Zalman was acting in the function of a ‘Chief Rabbi’ himself at this time, for the Polotsk province.

This snippet comes from page 17, and it’s extremely interesting:

“In the Polotsk province, the structure of Jewish regional government differed from that of the Mogilev province [where Shklov was located].

Instead of forming a council of kahals along the lines of the va’ad medinat rusiya, the highest regional authority was a provincial rabbinic court, which consisted of R Israel of Polotsk, R Issachar Ber of Lubavitch, and R Shneur Zalman of Liady….they acted as an officially-constituted high rabbinic court [aka ‘Beit Din’].

They issued decrees and herems on civil affairs, such as a ban on using funds raised for the inhabitants of the Holy Land to support local paupers….

As provincial rabbi, R Shneur Zalman imposed fees and collections upon the inhabitants of the region, which he enforced by threat of excommunication.

Wielding the same power of herem as his Mitnagdic counterparts in the Mogilev province [i.e. Shklov], he decreed:

…..He has no portion nor inheritance with us in all matters of holiness and should not even be counted in a minyan. He should be banished until he repents.

In his capacity as provincial rabbi, R Shneur Zalman was also the region’s ultimate halakhic authority.

The rabbinic courts of the Vitebsk and Polotsk kahals submitted inquiries to him on matters of religious divorces, to which he replied with responsa.


Does this piece of real history fit with what you’ve been taught about SHNEUR ZALMAN, and the ‘underdog’ beginnings of ‘CHABAD chassidut’?

The Alter Rebbe is imposing taxes over a wide geographical area, and excommunicating people who aren’t paying charidee for Eretz Yisrael.

No wonder he was such an effective fundraiser.


OK, let’s head back to SHKLOV, to try and tease a little more what was going on over there, particularly around the SHICK family.

Official history tells us that BARUCH SHICK, the satanic-mason-maskil-talmid-of-the-GRA, whose descendants moved to Eretz Yisrael and then started striking financial deals with the Nazis, was the son of:

R JACOB SHICK, ABD SHKLOV, who died in 1774 in Slutsk, and his unnamed mother, who we are told is the sister of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH, ARYEH LEIB GUNZBURG.

We’ll come back to the SHA’AGAT ARYEH in a moment.


We learned above that this JACOB SHICK was apparently persecuted so badly by the ‘chassidim’, he was forced to flee Shklov.

It seems he was replaced by CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, as ABD of Shklov. While ‘official history’ fudges the link, I am willing to bet good money that CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK is at least the brother of BARUCH SHICK, the satanic-mason-maskil.

Why would they fudge all this?

Let’s turn to the family trees, to see if we can figure a bit more out.


It’s a whole big, deliberate mess, to hide how ‘Chabad’ and the family of the ‘GRA of Vilna’ are exactly the same people.

But here’s the bit I’ve tried to figure out.

There are four brothers, all the paternal grandchildren of ELIYAHU CHASSID KREMER (d. 1710) of VILNA.

Their father is called: TZVI HIRSCH KRAMER (RIVELES) aka TZVI HIRSCH PRE-RIVLIN of Vilna (1680-1765).

His four sons are:

  1. SOLOMON ZALMAN OF SHKLOV, aka ‘ZALMAN RIVLIN, the first to be called Rivlin’. He marries FRUMA NOTKIN in one version, or ‘the daughter of SHMUEL Last ABD of Vilna’, according to Neil Rosenstein. (I don’t know which version is true.)

2. LEIB of OLIER marries his brother’s daugther (Tzvi Hirsh Olier).

3. TZVI HIRSCH OLIER marries GITTEL TZEITLIS – or ‘TZEITLIN’. Their daughter is SHIFRA RIVLIN, who marries MOSHE SHNEURI, the son of the Alter Rebbe who famously becomes a xtian missionary for the Russian Tzar.

4. ELIYAHU PESSELES marries 1) CHAYA BLOCH, 2) the unnamed daughter of ELCHANAN CHAFETZ.


Apparently, these are all first cousins for ELIYAHU the Vilna Gaon.


SOLOMON ZALMAN of SHKLOV and FRUMA NOTKIN have a whole bunch of kids.

Before I tell you about the, let’s just note that FRUMA’s father is the famous Russian Shtadlan and maskil, NATAN NOTA NOTKIN (d. 1804), and her mother is meant to be SARAH GUNZBURG, the daughter of that same SHA’AGAT ARYEH we mentioned above.

That means SARAH GUNZBURG’s first cousin is BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, the satanic-mason-maskil-student-of-the-GRA.


SOLOMON ZALMAN and FRUMA have a bunch of kids including:

  1. BENJAMIN RIVLIN – the ‘Gabia HaKesef’, who leads the charge against the chassidim in Shklov,and whose descendents mamash took over almost every element of government in what became the State of Israel.

Neil Rosenstein says he marries DREIZA, the daughter of ‘JOSHUA THE SAINT’, i.e. YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN.

This would explain why BENJAMIN RIVLIN lived in ZEITLIN’s mansion in Ustye, and also apparently went into business with him.


  1. MINDEL RIVLIN – The wife of CHANOCK HEINACH SHICK ABD of Shklov, who gives an approbation for the Alter Rebbe’s book, printed in Shklov, seven years AFTER banning ‘the books of the chassidim’.

(He’s probably the brother of BARUCH SHICK, and also the grandson of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH).

In one version of the genealogy, their son is the CHABAD succession ‘kingmaker’ PINCHAS ROSANES SCHICK, who Rosenstein says marries an unnamed daughter of the ALTER REBBE.


  1. BATIA RIVLIN – marries the grandson of the Alter Rebbe, the Mitteler Rebbe’s son, MENACHEM NACHUM SCHNEERSON.


4) YOCHEVED RIVLIN – who is meant to marry the ‘son-in-law’ of the ALTER REBBE,  AVRAHAM SHEINESS.

You can find a very interesting discussion about AVRAHAM SHEINESS of Shklov on the Chabadpedia page HERE.

This is a translated snippet:

His family sat shiva for him… His father turned to the Alter Rebbe In a letter demanding that R. Avraham be returned to his home.

After a long discussion and exchange of letters between the Alter Rebbe, the Gaon of Vilna and Hanoch Ha’anich Shik, after they wrote him a pledge that he would not be violently attacked again[8] [by the mitnagdim of Shklov, led by Binyamin Rivlin?]

Avraham returned to his home, where they closed him in an attic and did not let him eat.After further deliberation, he managed to convince one of his sisters that he had not disobeyed the Torah, and she secretly brought him food.

From there he went to the Gaon of Shklov. After a long argument between him and the gaonim, Hanoch Ha’anich Shik R Moshe Raskas[9] they ordered his father to allow him to live in peace….

After a while he wanted to go to his Rebbe again, the Alter Rebbe.

But this time, unlike the previous time, he went openly, and on this trip he was joined by a number of Avrachim, including Pinchas Reizes Shick.[10]


PINCHAS REIZES / ROSANES SHICK seems to be the son of that same CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, Benjamin Rivlin’s brother-in-law.

(The link for ‘MOSHE RASHKES’ has been disabled…)


MINDEL RIVLIN and CHANOCH CHEINACH SHICK of Shklov have an unnamed daughter who marries:


This guy’s family is ‘Frankist Royalty’, the whole family is clearly married to the leading Prague Frankists.


(The Rivlin website archived HERE names that daughter as ‘DREIZEL’.)

Their daughter is ELKE JOSS, who marries none other than ‘MOSES DOBRUSHKA’, who sets up the satanic-masonic secret society the ASIAN BROTHERHOOD, and then gets guillotined in Paris during the French Revolution, under the name of ‘JUNIUS FREY’.


ELKE JOSS is apparently the great-granddaughter of SOLOMON ZALMAN RIVLIN, first cousin of the VILNA GRA.

And meanwhile, her uncle BARUCH SHICK is also openly pushing ‘enlightenment’ and joining the satanic-masonic lodge set up by her husband.

(Whilst translating ‘Euclid’ for the Vilna Gaon…)

And yet, ‘official history’ is strangely silent about all this.


While BENJAMIN RIVLIN of SHKLOV  is described in Chabad sources as being the ‘main guy against Chabad’, in reality, a bunch of his children were marrying the direct descendants of SHNEUR ZALMAN.

(And those children then took over the yishuv in Eretz Yisrael, on all sides of the equation….)

And this whole family is tightly connected to the satanic-masons, the Frankists, the maskilim – and the family of the Vilna Gaon.


In the next post, I want to go back to the ‘THREE PILLARS of VILNA’, who were controlling the flow of money to Eretz Yisrael (and into their own pockets…) because they are all in this family tree too.

Some of the descendants of these THREE PILLARS became open Frankist-Catholics, and built a bunch of the monasteries still defacing Eretz Yisrael.

Others became the satanic communists, and then commie-z-ists who took over the old yishuv in Israel by force, by starving out the religious community during World War I and diverting all the charity into their own hands.

Meanwhile, others became the leaders of the old yishuv itself, either with the ‘chassidic’ flavor, or with the ‘perushim’ style – but it’s all the same small family.

And there are many interesting things to learn from all this, about who is really running the country, and why we are in the mess we are in here.


Two more footnotes:

The MAHARAM SHICK of course also descends from this same CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK and Mindel Rivlin.


While I was cleaning out my big suitcase, I also found an old family tree for the Alter Rebbe’s wife, STERNA.

I wrote down this family tree around four years ago, just using Geni and other online sources.

It shows that she was the daughter of YEHUDA LEIB SEGAL, the descendant of the known Sabbatean sons and step-sons of the TAZ.

When I say ‘known’, there are extant sources of letters the TAZ’s son and step-son wrote explaining how dazzled they were when the met SHABTAI TZVI, the fake messiah, in Constantinople.

This isn’t ‘conspiracy theory’.


This is a translated snippet from the Chabadpedia website for her, HERE:

She was born to R. Yehuda Leib Halevi Segal, who was a grandee of the Vitebsk community and an eighth generation of Maharil Segal, [the TAZ] and to her mother, Mrs. Bayla.


STERNA’s brother was DAVID HALEVI SEGAL the MAGGID of STEPIN – who married YENTA, the daughter of that same YECHIEL MICHEL of ZLOTCHOV who sparked off ‘the war against the chassidim’ by opposing the steep taxes being levied on kosher meat by the corrupt chief rabbis.

This is possibly how SHNEUR ZALMAN became a follower of YECHIEL MICHEL of ZLOTCHOV in the first place.


Even since I first wrote down that family tree four years ago, ‘the gatekeepers’ have been busy scrubbing off all these links between STERNA SEGAL and the rest of her family.

If you want to tell me I’m a crazed ‘conspiracy theorist’, I’d love to hear your explanation for what’s going on with all this, if there is nothing to hide and cover up.


Here’s a screenshot from GENI for DAVID SEGAL the MAGGID of STEPIN:


Take a look at who his daughter SHIFRA ZISEL WERTHEIM married.

None other than MOSHE TZVI WERTHEIMER of SAVRAN, the guy who ordered the ‘hit’ on R NATAN STERNHARTZ of BRESLOV, Rabbenu’s main student, who got into his bad books when he told UDEL, Rabbenu’s daughter, not to accept the Savraner’s proposal of marriage.

