Continuing the Rav’s shiur from last week.

(You can read Part I HERE.)


When he got to Yaffo, [the English who were ruling the Holy Land] said to [Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz]:

You are not going to descend [from the boat] here! You are not getting off here!

[R Horowitz asked them]?

What did I do?! What did I do?!

[The English replied]:

You are the most evil evildoer! You spread slanders about us! You said that there were pogroms here [i.e. In Israel]!

There were the pogroms of 1929 [in Hebron]. They chopped the hands and feet off, they burned them in fire.

You spread slanders about in the whole world! You said….


In Russia, they asked [R Horowitz]:

Why did you come?

He said:

What do you mean, ‘why did I come’! They are killing Jews! They are slaughtering Jews! [in Eretz Yisrael].


Like today, 500 Jews, 500 Jews, slaughtered.

There is no government, there is nothing. Everything is shtuyot (stupidity), there is no government at all.

It’s like in 1929.

It’s another 100 years, [but the situation is still like] it’s 1929.


[The Rav returns to the story of R Horowitz]:

So, they were slaughtering Jews, so I ran away.

So, where are you going to run away to? To Russia! Here, they love Jews! Here, they look after the Jews. There is nowhere like Russia. Here, it’s Gan Eden! You are the only ones who protect the Jews!


Immediately, [the Russians] publicised this in all the newspapers in the world.

Where’s the only place that protects the Jews? Only in Russia!


Now, he gets to Yaffo, it’s the night of Lag Bomer, and he wants to get off.

[They say to him]:

Don’t come down! Here, you don’t get off! What do you mean, ‘come down?’ What ‘I’m getting off’?! You meshuga, you evildoer! What did you say about us?!

Is it permitted to say lashon hara?!?!?!?!?….


[Skipping a discussion about Parshat Bechukotai, and how was is possible for Yaakov Avinu to ‘steal’ anything.]

Rejoining the shiur on page 42:


This was the argument between Moshe and Bilaam.


Moshe claimed: I am Bilaam. You [i.e. Hashem] are also talking with Bilaam, what, you think that I’m crazy?… That I’m confused? You speak with Bilaam – and You speak with me! So, there’s just another ‘Bilaam’.


Bilaam claimed: I am Moshe…I knows “the sayings of God, and knows the knowledge of the Supreme One, who sees the vision of Shaddai, while fallen and with uncovered eyes.[1]

“I shall see him, but now now. I shall look at him, but it is not near. A star has issued from Jacob and a scepter-bearer has risen from Israel, and he shall pierce the nobles of Moab and undermine the children of Seth.”


Nothing will remain.

What does Balak want? It’s written: “You shall not distress Moab and you shall not provoke war with them.”[2]


Don’t make war, Bibi doesn’t agree to do a war, Biden doesn’t agree to do a war.

Biden says:

No, we don’t fight with Moab!

This was across all the media, on all the channels, this was in the White House. They said:

No, we don’t fight! We don’t let you fight with Rafiach, with the Arabs…


Rafiach is bigger than the whole of Tel Aviv.

Rafiach – every alleyway, they are waiting with a ‘warm welcome’… There are a million alleyways there, and in every alley people who ‘love Jews’ are waiting there, people who ‘love’ the soldiers, and want to give them a ‘warm welcome’….

Every day, five people are being killed there. They tread on mines, and they fire RPGs at them.

So Biden said:

With Moab, we don’t fight. I don’t agree. I don’t agree. I don’t let you. Don’t go out against Moav.


So, what does he want? Why is he hiring Bilaam?

Bilaam told him: You should know, that no trace of Moab will remain.

A star has issued from Jacob and a scepter-bearer has risen from Israel, and he shall pierce the nobles of Moab and undermine the children of Seth.”


[Bilaam says to Balak]

And who is going to do this? Your grandson!

[Balak replied] Hashem should have mercy!! My own grandson?! I am going to let my own grandson destroy Moab?!


You don’t read the Gemara. This is ‘excellent’. Don’t read the Gemara.

[But] it’s written in Sanhedrin, it’s written in Sotah, it’s written in Nazir, that David Hamelech is the grandson of Balak.

He’s the grandchild of Ruth, and Ruth is the daughter of Balak, the daughter of Eglon – Eglon, the son of Balak.

So Bilaam said to him:

Your own grandson!! ‘Bone of my bone’.

[Balak replies] I see that my grandson is going to destroy Moab, and I won’t let this happen.


And so, he asks Bilaam: What should we do?

[Bilaam says]:

Take a barrel, cut up a thousand snakes, and put their heads in the barrel. Put this in the kodesh kodeshim, the even shtiyah (foundation stone).


The Beit HaMikdash didn’t exist yet, so they put it on the even shtiyah.

And so David said, “Moav is my wash-basin, upon Edom I will cast my shoe, Philistine, will you shout triumphantly over me?”[3]


What does is mean, ‘Moav is my wash-basin’?

The Zohar says in [WHAT?] page 2:

This was straight away revealed to David.

Ruth was the daughter of Eglon, (he was the king of Moab, the son of Balak), so she knew where this barrel was concealed, with the thousand snakes, with the thousand heads.

A thousand snakes were in this barrel, so that the Beit HaMikdash would be destroyed as soon as it was built.


So Bilaam said to Balak:

Conceal the barrel there, in the kodesh kodeshim.

And Ruth revealed this to David, and David uncovered it. This was uncovered by David – this barrel. ‘Moav is my wash-basin’.

All this is written in the Zohar Page 2.

(It’s permitted to learn Zohar, even in Shuvu Banim….)



[1] Balak 24:16-17.

[2] Devarim 2:9.

[3] Tehillim 60:10.


Ad kan, from the Rav.

As usual, it’s packed full of hints and allusion to some very deep things.

Those ‘snakes’ are still running the show here, and trying to turn the rest of us into ‘snakes’ too, with all their dark-side sorcery.

And the source of these snakes’ power is so close to home – the kodesh kodeshim!

The centre of Jerusalem, the heart of the world.


I just wanted to add one more thought here:

The side of evil wants us to think that there is nothing we can really do, and to change all this, and that they hold all the cards in their hands.

It’s not true.

This is a spiritual war.

Every single person who stops giving their time, energy and attention to the ‘snakes’ – that’s already doing massive things to tip the balance against them.

And then, if that person also then starts to follow the words and advice of the True Tzaddikim like Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland – they say the 7 TKS a day, or whatever they can manage, they do some hitbodedut, they do some minimal work, even, on overcoming their own bad middot, arrogance, and lack of emuna, they make some tiny effort to guard their eyes more, to maybe go pray at a kever tzaddik – and especially by Rabbenu in Uman….

All this is how we win this spiritual war, and finally eradicate the thousand ‘head snakes’ that have taken over our beloved home and our wonderful communities.


There is no despair in the world!

But there is a heck of a lot of spiritual work to do.

So yalla!

Pick your own personal battle in this spiritual war, and start to fight it with everything you’ve got.

There is no time to waste.

So, I planned to translate the following shiur in any case, when I was reading it on Shabbat.

But now I’ve started work on it, I suddenly understood it’s another small example of the Rav’s ruach hakodesh.

It was given the day before yesod she be yesod, last week, June 1st, 2024.

And it’s talking about people getting freed from imprisonments in ‘sudden’ and ‘miraculous’ ways.

(BTW, just to be clear, while I’m so happy that four captives got freed alive, that doesn’t mean I’m buying the ‘official story’ at all. The same people who had the hostages ‘kidnapped’ now decided to ‘free them’.

It’s all masons running ‘the show’ here, it’s all ‘theatre’.)


Read on – I will come back and fill in the blanks when I’m done with the translation, and then also post up the second part.



Excerpt of a shiur given on June 1st, 5784, motzae Shabbat, Parshat Behokatai

[From Shivivei Or 362, shiur begins on page 34]

Tomorrow, it’s Yesod she be Yesod.

Everyone goes to to Yosef HaTzaddik, everyone should take care not to stay in Jerusalem.

There will be levuyi (‘accompaniment’), there is permission from the army. Yoav Gallant, the Security Minister, gave commands for everyone to be at Yosef HaTzaddik.

By doing this, he ‘atoned’ for the fact that there was no Meron, because the z-ists closed Meron.

It was stam, shtuyot (nonsense), there were no rockets, no sirens.

They especially wanted to close Meron, everyone recieved murderous blows, they broke their hands and their legs.


Avraham Kroizer who was here, who is the biggest tzaddik, who knows the whole SHAS by heart, forwards and backwards.

He lives here, five minutes from here. They threw him onto the road, onto the floor. They stepped on him, they crushed him, all of this was filmed. So the legal advisor is encouraging him from the beginning to take the MAFKAL (Inspector General of the police) to court.

Everything was done according to the instructions of the MAFKAL.


Tomorrow, everyone goes to Yosef HaTzaddik, without any exceptions to the rule!

Everyone will get to Yosef HaTzaddik. 23:00 at night, everyone is by Yosef HaTzaddik. The whole week, it’s possible to travel to Yosef HaTzaddik, the way is ‘clean’, there are no terrorists, there are no terrorists.


The rule is to know that every word of Rabbenu – Rabbenu is doing everything.

Rabbenu announced to travel to Eretz Yisrael. Whoever doesn’t travel to Eretz Yisrael won’t stay alive.

Rabbi Avraham ben Rabbi Nachman said: Your children already won’t be laying tefillin…

[The Rav repeats this in Yiddish].

Rabbi Avraham ben Rabbi Nachman guaranteed this, he promised, he took an oath, that they would no longer lay tefillin. And so it was.

Because he saw everything in the Megillat Setarim.[1]

After all, there is a Megillat Setarim that belonged to R Avraham ben Rabbi Nachman, and he saw everything that was going to happen, such a Shoah.


It’s written in Kochavei Or that there was going to be a terrible Shoah, and not a single Jew would remain alive. Not a single Jew would stay alive!

Everything was because they didn’t believe in the Tzaddik, they didn’t understand that all of this came from Rabbenu. Rabbenu is the True Tzaddik.

He said already in 5682 (1912) that everyone was obligated to ascend to the Land of Israel, and it was forbidden to remain in chutz l’aretz.


[Ed. note: Rebbe Nachman died a hundred years earlier, so it could be the Rav is saying that this is something that Rabbenu encoded in the Megillat Setarim, about what was going to happen, that the author of Kochavei Or then gave over in Rabbenu’s name.]


The Rebbe travelled in a warship, in the middle of the fighting, in the midst of the cannonballs, that they were firing a million cannonballs at him.

There were a million sirens, but he didn’t ‘give up’ on Eretz Yisrael, he travelled in the middle of the cannonballs.

He got to the walls of Tiberius, and he almost fell to the bottom. He said: “One time, I cried out with all my heart, when I was on the walls of Tiberius, and I was holding on to the wall.”

The Rebbe knew how to hang on. He was the world champion climber, he had a trophy, a trophy from Tokyo [?} for climbing. He managed to hang on to the wall, but he couldn’t come down.

The Rebbe had nothing to hold on to, it was totally smooth.

He said: “I cried out to Hashem, and I managed to come down.”


And like this, he managed to get to Acco, and then in Acco, they kidnapped him.

He was one of the hostages.

They wanted 1,000 terrorists [in exchange] for him. Bibi didn’t agree. He said, I’ll give 500 terrorists, not 1,000.

Tov. They took him [Rabbenu] into a ship as a captive, they kidnapped him, put him in a boat, imprisoned him on a ship.


Like Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz, who was on Netzach she be Netzach.

On Netzach she be Netzach exactly, he was on the amud ha’tliya (Lit: hangman’s pole). He was with the red clothes. All of Breslov ultimately gets to the ‘hangman’s pole’. There is no Breslover who doesn’t get to the gallows – either to prison, or to the gallows.

It’s like a bus – that at the beginning you have to stand up[2], and only afterwards you get to sit down.

So, Russia was like a bus – you stand up, and after this, you sit. For each person.


Also Rabbi Michel Dorfman was in prison.

Everyone – also Rabbi Levi Yitzhak (Bender) was in jail – half a year, in prison. There was one young man who said that on Shabbat Zchor he would already be freed. They laughed at him.

Now, it’s Parshat Vayeira, how did you get to Parshat Zchor?! What’s with you and ‘Zchor’?!

[The young man replied]: Yes, you don’t know? ‘Zchor’ is ‘erase the memory of Amalek’.[3]

There won’t remain any ‘memory’ in the whole of Russia.


So on the 5th, in the morning, they said to him: “Where?! Where?!”[4]

At 8am in the morning, it was already erev Shabbat of Parshat Zchor! He said to them: Look, in another five minutes, a telegram is going to arrive.

After five minutes, the telegram arrived. They ran to the post office, and saw a telegram:

“Yes, today he needs to be freed. Yes, it’s Shabbat Zchor.”

So, Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Bender was also in prison.


And Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz was in jail for 70 days.

He said: 70 days in prison – I never had such enjoyment in my whole life! It was Gan Eden!

The true ‘Gan Eden’ is in prison. You are there alone, you can learn, you have seforim, you have the whole SHAS, the whole Shulchan Aruch. There is no greater pleasure than being in prison.

When I went in, Eliyahu said to me – Eliyahu Serussi said to me, the moment I entered Eliyahu Serussi’s room (he was the sweetest of sweet. He has payot down to the floor, and a beard down to his belly button).

So, when I went in like that, I was a little broken.

He said to me: Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz said that his greatest pleasure was when he was in prison.

It’s written in ‘Yemey Shmuel’, that my greatest pleasure was during the 70 days that I was in jail. This was my greatest enjoyment. I sat, I learned, I could do hitbodedut, for 70 days.


In the end, they took him to Odessa, they took him out for execution.

There in Odessa, they took him out to kill him. There were two soldiers standing over him with bayonets, with the bayonet-guns, they were standing over him, so the moment he’d make a movement, they would immediately slice him.

They would make him into a sieve, they would make him into a drainer.[5]


[Skipping some comments about gematriot – read them on page 37, if you have the Hebrew Shivivei Or].


So, they stood Rabbi Shmuel Horowitz by the gallows.

They said to him – he was on the side – the said to him: in another two hours, you’ll be taken out to die. They will hang you. They will chop off your hands and feet. They will scrape you with iron combs, not stam. They are going to cut you into pieces, all your fingers.

He said: What fun! This is ‘being scraped with iron combs!’[6]

And this is how they announced it to him, another two hours, you’ll be hanging on the gallows.


Suddenly, a telegram arrived to put him aboard the first ship.

What ship?! Where is there a ship?! Where are we meant to find a boat, right now?!

You’re in Alaska, you’re [-], where are you going to suddenly find a boat? They said:

We’re not interested, put him aboard a ship right now!

