Worldwide day of prayer – today, Oct 30, at 4pm Israel time

I just got sent this.

It has the support of the Rav, too, who is encouraging everyone to participate.

This is the flyer:


Basically, the top bit says that we are in a really dire situation surrounded by enemies in Israel, in a very difficult position for three weeks, and we really need a ton of Heavenly compassion, to get out of this.

The bottom bit, tachlis, says that today, October 30th, they are calling for a global prayer rally.

It’s at 4pm Israel time, 10am New York Time.


They are asking people to say the following tehillim together:








Then if you’re in a minyan of men, I think it’s saying recite the 13 attributes (? – can readers help me out here, I’m not good with yeshiva short hand).

And then, to recite the Acheinu Bnei Yisrael prayer.

And then, recite the Parshat Ketoret.


Pass it around to as many people as you can, please.

‘Together’, we can win…. but only if we’re joining that ‘together’ with Hashem, via tefillot and sincere teshuva.

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