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The Rav is back in hospital

Yesterday afternoon, the Rav was taken back to hospital. I don’t have more details at this stage, but please continue to pray for the health and recovery of: RAV ELIEZER BEN ETIA The Rav’s health has been very difficult for a long time, but it’s the prayers that lead to miraculous improvements – and clearly, […]

Rav’s prayer for Shavuot

This prayer really speaks to me. It’s one of the prayers that was distributed ahead of Shavuot. Meet me below for more of a discussion about how ‘judging ourselves’ in daily hitbodedut can save us from SOOO much suffering and hardships. Even if we can’t always change ‘the situation’, we can always work on improving our reaction […]

Thank you, Leah Golan

In all the mad rush to get this research as ‘finished’ as it can be, I’m in my own little world at the moment. I have literally piles upon piles of notes stacked by my desk and by my bed – the surviving remnants of the ‘suitcase purge’ of last week, that I am now […]

Avigdor ‘the snitch’ of Pinsk

A big bunch of information swings loose in this post. Buckle in. == So, you remember that bubbe meises story we all got told, about the ‘mitgnadim’ of Vilna being against the ‘chassidim’ just because of some dispute around ‘spirituality’ etc? And how we figured out a couple of years’ ago, that the real ‘war’ […]

Yesod she be Yesod

Yesterday, we tried to drive out to Shechem. Netzach she be Netzach is the day of Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman. Hod she be Hod is the day of the Rashbi, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. And Yesod she be Yesod is traditionally the day you go to Shechem, to Yosef HaTzaddik. As usual, this year’s celebration was […]