[R Shmuel Horowitz wrote in his memoirs ‘Yemey Shmuel’:]

I’m in the prison now, I’m now wearing the red clothes – put him aboard the first ship, now!!!


They called the port, [and the port officials told them] there is a boat that is departing now for Eretz Yisrael, in another hour, it’s leaving the port. If you want to bring him – bring him within the hour.

Within an hour, they released him, and put him on a special jeep, and but him aboard the ship, like that….


One girl told him, a girl of 17 who was on the train: You will be in Jerusalem on L’ag B’omer.

It’s now Sunday, motzae Shabbat, hod she be netzach, what Jerusalem?!? I’m at the end of the earth! I’m in Alaska! I’m at the North Pole! I’m in the North! I’m in Russia!

She said to him: No, you’re in Jerusalem, at home. I promise you.

He didn’t understand… She was a prophetess.


Every girl was once a prophetess.

You’ll be in Jerusalem, at home.

He went crazy, he didn’t what she wants from him, Jerusalem, you’re at home.

He’s a minute before they are taking him out to kill him. Next week, you’re home.

A telegram came: Free him immediately!

All of this is on netzach she be netzach.

The moment we get to netzach, netzach she be hod, so immediately [we are] freed from all the imprisonments.



[1] This is the ‘Concealed Scroll’ where Rebbe Nachman and his student Rav Natan wrote down a number of hints in code about what would occur at the end of the days, before the coming of Moshiach. After ‘disappearing’ from view for a few years, the Scroll somehow turned back up in the hands of the late Eliezer Shick of Yavniel, a ‘newcomer’ to Breslov chassidut who then went on to build a big following.

Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Bender was upset by some of the things occurring in Yavniel, and took the highly unusual step of publically denouncing some of the practices being promoted by Eliezer Shick, particularly in relation to under-age marriages.

[2] The Rav is making a pun on the Hebrew word ‘amud’, which means ‘pole’, but also refers to standing up.

[3] Devarim 25:19.

[4] The Rav is giving over the well-known story of how Rav Levi Yitzhak ended up being freed from prison under the communists, in very surprising circumstances.

[5] I.e. They would stab him so many times he would be full of ‘holes’.

[6] As famously occurred to Rabbi Akiva, and that he yearned for all his life, as he wanted the merit of dying al kiddush Hashem, to sanctify Hashem’s name.

This prayer really speaks to me.

It’s one of the prayers that was distributed ahead of Shavuot.

Meet me below for more of a discussion about how ‘judging ourselves’ in daily hitbodedut can save us from SOOO much suffering and hardships.

Even if we can’t always change ‘the situation’, we can always work on improving our reaction to it, so ‘the situation’ doesn’t ruin the tremendous good that is still to be found in other areas of our lives.


To judge myself about every single thing

Ribonu shel olam, Who can do anything, and from Whom nothing is withheld:

“And it happened in the days when the Judges judged.” (Megillat Ruth, 1:1)

Ribonu shel olam, Who can do anything, give me the merit to judge myself over every single thing, and every single action, and every single breath.

Because if, chas v’shalom, a person doesn’t do hitbodedut, and he doesn’t judge himself, he brings famine upon the land, and his parnassa is diminished and lessened.


And he brings no end of disasters upon himself and upon the members of his household.

And in the end, he is exiled from his land and from his house, and his family.

And he goes to live in the ‘fields of Moav’, and there, his two sons die.

And all his property is given to the government, the camels and the donkeys, the cattle and the sheep.

Until in the end, he also dies ‘naked’, and lacking everything.




This prayer is not so ‘upbeat’, in some ways, I know.

But I say it pretty much every single day, because the point is to learn out how good a person’s life can be, if they do hitbodedut every single day, and try to judge themselves on an ongoing basis.

This is the Breslov way, not to pretend that we can somehow ‘catch’ every thing we did wrong on the one day a year called Yom Kippur, but every single day to go through what happened over the last 24 hours, particularly in relation to others, and to try and understand what we ourselves need to work on, fix, apologise for, acknowledge, etc.

Especially when we are having difficulties with other people, or not feeling ‘happy’, daily hitbodedut is an absolute must, so we don’t start piling-up more and more bad middot.

And then, those bad middot then bring down harsh judgements upon our heads, God forbid.


There is no ‘bad luck’ in life.

There is only our own bad middot, and then the tikkunim that we are bringing into this life, from a previous life, that can often result in what appears to be ‘bad luck’, or very difficult circumstances.

Once we judge ourselves below, there is no judgment ‘above’.

The ‘daily crud’ we have to deal with – all the suffering we bring upon ourselves because of our own bad middot – reduces drastically.

God knows we are working on stuff, and He has maximum compassion on us, even if that process of ‘working on ourselves’ takes 120 years.

And it does.


Re: the hard tikkunim we have to go through, because of spiritual debts we ran up in previous lives, there is a choice to make.

Either, we suffer tremendously in this life to clean them off (which is the choice that most people make, mostly without even realising there is another option.)


We get close to the true Tzaddikim, follow their teachings to do 7 Tikkun Haklalis a day, to do hitbodedut for an hour a day, go to Uman, particularly for Rosh Hashana, because Rabbenu explains things can get ‘fixed’ on Rosh Hashana that can’t get fixed any other time.

And the most powerful thing of all is to do regular pidyon nefesh with a real Tzaddik.

Because we pay the ‘money’ damim in biblical Hebrew, so we don’t have to have our own damim – blood – spilt, via illnesses and other terrible suffering, God forbid.


Just, finding a ‘real Tzaddik’ is the hard part in that equation.

(Assuming you already pay 10% of your income to charity every single month, as the Torah requires us to do, and you aren’t one of those people who look for excuses why not to give charity the way we’re meant to….)


BH, I’m going to spend today translating some recent Rav stuff that touches more on what went on with Meron, and also the whole ‘tikkun’ aspect to why so many of us suffer so much, even when we’re making such great efforts to be good people and keep God’s Torah.

There are spiritual ‘rules’ that Hashem abides by to run the world.

Once we understand them, life gets so much easier, even when it’s still so challenging.

And authentic Breslov teachings from Rabbenu, and his chain of authentic students, that leads to the Rav in our days, is the ‘rule book’ and the guide that sets all these spiritual rules out.

That’s why the side of evil has always been fighting so hard to keep people away from the real wisdom and light that is Rebbe Nachman and Breslov.

And it’s been like this for 200+ years already – and is continuing in our days.

But BH, not for much longer.


PS: I’m planning on spending one more intense week on the family tree stuff, and then I got to wherever I got to, and barring more new ‘hints’ from the Rav, I want to go back to writing more about life, Breslov teachings, and other stuff.

If you have questions about spiritual matters that are within the realm of what I can try and answer, or at least, to open a discussion here on the blog, please feel free to let me know.

I have one question to answer about the difference between the Rav’s Pirkei Nevarchim and the Tikkun Haklali, and when to say them, which is on my list to get to some time next week.

But I’m very happy to return to more obviously ‘spiritual’ topics on the blog, very soon, BH.

If God lets me do that…

I finally tracked it down, from a post I put up last year.

I’m reposting most of that post below – now we’ve learned what we’ve learned about BARUCH SHICK of SHLOV, it makes even more interesting reading.

In the next post, I’m going to take a closer look at the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD.

And then, we’re going to Amsterdam, to tie up some loose ends with TZVI HIRSH LEHREN, the VILNA GAON and a Dutch banker you’ve probably never heard of who as obsessed with finding the 10 Tribes, called TOBIAS BOAS.

I’m really feeling like stuff is starting to move, in a few different ways.

You know that Baruch Hashem, four hostages got taken out of Gaza alive today.

All the prayers, teshuva, and seeking after the truth is starting to tip the balance.

So hang on just a little bit longer.

We are approaching ‘tipping point’.


In the meantime, here’s what I put up last year.



The Amsterdam banker who was funding the Vilna Gaon’s PERUSHIM – and most of the Old Yishuv – was called Tzvi Hirsh LEHREN, and his family tree links us straight into the heart of the Frankist nexus.

His father leads us back to AKIVA FRANKFURTER GUGGENHEIM, who either ‘went xtian’ himself, or has a brother who ‘went xtian’ called AMSCHEL SCHLEUSINGEN….

And on the other side, his mother was JUDIT LEA DUSCHNITZ, married to BARUCH BENDIT SEGAL DUSCHENES – close family, although the tree is heavily distorted in just this area. And you know why that is?

Because both BARUCH BENDIT and JUDIT LEA descended from, and were related to, and very likely were themselves, Frankist royalty.

And their son Tzvi Hirsh LEHREN was funding the Vilna Gaon’s Perushim and the Old Yishuv.


Before we continue, I want to quote a lengthy passage from Prof. Pawel Maciejko’s book on the Frankists, called The Mixed Multitude.

I highly recommend you go and read that book, if you really want to understand how these Sabbatean-Frankists weren’t just ‘anti Torah’, they were actually part of a religion that had some profoundly twisted religious beliefs.

Once you understand a little of these ‘religious beliefs’, it starts to get easier to understand how these people could both be antinomian Frankists – plus including members who ‘dressed frum’ were both funding and heading up the Old Yishuv in Eretz Yisrael.

This comes from page 251, where Maciejko is describing the efforts of some of the Prague rabbis to try to derail the Frankist movement – which included most of the richest andmost connected Jewish families in Prague. This resulted in unrest, which in turn resulted in some of the leading Frankists appealing to the authorities for protection – and that’s the only reason their names couldn’t also be totally ‘scrubbed’ from this account.

There was too much evidence to hide.


Here’s what Maciejko writes:

LOW ENOCH VON HONIGSBERG was a son-in-law of JONAS WEHLE, usually recognised as leader of Prague Sabbateanism. He wrote a large number of esoteric letters, homilies and exegetical tracts expounding the secrets of Sabbateanism….

The epistles of LOW ENOCH VON HONIGSBERG were composed between 1800-1803. They were addressed to the Prague Sabbatean group called by the author ‘the Holy Community’, or the ‘Association of Believers’.

This group….Honigsburg counterpoised with the ‘mixed multitude’ (erev rav): non-Sabbatean nonbelieving pseudo-Jews, whose lack of faith attested that their souls originated among not the true Israelites but the Egyptians.”


It was totally the ‘upside-down’ world, already by this point.

Nearly all the leading ‘elite’ rabbis and their families were Sabbatean, and believed Shabtai Tzvi was the ‘moshiach’, at least the ‘Moshiach ben Yosef’, who would either ‘rise again’, or would be reincarnated again in a different ‘body’ to fulfill the job he had started.

And these families and the ‘elite’ rabbis believed that whoever didn’t believe this – was actually an erev rav pseudo Jew.

But the movement kept splintering and dividing itself into more and more seperate groups and ‘idealogies’, as different leaders showed up claiming to be the continuation of Shabtai Tzvi. That happened with the Donmeh in Turkey – that fractured into at least three seperate groups.

And in happened back in Podolia / Poland and the Pale of Settlement and other places were ‘elite’ Sabbatean rabbis were hanging out, including Prague.


Let’s quote a bit more from Maciejko:

“Even a cursory glance at the manuscripts [of HONIGSBURG] reveals deep differences between Honigsburg’s writings and the Words of the Lord [the teachings of ‘Jacob Frank’ Eskeles]….


The Prague Sabbateans basically discarded a lot of the ‘Frankist innovations’ introduced to the faith by Jacob Frank Eskeles, but the whole Sabbtean idea of continuing to be two-faced hypocrites, referred to as ‘paradoxical faith’ – because they externally pretended to be the very opposite of what they really believed – was continued as a key plank of their ‘religion’.

Here’s more from Maciejko:

[T]he persecution of the Sabbateans by the rabbinic authorities in Prague is presented as a test and at the same time as a blessing:

[Honigsburg writes]: “We should thank God that the few of us were taken from the mixed multitude [i.e. The Jewish community who didn’t believe in Shabtai Tzvi as the continuation of Yoshki]…. And that they themselves excluded us from their midst.”…

Only the believers [in Shabtai Tzvi] have ‘the true religion’…

However, Honigsberg rejects the conversion to xtianity, precisely because it is xtianity, not Judaism, that is the true religion. The Prague group should stay within the Jewish fold in order to strengthen their paradoxical faith:

[Honigsburg writes:] “There is a need for a special group of people (and not only single individuals) who are – with the greatest piety and fear of God – prepared to undergo all sorts of persecutions for the sake of the Holy Faith. This group will be formed by emunah.”

Happiness and redemption are found in Christianity, but Sabbatians should remain Jewish until the last stage of history.”


Maciejko then goes on to quote Honigsburg beliefs that all organised religion has to fall, all the nobility and the governing system has to collapse – and then, ‘the Virgin’ will be revealed.

This is all connected to Jacob Frank’s theology around the ‘Black Madonna’ – and to people with their eyes open, it’s obviously satanic, just with a ‘wrapping’ of conventional xtianity.


Please go buy the book, and start to learn more of where these Sabbatean-Frankists were coming from, as it will make it so much easier to unpick what’s really going on, as this progresses.

And that brings me to the next piece of the puzzle, centred around the leader of the EIDA HACHAREIDIT of Jerusalem, called YOSEF TZVI DUSHINSKY.


Honigsburg was writing what he was writing between 1800-1803.

Less than six years later, TZVI HIRSH LEHREN, scion of the DUSHINSKY family of Sabbatean-Frankists starts funding the Vilna Gaon’s Perushim, and the Old Yishuv, and pours a huge amount of money into the enterprise.


If you go back and look at the family trees of known Frankists like HONIGSBURG and the WEHLEs, you find all these people are VERY closely connected. And it’s important to remember, that they were practising endogamy to a very pronounced degree, for lots of reasons, including that there was a rabbinic ban in place on marrying Sabbatean-Frankists, because of their incredible tumah-dik practises, as publically enumerated by Prague Rabbi Eliezer Fleckeles, which included:

Necromancy; masturbating and smearing the body with semem [a known ‘black magic’ rite, also practised by Freemasons and the ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’, and probably a bunch others]; permitting and encouraging incest; wife-swapping and group s*x; ‘complete s*xual freedom’, and permitting ‘perjury, theft and adultery’.


No truly God-fearing, truly observant Torah Jew would want to marry into this group, no matter how rich and connected they were. And they, for their part, were trying to keep alive the flame of their ‘paradoxical faith’ (and also, to keep the money and the ‘connections’ in the family….)


So now, let’s take a closer look at YOSEF TZVI DUSHINKSY.

