Rav Elmaliach on the Masons, Tower of Babel and Azamra

These are very basic highlights from Rav Elmaliach’s shiur on Makor Chochma, the Rav’s new chiddushim on the Torah that are simply mind-blowing.

This is some of what the Rav had to say about the building of the Tower of Babel.

Important to note, *these are my paraphrased summations of what R Elmaliach is teaching and saying.*

There are a lot more details, especially on the more kabbalistic side, involving partzufim and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t understand myself, but I’m not translating that stuff, because I don’t understand it.

If you do – feel free to take a listen in the original Hebrew.



R Elmaliach starts speaking of the builders of the Tower of Babel.

He explains that both the Ben Ish Chai and Rav Natan of Breslov in Likutey Halachot make reference to the initials ‘Peh Mem’ in their writings – and these initials stand for ‘free masons’.

The masons are the continuation of the builders of the Tower of Bavel.[1]

Rav Natan explains that the dor haMiflaga’a (generation of dispersion) were kofrim about the hashgacha of Hashem. They knew ‘Hashem’ existed (and were trying to fight against Him, kabbalistically, in a much deeper way than most of us can grasp, from the very ‘root’ of the klipa) – but they totally denied He had anything to do with the world.

Basically, it’s that old ‘blind watcher maker’ argument, (so very, very old….) that says that God made the world, ‘wound it up’, and now isn’t interested in what’s going on down here, so everything is left in the hands of ‘nature’ and ‘science’.


Towards the beginning, he brings a passage from the Bnei Yissachar talking about the strength the builders of the tower had, because they had achdut and spoke one language – Hebrew.

And as the world is created from the lashon hakodesh, they were trying to use these same letters to create names of impurity.

Then R Elmaliach diverts into a story about how the Noam Elimelech got upset when the Bnei Yissachar’s mother called him ‘Tzvi Elimelech’, instead of the original plan to call him plain ‘Elimelech’, after the Noam Elimech himself.[2]


R Elmaliach then explains that they were building a tower that was far higher than even the highest towers in Dubai today, that are approaching a kilometre high.

And that they built the tower using black magic, as well as very hard work.

He says they would give every single brick an impure name, using ‘black kabbalah’, so that the whole edifice was just one big construct of tumah.

(He explains this in far more detail using kabbalistsic ideas. If you understand that stuff, take a listen yourself.)


But the point is, they weren’t just ‘fighting’ God by trying to reach up to the cloud He was supposedly on in ‘heaven’.

They were fighting with the forces of spiritual impurity, and every brick in that tower was connected to it’s own klipah, and force of spiritual impurity, in a much deeper way.


God could have stopped them building in the middle – but part of the punishment is that He let them keep going almost to the very end, when they very nearly could have pulled it off – and then pulled the plug on them.[3]


The location of ‘Shinar’ was actually at the very bottom of the klipa, located in Bavel.

[I don’t know what this means, tachlis.]


Then, God sent 70 sa’arim (angels / ministers) who did a few things.

  1. They created the 70 languages / 70 nations, so that they no longer had the power of achdut.
  2. Because the dor ha’miflaga’ah didn’t believe in Hashem’s hashgacha, Hashem stopped providing them with their food directly, and then had these angels / ministers act as the conduit for their sustenance instead.


R Elmaliach says that this is why the food in chutz l’aretz doesn’t taste like the food of Eretz Yisrael, which has much more flavor.[4]

Basically, the food in chul is ‘diverted’ via the klippot, so it’s full of the zuma of the country it’s grown in / raised in / comes from.

He explains that when people eat this food, their flesh then contains all the zuma of that country – and this is what affects their character traits and also, the way they speak.

And then, paying $300k to get a burial plot on the Mount of Olives next to R Levi Yitzhak Bender once they pass away isn’t going to help them very much.


All this is just ‘preparation’ for the Rav’s comments from Makor Chochma.

R Elmaliach then quotes the Rav as teaching that our main job is to strengthen the Shechina, (by learning Torah, doing hitbodedut, working on our bad middot, saying Tikkun Haklalis, getting up for chatzot etc) and to love the aretz, and to practise achdut which means trying to judge our fellow Jew favorably and doing Azamra.[5]

He says we all want the ‘bad people’ and the ‘evil’ to get out of the aretz.

But we don’t need to do any hafganot or demonstrations, or start fighting with the secular people and their institutions.

If we strengthen the Shechina in Eretz Yisrael, the land will ‘vomit out’ the bad all by itself – and all those people who are ‘demonstrating’ will choose to leave all by themselves [if they don’t make teshuva].


R Elmaliach then reminds us that Rabbenu taught us that the whole of the world would be overcome by a flood of heresy before Moshiach comes – and this would even splash over Eretz Yisrael.

Rabbenu said that the tests would be so great, that someone who continues to do al netilat yadayim will be as unique as the Baal Shem Tov was in his generation.[6]

That’s because all our minds are so distracted and ‘under attack’ right now, even simple mitzvahs are not easy to do.


