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The day after

Yesterday, with Hashem’s tremendous help, my daughter got married. These things are always fraught with emotions and ‘stress’ and ups and downs – even when there is no war and all the rest going on – but the last few weeks have been pretty intense. They got engaged end of August…. set the date for […]

Hidden things

Yesterday, I went to the evening prayers of the Rav, and he wasn’t there. Someone thought he’d gone to Tel Aviv or something – but he had definitely left Jerusalem. This last week, the Rav’s been keeping his comments after the evening prayers pretty short, just repeating how ‘tznius’ and smashing i-Phones are the key […]

Freemasons, human shields and iron swords

No-one really knows what is going on in Israel at the moment. It seems to me that whatever ‘the plan’ actually was, it’s not panning out as ‘planned’. (We saw the same thing with Covid – remember how much tremendous pressure there was for ‘green passports’ and ‘track n trace’ and a million other repressive, […]

Freeing the captives is the most important thing

These are comments from October 17th, 2023. Before our troops went into Gaza, and there was apparently an offer from Hamas to free at least some of the captives. There are a ton of ‘hints’ here about real Jewish history.  After the Rav’s comments, I will try BH to unpick some of them. ==== In […]

Ruled by Max Headroom

Back in the UK in the 80s, everyone was talking about Max Headroom. == If you don’t know who that was, here’s a snippet from Wiki: Max Headroom is a fictional character played by actor Matt Frewer. Advertised as “the first computer-generated TV presenter”, Max was known for his biting commentary on a variety of topical issues, […]

How to get the war to stop now

More translated comments, and clues, from the Rav. == Excerpt of shiur given Tuesday night, Rosh Chodesh Kislev (November 14, 2023) Now, a rocket got to Kiryat Bialik – 20 km North of Haifa. And a rocket from Gaza [got] to Daliyat-al-Carmel, 30 km south of Haifa, next to Zichron Ya’akov. And yesterday, a person […]

The Supernova Party was a death trap

We are continuing the translation of the shiur from October 27th. You can read Part 1 HERE. Over time with the Rav’s hints and clues, the picture builds up more and more. ==== Excerpt of shiur Thursday night, 27 Tishrey, to the ‘Mifal HaTorah’ – second shiur The Gemara asks if women are obligated in […]

They left each kibbutz with just one gun

Shavua Tov! I am continuing to post up excerpts of the Rav’s recent shiurim from the last 3 weeks here. They are giving way more info than you’ll find anywhere else, about what really happened here on October 7. Here’s the latest excerpt. ==== Excerpt of shiur Thursday night, 27 Tishrey, to the ‘Mifal HaTorah’ […]

How do we explain this?

The whole world is a stage…. remember Shakespeare told us that a long time ago. (If that guy actually even really existed, and wasn’t just another spook-actor himself….) Watch this: Viewers of this TV channel asked the question: "Who is under the silicone mask of Defense Minister Yoav Galant👌 pic.twitter.com/4c8nWK6i5E — nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) November […]

America needs the terrorists

More hints from the Rav. Continuing the translation that we brought an excerpt of HERE. Excerpt of shiur  26th Tishrey 5784 (October 11th, 2023) to the Mifal HaTorah. Now, we are before a churban (destruction). We are before the churban of the Third Temple. We are already in the [time of the] Third Temple now, […]