The whole world will convert – more comments from the Rav

Excerpt of a shiur given by Rav Eliezer Berland on Wednesday, Parshat Vayikra, (March 20th, 2024) to the Kollel Ori Tzafon, Bat Yam.

(Translated from Shivivei Or 355.)

As usual, there are tons and tons of clues here – I put some links in the footnotes, but with Pesach, I don’t have the time to do a proper deep-dive.

But you’ll probably get the picture, even just from the small bit of extra info in the footnotes.

Long story short: there is nothing new under the sun.

And it’s always the same ‘pattern’, the same modus operandi with these people.

Until we finally get wise to it, and stop playing the game by their rules.



The Zohar says that the Meraglim (spies) [who brought the giant fruit from Eretz Yisrael] – it was impossible to have lifted up the grapefruit.

We see the symbol of CARMEL MIZRAHI, two people going along with a grapefruit, every two people, two go along with a grapefruit. Every two!

So, each person was lifting half a ton – this was a grapefruit that weighed a ton.

But really, ten people carried one grapefruit. So, it weighed five ton. Every grapefruit weighed five ton.


Of Zevulun he said; Rejoice, O Zevulun, in your excursions…The tribes will assemble at the mount, there they will slaughter offerings of righteousness, for by the riches of the sea they will be nourished.”[1]

When they used to bring the grapefruit, all the ships were filled up with just one grape.

Each ship was full with one grape, each boat had just one grape!

And in the future, it will also be like this.

And then, the whole world will convert [to become Jews], just from this, that they will see the grapes, and the fruit.


Yehoshua took a fig, and Calev took a pomegranate.

Every pomegranate was half a ton, every fig was half a ton.

And ten people dragged along a whole grapefruit, which was five ton.

A person can carry half a ton on their shoulders, so they were carrying a whole ton. Today, this is 300 kilos. The ‘World Champion’ can lift 300 kilos. So, the grapefruit weighed five ton, Nahal Eshkol.[2]


And this is still the symbol even today, since ‘42.

In [56]42, Carmel Mizrahi was founded. Today it’s [57]84 – this has been the symbol for 142 years. And all the money used to pass [into Israel] via Carmel Mizrahi.[3]

All the money from the First World War used to pass via Carmel Mizrahi, from the Anglo-Palestine Bank, via Carmel Mizrahi.

And they – the zionists – they took all the money.


There was Ruppin[4], all of those.

Ruppin Street in Haifa [was called after him]. Whoever comes from Haifa, there’s Ruppin Street, that goes until Ahuza.

So, this Ruppin, he was the representative of the Anglo-Palestine Bank, and all the money during the whole of the First World War went via him.

In one second, it was already impossible to send it any more. But first, they used to send all the money via Carmel Mizrahi, via Ruppin, to support them here.

To build the Alliance here, and all the schools of the chilonim (secular people). They didn’t give the Talmud Torahs a single penny.

And this is how they collapsed all the Talmud Torahs.


The Bukharim were the first ones who came to the aretz.

They built Bukharim [Street], they built Agrippas [Street], and Bezalel – all the Talmud Torahs were built by the Bukharim.

They built a palace for the Melech HaMoshiach. Even today, it’s still at the corner of Bukharim and Yehezkel. There is an internal courtyard there, there is a magnificent building there. A giant building with engravings and decorations.

This was the ‘Palace for the Melech HaMoshiach’.

They did this in 5642 (1882), 142 years ago.


[The Bukharim] trekked on foot for three years with sacks of golden dinarii.

They had sacks full of golden dinarii, and they carried them along for three years. And on the way, they drank petroleum – there wasn’t water. They went via the deserts, the Syrian desert, the Arabian desert, the Afghanistan desert.

They left from Bukharia, from [ – ].

They came on foot for three years, and they built all the schools here, all the Talmud Torahs.

In the end, the zionists came and took everything, because there wasn’t a budget.

They took all the income, they gave [ – ] half in coins, half in lirot.[5]


They took all the donations [for Eretz Yisrael] – and they didn’t give the chederim anything.

And like this, they collapsed all the Talmud Torahs.

