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Busting the paradigm

I’ve been thinking a lot about how ‘the evils’ turn us all against each other. In our puppet-controlled world, they make all these machloket, all these ridiculous arguments between us, about details that are actually totally pointless, but become the whole ikker. I lost a few good friends over the whole Covid psyop, because they insisted I should […]

The Rambam on accidental murder

Amazingly, this was the next part of the Rav’s shiur, given on Rosh Chodesh Kislev (Nov 13th, 2023). The first part of the shiur was talking about transferring 1.5 billion to Hamas, and Hamas firing on the patients in the hospitals, and then blaming it on the IDF, if they try to take down Al […]

Friendly fire

The last two days, I’ve been pretty down. It’s probably a whole bunch of things together, including trying to keep everything going and ‘upbeat’ so the wedding could get done, and not totally falling apart that first month after Simchat Torah. But the ‘last straw’ seems to have been that terror attack that happened in […]

When the lies becomes ‘the truth’

This one is a little more recent  – from last Saturday night. ==== Shiur given at Seudat Shlishit, Shabbat Vayetza, 12th Kislev 5784, (Nov 25th, 2023) …The force of the imagination that deceives a person is called ‘Lavan Ha Arami’ (Laban the Aramean). There is something that is called ‘Lavan Ha Arami’, that decieves a […]

Everything with Qatar was a lie

Shavua Tov! Over Shabbat, I managed to catch up on a few of the Rav’s shiurim from the last couple of weeks. I will just carry on translating the bits that took my eye, and you take from it whatever you take from it. There’s lots and lots of hints…. as usual. ==== Excerpt of […]

Hamas and the hostage dog

One of my friends summed it up like this yesterday: I’ve stopped watching the news as much as possible now. Even the ‘good news’ just makes me feel bad and nervous. Yup, that about sums things up at the moment. ==== I spent three days before during and after the wedding going ‘cold turkey’ on […]

Help required: The Lurie Legacy

I am trying to get hold of a full copy of The Lurie Legacy from 2004. I can’t find it anywhere online as the full PDF, and none of the second hand booksellers seem to have it either – which is a little strange, as it’s a popular book from 2004. Does anyone out there […]

“Christian Zists” and Freemasons

You know, there is a small amount of real truth starting to sprout in the world. I am not in ‘full on writing’ mode this week still, until we’re done with the sheva brachot, (and btw, thanks so much for everyone’s lovely brachot for the happy couple, it’s really appreciated.) But…. this video just came across […]