Life as ‘normal’

It’s interesting that the less ‘online’ I am, the less interesting ‘online’ is becoming.

According to the alternative reality that only exists ‘online’, something big was meant to have happened on Monday, to coincide with the solar eclipse going on across North America.

(For a really nice first-hand account of that, read THIS, by writer Annette Gendler.)

In my ‘real world’, I spent the day working on my art project.

I made the mistake of going back to my art chug on a Monday – because I forgot that’s the day Mrs Amalek shows up.

When she walked in through the door, that’s when I remembered why never, ever on a Monday.

But by that point, it was too late.


But interestingly, ‘Mrs Amalek’ had changed her tune.

At least a little.

The conversation was still full of isn’t it awful about the hostages, I can’t sleep at night, another holocaust and the world is doing nothing – and even encouraging Hamas!!!

(Er, it’s actually Bibi who just authorised a record number of so-called ‘humanitarian aid’ trucks into Gaza…. that are going straight to Hamas…. who then charge the Gazans to ‘buy’ the food from them…. and then that money is presumably used by Hamas to….buy mishloah manot, or something. Definitely not guns, rockets or anti-tank missiles. Or anything like that.)


But of course, no-one wants to really deal with ‘the reality’.

So, I kept my mouth shut and just kept sticking my tiles into place.


Next, the conversation turned to how so many ‘apparently normal’ people in Jerusalem are now buying generators to put on their balconies ‘for when the lights go off’.

It sounded like Mrs Amalek had just ordered hers….

And then the rest of the ladies – which included the sweet woman who literally ran away from me, when I made the mistake of mentioning that Sabbateans control our community – spent the next half an hour agonising over whether they should also get one.

I just kept my head down, and carried on sticking down my tiles.

It was a strange experience, being the least ‘prepping for armageddon’ person in a room full of ‘apparently normal’ people.

How the tide has turned.


The last thing I learnt is that, apparently, so many people are now planning to make aliya from the US….

Like, next year sometime.

And in the meantime, they are looking for good deals in the Israeli housing market, because even if they don’t really move here next year, their investment will still double in a very short amount of time.

And that, dear reader, is why normal people who live here can’t actually afford to buy much, and get stuck paying crazy rents on Israeli salaries.


I came out of my chug reminding myself over and over again never on a Monday!

And then, I started thanking the Good Lord that this isn’t the social milieu I have to deal with on an ongoing basis…

Just one big ‘drama queen’ episode, angrily blaming God for everything that’s going wrong, while also totally ignoring Him, and boiling mitzvoth down to how much return you can get on your investment dollar.


My brother lives in the US, around the New York area.

He is currently having some serious trouble with ‘the Jewish school system’ there.

He told me, everyone he knows is having some serious trouble with ‘the Jewish school system’ there.

One of his friends had his FIVE YEAR OLD SON kicked out of ‘yeshiva’ two months into the year because he couldn’t sit still, like a robot, for hours and hours a day.

The Rosh Yeshiva basically told the father it’s your problem, not ours, send him to public school if you can’t find anywhere else….


These ‘Jewish educators’ spend a fortune on fancy advertising and slogans about how much they care about your kid, and your kid’s future.

My brother told me he’s coming to the conclusion that most of the Jewish schools in the US are literally being run as businesses, to make money and profits.

And that’s about it.



The world didn’t end on Monday.

The ‘big war’ didn’t begin. (Again….)

The Rav was hospitalised at home for two days coinciding with ‘crunch time’ – and as has happened so very many times before, the harsh decrees just kind of melted away again.


Part of the reason I am losing so much interest in the internet, is that even in the apparently ‘frum, Jewish world’ – it’s just the world of lies.

It’s a free world, so if you want to carry on wasting your precious time and ‘head space’, that’s entirely up to you.

Personally, I just want to know stuff that’s true, from real Tzaddikim, with real ruach hakodesh.

Which basically boils us down to comments from the Rav, and shiurim from people close to the Rav, especially but not only, Rav Elmaliach.