On theHaMichlol website in Hebrew, we learn this:

Born in the town of Pakash, Hungary to Rabbi Yisrael Duschinsky[1]. He was a disciple of Rabbi Simcha Bunam Sofer, Rabbi of Pressburg, and Rabbi Moshe Pollak, Rabbi of Bonihad, and was influenced by their worldview in accordance with the path of Rabbi Moshe Sofer, the Hatam Sofer.


You remember, that some unnamed son of the Chatam Sofer was the ‘rent-a-psak’ for banker Tzvi Hirsh Lehren, who was trying to stop more people from making aliya, because he couldn’t afford to a) pay for them under the current halukah arrangement and b) control the Old Yishuv with draconian ‘laws’ about not working, if these people were allowed to work and fundraise for themselves.


You can go and read more yourself, but this is the snippet that took my eye:

Under the influence of his father-in-law, Rabbi Mordechai Yehuda Liv Winkler, he went on Shabbat to Shiniawara to Rabbi Yehezkel Shraga Halberstam, who was very fond of him, and thus became close to the Hasidic movement.

His approach to this path was intensified when he rose to become the rabbi of Chust in the district of Marmarosh, since in this town most of the residents were members of Hasidic communities, as in other cities in the same district. 

When he arrived in Chust, he even changed his clothes to Hasidic clothing and began to practice Hasidicism], when he used to visit every year all the villages located in the Galilee of Khost city, he would conduct a tish on the Sabbath night as is customary for Admorim Hasidim, and he would sometimes receive a kvitlach from his disciples and admirer .

Upon his ascension to the Land of Israel, he instituted Hasidic practices among his students, and founded the prayer text ‘the Mahrich text’ which combines Ashkenaz and Sephardic], and has since adopted traditional Jerusalem dress and even encouraged his students to dress with a Streimel on Shabbat.


Go take a closer look, which other ‘infamous rabbis of Chust’ – and their descendants – are still hitting the headlines today, for all the wrong reasons.


Long story short, YOSEF TZVI DUSHINSKY is kind of ‘parachuted in’ to Jerusalem from Hungary to take over as the head of the Eida Chareidit, and a lot of people aren’t happy about that.

Let’s take a look at his family tree (HERE), to see if we can pick up some clues why YOSEF TZVI DUSHINSKY was suprisingly accorded this great honor, to lead the Ashkenazi ‘Old Yishuv’ in Jerusalem.


So, there’s lots of interesting stuff going on.

The first thing to tell you, is that he was a descendent of that same CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, ABD OF SHKLOV that AI likes to ban people for asking about.

And who also gave us a whole bunch of other interesting people including key ‘Chabad’ figures like PINCHAS ‘ROSANES’ SHICK.

(Oh, and also ‘Elka Joss’, wife of MOSES DOBRUSHKA, founder of the Asian Brotherhood, Frankist, close relative of Jacob Frank, and key player in the French Revolution…  More about that another time.)


Here’s how that shakes out:


In that same family tree, we find that the MAHARAM SHICK is his maternal uncle – i.e. the brother of his mother, Leah Shick, and also a direct descendant of that same CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, ABD SHKLOV.

We’ll come back to him another time, BH. But what yichus!!! Already, we have connected him to Shklov, the Gabia Hakesef Binyamin Rivlin, fingered as the ‘secret Frankist Rebbe’ by Athol Bloomer, the POPPER family of rich prague tobacco merchants who intermarried with the family of MOSES DOBRUSHKA, leading students of the ALTER REBBE of CHABAD – and we didn’t even get to the DUSCHINSKY part yet…


On the DUCHINSKY side, we hit a problem.

The family tree has been almost totally scrubbed. This is what remains:


That ‘HASSID’ surname links us back to the family of the Vilna Gaon…. But of course, all the real info has been scrubbed. Even to the point of having gravestones ‘disappeared’


Ad kan, for the old post from 2023.

I hadn’t remembered that the head of the Eida Chareidit, R YOSEF TZVI DUSHINSKY, (1867-1948) ABD JERUSALEM, is also in the same exact tree as BARUCH SHICK, grandson of the ALTER REBBE, and student of the VILNA GAON.

But it kind of proves the point, yet again, that all the big players in Israel came from one small family.

That were either Frankists themselves, or next of kin to Frankists.

Including the leaders of the Eida Chareidit.


In the next post, we’ll take a look at some of the stuff going on with the ASIAN BROTHERHOOD, and maybe a few of the other secret societies.

Because they weren’t just doing funny handshakes and rolling up a trouser leg – they were mamash engaged in totally evil things.

And they still are today.

I was actually looking for the stuff Elazar Fleckeles wrote about the Prague Frankist in my old blog posts.

I didn’t find that – yet.

Because I got side-tracked by a whole bunch of stuff I’d already put together three years ago about BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV without really understanding the implications of it all.

This post is dynamite.

It demonstrates that Chabad, the Vilna Gaon, the Mir yeshiva, commies, z-ists, Yitzhak Rabin, Sara Sonia Diskin – everyone – is exactly the one single family.

And that family were direct descendents of the Sabbatean Eisenstadts – and many of them also become leading Frankist-masons, ‘maskilim’, and a bunch of other yucky stuff we’ve been writing about here for years.

Let’s begin.


First, here’s the snippet from an old post called ‘THE YICHUS OF YITZHAK RABIN’ that started to unlock all this:


I’ve been doing this so long now, that I have certain names emblazoned on my brain as ‘interesting’.

The name ‘KLETZKER’ is one of those names. ‘EISENSTADT’ is another of those names.

So, I immediately see that AHARON TUMARKIN is:

  1. a) Meant to be married to an ‘anonymous’ Eisenstadt / Kletzker.
  2. b) That this same anonymous Eisenstadt / Kletzker woman is also the wife of the Alter Rebbe’s grandson, one ‘BARUCH KLUTZKAR’.


I start clicking around, and I somehow come across THIS attached document. (It’s in Hebrew and Yiddish.)

It’s a whole, big collection of official Chabad ‘stories’ about Benjamin Kletzker, Aharon Tumarkin’s father-in-law.

Very quickly, I become amazed by what I’m reading.


Like, the story of how this BENJAMIN KLETZKER comes with the ALTER REBBE, and the MITTLER REBBE, to ‘confront’ none other than YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN, who is described as the ‘chief mitnaged’, at home in his mansion.

And then there are stories of how this BENJAMIN KLETZKER and PINCHAS ROSANES SHICK are big merchants, doing kiruv in the local fairs in Leipzig, and while they tie their trees together as part of their lumber merchant activities.


And then, there are stories of how Rabbi SHLOMO OF KARLIN tries to ‘entice’ BENJAMIN KLETZER to become his chassid… and more stories of how BENJAMIN KLETZKER storms into the ‘mitnaged’ shul in Vilna, bangs on the bima and gives over a big shot of chassidic mussar….

And then, there are stories that show that this BENJAMIN KLETZKER mamash seems to be treated as something of an equal by the Alter Rebbe; and the Mittler Rebbe, and also the Tzemach Tzedek (Rebbe Number 3).

So how come I never heard of this guy before?!?!


So then I get up to page 65, screenshotted below, and here is what I read:


(This is all talking about this same guy, BENJAMIN EISENSTADT / KLETZKER):

His sons-in-law One of his children married the RABBI BARUCH OF SHKLOV / ORSHA, the second son of RABBI ELIYAHU (BEN RABBI MORDECHAI), and the Rabbanit Frieda, daughter of the Alter Rebbe.

The daughter oF RABBI BARUCH was the daughter-in-law of the Tzemach Tzedek, the wife of his son R’ Yaakov, who died during the lifetime of the Tzemach Tzedek.

[BENJAMIN KLETZKER’s] second son-in-law was RABBI AHARON TUMARKIN, (the grandfather of ‘Chatan Danan).

His third son-in-law was ‘the big, famous’ Rabbi Ber Leib Baruchin, from Plotsk.


Ad kan, from 2021.

(BTW, this post marked the point when Google started delisting my blog from its search engine results. I had 900+ blog posts up, and from the week I posted this stuff up onwards, it dropped to less than 30 that were ‘findable’ by Google. This was a few months before I took the old blog down….)


I had a very ‘strong’ dream a couple of years ago that Pinchas is Eliyahu…

At the time, I thought it was talking about ELIYAHU the Vilna Gaon.

Now, I know it was referring to none other than PINCHAS (ELIYAHU) ROSANES SHICK.

How do we come to this conclusion?

None other than NEIL ROSENSTEIN wrote in his book on the ‘cousinhood’ of the Vilna Gaon that PINCHAS ROSANES SHICK had married some mysteriously ‘unknown’ daughter of the ALTER REBBE.

I guessed at the time that this was probably FRIEDA, who Chabad says married ELIYAHU PINSKER ben MORDECHAI (with absolutely no other details or identifiying info).

But why would they go to so much trouble to cover all this up?!

Who cares, that ‘BARUCH SCHICK OF SHKLOV’ was the maternal grandchild of the ALTER REBBE?!


That was before we’d properly pinned down the following:

  1. BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV was one of the leading ‘disciples’ of the VILNA GAON, and translated Euclid with the GRA’s urging.
  2. BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV was a leading maskil, hanging out with the circle of MOSES MENDELSSOHN in Berlin.
  3. BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV was a member of the satanic-masonic organisation called the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD, that mixed-up deep but twisted kabbalah with Jesuit-inspired satanism. His membership name was PETRUS BEN [K]El-HAI.
  4. BARUCH SHICK’s first cousin, ELKE JOSS, was married to one of the founders of the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD, and a leading Frankist in his own right, ‘MOSES DOBRUSHKA’.


Any one of these reasons is plenty, to justify covering up who BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV really was.

Given all the bubbe meises Chabad told us about the ‘war’ between the Vilna Gaon and the Alter Rebbe, how would they explain that the ALTER REBBE’s grandson via his daughter FRIEDA was actually a leading student of the GRA?

Never mind, also a leading maskil getting funded by the ‘Berlin Circle’ of Mendelssohn.

And never mind, also a leading satanic-masonic member of the Frankists’ ASIAN BROTHERHOOD.

It’s kind of embarassing….


Of course, every family has their black sheep.

But here’s the thing. Once you slot BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV back into the correct family tree, you see that he wasn’t unusual, at all.

His whole family was literally dripping with Frankist-masons.

And also, proto-commies and leading ‘z-ists’ – and also, the wife of the MAHARIL DISKIN, SARA SONIA RATNER.


Let’s list a few of BARUCH SHICK’s illustrious descendents, before we tie up a few more loose ends with PINCHAS (ELIYAHU) ROSANES SHICK:


Like this:



THIS snippet from the GRODNO Yizkor page about Mrs Diskin starts to make so much more sense, when you understand that she descended from Sabbatean-Frankist royalty:

The Brisk rabbi, Grodno born, Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leyb Diskin ( 1818–1897),came to the Holy Land in 1876, having been vindicated in a trial in Grodno, already mentioned, and was one of the Jerusalem zealots and a leader of the Old Community….

His wife, Sarah, the well–known ‘Brisk Rabbanit’, (Sonia di Rebbetzin), had her origins in Grodno as well. She was the sister of the public figure, the wealthy Grodno citizen, Yechezkel Ratner. It is said that she was educated, a scholar and well versed in the laws, with a sharp mind and decisive in public affairs, deciding and defending her views vigorously.

She knew foreign languages. It is told of her that she wore a Talith Katan and decided in matters of what’s forbidden and what’s permitted in the presence of her husband, and was often more extreme in many decisions than he was.


What trial was MAHARIL DISKIN ‘vindicated’ in?

Here’s that snippet, from the same GRODNO page:

Ir Giborim, writes in a dispatch from Grodno in 1876 (Hamagid No.44), at the time of the trial of the Rabbi from Brisk, Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Yehuda Leyb Diskin, which took place in Grodno (in a matter of money deposited with him and returned by the rabbi’s wife), that it was Knorozovski who defended the rabbi (not for gain), and succeeded in proving his innocence.

The trial took place on Yom Hakipurim.


KNOROZOVSKI was the leading maskil of Grodno who had just donated a big secular library for Jews – he makes a strange bed-fellow for MAHARIL Diskin.

And also notice that this trial was apparently held on Yom Kippur…. The mind boggles.


Back to BARUCH SHICK’s descendants.


Like this:


The great-grandpa of YITZHAK RABIN is the first cousin of SARA SONIA DISKIN, wife of the MAHARIL DISKIN.


HERE’s a snippet about YITZHAK KAGAN HACOHEN, RABIN’s maternal grandpa:

“Yitzhak Cohen (from the Kapost chassidim, forest and estate merchant and government contractor in Mohelev and Petersburg; brother of the banker-businessman-writer Mordechai Ben Hillel HaCohen).

And his mother Sheina Rachel nee Baruchin from Bialystok (from the family of Rabbi Yaakov Karliner author of the book “Mishkento Ya’akov” and Rabbi Asher Tiktner author The book “Blessing of the Head”).



Maybe now we understand more about Rabin’s yichus, this strange snippet from the Wikipedia page for Yitzhak Rabin, will make more sense:

Yitzhak’s mother, Rosa Cohen, was born in 1890 in Mogilev in Belarus.

Her father, [YITZHAK KAGAN HAKOHEN] a rabbi, opposed the Zionist movement and sent Rosa to a Christian high school for girls in Gomel, which gave her a broad general education.


If you go to the geni entry HERE and click ‘view tree’, you’ll start to see how so many of the State of Israel’s ‘establishment’ are all related to each other, including the eugenics pushing Arthur Ruppin.

Ruppin married ROSA COHEN’s first cousin – and then started ‘engineering’ who was allowed into the nascent State of Israel. We covered that more HERE, on the post about the ANGLO-PALESTINE BANK.

(While we’re on that subject, remember that the HANOTEH guys who made the first agreements with the Nazis in 1933 were also direct descendants of BARUCH SHICK, via his daughter ZLATEH who marries LEIB MACHNES.)


Other interesting people in the tree of BARUCH SHICK, FRANKIST-MASON-MASKIL, big student of the GRA, and grandchild of the ALTER REBBE of CHABAD seem to include:


Like this:



4) AMRAM BLAU, founder of the NETUREI KARTA

Like this:



Tzipa Leah Rivlin is the daughter of MOSHE MAGGID RIVLIN, the grandson of BINYAMIN RIVLIN.

And you know who else fits into this particular branch of the family tree?

If you said suicided-pedophile-pervert, founder of ‘ZAKA’, YEHUDA MESHI ZAHAV, award yourself a million brownie points!


I could keep going with the interesting descendants of BARUCH SHICK all day.

If you’re bored and you like this stuff, feel free to send me your finds. We’ve also got the proto-commie MANYA TUMARKIN, the WISSOTSKY Tea Barons, and AHAD HA’AM ASHER GINZBURG – married to the niece of the Rabbi RASHAB (number 5) of Chabad – and a few other people in this family tree.


