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Working for America

Let’s clear something up, shall we? If you are still sitting thinking that anyone you vote for is going to ‘change things’ here in the State of Israel…. That anyone called the ‘Israeli PM’ is actually making decisions based on what’s good for the people of Israel…. That anyone running our army, any ‘leader’ with […]

Xtianity = Egyptian Idol Worship, mamash

This video basically demolishes xtianity’s claim to be an ‘Abrahamic religion’ in six minutes. Long story short: Xtianity is a repackaging of exactly the same star-worshipping idolatry that began with Horus, the sun god of Egypt – goes via a whole bunch of man-made-god individuals – and then ends with Yoshki. Just the Romans had […]

Some more ruach hakodesh

I’m just editing the draft of Conversations II. And I just got up to June, 2023. This is what the Rav said back then: JUNE HANNAH AND THE GREEKS Excerpted from a shiur given on 16th Sivan, 5783 (June 5th, 2023). The whole of Chanuka is in the merit of Hannah. “The bow of the […]

Watching and waiting

There are a million things that could be written about right now. Like, do you know this ‘right wing government’ with ‘fanatical right wingers’ in key positions in security, finance and apparently the PM’s chair has sent 13,000+ trucks of food, fuel and other stuff to Hamas, since the war began? Baruch Hashem, people are […]

Moving past ‘Flatland’

Back in 1884, a man called ‘Edwin Abbott Abbott’ published a novel called ‘Flatland’. (I don’t know why he has two identical surnames.) For an indepth look at the plot, go HERE. The basic idea is that there was a land – Flatland – where everything was limited to two dimensions. When a 3-D sphere […]

Passing the test of yeoush

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have some yeoush in their heart at the moment? (I mean, who actually cares about the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael, and revealing Hashem’s true goodness in the world?) Hard times we are going through spiritually and mentally at the moment. Many of us have so much yeoush, so much despair about […]

Back to Berdichev

Back to Berdichev Before I got totally up-ended by the Rav’s awesome hints about the links between the maskilim, the Sabbatean-Frankist-Freemasons and the Austrian monarchy, I was actually working on more stuff to do with the Berdichev Bankers. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back and read THIS article, first. (Maybe, […]

The Oppenheimers

I almost called this post ‘the Oppenheim Invasion’…. ***UPDATES*** In the course of trying to figure out how the Jewish community got so hijacked by corrupt ‘court Jews’ – many of whom repeatedly converted to xtianity down the generations, yet their descendants somehow kept on ‘ruling’ the Jews – one name keeps coming up: OPPENHEIM(ER) […]

Jewish sources on Edom and Esav

I am reposting this from 5 years ago. I actually reposted this two years ago, when I had more Trumptards trying to tell me he was the Moshiach she be Esav….whatever. It’s very interesting to keep going back to the authentic Jewish sources, and to see how they stand the test of time – despite […]

Cognitive dissonance

I’ll be honest: it’s hard to write at the moment. I have a lot of conflicting stuff going on inside myself at the moment, plus the enormous uncertainty of where is all this going, and how does it turn around, tachlis – I have started a few posts today, but deleted them. But then, a friend I […]