R NATAN felt the Savraner was going to try to take over Breslov and ‘corrupt it’.

With hindsight…. He was so, so so right to be worried.


MOSHE TZVI WERTHEIMER of SAVRAN married the niece of the Alter Rebbe, SHNEUR ZALMAN of LIADI.

Then he had to run away to Moldova and change his name to YISRAEL FRIEDMAN OF RUZHIN after ordering the murder of two ‘Jewish informers’.

As we learned above, murdering people who didn’t agree with you or who got in your way was apparently quite popular with the Sages of Shklov, and some ‘chassiduts’ – most notably, those connected to MENACHEM NACHUM of CHERNOBLE, and his son, MORDECHAI.

(Who was contesting with the Mitteler Rebbe over who was going to control the family’s charity fund project called CHABAD, until PINCHAS ROSANES SHICK came out in support of the former.)


There is so much more to unpack with all this, but slowly does it.

Hopefully, this is a clear example of why ‘the family trees’ are a crucial part of all this, and of getting to the truth of what’s really going on here.



CHAIM ZVI SHNEERSON, the grandson of SHIFRA RIVLIN and (xtian missionary working for the Russian Tzar) MOSHE SHNEURI was a very interesting character – and who has also been increasingly ‘scrubbed out of history’ even in the last four years I’ve been researching this stuff.

This machine-translated snippet is from the Chabadpedia site – ironically, that seems to be preserving so much of the info that they are carefully ‘scrubbing off’ just about everywhere else.

He was born in Lubavitch, in the year of 1834 to Rabbi Nahum Yosef Schneerson and his rabbinical mother Sarah Rivka, daughter of Rabbi Moshe Schneori, son of the Alter Rebbe.

In the year Tr-D, his family immigrated to the Holy Land and settled in Hebron together with the family of Rebbetzin Menucha Rachel Slonim, who came up under the instruction of Adm. HaTzemach Tzedek and founded the Chabad community in Hebron.


After a few years the family moved to Jerusalem, and for a time they received British sponsorship.


Pressing pause for a moment, to ask why were the British sponsoring this great-grandson of the Alter Rebbe in Eretz Yisrael?

To do what, exactly?

Snippet continues:

As a teenager, he learned English and could speak this language well.

At the age of just 18, he became a doctor and over the years visited many Jewish communities, including Damascus, Aleppo, Syria, Egypt, Persia, India, China, Australia, Romania, England, France, the United States and South Africa.

In addition to his practice as a doctor, he served as a journalist and over the years published numerous articles in the Hebrew and Jewish newspapers all over the world and wrote extensively about the renewal of the Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel and the need to establish an independent state within the borders of the Land of Israel for the Jews.

All this pre-dated that other puppet of the satanic-masons, Theodor Herzl, by a good few decades.


He was a gracious speaker who used his rhetorical talent to inspire gentiles and Jews to help the residents of the Land of Israel and its development, as well as forming important relationships with key figures In the British Empire that ruled the country at the time.

He worked with various elements on the diplomatic level, including meeting with Queen Victoria, Queen of England, and U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant, among others.



After many missions abroad, his health weakened and he returned to the Holy Land and established his residence in Tiberias, where the Hasidim began to persecute him due to various allegations about his conduct in distributing the donations he had raised.

Always the same story with the charidee.


Some even claimed that he had distanced himself from the faith in G-d and joined the Reformers, and other claims.

Finally, the dean, Avraham Zvi Halevi, imposed a boycott on him, after which he was pelted with stones and beaten by the residents who looted his property, imprisoned him for five days, and then led naked through the streets of the city on a donkey in order to plunder him.

And they spread a rumor that he was a madman who considered himself a messiah, and he was eventually expelled from the city.


After two months of recovery in a medical home in Jerusalem, he tried to demand that the rioters be brought to justice, but this only led to the publication of various articles that defamed him.

In the last days of his life he co – founded a small bank in Jerusalem, and on his last trip he went to South Africa, where he fell ill, was quarantined, and died (around the year of his death), according to the British authorities-he was brought there to the grave of Israel.



HERE‘s the page for him on Wiki, with a few more interesting details:

One of his articles was quoted in Moshe Hess‘ book, Rome and Jerusalem. He would often travel and speak at Zionist events and was an advocate for Jewish settlement in Israel.

Here’s a snippet about MOSES HESS:

Moses (Moritz) Hess (21 January 1812 – 6 April 1875) was a German-Jewish philosopher, early communist and Zionist thinker.

His socialist theories led to disagreements with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

He is considered a pioneer of Labor Zionism….

His book calls for the establishment of a Jewish socialist commonwealth in Palestine, in line with the emerging national movements in Europe and as the only way to respond to antisemitism and assert Jewish identity in the modern world.


More interesting snippets, including this ‘shout out’ from another Labour Zionist, Berl Katenelson:

“This “Shadr” [Shneerson] was a lecturer in front of Christian audiences, and he would gain admirers and respect everywhere… and even [Ulysses S.] Grant, the president of the United States, came and lectured before him orally and in writing about the situation of the Jews of Romania and about the establishment of Israel….”

During his visit to China, he also spent several days with Baghdadi businessman of the Sassoon family, Reuven David Sassoon.


You recall that the Sassoons / Haskells played a crucial part in carving up the Ottoman Empire on behalf of British interests.

And that we were trying to figure out how ‘ZAITSEVs / SHNEERSONS’ would be marrying into the Haskell / Sassoon family.

I guess we are now tripping over some of the answer.


SHNEERSON gives most of his talks to the xtian populations of the countries he visited, and receives a great deal of publicity – and also accusations that he is pocketing most of the money he’s raising ‘for Israel’.

Snippets continue:

Many of these papers noted similarities in his ideas to the words of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer.

At the same time of Schneerson’s activities in Australia, the Society for the Settlement of Eretz Yisrael was established in Frankfurt am Main by David Luria.


ZVI HIRSH KALISHER is a direct grandchild of ‘JACOB FRANK’ – and was GOLDA LEAH, the mother of the 4th Rabbi of Chabad (or some say, mother of his wife, grandmother of the 5th Rebbe of Chabad.)

The ‘DAVID LURIA’ referred to above is also known as the RADAL.

He and his family figure very large in this story, we will definitely be coming back to him, BH.


Snippet continues:

Schneerson continued to publish articles as an independent reporter, including one titled “Voice of Complaint from Jerusalem”, where he criticized leaders of the Kollels, who he said were thwarting operative initiatives to aid the settlements.

He also accused them of taking advantage of their collection methods and inappropriate use of the funds.

In turn, they not only accused him of being an apostate, they also accused him of converting to xtianity secretly.

Exactly as his grandfather MOSHE SHNEURI had done, a few decades earlier.

No wonder they tried to scrub him out of history…



Just to keep all this stuff in one place going forward (not least, for me. I often print this stuff out and go over it again…. and again… and again…. trying to figure out the lies. BH, Moshiach will appear soon and just actually tell everyone what really happened. But until then…)

On the Chabadpedia site, we find more information about SOLOMON ZALMAN RIVLIN, brother of ELIYAHU PESSELES – the first cousins of the GRA of Vilna.

There, he’s called: ZALMAN RIVLIN.

Here’s a translated snippet of what it says:

Hasidic Rabbi Zalman Rivlin He was born to his father, Rabbi Eliyahu Platkis.

He was a follower of the Alter Rebbe, and after his death, he attached himself to his son, the Middle Admor.

His brothers were R Zvi Hirsch [RIVLIN] and R Leib of Olier, who was the father of Rabbi Pinchas of Derebin.

Many years after the death of the Middle Admor, he, his brother Rabbi Leib, and his nephew Rabbi Pinchas did not call upon the Tzemach Tzedek…..

ZALMAN RIVLIN was also the in-law of the Middle Admor Because the Menachem Nahum (Middle Admor’s son) was his son-in-law.

He was also the father-in-law of R’ Avraham Sheiness because the Chassid R Aharon, the son of R Avraham  [SHEINESS], who was a rabbi in Starye, was his son-in-law.


Just to re-iterate, this is the father of the arch-anti-chassid of Shklov, BENJAMIN RIVLIN, s-i-l of YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN.

Does this make sense?


And this is a snippet from the Chabadpedia site for PINCHAS ROSANES SHICK, that confirms that he was the son of CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, ABD of SHKLOV.


It also says that:

[W]hen the daughter of the middle Admor was married to the son of Rabbi Mordechai of Tchernoble, the Alter Rebbe called him and asked him to make sure that after his departure, his son, the middle Admor, would be appointed under him to receive pidyonot, and they would not appoint anyone else.

He was the kingmaker for the Chabad charity fund.

And apparently, there is a different ‘missing sister’ on the Chabadpedia site – not the mother of ELKE JOSS, who then marries leading satanic-masonic-Frankist MOSES DOBRUSHKA.

Instead, this is the wife of BINYAMIN EISENSTADT (AUSCH). 

Their unnamed daughter is meant to marry ‘BARUCH KLUTZKER‘ the son of FRIEDA SHEURI, daughter of the Alter Rebbe.

This links us straight up with the Sabbatean-Frankists of the Eisenstadt family, and the Mir Yeshiva.

But one thing at a time.


Yesterday, I dragged the massive suitcase full of ‘family trees’ out from under the bed.

And I threw away most of what was inside.

I’ve been doing this stuff for five years already, I am so, so, so sick of it.

I want to give up.

So I came home from the Rav yesterday – who btw was full of fire and koach in the davening, way more than I’ve heard for a very long time – and I decided I need a change, I need a break. Enough of agonising over all these satanic masons that took over the Jewish people 250 years ago…


But, it’s not that easy to forget about them, because we are still suffering the consequences of being under their rule.

Remember what the Rav said (and what you used to be able to find all over the internet, before the censorship went stratospheric), that Bibi is a mason.

And now, put two and two together with this other quote from the Rav, back on November 20th, 2023:

It’s written that Armilus the Rasha will come with ‘one eye’.

Armilus the Rasha, who will make the war of Gog and Magog, he will come with just one eye.

He will have just one eye in his forehead.

You should know that this is Armilus.

Know how to recognise him!

Identify him!…he’s meant to conquer Eretz Yisrael.

But he won’t succeed.


The ‘one eye’ is a clear reference to the satanic-masons.

And in case you are still in doubt about that, take a look at this video, where some clued-in person in Israel walks around parks, courts and especially, military cemeteries, and shows all the masonic symbolism clearly on display.

(Video from HERE.)


Pyramids, ‘demons’, the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin – and of course, the ‘all seeing eye’.

Some of this stuff is heavily camouflaged – but honestly?

Most of it really isn’t.

They think people are so dumb, so ‘blinkered’, that they just shoved all their ‘Armilus-satanic-masonic’ stuff out there in plain view.

And for the last 80+ years, nobody noticed.

But hopefully, that is starting to change now.

At least, a little bit.

But most people do not have even an inkling of just how ‘bad’ the problem is, and just how prevalent ‘satanic-masons’ really are, in the Jewish community – including the so-called ‘religious’ community.

And that’s where this all gets ever-so sticky and confusing.


In the meantime, let me give you another example of ‘satanic-masons’ clearly on display.

