The ‘magnetic’ star – Rav Elmaliach

Rav Elmaliach is putting up a number of simply mind-blowing videos.

They take a very long time for me to translate into English, as they are verbal, not written.

There is one new ‘message’ from the Rav that I am hoping to get done and up before I’m offline again on Monday for three days, from last week – it’s got a lot of hope in it, and is saying people will return to their homes soon.

In the meantime, Rav Elmaliach also put out a stunning shiur where he explained the connection between opening the ‘third eye’ and the ability to prophesize, receive navuot, and ‘see the Sages when they come out of their tombs’ like the Baba Sali, etc

It was such a mind-blowing shiur – and the first time I’ve ever heard what I would call a ‘real Rabbi’ discussing these kinds of things – that I was kind of overwhelmed by the information.

Long story short, Rav Elmaliach explained that the hidden tzaddik who is acting as the go-between for him has a VERY ‘open’ third eye, and he also explains this hidden tzaddik’s efforts to help him open his own ‘third eye’ more, with kedusha, in order to be able to see more of what he’s describing to him in the spiritual realms first-hand.


We are kind of at a cross-roads in this process, it feels to me.

Rav Elmaliach is putting out so much stunning information now, with new segments of the Rav’s Torah from ‘Makor Chochma’, the third part in the set of kabbalistic teachings that began with the ARI, then went via Likutey Moharan, and is being rounded-out and detailed more in Rav Berland’s ‘Makor Chochma’ lessons.

It’s mind-blowing chiddushim that literally change how you see the world, and deepens your understanding of the spiritual processes occurring (that have always been occurring…) and Hashem’s total control of creation.

But only for people who are willing to step out of their little ‘dati’ boxes, and who are willing to engage with the idea that they actually don’t ‘know’ anything, about what is really going on here.


And for everyone else….

They are still stuck rehashing the same old stuff from a million years ago….

‘Iran is going to nuke us imminently’….. (rinse and repeat for the next 500 years.)

‘We are all doomed today, and if not today, then tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, then Shabbos for sure’…. (rinse and repeat for the next 500 years.)

‘Nibiru, nibiru, nibiru’…. (As brought to us by ‘Dave Dobbs’, Elon Musk, and a few other actors working for the deep state….)

‘Breslov is just for crazy people…..’ (Whatever).

‘Kabbalah is just for crazy people….’ (Whatever).

‘Rav Berland’s awesome, sublime Torah lessons and emphasis on working on improving our own bad middot is just for crazy people….’ (Whatever).

‘Netanyahu is MBJ’…. (and the Rebbe is STILL MBD)….. (rinse and repeat for the next 500 years).

[Fill in your own example here. Then go start up a blog or Whats App group or Substack, to share it with as many other people as possible.]


Point is: we are at a cross-roads in this process.

To either ‘get with the True Tzaddik HaDor’, and to really start to engage with his Torah lessons, and his emphasis on working on bad middot, tznius, getting rid of smartphones, guarding the eyes – and cultivating the humility that we really know nothing. Nothing at all.

Or – to continue trying to ‘muddle through’ all this on our own, which basically means panicking we haven’t got a generator in our backyard every time the deep state presses the ‘Iran is going to nuke us’ button; or falling into despair about the political situation – whilst still resolutely refusing to let go of it, and all the institutions connected to it, including the army.

And continuing with the same ‘stuck’ ideas, the same, repetitive arguments and discussions, the same ‘little box’ thinking, where we are sure we know everything there is to know about everything, because the dimensions of our worldview boil down to ‘flatland’.


The ride just gets crazier from here.

And Rav Elmaliach’s Torah and messages from the Rav are a very important part, going forward, of understanding what is really occurring, and what response God is expecting from us.

Again, the short rule of thumb:

If someone is ‘anti’ the Rav – they have very little authentic spiritual connection, even if they have a ton of Torah learning.

The real rabbis, the real tzaddikim – they are all with the Rav.


Because they are showing up in the same places, spiritually, as the Rav is, so they really get who he actually is, and what he’s actually doing.

And the people who are ‘anti’?

They are basing their ‘anti-ness’ on what they read on the internet, and their own gut feeling as generated by their own bad middot – as the Rav is really just a mirror.



Two paths diverge.

One is the ‘same old same old’ myopic heresy-that-sounds-like-Torah that is really just going to land you in gehinnom (if you are not already there….)

And the other one – leads to geula, the sweetest way possible.

But first, you have to do as Rabbenu tells us to do, and ‘throw away your intellect’ – your ego, your arrogance that you are something and you are someone, and you really know stuff.

None of us know anything.

Including me.


Here’s the short excerpt of the shiur about the ‘magnetic star’ that is going to bring flooding to the world.

(As happened with the first mabul – R Elmaliach explains that before the mabul, the land mass of the world was one ‘body’. Then, there was a tremendous earthquake just prior to the mabul that split that one continental land mass apart.)

(I don’t know what time period this ‘future flooding of the world’ is talking about, now or in the 7th millenia. Once I sit down and try to translate it properly, I’ll have a better clue – or perhaps a reader with good Hebrew can do that for me in the comments….)


This is another short, new one, talking about what is really going on with the ‘Bermuda Triangle’:


UPDATE: This is another link to the Bermuda Triangle vid, hope this one works:

7 replies
  1. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    Got the following from someone who heard me playing the bermuda triangle video: “You abandoned Chabad for this nonsense?”

    I wasn’t totally silent in response…explained what I like about breslev, and that I didn’t abandon anything, chabad’s just not my derech right now.

    (yeah, I basically try not to read your posts about “real jewish history” and occasionally write to the Chabad Ohel)

  2. Jeremy M
    Jeremy M says:

    As an addendum: the thing I enjoy about breslev is that people, regardless of what situation they find themselves in, real or imagined, focus on the real goal of working on themselves and their connection with G-d and the “hidden good”. This shines particularly in your blog…though I can question the validity of the physical reality you describe sometimes, I can’t question your reaction to it.

    There’s a story I think about now and then (that I may have read on, not sure) about a young child coming to their parents about a monster in the closet. The parents say to pray to G-d for the monster to go away…the child prays, and sure enough, the monster goes away…

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Hi Rivka,

    I just started reading this post of yours, so if my comment doesn’t quite fit this post, I am sorry: it is because I didn’t watch any of the movies yet. But it brought some thoughts to my mind.

    1.I want to point something out: the third eye, which is very well known in meditation circles, and which most meditation focuses on, is connected in some circles to the PINEAL GLAND. And when I think of the pineal gland, it reminds me of the PINTELE YID… so I wonder if there is some link there!??? 🙂

    2. Some texts also mention Pinocchio ( pine- eye, as occhio is eye in Italian) and his transformation as an allegory for the pineal gland. Isn’t it interesting?

    3. Not only that: during the Egyptian slavery, a sapphire brick under Hashem’s throne is mentioned in some texts which I cannot quote (I don’t remember where I read it); the sapphire brick reminded Am Yisrael that Hashem was with them in their harsh brick-making slave labor.

    And sapphire – blue -, reminds me of the “blue pearl’ in meditation, which appears when you focus on the third eye.

    Interesting connections?


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