Already, when we were growing up in the Haifa, already there wasn’t a single dati school. There were chugim (after-school classes), and there were all sorts of Reali[6] schools – everything was chiloni.


There was only Netzach Yisrael, and there was the Yavneh school [that were ‘religious’].

But Yavneh was only for families with good yichus, and everything was expensive there, private.

And Netzach Yisrael was more folksy – but everyone came out chilonim. Even though Netzach Yisrael was a dati school, everyone came out chiloni.

From Yavneh, you had one or two from a class – from the whole class of 20 bochurim (boys), two came out ‘religious’.

This is what was left from the whole of Haifa. There wasn’t one ‘dati’ person left, until they built the Vizhnitz neighborhood.


So now, Yaakov Avinu, instead of being happy that they brought his daughter back to him alive – she was one of the hatufim (kidnapped hostages), [by Hamor the son of Shechem].

Now, they want to kill 1,500 Jews.

They are prepared to free 134 hatufim, if they are given permission to kill another 1,500 [Jews].

They killed 1,500 on Simchat Torah, and now it’s the ‘negotiations’, so they want to destroy [another] 1,500 Jews, and to burn down a few more kibbutzim.

They already burned 21 kibbutzim, burned them down to the ground. And it will take 20 years to rehabilitate them, because they only want to show them off as ‘artefacts’, to show this to the world.

But it won’t help.

The world is against us.


Canada said that it isn’t going to sell us weapons.

Biden is selling to them, but not that the weapons should be used. Now, he announced in the morning they they shouldn’t actually use the weapons.

I don’t permit you to use my guns! If they will kill you – so let them kill you!

So, the Hamas said, tov, we are ready. There’s some progress, now. 1,500 Jews will be destroyed, and we’ll give you 134 [hatufim].


Lapid says that the ikker (main thing) is to bring them home.

People are being tortured, without food, without anything. They are torturing them. Already, from 134, 33 have already died. There are only 101 left.

So the first thing is to [set up] 1,500 Jews to be destroyed.

Bibi compromised with up to 950, he comprised with them. This is big progress! So, the Hamas came down. They got more flexible, they came down to 800.

Now, the argument is about the [last] 50. Bibi said I am not coming down, I want 800…

[? said][7] if you let us destroy 800 Jews, we’ll release them today.


So, this is called ‘being optimistic’ [about the negotiations to free the hostages].

And everyone is already ‘optimistic’, everyone is already talking about ‘great progress’. We’ve already in the next stage of progress, let’s hope that tomorrow, they will already free all of the hostages….


So, Dina was also one of the hatufim.

They kidnapped her. I don’t want to tell you this, because I don’t want to inflame you here. But I have to tell you the truth, that Dina was one of the hatufim.



[1] Devarim 33:19.

[2] This is the name of the place given in the Torah where the meraglim took the fruit from, in Eretz Yisrael.

[3] Carmel Mizrahi is the name of the Carmel winery that was founded in Zichron Yaakov in 1882, by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild. It is still operating today.

[4] Dr, Arthur Ruppin (1876-1943 was a German Jew who subsequently became the land agent for the Zionist Organisation. He also headed the Jewish Agency between 1933-1935. This snippet comes from HERE:

“He helped to get a loan for  Ahuzat Bayit, later Tel Aviv, and acquired land on the Carmel, in Afula, in the Jezreel Valley,  and in Jerusalem. Ruppin was instrumental in shaping the nature of Jewish settlement in Palestine and in changing the paradigm of settlement from those of plantation owners and poor laborers to the Kibbutz collective and cooperative Moshavim that became the backbone of the state-in-the-making. He catalyzed the commune at Sejera and helped to turn it into the first Kibbutz settlement – Degania, as well as helping to support and organize Kinnereth, Merhavia and other settlements.

Rupin was among the founders of the Brit Shalom peace movement, which supported a binational state, but he left Brith Shalom after the Arab riots of 1929.”

[5] At the time the Rav is describing, the currency in Eretz Israel was the lira.

[6] Read more about the Reali School of Haifa here:

[7] In the original Hebrew, the name is left blank.

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