We went to a newish hotel for a day’s break in Israel.

The hotel was called Nyx – which I assumed was some variation of NYC, just spelt wrong, Israeli-style.

But I was wrong about that.

The hotel is so proud of its name, it has a paragraph explaining it all at the bottom of the ‘guest information sheet’.

That basically says something very similar to this, (from the Wiki page):

In Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess and personification of the night.

In Hesiod‘s Theogony, she is the offspring of Chaos, and the mother of Aether and Hemera (Day) by Erebus (Darkness).

By herself, she produces a brood of children which are personifications of primarily negative forces.

She features in a number of early cosmogonies, which place her as one of the first deities to exist. In the works of poets and playwrights, she lives at the ends of the Earth, and is often described as a black-robed goddess who drives through the sky in a chariot pulled by horses.

In the Iliad, Homer relates that even Zeus fears to displease her.


I showed this to my sane, rational husband, and even he murmured this is satanic….


All of a sudden, the ‘satanic-looking’ angry black gargoyle thing with spooky yellow eyes that they put by the elevators seemed way more deliberate, and not just a dumb attempt at ‘being cool’.


Evil’s greatest accomplishment is persuading people it doesn’t really exist.

The satanic-masons in our midst greatest accomplishment is persuading us all that they aren’t really satanic…. or masons….

But they’ve been pulling the strings here right from the beginning.


The ‘family trees’ I am still working on, even though I so, so, so want to finish with them already, clearly show that 99% of our ‘big rabbis’ for the last 350 years were Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons.

The Sabbateans stayed ‘frum’ looking, and mostly ‘frum’ acting (if you don’t count wife-swapping, incest and believing dead people like Shabtai Tzvi can ‘come back from the dead’ to be Moshiach….)

The obvious Frankists left the fold and become ‘catholic Hebrews’ – but still retained massive influence within the Jewish community, as they had tons of money and connections with the non-Jewish mason.

And the openly satanic Freemasons became communists.

Think about that for a moment.

Think about how our failed State was set up, and what idealogy it was openly geared to, right from the start.



I so want to be done with this subject already.

But in the meantime, it seems I have a bit more work to do on it.

Part of the difficulty is that most people don’t want to know that we’re being ruled by satanic-masons, including ones with big beards, Torah commentaries and massive yichus.

Most people would rather carry on living in fantasy world.

I get that.

I ran away to a hotel for a day to get away from it all, for a bit.

But ‘Nyx’ was waiting even there….


I wrote a few months ago, a week before October 7th, that I felt we were now entering the ‘openly supernatural’ part of this whole geula process.

There are open miracles going on in Eretz Yisrael all the time.

Like, the US’s pier sinking in Gaza…. like Iranian presidents ‘falling out of the sky’…. Like, so many nissim all the time for the soldiers in Gaza, whose biggest enemy is actually behind their own lines.

When I make an effort to focus on all the tremendous miracles God is doing for us all the time, that gives me a lot of strength, and a lot of motivation to continue.

But the real change comes when we finally realise that the whole paradigm of our ‘failed State’ is satanic-masonic.

And it was right from the beginning.

And there are not a few yeshivas, chassiduts and ‘big rabbis’ that are also very firmly part of that satanic-masonic paradigm.

Even today.

Especially, today.

And their main job has always been to confuse us all, and to try and pull us away from the True Tzaddikim in our midst.


That’s why they’ve been after the Rav for well over a decade.

That’s why they are constantly churning out new ‘rock star rabbis’, who get instant, massive, and only positive PR, unlimited budgets and gushing groupies.

Once we finally accept this is the ‘reality’ of what is going on in our community, things will start to go way, way easier and smoother for us all.


PS: This is what the Gematrix site says about the name of that hotel:

Nyx Is The Original Satanic Witch. In Gematria Is 2432.

I’m sure it’s all just another massive CO-IN-CID-ENCE.

I just got back from Meron.

There’s an idea that the soul of the tzaddikim are more ‘present’ by their graves not only on the day of the hiloula itself, but also three days before, and three days afterwards.

Even though the failed State said they were closing Rashbi down for five days before Lag Bomer, and five days afterwards – they were lying.

As usual, and just like we saw with Covid, the main ‘war’ being fought here is in the media, to persuade people that there is no point even trying to get to Meron this year, because the whole thing is shut….


Baruch Hashem, quite a few people actually got through from Shuvu Banim on Lag Bomer itself.

Even though some of them were literally driving around on buses for 12 hours straight, trying to get in, before the gates finally opened.

Incredible mesirut nefesh.

In the meantime, some of my daughter’s friends literally also drove in to Meron on Lag Bomer – via a back route.


I’m not checking news sites, but it sounds like quite a few thousand people were also there on Shabbat, too, streaming in from all the neighboring yishuvim by foot.


Point is, once we stop believing all the lies and manipulation of the media, they lose the main way they can control us all.

There was not a single policeman anywhere on Mt Meron, that I saw, when I was there today.

All that’s stopping people from going is stories of rockets that conveniently fall in their hundreds the week leading up to Lag Bomer, ahem, but now – nothing.

We were up North for two days, it was totally quiet and peaceful.


We went to Elijah’s Cave in Haifa and Rashbi, and the trip really taught me, again, that the only real source of ‘strength’ right now is from the prayers and the True Tzaddikim.

Yes of course, learning Torah and keeping mitzvot are so, so important too, I’m not saying they aren’t.

I’m saying that mentally, what’s keeping me afloat is the strength of the True Tzaddikim, the 7 Tikkun Haklalis and the proximity to real Tzaddikim, alive and dead.

When the Rav was in hospital two weeks ago and we missed a few days of praying down in Ido HaNavi, I noticed a massive difference in my state of mind, and my ability to stay upbeat.


We’re all different, of course, but this is my experience.


Before we left for up North, my daughter came back from a bonfire lighting of a ‘big rabbi’ in Jerusalem, and told me:

Ima, we mamash saw angels in shemayim!

I asked what she was talking about, and then she grabbed her friends smartphone and showed me footage that her friend had taken of something purplish dancing about over the flames.

What is that?!

Her friend is a big follower of this ‘big rabbi’, and she told me all smiles that it was an ‘angel’, dancing above the flames of the big rabbi’s bonfire on L’ag B’omer.

Something about that just doesn’t sit well with me.

At all.


Then, the friend said that it had happened before, last year.

As my daughter was showing me that clip on her friend’s smartphone, which was plugged in and charging, the charger cable got set on fire by the Rashbi candles it was dangling over, and we nearly had our own bonfire in the kitchen.


I managed to find some old videos from 2022 showing something very similar to what my daughter’s friend took on her phone this year.

I’m posting that here, without any names, and then you decide for yourself, if this something ‘angelic’ or something ‘demonic’.


While I was praying at the Rashbi, and doing some more Tikkun HaKlalis, I got a ‘message’ that I need to finish the warped family tree stuff off ASAP.

To the best of my ability.

Even though like you, I myself don’t really understand why it’s so urgent, or so important to try to do that.

But that is the message I keep getting in hitbodedut, even though it’s so unpopular.

So, that’s what I’m going to try and do the next few days, so I can finally shut the files, knowing I gave the birur my best shot, and move on to something else instead.


I was pretty down before, during and right after Lag Bomer.

But now…. I’m feeling things are actually in a much better place than it seems.

God has our back.

The True Tzaddikim have our front.

And we just need to make sure that we’re carefully positioned and ‘protected’ in the middle, and following whatever instructions we get told, about saying 7 Tikkun Haklalis, trying to go to Meron even when it seems that is totally pointless.

The real ‘war’ is going on around our soul, heart and mind.

And if we stick close to God and the True Tzaddikim – in the end, with a lot of siyatta dishmeya, we will win.

Bezrat Hashem.

Betzalel Tzvi ben Orly Rivka just passed away.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

He’s in a much, much better place, that much is certain.


The family member told me that before the booby-trapped house exploded in Gaza, killing three of his colleagues and seriously wounding Betzalel and others, the soldiers had asked for a dog to be sent in to the house beforehand.

Their request was refused.

And now, four holy Jews are in a much, much better place than the rest of us.


I am not in such a ‘relaxed’ mood today.

There was a bonfire at the top of the hill where I live, and everyone made an effort to ‘celebrate’, but it was so flat, honestly.

One guy took the mike.

He’s been in miluim for the last six months (!) up in the North.

And there is no end in sight.

And this guy is not young – he’s late 30s early 40s.


In the meantime, I got to the Rav’s lighting yesterday night just after he apparently said everyone should go home and light something, and then 10 buses are going to leave for Meron.

I will update you on what actually happened next, when I know myself.


But today, I have a stormwind in my soul.

Yet another year, where the evil puppets who have been installed by the even more evil ‘controllers’ from the shadows go straight ahead and attack Jews, Judaism, Jewish customs, Torah – and we just sit here and take it.

Tatty, ad matai?!

This absolutely cannot continue like this much longer.

The paradigm has to shift, big time.


This morning, I was feeling pretty angry.

I was almost yelling at God this morning, God, please reveal Yourself already!!! Enough of all these evils thinking they run the show!!! God, only You can save us from all this evil, all this mess, please show Your face openly already!!!


What can I tell you?

In the meantime, I am going back to my 7 tikkun hakalis a day, and my hour of hitbodedut a day, and trying to pray with the Rav down on Ido HaNavi at least three times a week.

It’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

And it’s for sure keeping my life as ‘sweet’ as possible, in this rising flood of bitterness and despair about the matzav.


Dear readers, life is so good.

And God wants us to be grateful for every small and large kindness He’s doing for us, every single moment.

And at the same time, I am so frustrated with what is going on at the moment – including all the retards who still believe in the failed State, in the corrupt army, in their Frankist-rabbis – and who don’t understand that Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland are the ones who are showing the clear ‘path’ out of this mess we are all in.

And that path boils down to massive teshuva, massive amounts of pray, lots of tzedekah to real tzaddikim – and most of all, humility, that we don’t know anything, and that God doesn’t owe us anything at all.


In the meantime.

Another holy soul has gone as a korban for the nation.

And while we all pray that Betzalel Tzvi ben Orly Rivka will be the last one.

I personally am struggling to believe that.



I woke up today not feeling very happy, for reasons I can’t really pin down.

***UPDATE: Please pray for BETZALEL TZVI ben ORLI RIVKA, seriously injured along with three Netzach Yehuda soldiers who were killed a couple of days ago. He’s the BIL of my friend’s brother, and he’s really not doing well.***

BH, we all have our challenges day-to-day, including me, but life is actually still pretty good in so many ways.

But all week, I’ve had a kind of sense of foreboding about what is coming down the pipe.

I’ve been doing a lot of praying about it. But right now, I have to admit to not feeling so optimistic about the matzav – at least, in terms of how many people are actually going to come through this alive.


The Rav, for years, has been talking about how the people who died al kiddush Hashem in the holocaust achieved their complete soul rectification, as a result of that, and are actually ‘the lucky ones’, spiritually.

It’s hard to hear.

On some levels, it’s hard to accept.

But, it’s true.


The last few weeks, more of these ‘hints’ have been floating out again from around the Rav, not least, via Rav Elmaliach, who gave over another message from the Rav a few days ago about how the people who saw 80% of their friends and neighbors die in the plague of darkness didn’t go out of Egypt crying.

