Spiritual Protection

I am reposting this from a few days ago.

Baruch Hashem, more and more people are starting to wake up, and to realise that the scope of the evil being done here, the level of betrayal of the Jewish people by our ‘leaders’, the true danger we are up against right now….

Only God can save us.



The good news, as more people start to realise how bad things really are right now, the more the prayers and the teshuva will start to flow, and things will turn around, BH in time to prevent large scale loss of more Jewish lives.

I have been saying a book of tehillim every day for nearly 3 weeks, because I got that this is a really, really bad situation, straight off the bat, and that’s what Rav Berland said would prevent more massive loss of Jewish life, God forbid, with a ground invasion of Gaza.

(I.e. another pre-planned death trap for thousands of our idealistic young men….)


Since I wrote this, the Rav said the following:

Women and girls: one book of tehillim a day

Men and boys: 10 pages of Gemara a day

Married women: to take upon themselves full headcovering.

All women and girls: To do whatever they can to strengthen themselves in tznius – every additional cm on the sleeves and the hems is mamash saving hundreds of Jewish lives.

Now, let’s repost this post – and send it to anyone you can.

There is no other answer except to turn to Hashem, and make some real teshuva ASAP.


Following up from the last post.

It suddenly struck me that I have a lot of things that fit in the ‘spiritual protection’ box, and that could really help people out there to BH stay close to God, His true tzaddikim – and most of all, safe.

First, this is the repeated message from the Rav’s gabbay from the last post:

Those who would listen to what the Rav says should say his Tfilla and come to his Tfilla.

Connect to him in whatever way possible and they and they’re family will be saved.

Those who accepted lashon harah from the media need to do Teshuva about it quickly.
Women should take on themselves serious resolutions about modest dressing and get rid of their immodest clothing.
Men should take on themselves guarding their eyes and get rid of unfiltered internet connected devices.
Communities should fix interactions between men and women, whether it’s mixed swimming, mixed parties, etc.
Males from age 9 and up should finish the entire book of Tehillim 3 times a day and 10 pages of gemara (or as much as they can).
Boys from 7-9 and women from 7 up should finish one book of Tehillim each day.
Whoever is able to should wake up for chatzot, say tikkun chatzot, sit on the floor and cry over the destruction.

Change your trust in the State of Israel and the IDF to trust in Hashem.

Whoever strengthens themselves in these areas them and their families will be saved. If the main focus is not in fixing the spiritual breaches no other advice can help. Running away won’t help. Buying weapons won’t help. Hiding in shelters won’t help.


The Rav was saying for years that every home should have some of his prayers in them, and should be trying to say them, at least a little.
This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to ‘connect into’ the circle of the Tzaddikim.
Go to the ravberland.com site HERE, to the PRAYERS tab, where you’ll find a bunch of prayers translated into English, most of which also have the Hebrew jpegs attached, which you can just download, print off and have them in  your home.


The Tikkun Haklali by itself packs a super-powerful punch.
But when I’m driving around, or trying to do ‘other things’ but still want the protection of hearing the Tikkun Haklali, I tend to play it in the background.
There is a very popular version by Erez Yehiel that you can get all over the place online, including HERE.

Download it, for those times when there might not be an internet connection.

And then, there is the Rav’s own recitation, which you can play and download:


The Tzaddikim of the last generation explained that all real tzaddikim can ‘repel’ demonic forces a certain distance, so they can’t get close to people.

But, they literally run away from the Rav for miles.

So, keep this playing in the background, and especially when driving around in dodgy circumstances or areas.



I know it’s hard to re-examine strongly held beliefs that have been sowed and reinforced by the lying media.

But now, go back and read the three One in a Generation books in light of what you now understand about what side of the spiritual equation the State is really on.

You can download them all for free:









You decide for yourself who you want on your walls.

I have Rabbenu, the Baba Sali – and the Rav.

And some of my pics are ginormous…


If you want hard copies or Kindle versions, take a look at what’s available from the Rav on Amazon.

There is currently no delivery going on anywhere in Israel…. just to be aware, if you are trying to order stuff hard copy.

Better to print something that you can find online, and ‘make it real’ that way, for now.


5. Come to the prayers

Ido HaNavi, starting around 8-8.30pm most nights.

OR – join the live stream on the RavBerland.com site HERE.



