The funding was cut because they sold out Breslov

Excerpt of a shiur given on Shabbat, Parshat Tzav, 5784 (March 30th, 2024).

(Translated from Shivivei Or 355, shiur begins on page 33.)



Shimon and Levi were two children.

They went by themselves, and killed the whole of Shechem.

So on Motzae Shabbat, there will be 100 coaches of 100 people. How many is this? 10,000.

But not a single person more, because I promised the police that there wouldn’t be even one more than is allowed, because we made an agreement.

[But] they said that everything was cancelled, Shuvu Banim were to blame for everything.

So, there shoudn’t be any more problems for me.


Because everyone here has been ‘kidnapped’ by the yetzer hara.

Everyone has been ‘kidnapped to Gaza’!

Because ‘Aza’ is his name.

This is a demon, this is Aza and Azael. Everyone is captive in the hands of Aza, because Aza is the more difficult of the two.

He’s the stronger one.

So on Yom Kippur, they took him, and they threw him to Azazel, with the scape-goat[1]. This is how it was until Shimon HaTzaddik.

Afterwards, the he-goat was already climbing up [from where he’d been thrown down the cliff] and going up – the scape-goat.[2] And they used to eat him.

Because they sold the Tzaddik[3], so already nothing was helping.

Because if you sell the Tzaddik, so then nothing is going to help, already, not even Yom Kippur.

They sold Yosef HaTzaddik, so there is nothing, now.


On Monday, they are closing down all the funding for the yeshivas – because they sold the Tzaddik.

They closed down Uman Rosh Hashana[4], so already now there won’t be budget. They will only eat bread and jam.

Once, there was a song in the yeshivas, that they only had bread and jam to eat. The word ‘riba’ (jam) [was introduced by] Eliezer ben Yehuda.[5] The person who ‘discovered’ this didn’t understand anything – like the priest from Tashkent that I already told you about, that he didn’t know what ‘Baba Batra’ was.


[The priest] said that he knew all of the SHAS.

Because Tuvia Beilis – more than a hundred years’ ago, he was a convert [to Judaism]. His father had been in the parliament in America.

[Click the link for more details about the Beilis blood libel, I’ll also put more details under the footnotes below.]

Then, there was a libel against the Jews, because they found some cute boy, with payot, some sweet child. And they discovered that he’d been he’d been stabbed 49 times.

So, this has to be the Jews!!!

Because this is 49 – 7 x 7, symbolising the counting of the omer!


So, [the Russian Tzar] he was already believing in this.

He said, it’s true that not every Jew puts blood in their matzahs, but half of them do put blood in.

Even today, the non-Jews don’t dare to eat matzahs, because they say they contain the blood of non-Jews. Even today, they believe that there is blood – or jam.


So, the priest was arguing about this, and he said that he knew all of the Torah of the Jews, all the SHAS.

So, [the Rabbi from the seed of Aharon HaCohen][6] asked him, do you know Baba Batra?

[The priest] thought it was someone’s granny, because ‘bobba’ is ‘grandma’ [in Russian]. So he said, maybe it’s Sarah, maybe it’s Rivka.


[skipping some]

So, the priest didn’t know what Baba Batra was.

Like the stupid Ben Yehuda, he’s the one who decided that ‘riba’ is jam, because he saw that it was written in the Gemara: ריבה מיני מרקחת.

[This phrase is hard to track down, and there’s also a machloket about whether this specific phrase is actually even in the Gemara. ‘Riba’ means they increased the types of herbs.]

So, he understood that ‘riba’ is something you make with herbs and fruit. So now, we need to return to just eating ‘ribot’ (jams) in the yeshivas.


Because they sold-out Breslov.

They didn’t know that everything was in its merit. In every yeshiva, there is one Breslover who is getting up for chatzot, and doing an hour of hitbodedut, and going to Uman for Rosh Hashana – that the whole yeshiva is only in his merit!


It’s like R’ Israel [Odessa], the Saba, who was visited by R’ Shlomo Eliezer Alfandari.

He was from Turkey. Afterwards, he came to Tiberius. He was 115 years old, and he came to Tiberius, to Rabbi Israel…


The holy Saba lived with us for three years, in our house.

He told me about the petek (note)[7] – he knew that it was nonsense.

He told me that he knew that someone had written it for him. He sent it to Uman. R Yitzhak [Levi Bender] recounted that when it got to Uman, it turned into a ‘Purim Gadol’.

