Kimche de Pische

With all the Pesach cleaning, I didn’t get any where near the other translations.

BH, I’ll see what I can do when I’m offline again now, until Thursday.

There is a lot of stuff ‘in the air’ at the moment.

There is a rumour the Rav is back in hospital – I’m trying to verify that, but he certainly wasn’t at the prayers this evening.

Every time there are ‘massive dinim‘ that just can’t be sweetened any other way, the Rav ends up in hospital.

Please pray for Eliezer ben Ettia, to have a full recovery and stay healthy.


In the meantime, ‘charity saves from death’.

I know that’s not very happy-clappy, but that’s what came to mind when I wanted to write about Kimche de Pischa for Shuvu Banim families this year.

The link on the English site is HERE.

And it’s a very good place to give your tzedeka for helping other people to make Pesach this year, for so many reasons.

There are more sincere Torah learners, who also do stuff like work on their bad middot, get up for chatzot, say 7 tikkun haklalis a day, and generally, ‘kill themselves’ in the tent of Torah than you’ll find anywhere else, at this point.

And most of them live on a shoestring, and need help to make the holiday.


Here in Israel, the price of so much basic food stuff has shot through the roof, the last few months.

Pesach is never ‘easy’ or cheap to make, but this year, at least in Israel, it seems to be way, way, way more expensive than previous years.


‘Charity saves from death’.

And HERE is that link again.

And may we just hear good news.

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