The chiddushim he is coming out with about the Torah, and the unfolding geula process, based on the Makor Chochma Torah he’s getting from the Rav are simply mind-blowing.

And again, we have the ‘schedule’ for geula that was clearly set out three weeks ago, just after Purim.



  1. The night of regular Purim 5784, the first ‘hidden’ revelation occurred.
  2. The next revelation will be the Shvi’i shel Pesach – the 7th day of Pesach. (No-one knows if that will be another ‘hidden one’, or more obvious and open.)
  3. The third revelation, and the biggest one, on Tisha B’Av 5784.
  4. And then full revelation, apparently ‘with lots of blood’, whatever that actually means, on the 25th of Elul, 5784.


It was pushed off from Purim to give more of Am Yisrael the chance to make more real teshuva.

And BH, outside of ‘apparently normal Anglo-psycho’ circles, that IS starting to happen here in the Holy Land.

More and more people are losing confidence in the government, the media and the IDF, and are so, so ready for something big to change.

And not least, for something big to change inside of themselves.


I see this process occurring in my daughter’s circle.

What’s interesting, tho, is that while some people are turning towards God and Torah and mitvoth, others seem to be running even further away.

Not least, on the dati leumi side of the equation, where every false idol these poor people were taught to revere unquestioningly as kadosh are now crashing down around their ears.

And because these idols were equated with ‘Torah’ and ‘mitzvot’ by the dati leumi ‘rabbis’, beginning with Avraham Kook, the dati leumi community is going through a very dark time of the soul.


(Someone told me recently that their father came to Israel before WWI, wearing two pairs of tefillin and a gartel on Shabbat. R Kook told him he didn’t need to keep shabbat or eat kosher while he was in the British Army that was operating to ‘liberate’ Israel from the Turks. That guy subsequently dumped religion and became totally secular…. There are so many stories like this.)


The trouble is, the brainwashing is so strong – whatever brand we all grew up with – that finally making the decision to go after the truth, and nothing but the truth, requires tremendous internal courage.

And a lot of people just don’t have it.

At least, not yet.


Let’s end with Chabad.

This comment from a reader here on the blog got me thinking:

Got the following from someone who heard me playing the bermuda triangle video: “You abandoned Chabad for this nonsense?”

I wasn’t totally silent in response…explained what I like about breslev, and that I didn’t abandon anything, chabad’s just not my derech right now.

(yeah, I basically try not to read your posts about “real jewish history” and occasionally write to the Chabad Ohel).


It’s so hard to break the brainwashing – especially, when people just don’t want to engage with the truth, the real information, the changes the whole picture.

I get it 100%, I totally understand it.

It’s a ‘narc set up’, where if you go against the recieved narrative, the ‘socially acceptable’ ideas, you will be mocked and ostracised by most of the people you know.

Welcome to my world.

(Welcome to my chug….)

But if you don’t…. then you go down with the world of lies, when it finally totally cracks apart and sinks under the weight of its own evil and internal contradictions.


Like this:

(From the Habayitah blog HERE.)


So, yes.

Believing the chiddushim about the Bermuda Triangle etc, and the schedule for Moshiach to finally be fully revealed as set out by Rav Elmaliach and other students of Rav Berland is ridiculous conspiracy theory, and only for ‘crazy’ people with no grasp of reality.

Meantime, believing that you can ‘close your eyes’ and get to EY in 18 minutes once Moshiach comes – with no teshuva, prayer or other effort required!!! – is what ‘normal’ people believe.


And also, don’t worry about stuff like more wars, more Jews getting killed, more terrible suffering before Moshiach comes (because we aren’t making the teshuva required, especially in terms of shmirat eynayim) – because the Lubavitcher Rebbe said more than 30 years ago that every Jew is going to make it!!!

(He himself then died. And then, we had the Second Intifada, a massive uptick in antisemitism all over the world, non-stop terrorist attacks, non-stop rockets from ‘disengaged’ Gaza, Lebanon II, Operation Tzuk Eitan, a bunch more ‘Operations’, October 7th, and now ‘Swords of Iron’…. and it isn’t over yet.)