It was such a joke, it was like Purim.


[Skipping some stuff referring to the Ba’al HaFla’ah of Frankfurt].


They conquered Gaza, and Khan Younis – but they haven’t conquered Rafiach.

And they haven’t entered there, and also, won’t ever go into there. Because Biden doesn’t agree.

I contacted Biden, I said to him, that if only the head is taken out in Rafiach, what’s going to be left? Soot.

So, he told me that he’s going to think about that, but in the meantime, another 1,500 Jews will be killed, like on Simchat Torah.


So, I called Blinken.

Dafka, he’s a Jew, so he said that for every hostage who will be released, a thousand more Jews will be killed.

So Bibi already agreed to this, and also the Defense Minister Gallant, but the Ramatkal (Chief of the Army) Herzi HaLevi said that he doesn’t agree to 1,000, just 800 Jews.

Because all the prisoners that they freed under the Shalit Deal, they are the ones who did the massacre now on Simchat Torah.

They murdered 1,500 Jews.



[1] On Yom Kippur when the Temple stood, a ‘scape goat’ was sent out of the Temple to the cliffs, where he was thrown down the cliff to ‘Azazel’, as an atonement for the Jewish people’s sins.

[2] I.e. The sins of the Jews wasn’t atoned for by the scape-goat’s death.

[3] Referring to Yosef HaTzaddik. The Rav has said on many occasions that the brothers’ sin of selling Yosef is the main cause for the ongoing suffering of the Jewish people.

[4] Rav Berland made tremendous efforts to get to Uman this year, to sweeten the decrees ahead of the horrendous events of Simchat Torah 5784, that he was warning about for months beforehand. But he was prevented from crossing the border. Apparently, his persecutors within Breslov had enough money to bribe the Ukrainian officials to ‘permanently’ ban the Rav from crossing into the Ukraine.

[5] According to ‘official history’, Eliezer ben Yehuda single-handedly revived the Hebrew language being spoken in Eretz Yisrael, at the beginning of the 20th century.

[6] It’s not clear who is being referred to here.

[7] This is the famous N-Na-Nach-Nachman m’Uman note. Read more about it HERE.



At this stage, I’m a little scared to start unpacking the Rav’s comments too much, as they very quickly lead to some astounding information that’s been ‘hidden away’, like the or haganuz.

For example, I am still unpacking the stuff the Rav started alluding to in THIS post about the Anglo-Palestine Bank…. crazy stuff. BH, once the Pesach tidal wave subsides, I’ll share some of what I’m learning.


In the meantime, this is the ‘official story’ of the Beilis blood libel, snippets from the ANU website HERE:

On the spring morning of March 12, 1911, 13-year-old Andrei Yushchinsky left his house to go to school, just like he did every morning.

But when he didn’t come home that afternoon, it turned out that he hadn’t made it school either. On March 16, his mother and stepfather contacted the editors of the local newspaper and asked them to publish a notice about a missing child. Four days later, Andrei’s body was found in one of the caves located in the outskirts of the city of Kiev.

His hands were tied and he had stab wounds all over his body….

During Andrei’s funeral, leaflets were handed out to those in attendance, which claimed that he had been tortured to death by Zhyds, namely Jews.

He had been tortured so they could use his blood to make matzos for the upcoming Passover holiday….


Long  story short, they arrest a Jew called MENACHEM MENDEL BEILIS, and accuse him of the murder.

Beilis worked as the manager of one of the local brick factories in Kiev, close to the scene of the crime, and:

Suddenly, witnesses appeared who described “a man with a black beard” who had chased after Andrei and dragged him to one of the furnaces at the factory, where two other men “wearing strange clothing” were waiting for them.


(Why, oh why, am I suddenly getting that sinking feeling about this story….)

It continues:

Beilis was brought in for questioning, but denied having any connection with the incident.

It also came to light that neither he nor the factory owner were religious Jews and did not dress like ones.

Beilis’s wife, Esther, told the investigators that her husband did not observe the Sabbath and did not celebrate Jewish holidays because he had to work around the clock to support his five young children.


OK, so basically he’s let go.

But then, he’s re-arrested as new evidence comes to light, including a confession Beilis is said to have made to a cellmate, and another confession said to have been obtained under torture, where he admits to killing “Andrei and drain[ing] his blood using “special ritual implements.””

Of course, Jews don’t use blood in matzahs….