But it’s the guy called ELIYAHU DANZIG [HINDESS] who I really need to come back to.

He marries some unnamed daughter of that same YAAKOV BARUCHIN ABD HORODOK and KARLIN who is the grandson of BARUCH of SHKLOV.

(I’m guessing his wife’s name was probably HINDA….)

His father is YEHIEL DANZIG, THE MO’TZ of VILNA, and his grandpa is none other than AVRAHAM DANZIG of VILNA (1747-1820), who wrote the CHAYAI ADAM – and apparently was also a leader of the Vilna Kahal at the time all the crazy stuff was happening there.

He’s meant to be an ‘in-law’ of the GRA – but all the info is scrubbed, so if their children married each other, I’m not sure who they are, at this point.


But let’s park that for now, and finish up by returning to BARUCH SHICK himself.

His father is PINCHAS (ELIYAHU) ROSANES SHICK, who married FRIEDA, the daughter of the ALTER REBBE of CHABAD.


CHANOCH HEINACH marries MINDEL RIVLIN – the sister of BENJAMIN RIVLIN, married to Dreiza, the daughter of JOSHUA ZEITLIN.

According to Chabad and ‘official history’, BENJAMIN RIVLIN is leading the charge against CHABAD in Shklov, and signing on all the stuff trying to ban them, together with CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, his brother in law, and the ABD of SHKLOV.

This was an internal family war, as I’m hoping is starting to become much clearer.


There is so much more to write about this.

But let’s end with these two points.


PINCHAS ROSANES SHICK, the dad of BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, is the in-law of BINYAMIN KLETZKER (EISENSTADT AUSCH), who we started this whole post off with.

Their children marry each other.

And that also gives BARUCH SHICK’s descendants some of the best Sabbatean yichus anyone could hope for.

We’ll come back to this family’s clear links with the false messiah MORDECHAI MOCHIAH (EISENSTADT) – and also how all this links back to the founding of the MIR YESHIVA (and a bunch more Frankist bankers) in another post.


While we just learned here that BARUCH SHICK’s maternal grandpa is the ALTER REBBE of Chabad….

….In the fake history we’re all taught, BARUCH SHICK’s maternal grandpa is usually said to be none other than the SHA’AGAT ARYEH.

Is the SHA’AGAT ARYEH an alter-ego of the ALTER REBBE of CHABAD, ridiculous as that currently sounds?

I don’t know.

But it sure is interesting.


Lastly, where did BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV, the satanic-mason-maskil-student-of-the-GRA-grandson-of-the-ALTER-REBBE end up?

This snippet comes from the JEWAGE website, which is also still preserving a little more of the information that is mostly scrubbed off everywhere else:


He received the title of rabbi in 1764 in Brest and served as a dayan (religious judge) in Minsk, studied medicine in England and published a treatise on trigonometry “enEneh ha-Midah “(Prague, 1784; Shklov, 1793), as well as works on astronomy, anatomy and hygiene.

Translated the works of Euclid into Hebrew; he spent the last years of his life in Slutsk, where HE SERVED AS A DAYAN AND COURT PHYSICIAN TO THE PRINCE RADZIWILL.

He joined one of the English Masonic lodges at the end of the 18th century.


That PRINCE RADZIWILL that had Shick as his personal physician is probably this guy:


As you might expect, he was dripping with ‘secret society’ knighthoods and memberships – and it looks like he was also trying to punish Russia for partitioning Poland.

That’s something the Bolsheviks pulled off beautifully, a hundred years later…

But all this requires a lot more research, so for now, we’ll leave this here.


PS: BARUCH SHICK’S brother was none other than AHARON ZASLAVSKI.

As well as apparently marrying Rebbe Nachman’s daughter CHAYA in a second marriage after her husband ZALMAN LUBARSKI passed away, he also is meant to have married the second ‘CHAYA SARA SHNEURI’, the Mitteler Rebbe’s daughter.

Oh, and also a Frankist wife called Mary.

While he’s meant to have ‘died young’, according to Chabad, I’m not sure that’s really what happened.

And I also think he’s one and the same as:

Aaron Moshe Alexandrov – who marries LEAH GOLDA, and then their daughter RIVKA marries the 4th Chabad Rebbe.

But that’s a tale for another time.

In all the mad rush to get this research as ‘finished’ as it can be, I’m in my own little world at the moment.

I have literally piles upon piles of notes stacked by my desk and by my bed – the surviving remnants of the ‘suitcase purge’ of last week, that I am now going through and pulling together.

And the good news is, I AM pulling it together, finally, with God’s help.

There is clear, abundant, evidence that our community got hijacked by a bunch of different masonic ‘secret societies’, some more outwardly ‘frum’ than others – but all of them with vested personal interests that did not have the true good of the Jewish people at their heart.

It’s been covered up, ignored and distorted for a very long time.

But even with all the censorship, God is helping me to figure out enough things, enough of the time, that give the main gist of what was happening, and who, broadly, was responsible and involved.


But it’s such a lot of research….

And it’s pretty overwhelming and all-encompassing.

So it is, that I missed the lovely comment from Leah Golan here on the blog, giving me some encouragement and appreciation to continue.

And I wanted to thank you Leah, for taking the time to ‘feedback’ like that.

I really appreciated it.

And I really appreciate all the chizzuk, support and encouragement from other friends and readers, in all the ways that happens, even if recently I haven’t been responding very much, as I’m simply overwhelmed with ‘work’.


Yesterday, I had to be in Ramat Gan.

I was starving as I’d run out of the house without breakfast, and it was already 2pm, so I found a parking spot and decided I was going to track down something greasy in a pita to eat.

I found a sabich shop, with wholewheat pitas (!) and covered with Na Nach stickers and Breslov stuff.

The two young guys running the shop didn’t have kippahs on their heads, nor tzitzit.

They made a mean sabich (which was so greasy it dripped all over my dress….. what can we do, there is no perfection until Moshiach comes.)

Then, one of their mates on a motorbike shows up, with long, dangling tzitzit and no kippah, and starts telling them he’s going to Uman in a few hours.


Achi, why didn’t you call and tell me that earlier?! I would have come with you!

Said one of the sabich guys.

I didn’t tell you because you were already there two weeks ago, said the guy on the bike.

But I would have come again with you!


For some reason, hearing this conversation put me in such a good mood.

Even in the middle of all the high tower ‘luxury’ of Ramat Gan, with all the massive political posters and big screen adverts all over the place, all the weirdly-tattooed creepy looking people, all the gashmiut – the real beating heart of the Jewish people can still be heard.

Rabbenu is in the mix here.

Things are, and will turn around for the revealed good, very, very soon.


The drive back home was a nightmare.

I don’t know if it’s the heat, the situation, the fact that people now have cars that can accelerate SO fast – but there were literally 16 ‘accidents’ or break downs or cars parked on the hard shoulders, or even, bang in the middle of the fast lane on the 443 highway….

The last few days, I’ve seen so many ‘nearly accidents’, it’s actually getting very scary to drive.

People are going bonkers from the stress and the heat and ‘the matzav’, and it’s coming out in all weird ways.


One of the 16 ‘incidents’ yesterday involved a cat that had got half run-over by Modiin.

Two cars were parked blocking the lane, and I thought it was a fender bender, at first.

As I inched past, I looked to see what was going on – and got transfixed by the sight of a black cat with all its fur on end, with the back of its body crushed.

It’s hard to explain, but the look on its face was horrible – and very human.

I started crying my eyes out, so upset that the world has to be like this, so full of all this ‘suffering of the nefesh’, as was so clearly written on that cat’s creepy face.


Our boys are being blown up and shot at every day.

I’m mostly trying to ignore it all, so I can continue to function and do what I need to do every day (whilst reading 7 tikkun haklalis a day for our soldiers, and everyone else here that needs them.)

But the cat somehow got under the emotional barrier.

I was crying for a few minutes, whilst speeding and trying to dodge all the cars parked in the fast lane of the motorway.


So, the intense mix of ‘good vs bad’ is continuing, and not so easy to handle.

But it’s all leading to something very good, something way better than what has come before.


The important thing to understand at this juncture is that all the ‘false messiahs’ had one thing in common:

They all operated out of a paradigm of trying to say:

THIS is the appointed end time, and geula is happening now regardless of the teshuva made by the Jewish people.’

They based all their end times on sophisticated gematriot and hints in the Zohar, and other kabbalistic works.

By contrast, the Baal Shem Tov was told clearly that geula is dependent on personal teshuva.


BH, I am going to put up an old post next, that sets this idea out more.

And then next week, BH, I have a lot of new research to share with you, about who more of the false messiahs really were, who were powering the move to Eretz Yisrael, and predicting ‘the end’.

And how it all fell apart when ‘the end’ didn’t happen as scheduled, leaving the believers in such a mess that many of them became totally despairing and even converted to xtianity.

Exactly as happened with Shabtai Tzvi.

And exactly as happened with ‘Jacob Frank’.

Except this latest wave of ‘false messianism’ took place in the lead-up to 1840, and got so covered up no-one even talks about it.

But next week, we’re finally going to air it out, BH.


In the meantime, I wanted to just thank all the people who are joining me on this journey of discovery, and encouraging me to continue, even when it’s hard going.

The real Am Yisrael is truly awesome.

It’s full of good people, still trying to do good things, still trying their best to serve Hashem, even in the midst of so much confusion, pain and suffering.

Very soon now, the ‘crud’ that took over our community will be totally exposed – and then, it will fall away totally.

And all the true spiritual beauty of our nation will finally shine out.

It’s going to happen much sooner than we think.

(I hope…)

A big bunch of information swings loose in this post.

Buckle in.


So, you remember that bubbe meises story we all got told, about the ‘mitgnadim’ of Vilna being against the ‘chassidim’ just because of some dispute around ‘spirituality’ etc?

And how we figured out a couple of years’ ago, that the real ‘war’ in Vilna was between it’s rabbi, one SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR, vs his kahal over who was going to get the bigger slice of the ‘taxation pie’, when it came to fleecing the Jewish community?

And how that dispute rumbled on for 30 years+, turned father against son and brother against brother, and literally had the people of Vilna fighting each other in the streets?


We are meant to believe that the VILNA GAON and his (very well-connected and wealthy….) family were somehow totally above this poisonous dispute that convulsed Vilna for three decades.

Somehow, I highly doubt that.

Not least, because the PESSELES family who was funding the GRA’s house and bet hamidrash were apparently marrying the daughters of this same SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR (at least, in some versions of the family trees.)


But who the heck was this ‘SHMUEL BEN AVIGDOR’, and why was all this stuff so covered up?!


When I started writing this post, I was hopeful that I’d finally cracked that nut.


The breakthrough happened when I was going back over RUSSIA’S FIRST MODERN JEWS by David Fishman, and I got to page 19, where he was talking about how the partition of Poland also had a big impact on the ‘war’ against the chassidim.

Here’s the snippet, then we’ll start to unpick it:

“R AVIGDOR of PINSK [was] a fanatical Mitnaged who denounced the Hasidic movement to Tsar Paul I in 1800….[He wrote]:

From time immemorial it has been our custom that only our scholars could decide matters of justice….And when the Empress [Catherine the Great], may she rest in peace, assumed the throne, she decreed that Jewish disputes should be decided by the Jews’ scholars.

But certain rich men who did not approve of this, cunningly brought about that the decisions of Jewish courts in such disputes should remain ineffectual….

The truth of the matter is that if now, as in the past, the Jews’ affairs were subject to the judgment of their own scholars, the latter would have – based on the order of the authorities and in accordance with the supreme laws of the land – destroyed these individuals who have dared to rebel against God and His anointed ones.


Fishman explains:

“R Avigdor’s complaint that the law no longer permitted Jewish scholars to settle the Jews’ affairs unilaterally, was a cause for celebration among the Hasidim.

Hasidic traditions note that following the second and third partition of Poland, the Russian authorities outlawed use of the herem, and the Mitnagdim were no longer able to ban the movement as they had in the past.”


At this stage, I am treading cautiously on trying to decide which side was really the mitnagdim, and who were really the chassidim, and what this ‘dispute’ really was about.

They lied about so much, it’s still not obvious, especially not when you understand that the ‘initiated maskilim-Frankists’ are also in this mix – most of whom very quickly turned into the leading ‘reformers’, commies and z-ists.


But to get back to AVIGDOR THE FANATICAL MITNAGED OF PINSK – I suddenly realised that he was the guy who informed on SHNEUR ZALMAN (at least, on one of the occasions that happened.)

And then, I started wondering if ‘AVIDGOR the SNITCH’ of Pinsk could possibly be the scrubbed father of our very own SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR.

And that’s where a whole bunch of interesting connections suddenly swam into view.

Read on.


First stop was the Chabadpedia website put together by fanatical mesichists who believe the late Rebbe IS STILL Moshiach.

God bless them, because they have preserved so much useful info that’s been scrubbed out of existence most other places.

HERE’s the page (in Hebrew) for ‘AVIGDOR THE SNITCH’.


According to the Chabad version (and remembering that Chabad lies about so much), we are told this, about the ALTER REBBE’s second imprisonment:

Less than two years after he was released from his first prison sentence, at the Feast of Sukkot, 24 Tishri, the ALTER REBBE was again asked to St. Petersburg. [1]

In Hasidic tradition, it is reported that when the old Admor heard that they wanted to arrest him again, he sent an urgent messenger to Prince Lyubamirsky, who governs the towns and settlements around Petersburg during this period and was in a friendship with one of the Hasidim, to consult with him on whether to hand himself in to prison.

The messenger entered the prince’s room in the middle of the night with great devotion, and the prince decided he should not flee….

This time, they did not arrest him by force, and the ALTER REBBE arrived on his own in St. Petersburg on the orders of the government, with a number of followers of means depositing a guarantee that he would indeed arrive in St. Petersburg at the appointed time.


This unnamed ‘Prince Lubormirski’, big friend of the ALTER REBBE, seems to be this guy:


Strangely, given the fact that Russia and France are famously at war at this time, he spends a lot of time in Napoloeon’s Paris, and even has an audience with Napoleon. His wife dies in Paris in 1804.

Tsar Paul appoints him curator of the Moscow University Library in 1796 – and he’s a knight of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Why he’s such good friends with the famously ‘anti Napoleon’ ALTER REBBE, I can’t tell you.


You can read the Chabad version of the long story of how AVIGDOR KARO of PINSK informed against SHNEUR ZALMAN here – and if this topic interests you at all, you should really go and do that.