If he says ‘try to read a whole book of tehillim / do 10 pages of Gemara’ – make an effort to at least try and do something to the best of your ability, don’t just ignore it.

If he calls another prayer gathering – make every effort to attend.

If he says don’t do this…. then don’t do it!

And vice-versa.

The Rav has the best picture of what is really going on here, because he has been busy fighting these fores of evil, and trying to ‘sweeten’ this horrible war for at least the last two decades, at great personal cost to himself and also his community.

So, ‘cast your brains aside’ and follow his instructions.



May we just hear good news.

11 replies
    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Thanks for telling me.

      I fixed the links for Volume 2 and 3 now – try again.

      Inna – there are two ‘portraits’ – one was painted after someone had a dream about Rabbenu, a few years ago, and then there is the one I have on my wall, that has a v interesting story.

      I will try and take a picture of it and post it up soon.

  1. Talia
    Talia says:

    AMEN V’AMEN!!! THANK YOU RIVKA FOR HOLDING MY HAND THROUGH ALL OF THIS…I feel anxious & at times very down…but then I open to read TEHILLIM with my orecious soul sisters and it boosts me right up again…and reading your posts & advice from Rav Berland realllllly helps me stay the course! HASHEM BLESS RAV BERLAND & SHUVU FAMILIES & YOU & YOUR FAMILIES AND EVERYONE ON THIS SITE YOU PROVIDED FOR US AS WELL to stay happy, connected & learn TRUTH…AND HASHEM BLESS ALLLLL AM YISRAEL ONE HEART ONE SOUL. ❤️ 💙 💜 💖

  2. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Thank you so much for this, Rivka. Wonderful of you, seriously!

    Lots to read now, and to listen to.

    Thanks a million, let all our prayers fly up to Heaven in music!

    And of course Shalom al Yisrael.

    Shabbat Shalom from the Galut ( Shabbat in almost an hour here)

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    I hope you will be able to help me here:
    I watched most of this documentary (https://rumble.com/v1757z5-aethereal-the-battle-for-heaven-and-earth-biblical-cosmology-documentary.html), and I’m very confused.
    Coming from the christian perspective, he speaks about “Jesus” and whatnot, but also says that the Zohar is occult and connected to demonic forbidden information…
    I don’t know how to square this stuff with proper Torah sources.
    Can you help?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Long story short: xtianity is a hybrid of the Jewish idea of Moshiach and some Jewish ideas about redemption etc, mixed together with the Roman pagan religious beliefs that basically teach Hashem is the bad guy, and there is no ‘god’ to worship other than yourself.

      They make a man ‘god’.

      This has always been the root of idolatry.

      The Zohar, Jewish mysticism, is the most powerful information in the world, because it’s the ‘blueprint’ of how the physical world is created.

      the demonic forces of evil use this information in a negative, evil way that we know as ‘witchcraft’ and sorcery.

      The information itself is just information – but can and is being misused by the forces of evil, because it’s so powerful, and involves things like harnessing the power of demons and casting spells and manipulating matter etc.

      At the same time, kabbalah learned lishma with kedusha is a tremendously powerful force for good and holiness in the world.

      xtians are basically working for the bad side, against Hashem.

      A lot of them don’t realise that, because they never took 5 seconds to learn about the real historical roots of their religion – and how it mixed together satanic, pagan beliefs with ‘the old testament’ and a belief in a redeeming messiah.

      If they did, they would understand why so many satanists, and satanic practices, keep turning up in chuch settings – and have done right from the very beginning.

      • adelle
        adelle says:

        at a certain point I figured out that all the new age hippie dippie “be the light” wasn’t just cute “universal” spirituality but seriously satanic. not surprisingly all the contemporary figures in the new age movement draw their inspiration from known occultists. all this “be the light” nonsense leads to self worship which is certainly not serving Hashem, Creator of heaven and earth.

        “be the light” indeed. lucy in the sky with diamonds style…

        Hashem please open the eyes of the blinded and misguided.

        it has been so healing to see the massive effort to provide tzitzit for the soldiers! the mitzvah of tzitzit requires us to look at them and by looking we remember all that Hashem commands us and we do those mitzvot… bH everyone engaged in this project for the sake of holy jews performing the mitzvah of tzitizt will certainly merit sweet unblinding and awakening to Hashem’s Truth as will all who see footage and videos of the whole tzitzit makers all over Israel!


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