Why not?

Because, R Elmaliach explains, the souls of their loved ones who had died had an ibbur (i.e. ‘piggy-backed’) on the people who were still alive, and so also got to Har Sinai for the giving of the Torah.

Just in a discarnate ‘soul state’, where they were piggy-backing off the people who were still alive.


Again, this is hard to hear, in some ways, and on some levels, it’s hard to accept.

But if that’s what we’re being told by the Rav, via R Elmaliach, the ‘back door’ for a lot of these things at the moment – it’s true.


So this week, I’ve been praying a bit more than usual, that more people will make it.

We are all sitting here expecting God to give us a deep, deep discount on what’s required, what’s really expected from us, whether it’s keeping tzniut, chucking out the smartphone, guarding our eyes, moving to Israel – believing in the Tzaddik HaEmet, and also the true tzaddikim of the generation.

BH, that’s going to happen.

But it might not.

And all the people who died in Egypt were probably also ‘good people’, who kept a bunch of stuff and learned a bunch of Torah. Just, they didn’t want to follow the instructions from the Tzaddik HaEmet, the Tzaddik HaDor, Moshe Rabbenu – and they even mocked him and suspected him of committing adultery with their wives.

(Why? Because the women had a much stronger level of emuna, and were willing to do whatever Moshe told them…. So, the stupid men drew precisely the wrong conclusion about what was going on, and decided Moshe must be having affairs all over the place. Stupid, stupid men….)



I don’t know what’s going on, and I’m praying a lot – also for my wider family in chul, and also for my closer family here.

One of my daughters is now ‘gently’ with the Rav, BH, after years of being ‘anti’.

And the other one is warming up a lot, but has a lot of barriers to overcome still. One of her good friends from school had the wife of the Rav’s single psycho accuser as a cleaning lady. BH, my daughter is now way, way more ‘pro’ than before – but it’s still an uphill battle, to undo years of damaging slander and lies, some of which was coming from very close to home.

These things are not simple.


And that brings me to this morning, when I got a phone call asking me if I’d heard about this ‘exploding UAV’ being reported as happening over Tsfat.

(SEE THE UPDATE I JUST GOT SENT… Apparently, this did happen. This is why I am staying totally away from the news – it’s impossible to know what’s true unless you see it with your own eyes, and even then, it’s not 100% certain.]

I hadn’t, because Baruch Hashem a million times, I’m really trying to stay away from the lying news as much as possible.

My caller has a good friend in Tsfat who is apparently the epitome of the ‘anti-conspiracy-theorist’. She called her up, to ask if she’d heard anything.

The anti-conspiracy-theorist in Tsfat says she was up until 5am because she couldn’t sleep, hearing every little sound and thanking God for the peacefulness.

And NOTHING exploded over Tsfat yesterday night. At all.


Why would they lie?

If anyone is still asking that question after everything that’s happened the last four years…. It’s hard to know what to tell you.

But, it’s like this:

They are trying to wreck Meron L’ag B’omer every way they can, and they’ve been trying to do that for four years, already.

Totally fake news about exploding UAVs over Tsfat is just part of that effort.

(Which apparently also includes sending platoons of policemen onto buses going anywhere close to Meron, to yell and scream and intimidate anyone who looks ‘religious’, and especially yeshiva bochurs….)


Let’s think about this for a moment.

If ‘Hezbollah’ was really going to target L’ag B’omer in Meron, and really going to try and kill thousands of people, God forbid – why would they have been shelling it – with zero casualties – for the last month?

Why not hold their fire until L’ag B’omer, and then launch an attack?

Wouldn’t that make more sense, if ‘Hezbollah’ was really trying to kill people?

And wouldn’t ‘Hezbollah’ be firing their missiles at the 40,000 people in the city of Karmiel, right there, next to Meron?

And firing their missiles at the 30,000 people in Tsfat, right there, next to Meron?


But that’s not what’s happening.

And if you look back the last four years, it’s our own failed State that has been trying to destroy L’ag B’omer in Meron, any which way they can.

And that’s why they closed off Meron as a ‘military zone’ this year, and are paying tons of money to chareidi outlets like Kol Barama to run ‘scary adverts’ non-stop about how very dangerous it is to go to Meron this year.


The more they are trying to close down Meron, the more I am coming to the conclusion that lighting fires on L’ag B’omer – especially in Meron – must contain some fantastic spiritual light for the Jewish people.

After all, we know we are up against high-level satanic-masons, who know way more than we do about the spiritual ‘war’ that is really being fought.

To understand where our real power lies, just look at what they are attacking:

  • Meron, L’ag B’omer

  • Rebbe Nachman’s kibbutz on Rosh Hashana

  • Torah learning generally

  • Rav Berland


So, even if you don’t usually light a bonfire on L’ag B’omer, this year, please make an effort to do just that.

I don’t understand what’s going on with all this, any more than you do.

But I do understand that whatever they are trying to close down, that’s our real protection, our real strength.

And Meron L’ag B’omer is at the top of that list.



I got sent this over email:

Just wanted to let you know that my friend from Tzfat just called me back and said that someone in Ramat Razim told her they heard the UAV interception, and afterward there was a fire there, so it turns out the headline was true, after all.


That’s why I am done trying to figure out ‘what’s true’ in the news – it’s impossible to know, and just wasting everyone’s time and energy.

That they closed Meron to the public for 10 days proves they are trying to wreck it, whatever else is going on, it doesn’t matter.

I am focussing even more on the Rav’s stuff and my own projects, going forward.

With Hashem’s help.

The truth will come out, eventually, in its own way.

Did you ever wonder how ‘Boyan chassidut’ got pole position in Meron on L’ag B’omer?

In this post, we finally going to figure that, as we continue to swim through the murk.

Why are we continuing to swim through the murk, to find out what was really going on?

Because behind all the ‘politics’ and ‘idealogical clashes’ going on in our beloved country, it really just boils down to ‘who gets to sit in the driving seat while the ‘controllers in the shadows’ are handing out all the bribes and perks’.

And that’s still going on today.


So in this post were going to try and take a closer look at what was going on with KOLLEL VOLHYNIA, that was raising funds for the so-called ‘chassidic aliya’ from the region of Volhynia / Poland.

You’ll recall that the HOLY LAND FUND gets split into two in 1796, after disputes start to brew brew between SHNEUR ZALMAN of Chabad, and AVRAHAM KALISKER, who is heading up the settlement in Tiberius after MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK dies.

(BTW, there are many more aspects to this dispute, and many more rebbes involved…. Some of that information will start to shake out in this post and could change the whole picture, again, of the ‘official story’ we’ve all been told.)


But let’s begin with a translated snippet about KOLLEL VOLHYNIA from the Hebrew wiki HERE:

It was founded by the Admor of Poland, RABBI MORDECHAI of NECHCHIZ, together with the Admor RABBI YAAKOV YITZCHAK OF LUBLIN (“The Seer of Lublin”), the Magid from Koznitz and the Ohev Yisrael of Apt in order to raise funds for the community of Hasidic Jews who came from Poland who began immigrating to Eretz Yisrael.

Other organisations later split off from this, and cast themselves as its successors.

Especially notable is Wahlin-Jerusalem, which was established in 1841 by YISRAEL FRIEDMAN OF RUZHIN.


YISRAEL FRIEDMAN of RUZHIN, you’ll recall, is one and the same as MOSHE TZVI of SAVRAN, on the run from the Russian government for ordering the murder of two informers. And the main ‘persecutor’ of R NATAN of BRESLOV, to the point of literally trying to have him killed in his bed.


Straight after Rabbenu goes to see Shneur Zalman on his way back from Israel, who is heading up the KOLLEL RAISENI, as we brought down in THIS post, he goes to see the Rav of Neskhiz, MORDECHAI SHAPIRO (1742-1800) who is now heading up the KOLLEL VOLHYNIA.

Here’s what it says, from Tzaddik:

On the subject of his journeys to and from Israel and his stay there, there are many stories to be told. The Rebbe was with the sainted Rav of Neskhiz five days before the latter passed away.

The Rebbe went to him in a great hurry because he was anxious to find him still alive. He arrived immediately prior to his death.


The story continues that Rav Mordechai of Neschkiz is extremely ill, and asks Rabbenu to do a pidyon for him.

I read this following passage with fresh eyes, once I understood that the Rav of Neshkiz is heading up the KOLLEL VOLHYNIA for the Holy Land:

The Rav [of Neshkiz] sent the Rebbe ten gold coins for a pidyon. The Rebbe saw that the Rav was obliged to distribute all of his money, but this was impossible, and he understood that he would have to pass away.

The Rebbe returned home prior to his death.


Rav Mordechai of Neshkiz is also a very well-known follower of YECHIEL MICHEL of ZLOTCHOV.

Who we learned in THIS and THIS post was the real successor to the Baal Shem Tov.

‘DOV BER the MAGGID of MEZERITCH’ was either ‘reverse-engineered’ into the story, because of who his descendants were (that same YISRAEL FRIEDMAN OF RUZHIN, mentioned above), or he played a much lesser role in the story of chassidut.

At this point, I’m wondering if he’s the same ‘Dov Ber of Lubavitch’ who is meant to be the principal teacher of SHNEUR ZALMAN of LIADI. That would make a lot of sense.


OK, let’s get back to ‘following the money’.

The Rav of Neshkiz dies in 1800 – and I have no idea who takes over from him, as president of the KOLLEL VOLHYNIA.

For sure, someone did, because the amount of money flowing through that channel was tremendous – and the chassidic aliya in Israel was very dependent upon it.

But I am currently pulling a blank, on who takes over.

Until 1841.


1841 is when ‘YISRAEL FRIEDMAN OF RUZHIN’ comes back into the picture, just as he’s getting re-established in Sadigora, after fleeing from the Russian authorities.

Remember, he’s got a very expensive life-style to fund, and now he’s having to rebuild his chassidut from scratch. It can’t be easy for the guy. So what does he do?

He creates a brand new charidee, called VOLHYNIA-JERUSALEM, which begins operating in 1841, and also opens new branches in both the Ukraine and Serbia.


The main agents for this charidee in Eretz Yisrael are YISRAEL BAK ( 1797–1874)and his son, NISSAN BAK (1815–1889), originally from BERDICHEV.

And they aren’t just funding chassidim anymore in Eretz Yisrael, now, they are apparently funding everyone! Including followers of the Vilna Gaon, i.e. The Perushim – and also, CHABAD.


Nissan BAK is another interesting character.

They say he’s the head of the SADIGURA-RUZHIN chassidim in Jerusalem, but actually, he’s a maskil.

You can read more about him HERE.

Here’s a snippet:

After assisting his father until his death in 1874, Nisan Bak took over the printing press, which he managed for another nine years.

After selling it he continued with his work as a leader of the Jewish community in Jerusalem, more specifically of the Hasidic sector, where he also acted as the local head of the Ruzhin-Sadagura dynasty.

Bak, who had good relations with the Ottoman government, managed to soften the decrees targeting the Jewish community and initiated and carried out on its behalf the construction of several housing projects in the city.


