The War Against Amalek – Part 4 – Everyone will be Breslov

The last and final part of the Rav’s shiur.

For what it’s worth, I am totally not stressing about ‘Iran’, nukes, war in the North, or electricity black outs.

If it happens, I’ll worry about it then.

In the meantime, don’t give the lying news your koach, pull your soul out of all the pointless, never-ending speculation, and just concentrate on doing your spiritual job, day to day.

I.e. praying, making teshuva, being nice to the people in your family, doing whatever mitzvot come your way, giving some tzedaka.

That’s it.

God has this covered, and He doesn’t need your ‘worrying’.

And neither do you.

Enjoy the rest of the shiur.


So, we are talking about this, that everyone wants to keep Shabbat, everyone.

There are ‘Shabbatnikim’, and there are lots of non-Jews who keep Shabbat.

And everyone wants to do what is written in the Torah, just they don’t know. The Torah didn’t write anything.

The Torah concealed everything – everything is the Oral Torah. In order that the non-Jews couldn’t mimic the Jews.

And each person wants to keep Shabbat. Each person wants to travel to Uman.


Once, there was still Chabad.

Today, there is already no Chabad, Chabad is finished.

There is only Breslov!

Everyone wants Breslov, everyone wants to fly to Uman!


Rabbenu is just singing and reciting zemirot – it’s just to always be singing.

Sing before the prayers, and after the prayers. Don’t just jump into the prayers stam, this is not possible.

Do an hour of hitbodedut beforehand, sing a few niggunim, ‘Odeh le E…l’. The Chatam Sofer used to always sing Odeh le E….l before the prayers.

He also used to sing ‘Ya….h Ribon’, it seems. He composed songs – for the month of Elul, he used to compose prayers, and also songs. The Chatam Sofer.


So, we have Breslov – and this is the most authentic thing that there is.

This is the root of the neshamot!

And everyone wants [to come closer]. And today, it’s Agudah, it’s the war.

We are in the army – we already enlisted!

We are in the real army, that’s fighting to destroy all the ‘secular’. And we hope that these elections will already be the very last elections, Bezrat Hashem.


So, each person should see to it that he brings closer 50 people.

Whoever he meets, in the supermarket, on the way. He takes a taxi, or travels on a bus, or on the tram. You can always talk to someone else!

Who are you voting for? Like that….

If he votes, then all his family will also vote – everyone. His wife, his dad, and his mum, everyone will vote.

Each person you bring, he can also bring with him – him, and another 50, this is two thousand five hundred. Like this, it’s possible to bring the whole of Jerusalem, in one second.


All the chilonim are leaving Jerusalem.

There is nothing to do here. They say, there is no theatre here.

There used to be the Khan, but this also got closed for them. Everything is being closed down for them, here. There is no ‘entertainment’ for them here. There is nothing for them.

They are running away from Jerusalem. They are fleeing from Gilo. Gilo is already becoming chareidi today.

It used to be the most chiloni place – the most it could possibly be, at the beginning. It’s becoming chareidi.

And Shuafat[1] – this is charedi. And Har Homa, this will also be chareidi. Everything is going to become chareidi here.

People want the Torah – this is our neshama!


The Torah is not like Christianity, where they just stuck it in there, stam.

They took it….

[Instead of donning tefillin] a person can [just stick a note on their forehead with’ le totafot bein einecha’ (as a sign between your eyes).[2]

It’s not written [in the Torah] to put tefillin. [Otherwise,] all the non-Jews would have walked around wearing tefillin. But it’s not written

Try it, write, ‘I am a Jew, not a zionist’, that’s enough. Put a note here [instead of tefillin].

Apart from this, it says put it ‘between your eyes’. The Torah is being especially deceptive. Put it between your eyes! So that there would be a difference between us and them.

Each thing, the Torah does like this, so that people will stumble in it.


Ve le totafot bein einacha.

Four times Ve le totafot bein einacha.

What is this, totafot? ‘Tat’ be katpi shteim. ‘Pat’ be Afriki shteim.[3]

What does katpi and Afriki have do with understanding what ‘totafot’ means?! It’s not written  – it’s not written ‘four parshiot’ anywhere. It’s not written how to do it [the tefillin], how to wind them – each side three times, and about the gidim – it’s not written.

It’s not written in the Torah at all, how to do tefillin.


There was one sofer, Shakovsky, in Russia.

He made fun of the tefillin.

He described in a mocking way how to make tefillin. But there was one person who learnt from him how to actually make tefillin.

People hadn’t seen tefillin in Russia, they didn’t see them for 70 years. So one person, Shakovksy, who was ‘anti-Judaism’, and the biggest heretic, so he put together a whole essay about tefillin.

And he described how to make them. And from this, [a Jew who didn’t know anything about tefillin] learned how to make tefillin, by himself.

You take the skin of a lamb, and you make tefillin!

So, in the merit of this Shakovsky, people wanted to don tefillin, they wanted to do this.


There was Yigal Alon.

He saw an Chabadnik, and he came close to him, so that he would put on tefillin.

So this Chabadnik asked him [if he wanted to put on tefillin]. This was on the train. We still used to travel by train then. Today, we already don’t travel by train.

Then, we travelled by train, and there was Yigal Alon there, who was responsible for all the antiquities, all the archaeology.

So, this Chabadnik walked up to him, and this was on the train, to put on tefillin.

So, he said some words to him. He [Yigal Alon] was an apikorus, but suddenly he said to him, yes.


The [Chabad shaliach] said to him that he’d never laid tefillin before in his life [before he made teshuva].

My grandpa used to don tefillin. He was in Russia.

He said that only now, I’ve started to lay tefillin. I’m from Russia.

[Yigal Alon] said you’re from Russia?! So now, I will also lay tefillin!

This is a true story.


So, each person wants to don tefillin.

Everyone wants to keep Shabbat. Everyone wants to come to Breslov. And in one second, it’s possible to bring close thousands of pepole.

Each person that you bring closer, he will also bring another 2,000 people closer!…

It’s possible to bring the whole of Jerusalem closer, and to bring them back [to God].

There will be a chareidi city here, mamash.

And everyone will be Breslov.



[1] This is currently a ‘refugee camp’ city for Palestinians on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

[2] Devarim 6:8.

[3] This is quote from the Gemara. It means ‘tat’ in the katpi language means ‘two’. ‘Pat’ in the African language means ‘two’.

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  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    Regarding Shuafat, when Ramat Shlomo, which has always been Charedi, was being built in the 1990s, we all called it Shuafat. “Ramat Shlomo” only came later.

      • Shimshon
        Shimshon says:

        You’re welcome. I think the area itself was originally called Shuafat and the refugee camp was also named for it. Even years after being named Ramat Shlomo, many “oldtimers” continued to call it Shuafat. If the rav is mentioning Shuafat, especially as he seems to be all over time and place, it helps to know the full context.

        I worked in Ramot when construction started in 1993 with a direct view of the progress. It was all raw land at the time.

        As an aside, I was at work there when King Hussein of Jordan piloted his Lockheed L-1011 and flew it very low (a few thousand feet at most) around his partially-built palace he lost in the 1967 war escorted by Israeli fighter jets. We could see the plane and the palace (is it even still there today)?


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