Do you remember back in April, there was ‘terrible chemical spill’ in Ohio?


Do you remember, how I was arguing against a few of the readers here on the blog about how we shouldn’t be trusting people like Mike Adams to give us info about what was going on, and how we should be responding to it?

(Like what was going on then, that all those communities should just move away, because it’s now so darn dangerous, don’t you know?!)

Whenever I see non-stop ‘fear porn’ churning out, I already know that I need to take a closer look at what is really going on, before I buy into it.

As I keep saying, 99.9% of our media – including the ‘alt’ media – is totally controlled by the satanists running all our politics, world events and ‘crises’ as one big show, to help them break humanity’s spirit and give them more control.


Anyhu, I was reminded about all this, seeing how so many people in Israel are totally gripped by fear at the moment.

That fear is being stoked, deliberately, by ‘the news’.

Remember what the Rav said two weeks ago, when asked if the residents of the North would have to be ‘evacuated’:

I asked the Rav’s gabbay if the Rav has said anything about people needing to leave the North at this time.

This is what I just got back from the gabbai, with my elucidation in [square brackets]:

I asked him about [whether] specific people [currently in the North should leave] and he said no Breslover needs to leave.

Meaning whoever will listen to what he says should stay put and will be ok.


I found this answer quite puzzling, honestly.

But now I’m starting to see what he was really saying.

The Rav was telling us: if you turn off the news, stop engaging with all the lies, stop listening to all the fear porn 24/7, and instead immerse yourself in developing a REAL relationship with God, and reciting as many tehillim as you can, and following the real Tzaddikim…..

Then you can stay put, and you’ll be OK.

If you are actually doing all that, then whatever synagogue you attend or affiliation you give yourself, you will be a ‘Breslover’ – and you won’t need to leave your home.

Because you’ll be impervious to the ‘fear porn’ being churned out by the corrupt media 24/7, to try and break our spirits and get us to ‘roll up our sleeve’ all over again….


Yesterday, I went to a new hairdresser in Kiryat Yuval.

Kiryat Yuval is one of the last, ‘staunchly secular’ neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

The woman cutting my hair was there with a couple of ‘staunchly secular’ friends, all discussing the matzav.

It was very eye-opening.


First, I learned that the ‘staunchly secular’ are totally disgusted with every single politician and every single ‘leadership figure’ in what’s left of the State of Israel.

Even just hearing their names makes them nauseous…

Second, I learned that none of the women wanted our soldiers going into Gaza, because it won’t solve anything anyway, and they will just get murdered. How can you send our boys – they are 18! – to deal with those murderers in Gaza?! Our boys are not murderers!


Third – I learned these women are totally petrified.

They are still not coming out of their homes after 5pm and apparently, some ‘security door’ place in Ramle is doing big business at the moment, with people from Kiryat Yuval showing up on his doorstep at 7am with minivans to buy ‘security doors’ in bulk.

For 3,900 shekels each, in case you are interested.


Fourth: I discovered that they have all turned off the news, and can no longer bear to listen to it.

My hairdresser now has the shopping channel playing, when she wants some ‘background noise’.

This is excellent news, as when we stop listening to all their ‘opinions’ and all their ‘discussions’, and all their rehashes of what happened that are just designed to spread more fear and anxiety while avoiding the real question of WHO IS RESPONSIBLE….

That’s when their ability to control us really starts to wane.


In the middle of all this, I mentioned that I’ve been saying tehillim every day, and it’s really helping my state of mind.

That’s when one of the ‘staunchly secular’ women said to me, how can you pray ‘to God’?! Where was God when children were being burned alive?!

This is that same old ‘holocaust argument’ that I’ve been dealing with for years and years.

People who don’t think God exists, don’t do anything to recognise God in their own lives, even go against what God wants, dafka, and then when they hit a disaster – where was God?!

But you can’t ‘blame’ God for the bad, if you aren’t also thanking Him and acknowledging Him for the good.

And a person is taken on the path they want to go down.

If they want God to be ‘invisible’ in their lives, they can’t then stand up and start moaning about ‘where was God?!’


Anyway, I told her this:

If you can’t pray, at least use your words to continue to curse our enemies!!!

Because words are so very powerful, still.

She liked this idea.

(And from the look of her, I’m sure she’ll do a great job.)


Today, I had two videos waiting for me in my inbox.

One was of Yehuda Becher – another of the friends of Itzik HaKadosh, who was murdered at the Nature Party:


I never met Yehuda myself, but he was in Uman with Itzik and the third guy I know who had the miraculous escape on Simchat Torah because he decided to keep Shabbat, instead of going to the party.