But franco-masonic satanists DO murder children and use blood in all of their black magic rituals.


Long story short, a big trial is scheduled, and some famous Russian-Jewish lawyer who specialises in defending Jews against blood-libels, called Oskar Gruzenberg, takes the case.

His brother Samuel Gruzenberg was working as a writer and ‘social activist’, and was also a member of the ‘Jewish Colonisation Associate‘, that was working very hard to get Jews out of Russia (and out of ‘religion’….) and into places like Canada, Argentina, and then later on, also Eretz Yisrael.

(Edmund de Rothschild was working with Baron Maurice de Hirsch – all good franco-masons – using the JCA as one of their ‘cut outs’.)

But I digress.


Of course, Beilis is acquitted:

The Beilis trial became the most famous show trial in the Russian Empire in the pre-revolutionary period.

On October 28th, a year after the trial started and more than two years following his arrest, Mendel Beilis was released. Thousands of people gathered near his home to congratulate him because the truth had finally come to light.


In the meantime, MENACHEM MENDEL BEILIS is forced to leave Kiev, and in January 1914, he ends up in….Tel Aviv.

Where else?

The story ends with this strange bit of information:

In 1921, after encountering financial problems and learning that his eldest son had committed suicide, Beilis left for the United States.

He is buried in Queens.

And this is what’s written on the grave of this man who had totally turned his back on his yiddishkeit:

Make note of this grave

Here lies a holy person, a chosen man.

The people of Kiev made him a target

And imposed the suffering on all Jews.

They falsely accused him and his community

 Of taking the blood of a Christian child to observe

A fabricated tenet of his faith on the Passover festival.

They bound him in chains and lowered him into a hole

And for many years he did not see the light of day.

And to punish all Jews he was brutally tortured.

Pay tribute to this pure and innocent soul

Who dwells in the shadow of the Lord in the heights of heaven

Until those who sleep shall awaken to life.


Kind of a weird inscription for a committed atheist-proto-Bolshevik.


We’ll stop there, although I could go on digging for months through all the lies and ‘muck’.

I highly recommend you take a look at the pictures of MENACHEM MENDEL BEILIS in that ANU post.

They don’t really ‘jive’ with the official story being told, on a number of levels.

And when you see the haunted look in the faces of his children, you come to understand a bit more why so many of the kids of these ‘franco-masons’ had serious mental issues and often committed suicide.

When you live a secret life of ‘torture’ and terrible abuse at home, that often appears to be the only way out.

But as always…. continue to think for yourself.



The Russian Wiki page has a lot more pertinent info about MENACHEM MENDEL BEILIS.

Here’s the stuff that took my eye:

Menachem Mendel’s (anonymous…) father is described as a ‘very pious chassid’. Meanwhile, the son is totally disinterested in religion – and is also hanging out with the local xtian clergy.


He was on good terms with the Christian population and, in particular, with the local priest. His reputation was so good that during the pogrom of 1905, local members of the Union of Russian People came to him with the assurance that they had nothing to fear.


This type of information – where you have the son of a pious ‘chassid’ thick-as-thieves with the local xtian clergy is one of the main ‘red flags’ I look for to spot potential Frankists.

Then, it turns out that MM’s oldest son, Pinchas, is being sent to the local Russian Gymnasium – and his friend from school is that same ANDREI YUSHCHINSKY who is later found murdered.

So, now we know that Beilis wasn’t some ‘random Jew’ they took off the street and accused, he did actually have a connection with the murdered boy.


I’m not saying Beilis was the murderer.

I don’t know anything.

But what I do know, is that whenever the Rav starts hinting at things in his comments, it always pays to dig a little deeper.

One day, all this will come out….

But in the meantime, there’s plenty to think about, about who was really running the show here, in Eretz Yisrael, from the beginning of the 20th century.

And that’s quite a scary thought.



Well, as usual, the story just got even more crazy.

If you go HERE, you’ll find a detailed account of the Beilis case in Russian, that has a lot more details.

While the ANU website claimed that the murdered boy ANDREI was probably done away with by his mother and step-father, because he was the ‘heir to a big fortune from his biological father’ – this seems to be a total fabrication.

Andrei was his mother’s illegitimate son from some unnamed ‘first love’, and his parents were very poor.


His mother told Andrei that his father had been taken away to be a soldier, and that’s why he was out the picture.