The long version of the short story is that AVIGDOR KARO accused ‘chassidut’ – but really, just SHNEUR ZALMAN and CHABAD – of the following:

In one of the documents documenting the claims in the handwriting of the snitch Avigdor, the claims appear, most of which constitute questions about concepts and elements in the Torah of the Hasidism, in order to try to prove that the Torah of the Hasidism tended from the Torah that was devoted to our ancestors. [6]:

  1. How is it possible to say that a person cannot fear anything, since God is the one who acts and does everything – and according to this, no one who commits an offense can be punished, since God is the one who acts in it.

  2. How can it be said that no one is afraid of any creation except God, for in the Torah it is told how the fathers and King David were afraid of other people.

  3. In Hasidism, it appears that if a person desires for a certain matter, it teaches that there is a spark in him that he needs to correct, and how can we say this, and that a person also desires for the words of a transgression.

  4. The leaders of the Hasidism send many funds to the poor of the Land of Israel, a hundred times the amount that would have been collected until the advent of the Hasidism theory, at the same time that according to the law ‘the poor of your city Kodamin’.

  5. The Hasidim are dismissive of testimony and sworn statements and treat them lightly.

  6. Parents are not treated with respect.

  7. The Hasidim steal money from their families in order to fulfill their financial obligations to the leaders of the Hasidism, at the same time that according to the custom of Israel, a person who is not twenty years old is not allowed to give any gift without the knowledge of his father and mother.

  8. The trip of the Hasidim to the rabbi raises a great question, for in order to hear the words of the Torah he could have sent the words of the Torah in writing to the colonies of the Hasidim, and for what reason would we have to spend large monetary expenses on the trip and gather together with great urgency?[7].

  9. The Hasidim follow the instructions of their leaders more than the instructions of Moses.


It’s very similar to the same ‘anti-Breslov’ stuff you still here today, spewing out on the YWN site and other ‘government-sponsored misinformation sites’ pretending to be ‘news’.

There is nothing new under the sun.


In the meantime, Tzar Paul orders the ALTER REBBE into house arrest in St Petersburg, where the government can keep an eye on him.

And the man who arranged this is none other than NATAN NETA NOTKIN – grandpa of BINYAMIN RIVLIN of SHLOV, the fanatical ‘mitnaged’ closely related to the GRA whose son is HILLEL RIVLIN of SHKLOV, whose descendants take over the Holy Land.


I don’t know why NATAN NETA NOTKIN flipped from being part of the group who got the ALTER REBBE arrested first time around, to the guy who ‘frees’ him the second time.

It’s another mystery.

But in the meantime, according to the Chabadpedia site, NOTKIN sets a condition, that the ALTER REBBE will have to come and convince three of the biggest ‘mitnagdim’ of Shklov that he’s not a heretic.

The three are named as:

YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN (f-i-l of BINYAMIN RIVLIN, who marries his daughter DREIZA and hangs out in his mansion with BARUCH SHICK).

MOSHE CHAFEITZ – somehow connected to the GRA’s close family, and the main fundraisers of Eretz Yisrael in Vilna and Brody known as the ‘EARLS of VILNA’.

JOEL of AMITSLAVL (probably connected to CHAIM of VOLOZHIN’s nephew in some way, AVRAHAM SIMCHA of AMITSLAVL.)


Of course, the ALTER REBBE ‘blows them away’ with his erudition and piety, and they all decide they were wrong (and want to become Chabad….)


The ALTER REBBE is released from house arrest after six months, and then takes up Prince Lubormirski’’s offer to come and live out the rest of his days in peace in one of his villages, either DUROBIN or LIOZNA.

He picks LIOZNA.

And the rest is (faked….) history.


OK, now let’s zoom-in on ‘AVIGDOR BEN CHAIM KARO’ of Pinsk, the ALTER REBBE’s main persecutor (the second time around), according to Chabad.

On the Chabadpedia page for him HERE, we are told that Avigdor ‘fell into drunkenness’ after all this and hung out with loose women in the market place….

Apparently, this is some of the slanderous lashon hara the Alter Rebbe himself wrote about him, in his written defence against Karo’s accusations.

I don’t know if that’s true – I have a lot more to read now to try and pin it down – but what is beyond the shadow of a doubt is that AVIGDOR KARO’s attack against the ALTER REBBE cost him very dearly.

He was deposed from his position as the Chief Rabbi of PINSK – a position that he’d paid 54,000 zlotys to acquire! – and he was financially ruined as a result.

Plus, Chabad slandered him so thoroughly, as a drunkard and woman-chaser, he probably couldn’t hold his head very high in public any more.


So how does this tie-in with our own ‘SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR’ of Vilna, also at the centre of a terrible ‘war’ with his (‘Chabadnik’….) kahal?

Let’s see if we can figure it out a bit more.


Let’s start with this very strange snippet on the bottom of the Chabadpedia page for AVIGDOR THE SNITCH:

The machine-translation says this:

The Rebbe said in the conversation[6] that there was also a”curse” in Avigdor that the descendants of the greatest of the dissenters would approach Hasidism and become Chabad followers.

Indeed, Avigdor’s grandson Rabbi Moshe Avigdor Chaikin became close to Chabad‘s Hasidut, and served as a rabbi of the Chabad community in London[7] Other descendants of Avigdor who are members of the Chabad of Chabad are the Izraelite family[8].


Say what?!

This somehow links JOEL of SMOLYAN – the main fundraiser / shaliach for the Alter Rebbe and Avraham Kalisker in Tiberius directly to the ‘fanatical mitnagid’ AVIGDOR KARO of Pinsk.

(MOSHE AVIGDOR CHAIKIN’s real name is ‘ZEITLIN’. And his brother is the Chabad rabbi of Hebron who apparently lives for 113 years (!) SHMUEL MENASHE CHAIKIN.)


At this point, I wasted two valuable hours of my life trying to figure this bit of the equation out, but then I realised they have lied about so many individuals, so many details, at this point, I am just wasting my time.

And maybe, the point is to not focus in so tightly on the ‘individual’, but to actually pull the lense back out to the much bigger picture, about the true nature of the machkloket between the so-called mitnagdim and the so-called chassidim.

So, I went off to the National Library here in Jerusalem to track down a book by Mordechai Nadav called ‘The Jews of Pinsk, 1506-1880‘ that sets out much more of the ‘official history’ of the Jewish community of Pinsk, including a chapter on AVIGDOR KARO.

Here’s what I learned.



He was one of the main persecutors of the so-called chassidim – and a person who we will be returning to, BH.

Here’s a snippet from p302 of Nadav’s book:

“Some time before late August 1781, R LEVI YITZHAK [who was the chief rabbi of Pinsk before AVIGDOR KARO] encountered R ABRAHAM KATZENELLENBOGEN, the rabbi of Brest-Litovsk, in Warsaw, and was forced to engage in a public debate over the doctrines of the Hasidim, in the synagogue in the Warsaw suburb of Praga.

In a letter calling his community to bitter battle against the Hasidim….R. Katzenellenbogen boasted that he had bested R LEVI YITZHAKtheir head goon’…..

Sometime before July 1784, R Katzenellenbogen tried to challenge R Levi Yitzhak to a second public debate.”


R Levi actually didn’t bother debating ABRAHAM KATZENELLENBOGEN the first time around, and other sources state: “on the contrary, [R LEVI YITZHAK] was insolent, jesting and mocking in a way inappropriate….”

It’s kind of hard to believe that about R LEVI YITZHAK.

But in any case, on June 25, 1784, ABRAHAM KATZENELLENBOGEN writes him again, accusing him of “behaving in certain ways and matters which I and all who see the truth do not find appropriate.”

And on June 23, 1784, the Vilna Kahal also sends a very strong letter to the Pinsk kahal, telling them to get rid of LEVI YITZHAK and declare a ban against the chassidim.

According to NADAV’s research:

“The letter was signed by Rabbi Samuel ben Avigdor, the Gaon, Rabbi Elijah of Vilna, and twenty of the Vilna kahal leaders.”


This is kind of strange, for so many reasons.

For the people who are still believing the myth that the Gaon just sat shut up in some cupboard somewhere and avoided all communal politics – that’s simply not true. He was throwing his weight around all over the place.

And the fact that this letter was also signed by our very own SAMUEL ben AVIGDOR and 20 members of the kahal of Vilna that he’d apparently been battling against for 25 years by this point….

The story doesn’t add up.


So a year later, after his ten year stint as chief rabbi of Pinsk ends, LEVI YITZHAK either decides to leave (because the mitnagdim have been making his life so miserable) or he’s forced out.

Either way, he ends up in BERDICHEV.

And now, the mitnagdim on the Pinsk Kahal are looking for a new rabbi, and Mordechai Nadav tells us on page 304:

“Their aim was to install a rabbi acceptable to the Gaon and the Vilna community….the kahal decided to accept payment from an applicant for the position of rabbi. Rabbi AVIGDOR ben HAYYIM, a vehement opponent to Hasidism, was willing to pay a respectable sum for his appointment….

He paid three thousand czerwone zlotys… Of which twenty-six hundred was apparently paid to the starosta and four hundred constituted a loan to the kahal….

In return for R Avigdor’s payment, the Pinsk kahal conferred on him the position oif Rabbi of Pinsk and the Pinsk district, for a period of ten years.”

And of course, he also got granted certain leases and monopolies, so he could make some money on his investment.

This is really what all this ‘chief rabbi’ stuff was boiling down to – control, honor and money.


I read this, and it struck me that AVIGDOR KARO seems to have got ‘parachuted’ into Pinsk as the candidate of the Vilna Gaon, together with SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR, the Rav of Vilna.

If this AVIGDOR KARO really is the (scrubbed….) father of SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR, then it’s easy to see how Vilna could control Pinsk by proxy, if he was appointed.


AVIGDOR KARO wants to burn Hassidic books, the way the Vilna kahal apparently burned the book about the BESHT in the synagogue courtyard.

But he lacks the popular support to do that.

And not only because there were way more hassidim, or ‘Karliners’, as they were known at this point, in Pinsk and Karlin. Nadav states on page 306:

“[A]pparently many non-Hasidim were similarly repelled by the new rabbi, who conducted his affairs imperiously, not by virtue of greatness in Torah or personal authority but thanks to his wealth and political power.”


For as long as Pinsk remains in Polish territory, AVIGDOR KARO keeps his job.

But after the second partition of Poland, Pinsk comes under the control of Russia, while Vilna remains under Polish control – and without the clout of the Vilna Gaon and ‘SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR’ to back him up, AVIGDOR is removed from his position two years early.

And then, he spends the next few years trying to ‘sue’ the Pinsk kahal via the Russian bureaucracy, to get back the money he ‘invested’ in becoming the Chief Rabbi of Pinsk.


Let’s quote a little of AVIGDOR KARO’s letter, that he sends to Tzar Paul I in 1787, a couple of years after he’s been deposed from his pulpit:

“Even though I was the rabbi, I no longer had the power to burn their books publically, for in all the towns under my jurisdiction the majority already belonged to that sect.

I was accordingly obliged to inform the late Gaon, R Elijah of Vilna, of what had happened,since he was the greatest of our sages….

Moreover, I proved to him [the Gaon] that, since their books lead the simple man astray from the straight way, according to the Mosaic Law their books should be publically burnt in the presence of all the people. And this was indeed done in Vilna, where the order was given to burn the books of this sect in public in front of the synagogue.[1]

When this became known to the sect and they discovered that I was opposed to their ideas, they rose up as one man against me and deprived me of my livelihood, and even eventually incited the others not to give me my due.”


As usual, someone here is lying.

The Vilna Gaon and ‘Shmuel ben Avigdor’ wrote harsh letters demanding the persecution of Levi Yitzhak and  the ‘sect’ in Pinsk years before AVIGDOR KARO was even appointed as ‘their man in Pinsk’.

Meanwhile on the other side of the story (from page 319):

“[S]even years later R SHNEUR ZALMAN of LADI noted that R Avigdor had forcibly extracted unwarranted sums from the residents and that he had been accustomed to drinking intoxicating beverages.”

How’s that, for a nice piece of lashon hara?


Are you noticing how this sinat chinam that was flourishing so beautifully particularly in Vilna then got ‘exported’ to a bunch of other communities, with the Vilna Gaon, ‘Shmuel ben Avigdor’ and the Alter Rebbe the main engines powering it?


AVIGDOR makes his first complaint in 1793, after he’s just lost his job – and it’s ignored by the Russians.

Four years later, apparently when the Vilna Gaon has just passed away and there is a big struggle going on over his ‘succession’ in Vilna again (you remember, we learnt his students and his children also went to court to decide who gets his property….) – AVIGDOR KARO tries again, to get his money back from the Pinsk kahal.

Here’s another snippet from page 323 – and notice who starts the war, this time around:

The Vilna Hasidim, who especially suffered from persecution, hastened to make the first denunciations to the authorities about irregularities in the conduct of kahal affairs involving taxes and use of funds, and shortly afterward another accusation that the kahal had collected monies unjustly.

The Russian rulers in Vilna quickly conducted an investigation into the matter; they had no difficulty uncovering improprieties, and the kahal leadership found itself in great danger.”


Next, we’re told the Mitnagdim send a letter to the Tzar accusing Shneur Zalman, and 22 other chassidic rabbis in Russian territory, of ‘acts detrimental to the empire’.

All 23 chassidic leaders are arrested and brought to Vilna. 15 are immediately released, while the others are sent to St Petersburg.

In Riga, the other seven are released, and only Shneur Zalman is taken to prison in St Petersburg, while the Russians investigate.


You and me already know all this was about money, and particularly, about the charidee money being collected for Eretz Yisrael.

Interestingly, AVIGDOR KARO’s name doesn’t even appear on the letter sent by the mitnagdim to the Tzar.

This first letter was apparently organised by none other than NATAN NETA NOTKIN of Shklov, the in-law of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH.


Shneur Zalman is famously released in November 1798, once the Russians can find no proof that he is sending any charidee money to Eretz Yisrael.

(Because as we figured out, he really wasn’t sending it.)

And then three months later, ‘the hassidim’ in Vilna inform on the Vilna kahal to the Tzar again, leading to it’s disbandment sometime after February 4, 1799.

The timing of this is oh-so-interesting, as this is said to be the time when SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR, the ‘last ABD of Vilna’ dies.

According to Nadav (page 324):

“In the new elections, the Hasidim seized control and elected one of their own, Rabbi Meir Rafels, as head of the kahal. This was precisely what had happened in Pinsk six years earliers when Hershel Kolodner, a Hasid, was elected head of the kahal.”


But AVIGDOR KARO is by now destitute, and desperate to get some money back from the Pinsk kahal, so he puts all his efforts into one more ‘denunciation’ of the Karliners.