Bak was also a pioneer of the Jewish Enlightenment, or Haskalah, within his community, together with his brother-in-law I.D. Frumkin, who had renewed the publication of the Havazzelet newspaper in 1870. 

As part of their reform attempts, Bak and Frumkin opposed the traditional distribution system of charity funds coming from abroad, the halukkah.


Maybe, you’ll also remember that ‘ISRAEL DOV FRUMKIN’ popped up in THIS post about the Chabad war over who was going to control the money flowing into the KOLLEL CHABAD coffers.

The Chabad-wide dispute was over control of the Chabad Kolel.

The Admor Shalom Dubar Schneerson of Lubavitch [the 5th Rebbe] wanted the control to be with his men, who were mostly Hebron men.

And the Admor Shmarya Noah Schneerson of Bobroisk, on the other hand, tried to seize control by his men, who were mainly Jerusalem men.

On Lubavitch’s side was Rabbi Yisrael Dov Frumkin, editor of the Havatzelet, and on Bobroisk’s side was Rabbi Chaim Eliezer Biakhovsky. The dispute was of a fierce nature and lasted for several years, with mutual skirmishes.


FRUMKIN is part of the wider ZEITLIN family.

Nissan BAK is meant to be ‘SADIGURA-RUZHIN’ – but really, it doesn’t matter.

As we’re learning more and more, all these people are all just exactly the same, and the arguments between them were about establishing new ‘brands’ of chassidut to fundraise money for the rebbes’ personal use.


YISROEL FRIEDMAN of RUZHIN (1796-1850) / MOSHE TZVI of SAVRAN has a large family.

And a VERY lavish lifestyle. Take a look at these two pictures of his ‘court’ (i.e. home, or maybe palace would be more accurate) and Beit HaMidrash:


We already mentioned YISRAEL OF RUZHIN (aka MOSHE TZVI WERTHEIMER of SAVRAN) was in prison in THIS post, but let’s bring a few more details:

He was banned by the Tsar’s regime.

He was accused of ordering the killing of two men (Jews who were informants for tax evasion among the Jewish community and undocumented conscripts in the census).

Snippet continues:

After nearly two years , he managed to escape from prison with the help of bribes given to the prison director, and was smuggled over the Russian border.

After a lot of wandering about and difficult trips settled, in the year of 5602 on the POTOK estate in the town of Sadigora near the city of Chernovina in Bukovina, which at the time was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where he continued His royal way….

Many admorim used to travel to him, including Rabbi MOSHE OF KUBRIN and Rabbi David of Lubin, who held themselves to his disciples.


MOSHE of KOBRIN is the son of JOEL SMOLYAN / CHAIKIN, who was one of the main schlichim bringing money to Eretz Yisrael.

We learned a lot about him HERE.

I just tripped over more info that shows that the CHAIKIN surname appears to have been ZEITLIN…

But park that for now, as I’m trying to keep these posts very focussed, to avoid ‘reader overwhelm’.


YISROEL of RUZHIN’S second son is:

Rabbi Avraham Yaacov Friedman of Sadigura (1820-1883), who marries Miriam, the daughter of AHARON OF KARLIN.

This guy:

He becomes the head of the KOLLEL VOLYHNIA-JERUSALEM after his father dies in 1850.

He is the main ‘mover’ behind the construction of the TIFERET YISRAEL synagogue in Jerusalem, (that is overseen by the maskil NISSAN BAK) and also ends up in prison, apparently after someone ‘informs’ on him for sending money to Eretz Yisrael.

(Where have we heard this story before?)


OK, so how come ‘BOYAN’ chassidut now comes to the top of the pile here in the Holy Land?

I’ve been wondering that for a couple of years, ever since the BOYANER REBBE was the only one ‘allowed’ to light a bonfire mamash on Meron, during L’ag B’omer last year.

Here’s how, snippet from Hebrew wiki HERE:

The founder of Hasidot Boyan was Rabbi Yitzhak Friedman, the Pachad Yitzhak, the elder son of Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Friedman of Sadigura [ABOVE].

This guy:


After three years leading the court with his younger brother, RabbiYisrael of Sadigura, the two brothers decided to separate and divide their inheritance.

Rabbi Yisrael received the assets in Sadigura, including the magnificent home of their grandfather Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin, as well as the plot of the tomb where their ancestors were buried.


Meanwhile, Rabbi Yitzchak received the presidency of the KOLLEL VOLHYNIA and the Tiferet Israel Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter, the management of the Holy Land Fund and the right to light a bonfire for L’ag B’omer by the tomb of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai.

Rabbi Yitzhak moved his residence to the nearby town of Boyan, where his followers built a seminary and a residence for him, and where he led his congregation.


Snippet continues:

Rabbi Yitzchak was the son-in-law of Rabbi Yochanan TWERSKY of Rachmestriwka.

At the outbreak of World War I, the Pachad Yitzhak moved to Vienna, like the rest of the House of Ruzhin, because they feared the Russian regime, which still held a grudge against the founder of the dynasty, Rabbi Israel of Rozhin.



Here he is, looking kind of scared, worried and lost:

His daughter Malka marries the ‘Pachad Yitzhak’


Pay attention:

The presidency of the ‘KOLLEL VOLHYNIA’ and the management of the HOLY LAND FUND are being referred to here strictly as assets, to be divvied up between the Rebbe’s sons.

As I keep trying to explain, charidee for Eretz Yisrael is the biggest cash-cow, ever.

And now, a bunch more ‘rebbes’ are now starting to pile into the charidee for Eretz Yisrael game.


Another new charidee is now: KOLLEL POLAND, aka KOLLEL WARSAW.

This one is started up by Rabbi YAAKOV LEIB LAWI (LOEWY / LURIE) and his brother Rabbi NACHUM SHAIDIKER (1803-1865).


Because Commandment Number 11 is:

Thou shalt not set up any charidee operation for Eretz Yisrael without some member of the Rivlin family getting a slice of the pie.


Meanwhile, YAAKOV YEHUDA LEIB LOWY (1813-1889) – that guy who starts up the KOLLEL WARSAW –  is the ABD of Jerusalem.

He has a son called AARON LOEWY who marries ZLATA ALTA ORENSTEIN – the great-grand-daughter of the known freemason, ‘student of the GRA’ and translator of Euclid, BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV.

Here’s how that shakes down:



Other people in the family tree of BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV include LEIB MACHNES, the ancestor of the guys who set up HANOTEH in the Holy Land, who come up with the brilliant idea of making a deal with the Nazis in 1933 to siphon Jewish money into their business interests in the Holy Land.

(We wrote about them in the post called EUGENICS and the ANGLO PALESTINE BANK.)


And another (scrubbed….) son of freemason BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV appears to be none other than MENACHEM MENDEL of SHKLOV, who makes aliya in 1805 – and is meant to be a big student of the GRA of Vilna.


So now, we have a real name for the freemason-enlightener ‘BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV’  – BARUCH BENDIT of HASLAWITZ.

Guess what?

He seems to have been the son of none other than SIMCHA BUNIM of PESCHICHA – and that tips us into a whole other can of worms…..


So, at this point in the tale, I decided to spend a few days piecing together another one of my massive ‘family trees’, to try and figure out who these people really are, a bit more.

Because there is ‘offiical history’, which tells us one story, with one carefully-curated narrative and a set of ‘fake names’ to hide the tracks.

And then…. There is what really happened.


If your head is exploding trying to follow all this, I know how you feel.

That’s why I keep printing this stuff off, hard-copy, and then going through it more slowly off-line, to really digest all this information.

Which is frankly incredible.

And is totally re-writing what we were all taught about Jewish history…. and who all these Rebbes and rabbis and ‘tzaddikim’ really seem to have been.

So, even though I could continue, I will stop here for now.

But this series is probably not going to stop anytime soon.

The Rav opened the spigot on the tap of ‘real Jewish history’, and now it’s gushing out faster than I can keep up with it.

There must be some big changes on the horizon, BH only for the good.


The Rav put this out a few months ago.

And I’ve been meaning to translate it for a while, but didn’t get around to it.

Today, I finally sat down and did it, BH.

I hope it won’t need to be used too much…. but with all the ‘crazy’ going on in the world right now, I highly recommend you print this out – especially the Hebrew – and keep it somewhere safe in your house.

Each one of the Rav’s prayers brings ‘angels’ into the house.

And we all need as many angels as possible right now, accompanying us.




To be saved from antisemitism and the hatred of the non-Jews

Ribonu shel olam, Who can do everything, and from Whom nothing is withheld –

All the time that we are in exile amongst the nations, save us from antisemitism and from the hatred of the non-Jews.

And do with them only good, and by way of this, we will be brought close to serving Hashem Yitbarach day and night, and we will learn Torah day and night.

And by way of this, we will enter Gan Eden with our bodies, as it says in the Gemara, in Tractate Pesachim 87:

One priest asked Rabbi Chanina, what do we think about, 24 hours a day?

He was answered: 24 hours, you just think about how you can destroy all the Jews.

The priest said to him: I took an oath to the Roman Army, and with this we begin our day, and with this we end our day, and this is all the thoughts of our thinking, and our ambitions, and our hopes – to be rid of this people in the blink of an eye.


And in the merit of them not succeeding, and that we will stand up in the test, and accept everything with love – in the merit of this, Moshiach Ben David will come, in the blink of an eye.



In this post, we take a closer look at KOLLEL RASSEINI of VILNA.

***UPDATES and a v interesting picture***

Hopefully, you managed to digest Part I and 2 already.

The bottom line is that so many of the ‘disagreements’ between people we were told are ‘mitnagdim’ and ‘chassidim’, and also between different ‘chassiduts’, and also, even, within different chassiduts about who was going to be the next leader, all boiled-down to money.

And in particular, the money that millions of simple Jews who continued to hope for redemption, and to yearn for Eretz Yisrael, have been contributing for the Holy Land, for centuries, already.


Before we continue, I wanted to flag something that came up when I was doing some hitbodedut about all this information.

Time and again when I want to give up on putting this stuff ‘out there’, I find myself being drawn back into doing it, for so many different reasons. At the same time…. It ruffles feathers and upsets people. So, I’ve been asking God a lot what He wants from me, with all this.

The answer I got back in hitbodedut is that He wants the truth to be told, but without my ‘judgements calls’ piled in around it all. And where possible, that the good even these Sabbatean-Frankist-Reform-Masons did should be acknowledged.

Because the bottom line is, even there is so very much ‘bad’ mixed into all this, there is also a lot of good, too.

Without them, we wouldn’t be sitting the Holy Land with the klipa that enabled the fruit to develop – even though that came at a massive price, and still involves a lot of bad, yucky stuff.

So, that’s what I’m aiming at from now on. With God’s help.


So far, we’ve been focussing-in more on the ‘CHASSIDIC ALIYA’ angle to all of this.

But in this post, we are now going to  take a closer look at what was actually happening by the Litvaks, and particular, in Vilna and Brody. Because there was no ‘hard division’ between ‘mitnagdim’ and ‘chassidim’ when it came to funding the settlements in Eretz Yisrael.

And especially, when it came to fundraising.