Hey, and tell me again about the Rebbe’s secular, marxist brother who died studying nuclear physics at Liverpool University, apparently where he got sent by no less than ‘David Ben Gurion’…

You know, this guy:

(Screenshot from the MentalBlog substack, HERE.)


(The ‘friendly’ guy on the left is the Rebbe himself…)

I have a whole book written by Chabad mesichists scientists – many of whom held top positions in the US army, working on research projects that are not being used for the greater good of humanity – that refer to secular, marxist ‘Marc Gurary’ as ‘Rabbi Yisroel Aryeh Leib Schneerson’.

These mesichist Chabad scientists even set up a series of conferences, beginning 1992, called ‘the annual Moshiach and Science conferences of the Rabbi Yisroel Aryeh Leib Research Institute on Moshiach and the Sciences.”

That book is called: Scientific Thought in Messianic Times.

It’s very interesting for a whole bunch of reasons.

Not least…. that ‘Rabbi Yisroel Aryeh Leib Schneerson’ was actually a secular marxist called ‘Mark Gurary’.


So much for ‘normal life’.

There is a road branching ahead in front of every single one of us.

One path leads to redemption, the sweetest way possible, and other path really doesn’t.

The choice is yours.

And the sad thing, for me, is that so many people are just going to ‘close their eyes, count to 18’ and wait for the Lubavitcher Rebbe to whisk them into the world to come.

(That may even happen….  just not exactly how they think.)

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  1. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    I thought I read that the rav said the neshama of the Lubavitcher Rebbe went into him. It helped me to understand the explanation that Chabad is over and from now on it will be only Breslov, because the rav has connected the two through the Rebbe’s neshama in him.

    It is so ironic that during Corona time, all the fringe were prepping and now during this stage, all the normal are prepping. I’m over it. I’ve started to eat through my stored food supplies as it was bringing so much negativity to me as it was started through fear of the unknown future. I feel sad for those who have the fear now and didn’t have it at the time when they could have stood up to the jabs but Hashem saw it to be like that. I just can’t and shouldn’t fear anymore. Hashem got us through the craziest of times and I believe that he will continue to do so. I worry about my own growth and enough about worrying about the possibility of future bloodflow. That’s just adding negativity to the scene again.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      He did indeed say that – in South Africa. And it’s a big ‘tikkun’ for a lot of things the ‘hidden chabad’ believes in, like the soul of ST ‘migrating’ from one Rebbe to the next, the same way the Ari teaches the soul of MBD is found in every generation.

      If you look up the Chabad teachings that are still public, the 7th Rebbe made a big deal of claiming the same ‘transmigration’ of soul from the previous Rebbe.

      The Rav definitely knows who he is dealing with…

      And agreed, about the prepping just adding anxiety etc to life. The Rav said very recently that when someone spends time worrying what he will eat tomorrow, when he had food to eat today, it’s actually heretical thinking.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Bkitzur, that when the whole world was covered with water at the beginning of the creation, God ‘drew’ the water back to a specific place to enable the dry land to be revealed.

      That place is the ‘Bermuda triangle’, which has a strong magnetic force, so to speak, to keep the water there, and from there is descends to the tahom.

      However that is to be understood.

      • yosef d.
        yosef d. says:

        ‘lots of blood’ could end up being brit milah before it’s too late, and in cases of ongoing giur, to resolve sofeq.

        ‘atheist’ communism doesn’t really exist, it’s just been against the tzaddiq, since qorach, that rebel who fought against mar zutra II(as cited by r. antelman z”l), and the platonists who obliterated the ancient avodah zarah, replacing it with the idol of proto-communism( materialism ).

        offline ~3.6 days a week is a good idea. thank you for publishing ‘unlocking the secret of the erev rav’ as pdf.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Yes, BH you are right about the ‘lots of blood’ referring to mass brit milah as a lot of people convert… the Rav has spoken about a lot of non-Jews converting as part of this process of revealed geula.

          Thanks for the input.


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