According to Nadav (page 325):

“[T]he rabbi accused them (falsely) sic of being remnants of the Sabbatians, a sect rejected in Turkey and Poland because of its dangerous political aims.”

I’m not so sure – at all – this accusation is ‘false’.

In the meantime, let’s bring the last couple of snippets, for now, from Nadav:


“In his final letter of denunciation, written after March 1801, Avigdor described how he coordinated his actions with the mitnaggedic leaders of Vilna.”

Initially, this complaint also goes nowhere with the Russians, but then:

“Suddenly, at the end of 1800, the Russian authorities were prompted to reinvestigate R Avigdor’s allegations against the Hasidim and R Shneur Zalman….following a harshly anti-Semitic pronouncement by the poet and nobleman Derzhavin.

In 1799, Derzhavin was first sent to Belarus to investigate a dispute between the Jews of Szklow and the nobleman Zoricz, and in 1800 to inquire into the causes of poverty and famine among the farmers of the area.

Derzhavin’s statement blamed the Jews for the farmers’ dire circumstances and included strong charges against R SHNEUR ZALMAN and the Hasidim in general.”


We are back to SHKLOV, the stamping ground of NATAN NETA NOTKIN, YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN, and BINYAMIN RIVLIN.

And this time, we’re told that NATAN NETA NOTKIN is the one who arranges for the ALTER REBBE’s conditional freedom, as described above.


Another strange thing to note is that this DERZHAVIN is said to be a very close friend of that same PRINCE LYUBORMISKI, who helps out the ALTER REBBE.


As always, there is so much more to write, but that will do for now.

If you want a ‘Disney-fied’ version of the dispute with Zoricz on the Chabad site – replete with the usual fantastic imaginary scenes to tug at the readers’ heartstrings (whilst dissolving their brain to mush….) go HERE.


I was hoping we’d finally get to the bottom of the ‘SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR’ story in this post.

As usual, the goalposts just moved back again.

But each time we put more ‘truth’ out there, it’s exploding more of the lies being told, generally.

And that has to be useful.



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[1] The book burned was Zava’at Ha-Rivash.

I am starting to think that things are STARTING to move….

I’ve been offline writing up a few things, this being one of them.

I’m going offline again in a minute, once this is posted up, but it really seems to me that things are starting to move – i.e. the truth is starting to resound in the Camp of Israel.

And what’s the truth?

That we’re being led by a bunch of poisonous toads that descend from a bunch of poisonous toads, and who have kept the leadership of the Jewish people firmly stitched-up between them from centuries….

That’s the truth.


The last three days, I printed out my blogs from the last few weeks on the subject of ‘real Jewish history’ and went through them again.

I caught a few more interesting connections, and a few more obvious things ‘hidden in plain view’.

Like, to give just one example, NATAN NETA NOTKIN, the wealthy Russian maskil with tight links to the Berlin Haskala, is meant to be the maternal grandfather of BENJAMIN RIVLIN of SHKLOV.

He’s the guy who was hanging out in JOSHUA ZEITLIN’s mansion doing ‘science experiments’ with BARUCH SHICK, and apparently persecuting SHNEUR ZALMAN 24/7 – before most of his kids married Chabad royalty or became ‘Chabad royalty’ themselves….

Go figure.


All these Rivlins who took over Eretz Yisrael politically and religiously, mamash, are his direct descendants.

And he was a big maskil with tight links to the Frankist-masons of Berlin, who taught all his children European languages and secular studies, and was very into ‘Jews being productive workers’, and tried to set up jewish ‘agricultural colonies’ in Mother Russia.

Then his descendants hopped over to Eretz Yisrael, and continued the trend with ‘enlightened’Labour Socialism and the proto-commie kibbutzim.

(Oh, and also wrote KOL HATOR, which everyone likes to quote, all the time, especially when it comes to discussions about the Erev Rav. BTW, the people who were most obsessed with writing long screeds about the Erev Rav happened to be the Sabbateans…. Anyone who didn’t believe what they believed were ‘Erev Rav’.)


It’s possible some of these descendants made teshuva and returned sincerely to their Jewish roots.

But as we continue to unpick all this, you’ll see that most of them actually concentrated on keeping all the money flowing into the ‘Eretz Yisrael project’ firmly in their own hands, and under their own control.

(Even before they devolved into that swamp creature known as an ‘Israeli politician’.)


So now, let’s return to the mason BARUCH SHICK, whose direct descendants were clearly part of the satanic-commie ‘kabal’ that created and ruled our failed State, because SHICK wasn’t just connected to proto-commies in Shklov and Frankist-reformers in Berlin.

He was also connected to the VILNA GAON.

Let’s try to break that part of the story down a little more – and again, just to stress, what I’m bringing below is based on bona fide historical documents, mostly found and researched by Aryeh Morgenstern.

This isn’t ‘conspiracy theory’.

(And that’s what’s making this so uncomfortable to engage with in parts, right?)


Shick pops up both Fishman’s RUSSIA’S FIRST MODERN JEWS and in Morgenstern’s book THE GAON OF VILNA AND HIS MESSIANIC VISION.

In both books, the authors make connections between BARUCH SHICK and kabbalistic works and ‘scientific documents’ that are being smuggled into Vilna by a former student of the RAMCHAL, R HAIM LUZZATTO, called YEKUTIEL GORDON.

A while back, Rav Berland also mentioned them. This is a snippet from February 2022, now published in CONVERSATIONS II:



Each hour, [The Ramchal] he’d see angels, until this was told to the rabbis of Venice.

And Rabbi Yeshaya Bassan was his shver. R’ Yeshaya Bassan told him to lower his profile, the he should keep things censored – but he couldn’t do it. Every quarter of an hour, he saw an angel.

And there was one person, called ‘Gordon’, he was a student of the ‘Gaon’, and he was a little ruined.

And he came to Padua to learn in the university, and when he saw the Ramchal, he made teshuva. And he heard how he would converse with angels – he heard how he was speaking.

The Ramchal was shut up in a room, but each quarter of an hour, he was talking to someone, until he revealed that this was the Angel Gabriel, and the Angel Michael, and the Angel Nuriel. Every quarter of an hour, a new angel would come.

And so, he [i.e. Gordon] publicised this. This was around 5480. In 5488 (1728), this was exactly 50 years after ‘that man’ – Shabtai Tzvi – died [in 1678]. So they suspected that he was also a Sabbatean, so all the Venetian rabbis excommunicated him.

And he wrote Zohar, he wrote a whole Zohar. They took the Zohar away from him, and just left the 70 tikkunim that he wrote on ‘Bereishit – before the eyes of all Israel’. This remains.


And afterwards, he travelled to Amsterdam, until they wrote to the rabbis of Amsterdam and they also excommunicated him.

There is where he printed Mesillat Yesharim. They didn’t agree to let him print books about kabbalah.

And so he saw that in each place, he was being excommunicated, so he ascended to Israel. He got to Israel in 5503 (1743), and after half a year, he died. And angels brought him to Tiveria, because he died in Acco.

It’s impossible to bring [someone] from Acco – there was no ‘chevra kadisha’ organisation, there were only donkeys. Donkeys took three days. It’s impossible to carry a body along for three days. So, how he got from Acco to Tiveria is still a mystery, even today.

He was the soul of Rabbi Akiva, so only angels brought him.

[Translated from the Rav’s comments in the ‘Be’er B’Sadeh’ sefer.] Shivivei Or 309


We have the Rav’s testimony that YEKUTIEL GORDON was not coming from a good place, spiritually.

(BTW, Gordon seems to be part of the wider EIBSHITZ family, but good luck pinning that down in any concrete way… As usual, it’s all been totally scrubbed.)


In RUSSIA’S FIRST MODERN JEWS, page 27, GORDON is introduced like this:

“One can only speculate as to how Latin manuscripts reached Schick’s hand.

A number of young Lithuanian Jews traveled to Padua, Italy, to pursue a medical education and it is likely that they brought scientific writings back to Lithuania after their course of study.

One such medical student, Yekutiel Gordon of Vilna (known for his membership in the mystical-messianic circle of R Moshe Hayim Luzzatto), resided in Shklov during the 1730s and 1740s, and practised medicine there.

He may well have been the conduit through which the writings of Cardano, Viete and Euclid reached Shklov.”


BARUCH SHICK is described as ‘mining the Zohar’ for some of his scientific works, particularly when it comes to anatomy.

Here’s what he himself wrote in the introduction to his book Tiferet Adam:

“Within [man] are bound and hidden the clues to the mystery of God, as it is written, ‘from my flesh I behold God’.

[God] created man in His likeness and image, so that [man] might attain from his very self the mysteries and knowledge of the Creator….

We have therefore undertaken to explain man’s structure and composition, and the composition of his limbs, that the initiated [ha-maskil] may delve into their hidden meaning, which is concealed and spiritual.”


Shick himself used the word ‘ha-maskil’, translated here as ‘the initiated’.

I quoted this because the maskilim weren’t ‘anti-spirituality’ – they had all the dark-side ‘spirituality’ of belonging to satanic secret societies.

They were anti Torah and mitzvot – but spiritually, they were very into warped kabbalistic ideas that connected them mamash to the deepest side of evil.

R Elazar Fleckeles of Prague explained all this very clearly, and I’ll bring his diatribe against the Frankist-masons of prague (all of whom were still pretending externally to be ‘orthodox Jews’) below this post, as an addendum.


So, this is also the masonic swamp BARUCH SHICK was swimming in, and on page 29-30, of Fishman’s book, we learn this:

“Shick’s introduction to Tiferet adam referred in passing to ‘the manuscript commentary on the Idra by Rabbi Hayim Luzzatto.”

This is noteworthy, since Luzzatto’s treatise was unpublished at the time, and manuscripts of the latter’s works were copied and disseminated in Eastern Europe by none other than Yekutiel Gordon, the former Padua medical student who resided in Shklov in the 1740s.”


In other words, BARUCH SHICK had access to some very high kabbalah from the RAMCHAL, that had been ‘smuggled out’ and distorted by YEKUTIEL GORDON of Shklov / Vilna.

And all this is happening exactly when the twisted kabbalah of the Sabbateans and JONATHAN EIBSHITZ starts to devolve even further into the literally satanic ideas of the Frankists.

This is no coincidence.


So now, how does the VILNA GAON fit into all this?

Let’s turn to Morgenstern’s book THE GAON OF VILNA AND HIS MESSIANIC VISION.

Morgenstern sets out that the Gaon and his disciples basically believed that he was ‘Moshiach ben Yosef’ – at the very least.

And that the GAON was trying to ‘bring the end times’ by “perfecting his knowledge of the entire Torah.”

(A couple of years ago, I wrote some lengthy posts bringing more of this information down from Morgenstern’s book, I will post them back up on the blog, to give more background going forward – and to give my hands a rest from all the typing!)


Apparently the main works the Gaon is trying to track down, before he makes the [aborted….] move to Eretz Yisrael was a kabbalistic work called the PIRKEI HEKHALOT, and also MOSHE CORDOVERO’s commentaries on the Zohar.

And how do we know this?

Because the VILNA GAON and his brother ISSACHAR DOV BER (who married the daughter of ASHER GINZBURG / GUNZBURG) sent a letter to the chief rabbi of Amsterdam, SAUL LOEWENSTAMM asking for those books.

ISSACHAR DOV BER was close mishpocha with two Amsterdam chief rabbis.

His daughter had married JACOB KAHANE, who was the maternal grandson of SAUL LOWENSTAMM. And LOWENSTAMM’s daughter was married to SAUL SEGAL, chief rabbi of the Hague.


(It turns out, ISSACHAR DOV BER the brother of the GRA is also very close family with BARUCH SHICK… But one thing at a time.)


Now, let’s quote that letter from page 363, signed by both the Vilna Gaon, and his brother, ISSACHAR DOV BER of Vilna:

“We ask you strenuously….to be a source of support for us and to give us wisdom and glory….We have heard that the book Pirqie hekhalotI, by Ishmael b. Elisha, may be found in your vicinity.

Please tell one of your aides to search for it and to buy it for us at full price. And if the commentaries on the holy Zohar by early [authorities] such as Moses Cordovero and the like can be found, as well as other amazing books by early [authorities], and also Aristotle’s Sefer ha-middot [Nicomachean Ethics], please buy for us, and send them to us with the books that are being sent from your community to ours for our community’s booksellers.”


In the footnote, Morgenstern explains that so-called ‘haredi historians’ typically censor all these references found in letters etc, that the GAON was busy reading things like Aristotle.


Because it doesn’t fit the ‘persona’ that was created for the GRA, to try and hide all these links with secular education and maskil tendencies.

All the maskilim (‘the initiated’) initially had big beards and even the clean-shaven type from Germany wore tzitzit in public – including such toads as MAX LILLIENTHAL.

What made them maskilim (initially….) was the insistence that Jewish children should get a secular education and learn foreign languages.

Because they understood that this was the way to destroy the Jewish soul from within.


Let’s quote a few more pertinent snippets from Morgenstern’s book, and then we’ll start to tie all this back to BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV –

And the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD, started up by the Frankists to join xtian masonry with their own twisted ideas and fallen kabbalah.


This is a footnote to page 367:

“The Gaon is known to have owned manuscripts of the Ramhal that were subsequently published by SAMUEL LURIA of Mogilev….

[Another historian called] Benayahu….conjectures that the Gaon had recieved the writings from YEKUTIEL of VILNA, a student of Ramhal’s.

Benayahu notes that ARYEH LEIB EPSTEIN of Konigsburg also owned several manuscripts of Ramhal’s, as did NOAH MENDES, the Gaon’s father-in-law….

[O]ne may hypothesize that the Gaon, having seen several Ramhal manuscripts before 1778, wanted to gather and search for Ramhal’s remaining writings before moving on to Eretz Yisrael.”


Two things to note here: ARYEH LEIB EPSTEIN of Konigsburg keeps popping up in this story.

His son-in-law (and probably close relative) is SAMSON b. MORDECHAI of Slonim, who has a massive library of secular books, is another closet maskil who’s been scrubbed out the picture (not least, because the Kanievsky family of Bnei Brak descends from him) – and who has the English philosopher JEREMY BENTHAM stay in his house.

(You remember BENTHAM – he’s the guy who donates his body to science and his remains are now hung in a cage over the entrance to some university in London….)

SAMSON b. MORDECHAI gives BARUCH SHICK an approbation to his translation of EUCLID.


And the second thing to note is either a typo in the text – or another very interesting clue.

Official history tells us that the GRA’s son, AVRAHAM VILNER, married the daughter of NOAH LIPSHITZ, not the GRA himself.

NOAH LIPSHITZ is the guy who apparently shared a tomb, and a tombstone with the GRA…



Let’s get back to SHICK’s connection to the GRA.