In fact, it could even be that tachlis, there was really no ‘division’ at all, between mitnagdim and chassidim. So, with that introduction, let’s dive in, and take a look at:



HERE is it’s wiki page, in Hebrew, and these are a few pertinent snippets:

The Raisenai Vilnius [kollel] was an organization of the Lithuanian, Russian and Polish communities to raise funds for joint Jewish enterprises, primarily to support the Jews of the Land of Israel through the distribution of funds.

The organization existed throughout the 19th century and was for most of its time a clandestine organization in order to hide its activities from the eyes of the Tsar’s regime, which suspected that the Jewish organization was part of a global plot.

In addition, the Jews acted in violation of an explicit law that prohibited the transfer of funds from Russia to enemy states (and the Ottoman Empire, of which the Land of Israel was a part, was an enemy land).


Already, you are probably starting to figure out there is way more going on here, behind the scenes of this particular charidee.

Snippet continues:

The organization was founded in [YEAR], when its institutions and organizational structure were decided in 1798. It was headed by governors who were Gabbay communities, merchants and high-net-worth Jewish bankers, and alongside them was a spiritual leadership of Torah greats, all of whom acted voluntarily.

All of the governors who headed the organization were affiliated with the GRA family (the Gaon of Vilna)….

In the 19th century, the first three heads of the organization served together for forty years.

These were R. Aryeh Leib Pesseles, R. Meshulam Zalman B. Yaakov Uri (R. Zalman Uri’s), and R. Shmuel Harik (SIL of Yehuda Klatzky).

They were called the Three Pillars of Vilnius.


We’ll come back to these ‘Three Pillars of Vilnius’, once I’ve posted up the rest of the snippet.

Also, pay attention that the people running this charidee are the wealthy merchants, parnassim and ‘high-net-worth Jewish bankers’.


Snippet continues:

The most prominent rabbinical authority at the beginning of the organization was R. Haim of Volozhin, a student of the Gra, founder and head of the Volozhin Yeshiva.

He was followed by his son, Yitzhak Aryeh Leib Katzenlebogen of Brisk and others.

Their authority was primarily about principled decisions and outlining the “credible” way of operating the organization. They are also signatories to most letters on issues of principle.

The business and banking education of the governors and the appointment of full-time secretaries have been reflected in advanced management of the funds, accurate registration, books of receipts and arranged bills, and professional control of the flow of funds through all channels….


Did you know that ‘Rav Chaim of Volozhin’ was a) running this particular charity, and b) was apparently a ‘Katzenellenbogen’?


Neither did I.


All of the organization’s contacts were under a heavy veil of secrecy (its slogan was “The glory of God Hides Nothing”[2]). The letters were written in codes and the shlichim met with senior members of the organization in hiding places.


Again, it’s not hard to see how all this ‘secret society’ stuff just continued to evolve and devolve, into things like the ACHVA Brotherhood, and even ‘B’NAI BRITH’, amongst so many other examples.

This next snippet is particularly interesting, at least to me, because you’ll recall that the KOLLEL RASSEINI was a) being run by CHAIM of VOLOZHIN, and b) being managed exclusively by members of the GRA’s family.

So then, how do we explain the following?


The danger was very real, according to R. Dober Schneori, the “middle admor”of Chabad, who was caught by the police in 1827 when he was dealing with the transfer of the organization’s money for the community in Hebron and was arrested…..


Say what?!

Weren’t the ‘mitnagdim’ and ‘chassidim’ in the middle of a full-blown war, by 1827….?

So, how was the Mitteler Rebbe working for KOLLEL RASSEINI, that was being controlled exclusively by members of the Vilna Gaon’s extended family?


Snippet continues:

Despite the secrecy, the heads of the organization, who were mostly the richest and most senior among Lithuanian Jews, maintained continuous contacts with the officials. 

As a result, the organization’s leaders worked to advance its goals in their business and political dealings as well as by bribing officials.


OK, now let’s see if we can take a closer look at the THREE PILLARS of VILNA who were running this particular side of the ‘charity operation’ for Eretz Yisrael, for 40 years.

While the links for them on that Hebrew Wiki page are broken, I managed to track two of them down on Geni.


Aka R’ ARYEH LEIB BERISH (1759-1830), the son of DOV BER ELIAS and grandson of ELIYAHU PESSELES.

ELIYAHU PESSELES is the one who funded the GRA and bought him his on shul in Vilna. (More on that in a moment.)


ARYEH LEIB BERISH also has a very interesting brother called ‘R ZVI HIRSCH ELIAS of VILNA’, who links up to a bunch of other very interesting stuff. But one thing at a time.



AKA, R. Zalman Uri’s.

It’s very hard to track him down ‘in real life’, but my best guess for him, at this stage, is this guy:


His mother TEIBEL is the daughter of ‘R URI (SOFER)’ of Vilna.

And we see that ‘GABRIEL JACOB GUNZBURG’ is a financier in St Petersburg – and his sons become ennobled barons who intermarry with the Rothschilds. If it’s not him with an alias, it’s someone in the family whose been totally scrubbed out of history, like a brother.



He is the son-in-law of Yehuda Klatzky, and I just now learned that ‘KLATZKY’ was another name the GUNZBURGs of Vilna started to use at this time.

And ‘JACOB KLATZKY’ (aka JACOB GUNZBURG) was the name of the head of the Vilna Kahal who was leading the ‘war’ against ‘SHMUEL, LAST ABD of Vilna….

Of course, I can find no trace of ‘R SHMUEL HARIK’ anywhere….


There is a very informative website about the old community in Vilna, written by history scholars in Lithuania, before it was destroyed during and after WW2, HERE.

It has pictures of the chair the GRA apparently used to sit in, his shul, that was bought for him by his wealthy uncle ELIYAHU PESSELES, and a bit more info, too.

Go take a look, but in the meantime, he’s a few more snippets from that site to help fill out the picture a little.


Eliyahu Kremer was born in 1720 in Vilna (Vilnius), the son of Solomon Zalman Kremer, a Talmudic scholar in his own right.

From his childhood Eliyahu’s studious abilities distinguished him from other boys. At age six, he gave his first sermon in the Great Synagogue of Vilna, where he displayed surprising familiarity of rabbinical literature.

In contrast to general practice, Elijah did not study at a yeshiva but conducted independent studies of the Scripture and Talmud, initially under the guidance of Rabbi Moses Margalit in Keidan (Kedainiai).


[A]t the age of twenty, Eliyahu abandoned his wife and children to wander around cities and towns of Poland and Germany.

In 1748, after five years of drifting, Eliyahu returned to Vilna and remained there until his death. He established his home in a courtyard of Zydu street, directly beside the Great Synagogue, where he established a small study hall, a Bet Midrash, in the adjacent shulhoyf.


So, the GRA was apparently away from home for eight years, between 1740-1748.

Here’s what it says about his shul, who bought it for him – and what happened after he died:

The Beit Midrash (Study House) of HaGra, the Gaon’s Kloyz (kloyz – small prayer and study house), occupies the place of a building where the Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman lived, in the shulhoyf, directly opposite the entrance to the Great Synagogue.

In 1768 his wealthy relative Eliyahu Barats Peseles (d. 1771) bought the house, reconstructed it and on its first floor established a permanent minyan for the Gaon and his students.


After the death of the Gaon in 1797, it was decided to convert his minyan into a kloyz.

In 1799, after conflicts between the Gaon’s children and his students were settled in court and neighbouring apartments bought, the kloyz was established in this house.

Russian official documents from the 19th and early 20th century name the kloyz as “the prayer house of the Famous Rabbi Eliash” or “Eliashevskaia prayer house.


Ad kan.

What we learnt from this is that after the GRA’s death in 1797, there was another ‘war’ over his inheritance and property going on, between his children and his students, which ended up in court!

I have never heard about this before – and again, it seems to have boiled down to a fight over money and assets.


But it’s the next bit of info where we pan ‘the real gold’ in this post.

Let’s go back to the Wiki page for KOLLEL RAISENAI of VILNA.

Here’s what it says:

The organization sometimes referred to itself as” the Earls of the Land of Israel” and its head, R. Chaim Segal Landa (son of “Noda B’Yehuda” R. Yehezkel Landa), calls himself “the President of the Land of Israel.”


CHAIM SEGAL LANDA is the same parnas of Brody who Mor Altshuler identified as being the main funder of MENACHEM MENDEL OF VITEBSK, over in Israel. (However, she identifies him as the first cousin, of the NODA B’YEHUDA.)

He was happy to keep funding the chassidim until, apparently, the big ‘dispute’ erupted between PINCHAS of KORETZ and YECHIEL MICHEL of ZLOTCHOV over the kosher meat tax being charged in KORETZ.


Snippet continues:

The Perushim [followers of the Vilna Gaon who settled in Israel] tended to accept the authority of the counts of Vilnius, at least until 1909 (the date of R. Shmuel Salant‘s death).

While the Hasidim tended to ignore the orders of ‘the Earls’, which led to extensive correspondence ,including threats to reduce the distribution allowances and even the complete cessation of them from the Yishuv in Israel, Vilnius, Amsterdam and Koshta [Constantinople].


Here’s where we start to resolve a ‘big mystery’ that’s been bugging me for months.

R CHAIM SEGAL LANDAU – described here as the son of the NODA B’YEHUDA, but in other places as his cousin – is a key part of what is going here, and especially, to understanding more about why all this got ‘covered up’.

Let’s learn a bit more about him.


CHAIM SEGAL LANDAU was the head of the kabbalist’s Kloiz in Brody, the head of the fundraising process for Eretz Yisrael, and very closely connected to the Vilna Gaon’s family.

Mor Altshuler described the Brody Kloiz like this:

The kloyz in Brody appears to have been founded by R. JACOB BABAD, and it was headed for many years by his son-in-law, R. Hayyim Segal Landau.

Its residents were famed for their study of Kabbalah and their adoption of kabbalistic practices.

In general, interest in Kabbalah was widespread in all the east Galician towns near Brody, and circles of pietists and recluses were active in the early eighteenth century, some of them encompassing surviving Sabbateans. 

The Sabbateans secretly adhered to a belief in Shabbetai Çevi, and their faith led them to interpret kabbalistic mysteries as referring to him as messiah.


From my own research, I can tell you that the Brody Kloiz was packed full to the rafters with ‘secret Sabbateans’.

Who also played a major part in funding the yishuv of Eretz Yisrael – both under the chassidim associated with MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK and YECHIEL MICHEL of ZLOTCHOV.

And also, under the ‘Vilna Gaon’s’ PERUSHIM.


The ABD of Brody – and father-in-law of CHAIM SEGAL LANDAU – was YAAKOV YOKEL YOLLIS BABAD (d 1748).

He links us straight to the ESKELES family, that gave us a bunch of leading Frankists – and most probably, also the false messiah JACOB CHAIM FURTH (FRANK) himself.

It’s a small world.


OK, so now let’s introduce you to ‘CHAIM of BRODY’ number two.

(It could be in the end we’ll discover these two ‘CHAIMs of BRODY’ are exactly the same person…. But for now, let’s keep them separate.)

In the book by historian Aryeh Morgenstern called: THE GAON of VILNA and HIS MESSIANIC VISION (the students of the Vilna Gaon openly referred to him as the ‘Moshiach ben Yosef’ of his generation, and the GRA also believed himself to be at least MBY) – we find a whole discussion about the funding mechanisms for the yishuv ha’aretz in place at this time.