God was in the picture for every single person on Simchat Torah, deciding exactly who was going to live, and who had completed their tikkun and would be gathered back to Him, to the highest place.


And another reader sent me this:


It’s the niggunim and the yirat shemayim that are really protecting these soldiers – and the rest of us, too.


Lastly, I wanted to clarify the difference between ‘news’ and ‘information’.

‘News’ is what you get on all the government propaganda fake news MSM sites, with all their ‘commentary’ and their ‘spin’ and their lies and their pushing an agenda and manipulating people’s emotions.

‘Information’ is just cold, hard facts.

For example, there are currently reports – ‘news’ – that there are tanks being sent to the PA in Shechem, and that the PA is being armed to the hilt.

The source of this ‘news’ is a Frontline News story, HERE.

To be clear, I’m not saying if this information is true, or not.

I don’t know the people writing it first hand, and I don’t live in that area to see what is going on with my own two eyes, or to speak to people who do.

(Although I’ve started trying to get more information via my daughter, who is very connected to people in that area who know what is happening in the area. I will update when I hear more.)


What I can tell you, is that for months and months the lying news and the corrupt politicians were talking about ‘riots on the Temple Mount’ and ‘violent clashes in Jerusalem’ right where I live – where nothing was going on.

At least, nothing unusual, just the usual low-level violence that’s been going on for years and years and years.

That the people who actually live in the area didn’t even notice, and wouldn’t even have known was meant to be happening, if the lying ‘news’ hadn’t made it their big headline.


It’s of course a great idea to be as prepared as any of us can be, to deal with ‘the enemy’.

But if you really examine what happened down South on Simchat Torah, you’ll see that there were so many examples of unexpected salvation coming, that depended way more on mitzvah observance and having God in the picture, than ‘being prepared’ with safe rooms and guns.

Look at Rachel – an elderly woman in Ofakim, who had FIVE Hamas terrorists in her house for hours – and yet they didn’t kill her or her husband.

And they just kind of sat there, until the army finally showed up and neutralised them.

Look at the Shomer Shabbat kibbutzim that were untouched by the violence – even as Hamas terrorists were committing atrocities all around them.


The real preparation has to be spiritual.

And every ‘news story’ has to be very carefully verified and double-checked, before we just go ahead and believe it.

Go back to the sources of information – who is saying what? What are the videos really showing? Who can I speak to, who I know personally and trust, to try and verify what is going on?

And then, take it back to God, and ask Him for a clear steer on what you really need to be doing with yourself, right now.


OK, back to the tehillim.

BH, may all this turnaround for the very best, with no more loss of life, very soon.


PS: These are two good sources, in Hebrew, of INFORMATION about what happened on Simchat Torah, and what end it could be serving, amongst other things.

But come to your own conclusions, as always.

Without having some journalist or blogger telling you what to think.



Above, this is the bio for one of the main writers of the Frontline News site.

Again, I’m just doing some basic birur here, I’m not coming to any conclusions.

This is a screenshot what is written there (note the date, 1998. But it’s the same story as now):


This is a post on Sones’ Twitter account, put up 20 hours ago (on Oct 24, 2023):


Now, here is a strange thing: this post that he just put up showing pictures of the PA getting military vehicles is actually from 2019…. not now.

This is the original, with the exact same pictures, from Elior Levy’s Twitter account, posted up on May 21, 2019.


Something strange is going on here.



Don’t trust a single thing you read from ANY ‘news’ site unless you can verify it 100% independently with people you know and trust personally, in the locations being discussed.


I put a question into the Rav about the communities in the Shomron and Yehuda.

He said the following (via his gabbay):

The Rav said that the women should take on themselves full hair covering and in general dress more modestly.

That will protect everyone and there is nothing to fear.


Please, please, please, turn off all the news.

It’s all just disinformation, being operated out of Washington and Europe.

God will tell you the news you really need to know.

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  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    Regarding an invasion, I agree. If Biden is to blame for a delay, then perhaps he should be blessed for that? Only partially joking. Obviously Hashem is putting such off. It might never happen. Whatever conflict is coming, and it looks like that is unavoidable now, despite the massive mobilization, we might be rendered observers while everyone else has at it. BE”H.

    Something weird is definitely going on. Endless bluster about an invasion. There is also much talk of bombing, but I am definitely close enough to Gaza to be able to hear bombardment, and it is mostly all quiet all the time. I keep comparing my experience today to Protective Edge in 2014. Then there was almost 24/7 bombardment for weeks on end, that I heard personally, before the ground invasion, and this time around couldn’t be more different. The media makes it sound like the same, but it isn’t.

    This is not a good look for the Prime Minister of Medinat Yisrael.