When the GRA heads off to Amsterdam in 1778 to try and track these books of deep kabbalah down himself, he’s accompanied by non other than the freemason BARUCH SHICK.

Snippet from page 368:

“By tracing the places Shick stayed….we may confirm our conjecture that he indeed accompanied the Gaon on his trip to Amsterdam.

Thus, Shick spent time in Berlin in 1777. After, in January 1778, he met in Vilna with the Gaon, who asked him to translate Euclid’s Elements into Hebrew. In 1779, we encounter Shick in the Hague, where he readied his translation of Euclid and his book Derekh yeshara for publication.

Since we find the Gaon in the Hague in the summer of 1778, we may surmise that after they met in Vilna in January 1778, they traveled together to the Netherlands, or decided to meet there.

The Gaon may have asked Shick to help him track down the rare books or manuscripts that he sought in the libraries of Amsterdam. They may also have explored together halakhic issues related to the construction of the Temple and the sacrificial service, which the Gaon sought to harmonise with scientific knowledge.”


This is all happening a full decade before the so-called chassidic aliyah to Israel led by MENACHEM MENDEL of VITEBSK.


I want to set out more about the ‘syncretistic rites’ between the kabbalah, xtianity and ‘science’ that formed the basis of the Frankist’s ASIAN BROTHERHOOD, so you can start to see how much overlap there is with that, and with what is being described above, yourselves.

But we’ll keep that for another post, because there is still more stuff to learn about the Gaon’s trip to Amsterdam.


Let’s bring a few more snippets, then we’ll unpack a bit more:

Footnote to page 374:

“Toviya Preshel broached the hypothesis that the Gaon’s famous visit with RAPHAEL HA-KOHEN in Hamburg also occurred in 1778, when he left Konigsberg enroute to Amsterdam.

There is a well-known traditiion…that the two men met and that the Gaon asked Raphael to study diligently the Order Qodashim and the laws of the Temple service.”


RAPHAEL HA-KOHEN of Hamburg was meant to be the genius pupil of none other than the SHA’AGAT ARYEH, father-in-law or in-law of NATAN NETA NOTKIN of Shklov… I don’t know how all this adds up, but I will be taking a closer look at him.


The next snippet (from page 375) introduces the super-wealthy banker connected to the Dutch East Indies company TOBIAS BOAS of Amsterdam, who deserves his own post (and who has also been ‘scrubbed’ as much as possible, from real Jewish history.)

“In Chapter 5, we described the vigor that TOBIAS BOAS, leader of the Jewish community in the Hague, employed in searching for the ten tribes across Asia….

[A]fter failing to locate in Amsterdam the mysterious writings that he had sought before his aliya, the Gaon wished to determine whether the redemption could be hastened in another way, i.e. By finding the ten tribes….


This snippet is from page 383:

“Although the Gaon of Vilna and his son Abraham wrote about the sequence of the redemption in no uncertain terms, we have no unequivocal historical evidence that the Gaon took an interest in the existence of the ten tribes during his stay in the Netherlands.

We do, however, possess clear testimony that members of the Boas family of the Hague were searching for the tribes during this time and that the matter was discussed at the meeting in Tobias Boas’s home that Hida attended.

The meeting took place in the summer of 1778, around the time that the Gaon of Vilna himself reached the Hague.


“However, there is a Jerusalem tradition in the same of Samuel Salanter that the Gaon of Vilna went to Erez Israel for the purpose of reinstating semikha, successive rabbinical ordination….

In 1830, ISRAEL of SHKLOV, a disciple of the Gaon of Vilna, sent an emissary from Safed to hunt for the ten tribes in the deserts of Yemen, for two reasons:

The belief that discovering them would augur the onset of the messianic era and also the premise that they could thereby be given an active role to play in…. The resumption of semikha and the reestablishment of the Sanhedrin, the legal institutions that, according to Rambam, must be installed as a prerequisite for the redemption.”


TOBIAS BOAS’s daughter was married to the infamous Berlin maskil, NAFTALI HERTZ WESSELY.

Wessely was also obsessed with finding the Ten Tribes – quite an odd occupation, for a fanatic maskil hanging out with MOSES MENDELSSOHN in Berlin, don’t you think?

Unless, the story we’ve all been told about who these maskilim really were, and what they were really up to, isn’t true.

And it all got covered up after Jacob Frank took Sabbateanism, and ‘Frankism’ into the direction of being openly satanic and faux-xtian.

“Jacob Frank” and the GRA lived at exactly the same time as each other.

It’s remarkable that the GRA apparently wasn’t ‘excommunicating’ the Frankists, or the Sabbateans that stayed behind in the Jewish community as ‘orthodox Jews’, while his close disciples were off joining secret societies that promoted the convergence of Judaism with xtianity, all tied up with a neat ‘satanic-masonic’ bow.

Isn’t it?


We’ll stop there for now.

It’s a lot to digest, I know.

And we’re not done yet.


PS: I was discussing this post with a friend of mine, who is in the middle of reading the HIDA’s diaries.

She just sent me the pages talking about Amsterdam, I didn’t go through them yet.

But what I can already tell you is that the HIDA makes absolutely no mention of the ‘VILNA GAON’ (nor BARUCH SHICK).

At all.

Even though they were in Amsterdam at exactly the same time, hanging around with exactly the same people, in exactly the same house of TOBIAS BOAS.

The Vilna Gaon had apparently also started his campaign of excommunicating the chassidim (whatever that actually means….) six years before.

Apparently in 1778-9, he was already a ‘big deal’ in the Torah world.

And yet, the HIDA doesn’t mention him at all.

I’ll go through the diaries properly, and see what other stuff I can glean from them.

But in the next post, we’re going back to Vilna, as I just finally found the real identity of ‘SHMUEL ben AVIGDOR’ KARO – or to be more precise, his father.

And that’s also a very interesting story.


PPS: I was walking around the Cardo in Jerusalem with that same friend yesterday, when we saw they’d stuck up a ‘Map of Eretz Yisrael’ drawn by the Vilna Gaon (!)

Say what?!

How could he draw a map of Eretz Yisrael when he’d never been here himself?!


She just sent me a link to that map on line, HERE.


Apparently, the GRA made a few other maps, too, here are the links my friend just sent me:

They have some other maps there by him:


The birur is really starting to speed up.



Yesterday, we tried to drive out to Shechem.

Netzach she be Netzach is the day of Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman.

Hod she be Hod is the day of the Rashbi, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

And Yesod she be Yesod is traditionally the day you go to Shechem, to Yosef HaTzaddik.

As usual, this year’s celebration was also severely curtailed by the government and army – even though there was a tumah parade in Jerusalem last week, and a massive Aviv Geffen concert in Tel Aviv with literally tens of thousands of attendees.

Probably, if the rainbow people decided they wanted a tumah parade in the middle of Shchem, that would be ‘ok’, and not a ‘threat to national security’.



So, there were only 12 ‘official buses’ meant to be going, and we hadn’t registered for any of them.

But I learned my lesson from Meron last week, that the point is to just make some effort, even if the outcome seems impossible to carry through.

So my husband drove us up, we got to the area around midnight – and then we went up to the hill of Alon Moreh, overlooking Shchem, to do some Tikkun Haklalis and to count the day of Yesod she be Yesod.

It was the best we could do, under the circumstances.

And even though all our spiritual ‘efforts’ seem to be so hidden in the midst at the moment, in terms of what they are doing in the world, I was very pleased we went.


As the Rav has said a million times in the past, it’s not the army that’s protecting the kevrei tzaddikim – it’s the tzaddikim who are protecting the army.

And everyone else.

I got some koach back, and some more peace of mind.

But there’s no question that the situation we all find ourselves in, all over the world, is pretty taxing right now.


I spoke to my brother in London yesterday, and he told me that most of the people he knows are now looking to sell up and get out.

Or at least, they are talking about it. Doing it is always going to be the hard part of this equation.

But not all of them are looking to come to Israel.

I have another brother who is interested in moving to the USA….

The USA is also no picnic, and deteriorating by the day, in so many ways.

But sometimes, the evil you don’t know appears to be the lesser evil.


We are all a bit careworn at the moment, no matter where we live, or what’s going on.

My brother told me about yet another couple of old friends whose marriage has hit the rocks, and who are now divorcing in what sounds to be quite a yucky way.

He reckons it’s Covid that did for them, with all the lockdowns and stress, as it’s done for so many.

Me personally, I am now increasingly so grateful for all the hardships we went through in my family, before we got anywhere near Covid.

We had a great deal of suffering, in all sorts of ways.

But BH, it brought us closer to God, Rabbenu and the Rav, and got us to make a lot of teshuva, and to start doing things like an hour a day of hitbodedut.

And thanks to all these things, it now feels we are weathering the madness OK, even though it’s still so mad and stressful, at least, under the surface.


I’m going offline again now for three days.

When I’m back, BH, I’ll have some more Rav translations, and some more crucial information about how the masons subverted the Jewish community – and especially, the whole ‘Eretz Yisrael’ project.

I know people don’t like to engage with this information so much.

I understand that – and that’s why it’s taken me so very long to finally knuckle down, and pin it down, as much as possible.

But I also learnt the last few days, that we can’t ‘run away’ from the tasks God gives us to do.

Since I started typing everything up about the masons, etc, I feel a bit mental weight has lifted, and I’m starting to get my energy back.

God apparently wants that info ‘out there’.

So, BH, we will continue with all this Wednesday.

See you then.

We are back working through the book: RUSSIA’S FIRST MODERN JEWS.

Which is basically a deep-dive on some of the leading personalities in Shklov.

In a nutshell, these people were at the forefront of the maskilim who continued with some form of external religious observance, whilst doing their best to corrupt the Jewish community from within.

Who cares, right?

Except all these people are very close linked to the Vilna Gaon, also very closely linked to ‘Chabad’ – and also, very closely linked to what became (and still is today) the masonic leadership of ouf failed State.


So, that’s why I care enough to keep coming back to this, because I know something has to be repeated at least seven times, before it’s really ‘noticed’ by the listener.

Like the slow drip of water on the stone, eventually, all this information, all these facts, will eventually penetrate.

And then…..things can really start to change in Israel, and this corrupt, rotten, satanic-masonic crime family who have been in the driving seat for centuries can finally be identified, kicked out.

And replaced with something way, way better.


Another reason I am going to continue airing this out is because anti-semitism in the world is approaching stratospheric proportions.

And the real Jews – you and me – need to stop defending satanic-masons with Jewish names and big yichus briefs who are really the Erev Rav in our midst, who have caused us so much terrible suffering for so long.

How can we defend real Jews, what our real Torah teaches, what God really expects of humanity, when we continue to defend the indefensible, evil actions of the satanic-masons in our midst?

This is the real birur that each of us needs to participate in.

And I know it’s very hard and very painful. But it’s also very necessary, because it’s only when we start to adopt a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ for evil in our own lives, our own thinking, our own backyards, that we can break these people’s hold over us, and our communities, and our souls.



Let’s get back into this, with a closer look at BARUCH SHICK, the man who so much of this swirls around.

Let’s stack up some sources from ‘official history’, and then we’ll start to fill in the blanks that change the whole story.

This snippet is from page 23 of RUSSIA’S MODERN JEWS, which devotes a whole chapter to him:

“Barukh Shick was born in Shklov in 1744, into a distinguished family of Byelorussia’s rabbinic elite. His father, R Jacob, served as Shklov’s community rabbi for some twenty years…

R Barukh’s uncle, his mother’s brother, was the noted R Arye Leyb Ginzburg, the Sha’agat Arye, widely viewed as the most outstanding halakhist in 18th century Poland-Lithuania after the Vilna Gaon himself….

The Ginzburg family was also the predominant force in the Byelorussian rabbinate, with members of this clan holding the office of provincial rabbi ‘for the land of Russia’ throughout the 18th century, and others serving as communal rabbis in several local towns.”


Elsewhere in the book (page 3), Fishman says this about the Ginzburg / Gunzburg rabbinic mafia of Byelorussia:

“On several occasions, communities lodged complaints with Lithuanian magnates and tribunals concerning alleged abuses of power by the provincial rabbi, and, in 1746, Shklov and Kopys briefly seceded from the va’ad medinat rusiya in protest at the rabbi’s unfair tax-appointment practices.”

The footnote makes it clear that:

“During most of the 18th century, the provincial rabbinate was occupied by members of the Ginzburg family…and was passed on from father to son to grandson.”


These are the same ‘GUNZBURG / GINZBERGS” who devolved into the Barons GUNZBURG family of bankers with tight links to the Rothschilds and a bunch of other Frankist-masonic banking families.

A lot of effort has gone into scrubbing out how the GUNZBURGs are also very closely linked to a number of the ‘big rabbis’ we hear about so much….

BH, let’s see what connections we can re-establish in this post.


So, BARUCH SHICK’s mother is a GUNZBURG.

His father is the JACOB SHICK who is apparently so threatened and intimidated by the local chassids of Shklov that he ends up leaving town, and pops up in Slutzk, where he dies in 1774.

And his uncle is the SHA’AGAT ARYEH LEIB GUNZBURG – another person for whom the ‘official story’ just doesn’t stand up.


Let’s take a closer look at the SHA’AGAT ARYEH, before we continue.

For an excellent precis of the ‘official history’ we’re told about him, read THIS:


And then, read THIS, from the onthemainlineblog that also brings an ‘authentic portrait’ of the Sha’agat Aryeh.

The first thing I want to ask you is: how come there was enough time to apparently commission someone to paint a portrait of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH GUNZBURG after he’d just died?!

Think about this for a moment.

Jewish law requires that dead people are buried as fast as possible.

Yet, ‘official history’ tells us that this famous portrait of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH was painted shortly after he’d passed away. It’s the small details like this, that build up into a much bigger picture of B.S.


Meanwhile, the SHA’AGAT ARYEH seems to have some other notable in-laws.

According to the genealogist EILAT GORDON LEVINSON, (who from what I tell kind of got ‘shut down’ by the gatekeepers on Geni, for putting up too much real information) his daughter marries none other than

CHAIM of VOLOZHIN, founder of the VOLOZHIN YESHIVA, and leading student of the GRA.


We’ll come back to CHAIM of VOLOZHIN another time, it’s enough to flag here that so many of the leading lights in the satanic-masonic-z-ist leadership of our failed State are his direct descendents, including the late SHIMON PERES (PERSKY).

And on the ‘religious’ side of the equation, his descendants include the SOLOVEITCHIK family, the BERLIN family who headed up the VOLOZHIN yeshiva for decades, and probably a bunch more interesting people who I didn’t trip over yet.


But that’s not all.