Basically, when Solomon Zalman Kahana VILNER came from Israel to raise funds for MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK, he was warmly greeted by the charidee people in Vilna and Brody.

But the ‘Earls of Vilna’ still want to cut him – and all the emissaries – out of the picture because:

They claimed…that even greater savings in donation funds might be achieved by centralising the money in their hands, because they had a representative in Eretz Yisrael who charged no fee for his services – none other than HAIM SHEPSILS, father of Eliezer and Samuel, two Eretz Yisrael treasurers, who had signed the very same document [suggesting to use their father as the collection point for all money going into Eretz Yisrael].


In the footnote on page 278, we pick up some more ‘clues’ about CHAIM SHEPSILS:

His sons ELIEZER and SAMUEL head-up the ‘Earls of Vilna’ charidee (AKA ‘KOLLEL RASSEINI’) for years and years.

CHAIM SHEPSILS makes aliya to Israel in 1772, along with YISRAEL of SHKLOV, one of the main students of the GRA.

CHAIM SHEPSILS marries Sarah, the daughter of SHABTAI ben ELCHANAN CHEIFETZ.

ELCHANAN CHEIFETZ is the first cousin of the GRA’s dad, ‘SOLOMON ZALMAN KREMER’ (dies 1758).


In the meantime, CHAIM SHEPSILS’ son, SAMUEL – is another of the ‘Earls of Vilna’, and is probably VILNA PILLAR NUMBER 3 R SHMUEL HARIK of VILNA.

That we couldn’t track down without all these gymnastics, because they tried to scrub him out of existence.

Meanwhile, SAMUEL marries the daughter of ‘CHAIM of BRODY’ number 1, the treasurer of the Brody Kloyz and son / cousin of the NODA B’YEHUDA, CHAIM SEGAL LANDAU.

Another of CHAIM SEGAL LANDAU’s daughters, BAYLE, marries VILNA ‘PILLAR’ NUMBER 1: ARYEH LEIB PESSELES, mentioned above.

And yet another daughter of CHAIM SEGAL LANDAU marries EPHRAIM ZALMAN MARGOLIOT of BRODY – who wasn’t a rabbi, but dealt in expensive coral and funded his own shul etc, from the profits.


EPHRAIM ZALMAN MARGOLIOT is one of the two people who Rabbenu chose to place their haskamot in the beginning of the first printing of LIKUTEY MOHARAN. The second person was the SEER of LUBLIN.

Everything Rabbenu did was leaving us clues about what was really going on in this period, because EPHRAIM ZALMAN MARGOLIOT has been scrubbed very thoroughly out of this family tree.

And he appears to be VERY closely linked to the Frankists in some way.


So…. KOLLEL RASSEINI / THE EARLS OF VILNA was very much a family business.

Let’s see if we can figure out a bit more why all this is so hard to figure out, and is like pulling historical teeth.



One of his children is FRODEL, who marries R ZVI HIRSH SIMCHOWITZ of Minsk – and connects us straight back to the super-rich LURIE family of Napoleonic spies, that I didn’t get around to telling you about yet.

While his son is said to be another ‘ELEAZAR LANDAU’, said to be the ‘DAMASEK ELEAZAR’ of Brody.

At this stage, it’s looking very possible that he is the same as ‘ELEAZAR LANDAU, the YAD HAMELECH’ of Brody, that we mentioned in the post about the BEILIS BLOOD LIBEL.

Here’s that snippet again:

Rabbi Israel Landa of Brody, father of the famous scholar our teacher Rabbi Elazar Landa Brod, author of the famous book Yad Hamelech, new interpretations on the RAMBAM (Maimonides) (Lwow, 5582 [1821/2]).

Brody elders would spoke about his righteousness, his wisdom and his holiness. …He died in 5591 [1830/1] in Brody.

His grandson, the righteous scholar R’Israel [Segal] Landa z”l ABD Zlotchov, had been one of the respected and rich residents of Kiev, but had to flee the town at the time of the Beilis trial [1913], because he was Zeitzov’s [a suspect in Beilis’ trial] brother-in-law.


ELAZAR LANDA BROD [the YAD HAMELECH) has a bunch of interesting descendents, including SARA SONIA RATNER, who somehow comes to Israel with a huge fortune, marries the MAHARIL DISKIN, and ‘takes over’ Jerusalem, making a huge amount of trouble in the process.

I keep saying this, but let’s say it again: IT’S ALWAYS THE SAME PEOPLE.

Charidee for Eretz Yisrael has always been a huge money-spinner, and whoever controls the yishuv controls the funds. And the people.

Exactly the same as in our days.


One more ‘GENI’ tie up, and then we’ll stop here for now.

If you go to THIS page, you’ll discover yet another ‘ELEAZAR LANDAU, ABD STERNBERG and then BRODY’.

At exactly the same time both the YAD HAMELECH (ELEAZAR LANDAU, ABD OF BRODY) and the DAMESEK ELIEZER (ELEAZAR LANDAU, ABD of BRODY) were also meant to be the ‘ABD of BRODY’.

He marries one RIVKA RIVALE BERNSTEIN, who is the daughter of ARYE LEIB BERNSTEIN.

Apparently, this ‘ELEAZAR LANDAU’ has no kids, just a bunch of step-kids, who all decided to be called by their step-dad’s surname of ‘LANDAU’, instead of ‘NIRENSTEIN’.



If you go HERE, you’ll find more information about who this R’ ARYEH LEIB BERNSTEIN (1708-1788) actually was.


Bernstein…was not a prominent Galician rabbi, but shortly before the election for chief rabbi [of Galicia] he hosted several monks traveling from Russia to Vienna and convinced them to speak on his behalf before the Empress [Theresa Maria of Austria].

He wanted the position not for the honor itself, but for the influence and power of the office as well as a chance to gain further wealth.


Originally a wholesale merchant, Bernstein monopolized the entire grain trade in Brody and held almost all the leases on Jewish taxes.

He was representative of the old autocratic Kahal rulers, and his tax policy proved very unpopular with almost all of the Galician communities. 

As Chief Rabbi, he had a lot of power over the various communities, especially in terms of nominating rabbis and butchers as well as raising taxes.

He worked with various Brody merchants (including his brother Zwi Hirsh) in multiple money-raising plans. Quarrels developed between Bernstein and various Jewish guilds, with the Jews of Brody being particularly opposed to his position. At one point, when a fire spread to Bernstein’s house, most of the local Jews refused to help extinguish the fire.


This is another ‘Chief Rabbi’ who appears to have been scrubbed as much as possible….

That Wiki page lists his descendants like this:

Aryeh married Chaya Zamoscz, daughter of Rabbi Zvi Zamoscz.

At one point Yechezkel Landau (who was teaching at the Great Synagogue of Brody at the time) accused Bernstein’s wife of adultery. This led to a violent dispute between the two rabbis and Landau was ultimately compelled to leave Brody.

Bernstein’s children were Reise (wife of the Rabbi of Tarnopol Abraham Broda), Rachel (wife of Rabbi Mordecai Halberstamm and great-grandmother of Amalia Freud), Jacob (Rabbi of Zbaraz and of the Tailors), Wolf (the great-grandfather of Zvi Hirsch Chajes), and Benjamin.


This is Frankist ‘royalty’ again.

Now, I just found a fourth profile for this same Eleazar Landau on GENI – this one:

This has even more details, including a second wife.


So, to tie this last bit up:

‘ELEAZAR LANDAU’ of Brody, the great-grandson of the NODA BE’YEHUDA seems to have been split into at least three different people, to hide all the connections going on here.

But all these people are connected to the Sabbatean-heavy Kloyz of Brody, the bent ‘Chief Rabbis’ who only want to squeeze more money and taxes out of the poor Jewish community, and the secretive charidee operations for Eretz Yisrael coming out of the KOLLEL RAISENAI.

And down the line a bit, SARA SONIA RATNER, the wife of MAHARIL DISKIN. And CHABAD. And the banks that were operating in Eretz Yisrael to ‘transfer money’.

And a bunch of heretical commies and zionists.


I still don’t know how SHNEUR ZALMAN, the Alter Rebbe of CHABAD, came to be heading up this KOLLEL RASSEINI.

Unless he is one and the same as this SOLOMON ZALMAN HA-COHEN / KAHANA, who was sent out by MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK to fundraise in Brody and Vilna?)

It could be, that he tried to rebrand ‘KOLLEL RASSEIN’ as ‘KOLLEL CHABAD’, and that was the real cause of the ‘war’ between the mitnagdim and the chassidim in Vilna, who are otherwise exactly the same people from exactly the same families.

And I also don’t know how the MITTELER REBBE of Chabad came to be heading up the KOLLEL RASSEINI a generation later.

Unpicking all this stuff takes ages, even where it’s possible to ‘unpick’, still.

So that will do for this post.

In the next post, we’ll switch back to the charidee operations being run by KOLLEL VOLHYNIA, to see if we can pick up more clues about what was really going down in the struggle between these charidee mafias 200 years ago.




Just to keep all this stuff ‘together’ in one place, going forward, I tried to find who this YITZHAK ARYE LEIB KATZENELLENBOGEN of Brisk – the son of R CHAIM of VOLOZHIN – actually is.

Yes, he’s the famous ‘Reb ITZALE of VOLOZHIN’, but all of the family connections for CHAIM of VOLOZHIN, going back, are broken.

And some of them going forward (like his links to SHIMON PERES and YITZHAK RABIN, amongst many others, are also either broken or hidden.)

I got to THIS strange page on Geni, talking about ARYEH LEIB KATZENELLENBOGEN – close friend of the Vilna Gaon, but son of one DOVID SAUL KATZNELLENBOGEN of CIECHENOWITZ.


Here’s a snippet – and then I’ll tell you two more things that are strange about all this.

The close ties between the Vilna Gaon and Ciechanowiec found their source in Rabbi David Saul Katzenelbogen, Head of the Court in Ciechanowiec.

Rabbi David had four sons named after four animals.

They were Zvi Hersch, Ze’ev Wolf, Aryeh Leib, and Dov Ber. Of these, Aryeh Leib was the comrade of the Vilna Gaon. There is a standard edition of the Hebrew Bible with many commentaries known as the Mikraot Gedolot, which includes a commentary of the Vilna Gaon entitled Aderet Eliyahu (Mantle of Elijah).

In the section dealing with Leviticus we find, “When the Vilna Gaon was ten years old he had a companion closer than a brother, that famed Gaon, our Master and Rabbi Aryeh Leib of Ciechanowiec.”…

So close was the friendship between these two scholars that the Vilna Gaon subsequently named his firstborn son Yehuda Leib after Aryeh Leib of Ciechanowiec. 



Strange thing number 1:

Neil Rosenstein, in his book THE LURIE LEGACY also talks about this ‘close friend’ of the Vilna Gaon, and the guy who has four sons named after animals, etc, word-for-word like the above.

Except, Rosenstein isn’t talking about ‘DOVID SAUL KATZENELLENBOGEN’, he’s talking about:

Mordecai Ha-Levi Epstein

This guy:



And the ‘ARYEH LEIB’ who is close friends with the Vilna Gaon is his son, ARYEH LEIB EPSTEIN, the BA’AL HAPARDES.