R Elmaliach reminds us we have to be good to ourselves, and also, to our bodies, and to literally thank our bodies for continuing to serve us so faithfully, and give them some love and pinuk.

He says he learned this from a very big Sephardi kabbalist of a previous generation who would get up at chatzot, and then spend half an hour ‘hugging himself’ and thanking his body for serving him so faithfully that he could continue to do mitzvot in the world.


He continues with the message that we also need to continue to see the good points in ourselves, and to also judge ourselves favorably in the very hard tests we are going through, and to remember that we are holy souls.


The Rav’s teachings continue with why God doesn’t kill the dor hamiflaga’ah.

Instead, he ‘confuses their wisdom’, mixes-up their language (the holy language of Hebrew, that they were trying to use in impure combinations to ‘fight against’ Hashem) – and then disperses them and turns part of them into monkeys and animals without da’at.

R Elmaliach says another part of them is turned into ‘spirits and demons’, because they want to ‘fight against Hashem’.


Ad kan, for my comments, but there is a lot more to unpack and listen to in R Elmaliach’s shiur.


In terms of the ‘secular people’ leaving Israel all by themselves – the trickle is strengthening to a flood.

Look at this (not shmirat eynayim friendly – basically, a bunch of Israelis are moving to Cyprus permanently):

Our job is just to keep strengthening the Shechina here, to learn Torah, work on tznius, smash the smartphones, pray with kavana, and all the rest of the mitzvot.

And God will do the rest.

Hopefully, fast.


PS: I am translating the ideas, not the exact sentences. If I made mistake in something, please do let me know and I’m happy to correct it.


[1] It’s no coincidence that so many of the ‘big scientists’, the NASA astronauts and spokesmen, the leading doctors, the philosophers who brought us ‘Darwinism’, and other unproven, heretical fantasies masquerading as ‘scientifically-proven’ are also masons.

[2] In the story, the mother gets a blessing from the Noam Elimelech to have a son. When she calls the son ‘Tzvi Elimelech’, the Noam Elimelech tells her now he can only get half the spiritual insights he was meant to have if he was just called ‘Elimelech’, and that he’s lost the chance to become ‘like the Noam Elimelech’ himself. Whenever I see the word ‘Tzvi’, and whenever I hear strange stories like this, my ‘Sabbatean-o-meter’ starts dinging off. The family tree of the Bnei Yissachar is a total mess…. TBC

[3] Take heart, people who see what the ‘NWO scientists’ are still up to today. As it was, so it will be again – at the very last moment, God will pull the plug on it all.

[4] This is something a lot of people notice – that the food in chul just doesn’t taste of much, once you are used to the food of Eretz Yisrael. There are some exceptions – like the food by Rabbenu in Uman, to give one example. But this is probably because the kevarim of the True Tzaddikim are considered to be an aspect of Eretz Yisrael. R Elmaliach also says that it’s taught that before the coming of Moshiach, fruit will lose it’s taste.

[5] Azamra doesn’t mean you lie to yourself about what is really going on, or start calling black deeds ‘white’. Rav Ofer Erez has an excellent shiur with English subtitles which explains how you really do Azamra:

In a nutshell, you still hate the evil deed, and recognise it for what it is, but you stop hating the person doing it, and you try to understand where they are coming from. Just doing this is enough to ‘tip them’ into the scale of righteousness, and then the evil disappears by itself. See Likutey Moharan 282.

[6] If your kavana for doing mitzvahs is currently as scattered and ‘absent’ as mine, you’ll maybe start to understand a bit more what Rabbenu was getting at, with this statement.


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  1. adelle
    adelle says:

    if readers want to learn more about migdal bavel and dor haflaga and how absolutely insane it was I recommend yosef deutch’s “let me world survive” which is part of his “let me nation” series. he takes the mefarshim, gemara and midrashim and puts it into narrative form so you get a fuller sense of what was going on in tanach. me’am lo’ez is a great resource as well, also written in narrative form but aryeh kaplan’s english translation is out of print and hard to come by. “let me world survive” has many footnotes citing me’am lo’ez.

    I didn’t remember the part about giving each brick a name. I knew they didn’t care if a person fell from the tower but a brick falling was a huge deal. that each brick had a dark magic name gives added reason for them to care more about bricks than human life.

    although yosef deutch doesn’t address cosmology, (though he does say hashem caused flooding by manipulating the cosmos) once I started learning about cosmology according to torah I referred back to his book and remembered the main purpose of the tower of bavel was to pierce the rakia. this strengthened my understanding that everything that’s taught by FM and their operation paperclip nazi descendants at nasa is a lie. not only are they still trying to break through the impenetrable rakia but they invest everything they can in deceiving us to believe there is no rakia and we’re twirling, wobbling and hurtling a million miles through “space” circling around the sun…

  2. Molly
    Molly says:

    I saw in the comments of the first video someone said PM in freemasonry stands for “past masters” if that helps.


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