That same ‘Sarah, daughter of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH’ is shown in multiple places on Geni as marrying NATAN NETA (NOTKIN) KHAIMOVITCH – one of the main government contractors in SHKLOV, and a person who pops up in a lot of stories we cover here.

For example, NATAN NETA NOTKIN is said to be the shtadlan who arranges for the ALTER REBBE of Chabad to be freed from prison.

And his ‘business partner’ is said to be ABRAHAM PERETZ, the son-in-law of BARON YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN of SHKLOV – who ends up converting to xtianity in St Petersburg, and who is meant to have been one of the people who snitched on the ALTER REBBE in the first place….


NATAN NETA NOTKIN (the son of ‘CHAIM’) is said to die in 1804 – and the Tzar himself comes to see him on his deathbed.

He’s a big maskil, trying to get the religious Jewish peasants of the Pale of Settlement properly ‘educated’ and sent away to agricultural colonies where they can be ‘useful workers’.

There is not a single trace of his tomb, nor a contemporary description of his tombstone, which is kind of strange for such a ‘big deal’ in the Jewish community.


Meanwhile, CHAIM of VOLOZHIN starts up the VOLOZHIN YESHIVA which churns out a bunch of proto-z’ists who are really into setting up agricultural colonies in Eretz Yisrael; he sits on the Tzar’s committee to reform Jewish education – and is apparently in favor of introducing more secular studies, which also then happens in the Volozhin yeshiva itself.

His alumni include a bunch of people you’ve heard of (who all belong to yet more ‘secret societies) including Rav KOOK, Mordechai EPSTEIN (of Slabodka Yeshiva fame) – and a slew of leading z-ists including people like NACHMAN BIALIK.

And his family tree is such a hot mess, it’s at least possible that NATAN NETA NOTKIN (the son of CHAIM) and CHAIM of VOLOZHIN really are exactly the same person. Which would explain how they both marry ‘SARAH’, the daughter of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH.


OK, let’s return to BARUCH SHICK, nephew of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH, another ‘big disciple’ of the GRA and Byelorussian masonic-maskil, to see what other clues we can pick up.

SHICK famously translates the Euclid’s Elements into Hebrew ‘for the GRA’ – and then his introduction for that book is used by Russia’s maskilim as ‘proof’ that the GRA of Vilna also favours secular learning for Jews.

Here’s another snippet from p23:

[Shick wrote]: I heard from his holy tongue that for every deficiency of knowledge a man has in the sciences [hokhmah] he will have ten deficiencies of knowledge in the science of the Torah; for Torah and science are closely related.

“And he commanded me to translate everything possible of the sciences into our holy tongue…. In order to spread knowledge among our people Israel.”


According to David Fishman, auther of RUSSIA’S FIRST MODERN JEWS:

“These words played a pivotal role in immortalizing the Vilna Gaon as an advocate of the sciences, and a forerunner of the Haskalah.”


Before he gets to work on his translation of Euclid, BARUCH SHICK spends a year hanging out in Berlin with other Frankist-masonic-maskilim including:

The Chief Rabbi of Berlin R HIRSHL LEVIN LOEWENSTAAM, and his son, SHAUL LEVIN LOEWENSTAAM (author of the famous rabbinic forgery, the Besamim Rosh.)

HIRSHL LEVIN, and his wider family, deserves its own post. For now, it’s enough to know that he was another reforming-maskil in ‘orthodox rabbinic’ garb.

He introduces SHICK to people like MOSES MENDELSSOHN, MARCUS HERTZ, DAVID FRIEDLANDER, ISAAC SATANOV, SOLOMON DUBNO and NAFTALI HERTZ WESSELY – all leading masons who went to work to destroy the Jewish community from within via the trojan horse of secular education.


These are the people who pay for BARUCH SHICK to start work on his translations of scientific works into Hebrew.

They also help him publish his work called YESOD ‘OLAM, which set out ‘Ptolemaic astronomy’ in Hebrew…


SHAUL BERLIN is the first person to subscribe to buy the book, and his father HIRSHL LEVIN LOEWENSTAAM writes a ‘warm approbation’ for it.

And do you know who else is helping to pay for all these enlightening projects being cooked up by the Berlin circle of masonic-maskilim?

NATAN NETA NOTKIN, and his ‘business partner’ – the soon-to-convert s-i-l of YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN – ABRAHAM PERETZ, of SHKLOV.


This snippet is from page 53:

“Given his frequent journeys to Germany, and his extraordinary wealth and business contacts, it was natural for Notkin to find his peer group among the wealthy Jewish merchants and Maskilim of Berlin.

He was a subscriber to their journal, Ha-me’asaf, in 1784-5, and purchased four advance copies of…an edition of the Psalms with Mendelssohn’s German translation and Bi’ur.

Notkin himself became a proponent of moderate acculturation, and reportedly educated his childrn in a European manner, arranging for them to be taught Russian, Polish and French.”


Remember, all these snippets are ‘official history’, by real, bona fide historians.

On pg 56, Fishman tells us that:

“In keeping with his high social standing…Notkin married off his son SHABTAI to the daughter of Byelorussia’s foremost rabbinic authority, R ARYE LEYB GINZBURG, the SHA’AGAT ARYE.”


So the masonic-maskil BARUCH SHICK and NATAN NETA NOTKIN are very close mishpocha.

Either, NATAN NETA himself marries SHICK’s first cousin, or his son does.

(Or maybe, father and son marry sisters…. These are probably Sabbateans we are dealing with here, after all, as you can see from the son’s name, SHABTAI.)


But the tight links between the Frankist-maskilim in Berlin and Shklov don’t stop there.

On the next page, we learn that YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN of Shklo (1742-1821):

“[S]ometime in late 1780s…married off his young daughter to the nephew of the Berlin chief rabbi [HIRSHL LEVIN] – a young Galician scholar named ABRAHAM PERETS (1771-1833), who lived at the time in the Prussian capital.

Following the marriage, Perets moved to Shklov, where he and his father-in-law continued to maintain ties with Berlin….

Perets personally underwrote publication of one of the Berlin Haskalah’s more contoversial works – the collection of forged responsa Besamam Rosh…issued by his first cousin [son of HIRSHL LEVIN] Shaul Berlin, (in 1793).


That’s the same ABRAHAM PERETS who ends up converting to xtianity in St Petersburg.

(And his sister PERL marries R LEVI YITZHAK of BERDICHEV).

I’d love to tell you how, exactly, PERETZ is the nephew of the Berlin Chief Rabbi HIRSHL LEVIN….but for reasons that are still not entirely obvious, that piece of information has been carefully scrubbed.


Here’s another interesting footnote, from page 159, about how ABRAHAM PERETS intersects with Chabad, and SHNEUR ZALMAN, the Alter Rebbe:

“Hasidic legend presents a thoroughly negative image of Perets.

One tale relates that when R Shneur Zalman was released from his first arrest in 1798, he was taken from the St Petersburg prison to the nearest household, which happened to be Perets’s. The latter proceeded to abuse and insult the Hasidic master and held him under house arrest for several days. (Heilman, Bet rabi, 65-66).

Another late source claims that Perets was the main informer against Hasidim to the Russian authorities (Wilensky, Hasidim ve-mitnagdim, 2:354). This is in sharp contrast to the image of Nota Notkin, who, although no Hasid, was given credit for bringing about R Shneur Zalman’s release (Heilman, Bet rabi, 75.”


In the meantime, let’s remind ourselves who else are the sons-in-law of YEHOSHUA ZEITLIN of Shklov:

  1. BINYAMIN RIVLIN, the Gabia HaKesef, who marries Zeitlin’s daughter DREIZA, lives on Zeitlin’s fancy estate, and has a bunch of kids that take over Eretz Yisrael, including:

  1. HILLEL RIVLIN –  who writes down KOL HATOR and leads the GRA’s students moving to Eretz Yisrael
  2. MINDEL RIVLIN – who marries ABD of SHKLOV, CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK. Their granddaughter ELKE marries MOSES DOBRUSHKA who creates the ASIAN BROTHERHOOD satanic-masonic lodges. And their son is PINCHAS ROSANES SHICK, the Chabad kingmaker in the dispute between the Mitteler Rebbe and R MORDECHAI of CHERNOBYL.

III: BATYA RIVLIN – marries MENACHEM NACHUM SHNEERSON, oldest son of the Mitteler Rebbe.

(This is according to Neil Rosenstein, who says BINYAMIN RIVLIN marries DREIZA, the daughter of ‘JOSHUA THE SAINT’).



Like you, I never heard of this guy before I read RUSSIA’S FIRST MODERN JEWS.

According to Fishman, NATHANSON only met BINYAMIN RIVLIN when he takes up residence on ZEITLIN’s Ustye estate as a ‘Talmudist and Scientist’.

Snippet from page 109:

“While heading his yeshiva [in Shklov], R Benjamin had been a merchant of pharmaceutical good, and became an expert on botany, minerology, pharmacology, and the natural sciences….

Nathanson remarked:

‘[BINYAMIN RIVLIN] was an observer of nature, and used to speak about the trees, the stones, all the animals and insects. In the summers he would take strolls for several hours each day, and collect grasses, roots and flowers, which he would dry out and make into medicines, according to the science of pharmacology.

He knew it well, from the books of Gentile scholars in their language, just as he knew all aspects of the natural sciences.”


In other words…. Binyamin Rivlin was an erudite maskil, dressed in the garb of an orthodox Rabbi.


You know who else was meant to be hanging out in ZEITLIN’s mansion at exactly this time?

If you said the freemason ‘BARUCH SHICK’, award yourself 50 million brownie points!!!


In the meantime, JOSHUA ZEITLIN is also one of the main funders of CHAIM of VOLOZHIN’s yeshiva.

Of course.

Snippet from page 59:

“[ZEITLIN] helped finance the establishment of the Volozhin yeshiva in 1803, and issued a circular letter calling upon fellow philanthropists to come to the aid of its founder, R HAYIM of VOLOZHIN.”


So, let’s just recap where we got to, before we end with how BARUCH SHICK the satanic-mason accompanies the VILNA GAON to Amsterdam, during the GRA’s abortive attempt to make aliya to Israel.

  • NATAN NATA NOTKIN either marries SARAH, the daughter of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH GUNZBURG, and / or his son SHABTAI marries the daughter of the SHA’AGAT ARYEH.
  • NOTKIN is a very wealthy maskil with tight links to MOSES MENDELSSOHN and the Berlin circle of satanic-masonic-maskilim.
  • JOSHUA ZEITLIN also has tight links to MENDELSSOHN in Berlin.
  • ZEITLIN’s s-i-l is ABRAHAM PERETS, nephew of the (‘enlightened’) Berlin Chief Rabbi HIRSHL LEVIN, and a maskil in his own right, who a) snitches on the ALTER REBBE and b) converts to xtianity in St Petersburg.
  • BINYAMIN RIVLIN is apparently also ZEITLIN’s s-i-l – and another ‘orthodox maskil’. He marries DREIZA, and his kids include MINDEL SHICK –  married to BARUCH SHICK’s brother (or alter ego….) CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK. MINDEL SHICK’s granddaughter is ELKE JOSS, the wife of MOSES DOBRUSHKA, creator of the ASIAN BROTHERHOOD.
  • Both BINYAMIN RIVLIN and BARUCH SHICK – talmudic-maskilim with close links to the GRA of Vilna – end up on ZEITLIN’s estate in Ustye.
  • The descendants of both BINYAMIN RIVLIN and BARUCH SHICK take over Eretz Yisrael, mamash, and devolve into the satanic-masonic-z-ists we are still suffering from today.


OK, so how do we know BARUCH SHICK is a satanic mason?

That information has been scrubbed in English. You have to go to the Hebrew Wiki page for Baruch Shick, which tells you:

In 1785, he joined a Jewish Masonic lodge called the Asian Brothers. His name in the order was Peter ben el-Hai.


Remember, who helps to set up the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD?

That would be the leading Frankist MOSES DOBRUSHKA / JUNIUS FREY of Brunn, whose wife ELKE is the grand-daughter of CHANOCH HEINACH SHICK, ABD of SHKLOV and MINDEL RIVLIN.

The Frankist MOSES DOBRUSHKA and BARUCH SHICK of SHKLOV are close mishpocha.

The Frankist MOSES DOBRUSHKA and BINYAMIN RIVLIN, whose descendents mamash took over most aspects of the State of Israel (and wrote KOL HATOR) are also close mishpocha.

The State was a masonic project right from the start.


If you want more details about the ASIATIC BROTHERHOOD, how it was organised, and how it brought together the xtian-satanists who also set up the Illuminati Lodges with MOSES DOBRUSHKA and his particular group of maskilic-masons, there’s a very long discussion of that on the website.

You can skip parts one and two, describing Shabtai Tzvi and how ‘Jacob Frank’ got started. We already filled out way more of that side of things.


Here’s a snippet:

“The syncretic tendencies of the ‘Asiatic Brethren’ who aimed to unite Jewry and Christianity by all means resembled the related tendencies amongst the Frankists, who leveraged writings from these circles, such as Hirschfelds ‘Biblical Organon’ (Offenbach 1796) for their propaganda. It is on this soil that Schönfeld and Hirschfeld met. What attracted the Frankist Schönfeld to the Freemason Hirscheld was what attracted the Freemason Hirschfeld to the Frankists with whom he maintained the closes relationships later on in Offenbach. ”— GERSHOM SCHOLEM, QUOTED AFTER KATZ, P.142



I wanted to tell you how all this connects up, mamash, to the Vilna Gaon himself, his brother, and the LOWENSTAAM FAMILY of Amsterdam – part of whom we already met, in the guise of HIRSHL LEVIN LOWENSTAAM, Chief Rabbi of Berlin.

But this post is plenty long enough already, so let’s start there in part 3.


PS: According to the Rebbe RAYATZ’s ‘memoirs’, ALEXANDER SENDER, the father of LEAH GOLDA of Shklov, who marries ‘MOSHE of SHKLOV’ and becomes the ancestor of the 4th Rebbe of Chabad, is also the son in law of JOSHUA ZEITLIN.

Sounds like there was quite the party going on in the old man’s mansion….




Go HERE for an out-of-print Artscroll kid’s version of the Sha’agat Aryeh’s life story online.

It makes v interesting reading.

Especially the bit where the Sha’agat Aryeh is meant to adopt a boy called ‘RAPHAEL’ (when he’s already nearly 80…) who then gets kidnapped by the church to the local monastery in Metz, and almost becomes a xtian.

Earlier in the book, we’re told that the main young student of the Sha’agat Aryeh is R RAPHAEL HACOHEN.

Call me crazy… I think we just tripped over another big chunk of the hidden story going on here.