There is very little info about him, (at least, without spending hours online teasing it all out….) but here is most of what the English Wiki page says about the BA’AL HAPARDES:

Aryeh Löb ben Mordecai Ha-Levi Epstein (Ba’al ha-Pardes) (1708 – June 26, 1775) was a Polish rabbi born in Grodno.

At first he refused to become a rabbi, preferring to devote himself entirely to study, but in 1739 he was forced by poverty to accept the rabbinate of Brestovech, Lithuania, and in 1745 he became rabbi of Königsberg, where he remained until his death.

He corresponded with Elijah, Gaon of Vilna, and with Jonathan Eybeschütz, with whom he sided in the quarrel about amulets.


I have a ton of examples of where Neil Rosenstein seems to be manipulating history, I still don’t know if that’s deliberate or accidental.

So, either MORDECHAI EPSTEIN is another name for DAVID SAUL KATZENELLENBOGEN (who also has another name, namely ‘DAVID ABD KEIDAN’, the son of the KNESSET YEHEZKEL KATZENELLENBOGEN) – or something else is going on here.


The Vilna Gaon is meant to marry ‘Hannah, the daughter of YEHUDA LEIB of KEIDAN’.

Of course, all her family links have been totally scrubbed and confused…. but it’s at least possible that ARYEH LEIB of KEIDAN is the same as YEHUDA LEIB of KEIDAN – and that would  make the BAAL HAPARDES the father-in-law of the GRA.


This EPSTEIN family gave us R MORDECHAI EPSTEIN, who founded Ness Ziona, Hadera, the yeshiva in Hevron where all the bochrim got massacred in 1929 – and who participated in at least three ‘secret societies’, that we know about.

And it also gave us the KARELITZ family of the Chazon Ish, the Steipler, and the KANIEVSKY clan of Bnei Brak.

(Plus people like YITZHAK BEN ZVI, President of Yisrael, who gave the orders to kill JACOB DE HAAN, back when the z-ists were doing their best to take over Eretz Yisrael from the old-school Sabbateans who lived here….)



I managed to track down ARYEH LEIB BERENSTEIN, Chief Rabbi of Galicia, on Geni, by following it back from his great-grand-daughter AMALIA FREUD – the mother of that famous coke-snorting, ‘psychoanalysis that covers up incest by blaming it on the imagination of the victim’ guy, SIGMUND FREUD.


First thing to say is that we are back in the NATHANSON family, that none of us have really heard about, but who keep coming up again and again and again in my research on the real Frankist-Sabbateans who are the power behind the throne in the Jewish community.


Here’s the relevant snippet from that post called: EUGENICS and the ANGLO-PALESTINE BANK:

And lastly, over in Haifa – another place that the Rav specifically name-checked for the Anglo Palestine Bank – we find this guy:

Shlomo Zalman Nathanson

Snippet from HERE:

Nathanson (1888-1963, born in Jerusalem), was an economist and a public figure, a veteran of the city of Haifa. He worked as a clerk in the Anglo-Palestine Bank (later Bank Leumi) in Jerusalem.

After World War I, settled in Haifa and was active in developing the industry and trade in the city. From 1928, served as manager of the Anglo-Palestine Bank in Haifa and president of the Trade and Industry Department there….

Was chairman of fundraising for recruiting and rescue in Haifa, chairman of the national loan and chairman of Keren HaYesod.

Served as deputy chairman of the Reali School in Haifa and Swedish Consul of Haifa and North Israel for 25 years.


This NATHANSON family connects us straight back to the Frankist-Mason-Enlightened Bankers… To ‘Shmuel, Last ABD of Vilna’, and they also intermarried – a lot! – with the ORNSTEINS, mentioned above.


And now, we can also add ‘SIGMUND FREUD’ to the very, very long list of their sins.



Siyatta di shmeya, FREUD was also mentioned in that previous post about Hitler.

Here‘s the snippet:

[W]hen Hitler was a struggling artist in Vienna, he went about with a long beard and frock coat, causing people to mistake him for a Jew. 

This is documented in OSS (the forerunner of the CIA) psychiatric evaluations conducted during WWII.  He apparently went about in the Jewish community trying to sell his artwork. 

Among the purchasers of one painting was none other than Sigmund Freud, who is documented as having Sabbatian-Frankist connections, especially through his wife’s family. 

There is significant evidence that Freud’s entire theory of Psychoanalysis was based on Sabbatian concepts.  (If one thinks about it, Freud’s theories were what ultimately lead to this entire hedonistic homo/trans culture of today, which is literally bringing about a modern-day mabul. 

So there we have it, the spiritually destroyer and physical destroyer of humanity meet, both of them with Sabbatian-Frankist connections).


And you know who taught Hitler how to paint?

That would be ANOTHER Frankist by the name of EMMA LOWENSTAAM.

Here’s a snippet:

In 1984, the first report of the existence in the private collection of the great — grandson of the housekeeper artist Felix Ednhofer, an etching by Emma Loewenstamm called A Chess Game: Lenin with Hitler — Vienna 1909″.

Sometimes referred to as” Hitler playing chess with Lenin”), which, according to some art historians and historians, captures the scene of a chess match between two politicians, allegedly occurred in Vienna in 1909

Most art historians, however, date the etching to a later time and do not recognize the possibility of such a meeting in reality.

[Ed. note: because they don’t know what really was going on with these people….]

The etching attracted widespread media attention in October 2009, when it was auctioned at Mullock’s for 40,000 pounds (US $ 64,000).[27] under the title “A Chess Game: Lenin with Hitler-Vienna 1909″….

 In subsequent sales attempts, a dossier proving authorship was added to the etching, as well as evidence that Emma Lowenstamm gave painting lessons to Hitler. 

After lowering the starting price, the etching, dossier and chess pieces last appeared on April 19, 2011 in Mullock’s auction catalog (lots # 570 and 571), after which their fate is unknown.


I.E., the evidence got ‘disappeared’.

As usual.


That will do for now. As usual, lot and lots more to unpick here.

I’m probably not the only one.

But I’m really starting to feel like I am burning-out, big time.

I’ve been doing a ton of research into ‘real Jewish history’, and so much new information is popping up, I can’t keep up with it.

And I’ve also been feeling pressure to keep translating as much of the Rav as possible.

And there’s a few other projects going on, too, all of which require a lot of time and effort.

And I’m reaching the point where I can’t keep all the plates spinning.


So, I’m going to stick up the following today / tomorrow, and then have a few days rest, to BH recharge the batteries a bit.

2 more posts following the charidee money into Eretz Yisrael.

A translated prayer from the Rav to be protected from anti-semitism.


Sometimes, it just feels like ‘this’ is never going to end….

The madness is never going to end….

The lies are never going to end….

The evil is never going to end….

That’s the tiring part of all this.

But Rabbenu teaches us – we only have today.

And to just focus on what needs to get done today, without looking at what else needs to be done tomorrow, because then a person gets totally overwhelmed and just gives up.

As usual, it’s very useful advice.


One of my readers sent me this:


It’s starting to unwind the Sabbatian-Frankist roots of Hitler, yemach sh’mo.

Back when Miles Mathis still had two working brain cells, he put together a whole post about Hitler’s genealogy, where he found an old signature that was signed ‘Adolf HILLER‘.

But he believes the real family name is: HILDESHEIM.


[T]he Hillers were prominent and wealthy Jews in Vienna and Germany, and it would explain the connections Hitler later had in both places.

To get you started, see this link to Ferdinand von Hiller, 1811-1885, famous composer and conductor.

A student of Hummel, he was already prominent enough at age 15 to visit Beethoven on his deathbed. He was a friend of Spohr, Hauptmann, and Mendelssohn. [Mendelssohn is admitted to be Jewish].

Hiller was from a family of wealthy cloth merchants. His father was originally Isaac Hildesheim, but he changed the name in
around 1780 to hide his Jewish roots. This would also help his son, since it would link him to the earlier famous Hiller composers like Johann Adam Hiller.

Also remember that Disraeli told us many of the top composers were crypto-Jews.

That means Hitler’s real name was not Hitler, Huetler, Hikler, Hiedler, or any other. It was Hildesheim.


From my own research, the HILDESHEIMs married the HAMMERSCHLAGs and the GOLDSCHMIDTs….

All bang in the middle of the greater ‘Frankist family tree’.


The post I just got sent unwinds the story a little more, from a personal perspective of the writer, whose grandpa was taking strange photos of the Jews in Europe long before ‘WW2’ happened.

Here’s a couple of snippets to whet your whistle, but I highly recommend you read the whole thing:

[M]y grandfather concluded that the Germans were planning to kill off the Jews, and were already trying to gather information on them to make the job easier and more orderly. 

This was already during WW I.

What is particularly strange in this entire story is that, after his deposition from the monarchy (already in 1919), Kaiser Wilhelm II already suggested an international Holocaust through gassing:

On 2 December 1919, Wilhelm wrote to Mackensen, denouncing the November Revolution of 1918 and his own forced abdication as the “deepest, most disgusting shame ever perpetrated by a person in history, the Germans have done to themselves … egged on and misled by the tribe of Judah … Let no German ever forget this, nor rest until these parasites have been destroyed and exterminated from German soil!”[129] Wilhelm advocated a “regular international all-worlds pogrom à la Russe” as “the best cure” and further believed that Jews were a “nuisance that humanity must get rid of some way or other. I believe the best thing would be gas!”[129]

–From Wikipedia


And this:

One of the historical facts which gets glossed over without really considering its full implications is the fact that Hitler (Yimach Shemo) arrived at the Nazi party as an intelligence agent for the German government.

Supposedly, he was there just to infiltrate and gather information on them, much like the FBI sends agents to infiltrate the KKK and other extremist organizations.  Nonetheless, within a short time, he was suddenly leading them, and a little over a decade later, he was already the absolute dictator of all Germany, and then a few years after this, he was on a campaign to conquer the entire world and to kill off all the Jews.


And lastly, this:

“A 1933 New York Times article dealing with Hitler’s alleged Jewish origins maintained that there was Jewish blood on the Stronnes [e.g. Hitler] side – Hitler’s maternal grandmother – a family which converted to Catholicism from Judaism in Vienna in the 1850’s.

Rabbinic Court testimony claims not only that Hitler’s real father was a Sabbatian, but his maternal great grandfather as well; i.e. Klara’s maternal grandfather, who fathered her out of wedlock.”


There was careful ‘Frankist-German’ planning was going on in other places, too.

Remember the post I wrote about ARTHUR RUPPIN, who was working hand-in-hand with the Germans to send the cash and the ‘best type of Jew’ to the pre-nascent State of Israel from Germany – while the rest could all get exterminated?

The more I pin down ‘real Jewish history’, the more I see that all these Frankist-Sabbateans were running the banks and heading up the Jewish communities, and pulling the strings – all over the world.

And that they were working for the non-Jewish ‘rulers from the shadows’, to destroy the Jewish people from within.

And that is still going on today.



It’s heartening that more and more bits of the puzzle are starting to be pulled out into the light – and not only by yours truly.

But in the meantime…. I am so tired.

May Hashem give us all the strength to keep going, until we reach the point where we clearly see with our own eyes how the good finally, and totally, wins.