    If Netanyahu wants his son where he thinks he will be out of harm’s way (he must think Hashem will protect him there), while threatening to use our sons as cannon fodder, why should we want any differently for our sons?

    We’ll know things have changed when he renounces his sinful past and urges all Jews the world over to keep Shabbos.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Also here in Jlem, the planes are barely flying over head.

      What’s clear, increasingly, I think to pretty much everyone, is that ‘our government’ and ‘our military’ are not working for us, the Jewish people.

      I don’t know how all this world of lies falls apart, but it has to do that at some point.

      Just praying that as few additional Jewish lives will be lost.

      We are currently between the rock and the ‘army of Mitzrayim’ (America…)

      It’s literally going to take open miracles to turn all this around.

      I hope they show up soon.

  2. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    I’m still struggling with the “they went to the highest levels of Shamayim” concept.
    So, I can go literally worship Buddha, dance with a buddha, sex drugs and rock and roll, on a holy day at that! and go straight to the highest levels of Shamayim.
    Yet, if I stay away, if I try to keep the mitzvoth, if I try to grow closer to Hashem, I’ll be stuck at whatever low level I’m at.
    Did the people killed by the Babylonians when the Temple was destroyed also go straight to the highest levels of Shamayim? I suppose they did.
    I’m not arguing the point, as people much higher than me said it, I’m just having a really hard time accepting it.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Anyone killed al kiddush Hashem, just for being a Jew, goes straight the highest level, spiritually.

      When people are ‘stuck’ so very firm in a klippah, that seems to be one of the main ways God ‘frees’ them, so at least they still achieve their spiritual rectification.

      Living al kiddush Hashem is clearly preferable!

      Like the guy who kept Shabbat and probably stayed alive as a result.

      Each person’s path is so very intricate and complicated… God does the best for all of us, ultimately, but there is still free choice.

      And Rabbenu emphasised repeatedly that working with ‘live’ people as opposed to deal people’s souls rectified so very much more in the world…. but was so very much harder.

      • Shimshon
        Shimshon says:

        Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi has said in multiple shiurim the story where he asked big rabbonim the source for this idea that completely secular Jews go straight to the highest levels of shamayim simply because they were killed for being a Jew. He asked this because he could not find any source for it. This turns out to be the case. Those that researched his question came to the same conclusion. There is no mesora for such a notion. Only Hashem knows our thoughts. In this case, I believe many likely died with words of teshuva in their thoughts, but it is not an automatic rule you die as a Jew and bypass all the judgements. There are so many Jews who know the emes like your Itzik but are still conflicted and find themselves unable to overcome their desires.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Yosef Mizrachi doesn’t hold by chassidut generally, Breslov even less, and the Rav not at all.

          Once all those ‘sources’ are scrubbed out, there is probably not a lot left.

  3. Yossi
    Yossi says:

    There are declassified documents showing the plans that the muslims had for us. It describes attacks on all borders, including within Yesha, conquering the entire Galilee, tens of thousands of missiles in one hour, tens of thousands of invading soldiers, plus all the evil that occurred from Aza on Oct 7. But, Hamas in their zeal jumped the gun and ruined it for the rest of them.
    So, there is a bracha in all that happened, such as it was.

  4. Malky Schwartz
    Malky Schwartz says:

    As my mother used to say we run from Hashem to Hashem . Even if u hate what Hashem did who else do we have to rely on?
    Also I was reading how the bal Shem tov had to rectify a lot of souls who died al kiddush Hashem Even though they were on a very high level right before they died they had thoughts of why did they have to die so young ? I think also because they were on such a high level they had to be totally pure I remember reading about a man who was killed in ww2 and had thoughts where he wished he wasn’t Jewish He actually came back as a non jew where he Davka choose to be Jewish and converted. That was his Tikun.

  5. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    Very good analyses. We all need to be much more careful, and as Rabbi Kessin said, keeping away from lashon harah is the greatest Shmira. (actually it dates back to Adam and Chava in the Gan). All honest rabbonim have good advice.

  6. Malka
    Malka says:

    It is hard not to know what is going on. I am encouraged by what you said. I bursted out laughing- “and from look of her, I am sure she will do a great job”🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. yossi
    yossi says:

    while BeEzrat Hashem avoiding lashon hara,
    acknowledging what else has been said about those armored cars, those vehicles in the pictures look vulnerable to ubiquitous cold-war anti-vehicle munitions.
    hinei mah tov….
    adon ‘olam….
    …. w’lo ‘irah
    …. ….
    (sorry, not sure if appropriate to quote it here.)
    we should fear no one but Hashem, and get up again if we ever fall.
    sorry about everything else, and any possible miscommunication here.
    B’Ahavat Yisra’el,


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