The boy ‘romanticised’ his missing biological father, wanted to try and track him down in the army – and this is the part of the story where things take a step-up into ‘crazy’.

Translated snippet:

Andryusha was constantly looking for soldiers who served simultaneously with his father in the Far East.

 One such man lived in Lukyanovka; he was a Jew named Schneerson, and he took his meals at the Beilis’s.

It was rumored that Andryusha had once told someone that Schneerson had promised to take him to his father.

Schneerson denied this at the trial and, in general, denied that he had ever spoken to Andryusha. It is very possible that this was the case, since years passed before these words, allegedly spoken by Andryusha, were mentioned.

However, this assumption was enough to make Schneerson a prominent figure in the trial.

The prosecutor, having no other grounds, insisted that Schneerson was connected with the murder of Andryusha, and this despite the fact that Schneerson appeared at the trial as a witness, not the accused, and no attempt was made to bring charges against him.

The fact is that the prosecutor’s office had its own reasons to be interested in Schneerson because of side circumstances.


The surname Schneerson belonged to the famous” dynasty ” of rabbis, * whose descendants still occupy a high position in the Jewish religious hierarchy.

According to the accusers, it was the rabbis who performed the rites of ritual murder; the logical conclusion – if there was such a Jewish dogma.

The fact that Schneerson was not a rabbi at all, but was a small hay and straw merchant, that he had no Jewish education, and that he had nothing to do with the Schneerson rabbis, the prosecutor’s office did not find it necessary to take into account.


What in the world…

Also, the main witness against Beilis (who had links with the minor criminals etc in Kiev and worked as a prostitute) had two of her children ‘die’, shortly after Beilis was first arrested…

And then, her testimony deteriorated greatly.

We’ll stop there.


I have Shabbos to make.



The owner of that brick factory where Beilis worked is one Jonah Mordkov (Mordkovich) Zaitsev (died 1907).

And again, the ANU site is caught in a lie – it claimed that the owner of the brick factory was also a secular Jew, but that’s actually not all the case.

JONAH ZAITZOFF, as he was also known, was a hasid, and a ‘philanthropist’.

Here’s his picture:


His family is intermarried with the GUNZBURGS and also the HALPERNS – those exact same HALPERNS who were the BERDICHEV BANKERS we wrote about earlier, who were the main supports of the TZEMACH TZEDEK.

Jonah’s daughter Sima (Sophie) married MOSES HALPERIN – and his grandma was the sister of:

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Halperin, of Berdichev.


The Halperins were not only the first prominent Jewish financiers of the Russian Ukraine in the early 19th century, but also the most influential lay supporters of Lubavitch Hassidic Judaism.


OK, I really am stopping now.

But strange, how the story always returns back to the same people, the same family, the same names….

Even with all the ongoing attempts to keep covering it all up.



Some more interesting info on the English Wiki page for ‘Mendel Beilis’.

Here’s what caught my eye:

Mendel Beilis was a former soldier before he became a clerk in the brick factory.


This is the bit that ties in with the Rav’s ‘priest’ above:

One prosecution witness, presented as an expert in Judaic rituals, was a Lithuanian Catholic priest, Justinas Pranaitis from Tashkent, well known for his antisemitic 1892 work Talmud Unmasked.

Pranaitis testified that the murder of Yushchinskyi was a religious ritual….


Pranaitis’ credibility rapidly dissipated when the defense demonstrated his ignorance of basic Talmudic concepts and definitions, such as hullin, to the point where “many in the audience occasionally laughed out loud when he clearly became confused and couldn’t even intelligibly answer some of the questions asked by my lawyer.”…


A Beilis Defense Committee advisor, a writer named Ben-Zion Katz, suggested countering Father Pranaitis with questions like “When did Baba Bathra live and what was her activity” which he described as the equivalent of asking an American “Who lived at the Gettysburg Address?”


And lastly, Beilis came to Israel to take up residence on a farm that was bought for him by none other than….Baron de Rothschild:

[H]e and his family left Russia for a farm purchased by Baron Rothschild in Palestine, then a province of the Ottoman Empire.


I think these ‘updates’ deserve their own post. I’m going to pull it out and stick it up separately.

The Rav’s comments always lead to treasure troves of information….

Even when they can initially be very hard to fathom.

Look at the context this discussion of the ‘Beilis Blood Libel’ appears in, above, and you’ll start to figure out even more stuff about what is going on all around us today.

Hamavin yavin.

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