Rebbe Nachman on Jewish Demons

While I’m sitting here, watching our corrupt ‘leaders’ mislead thousands of people into moving to ‘camps’….

***UPDATES – Holograms being used more than 30 years ago below***

(This is sounding familiar, some how….. no, don’t give me any clues, I’m sure I’ll remember where we saw something like this happening before, at some point….)

I thought I would just post up some more stuff from Rebbe Nachman on the ‘Jewish devils’ that are leading us, on all sides of the secular / fake-religious divide.

Remember, the main job of these people is to disconnect us from God, our own souls and ‘felt experience’ of life – and the True Tzaddikim.

Sadly, they are still doing it fantastically.


The following all comes from ‘Advice’ (Likutey Etzot):

There are leaders who go by the name of ‘rabbi’ but whose learning comes from the ‘superficialities’ and ‘waste’ of Torah. They are unable to control themselves, let alone other people.

But they still have pretensions to greatness, and seek to lead and guide the whole world. You should be very careful to not accord them any recognition whatsoever, so as not to add in any way to their power or authority.

They themselves can be forgiven for what they do; they are the victims of a strong lust for power. It’s the people who give them credibility and power, and who are prepared to accord them the title of ‘rabbi’ who will have a heavy price to pay.


The foundation of true spiritual leadership is love. No one can be a true leader unless he genuinely loves the Jewish people. But he must understand how to show this love.

It’s forbidden to show love to rashaim (evildoers) – to murderers and robbers.

He must know how to guide and direct each individual along the path which will lead to his ultimate good. The essence of the love he must show the Jewish people is to lead them away from their sins. There is no greater love than this.


Those who ridicule and abuse the genuinely religious are under the influence of the Torah they’ve learned from scholars who don’t have sufficient integrity.

These scholars are called ‘Jewish devils’ (Zohar III, 253) because their Torah is ‘fallen Torah’, which doesn’t have the power to guide people along the path of truth and goodness.

There is nothing to be gained from such scholars.

Anyone who associates with them will turn into an atheist.


There are people who don’t have a good word for anybody. They’re always looking for the bad in other people.

The source of their life-force is rooted in the dark side, which is called ‘the end of all flesh’ (Genesis 6:13).

Such people are constantly trying to make an end of things. They are highly destructive. Their accusations and slander arouse harsh judgments in the world. The main evil here is that the faculty of speech is being abused.

The way to crush and humble these people is by developing your faculty of speech to perfection.



I remember so very many years ago  now, when R Chaim Dovid Stern of Bnei Brak put out a message saying that:

Rav Berland is the last test before Moshiach.

And that anyone who believed the media’s slanders about the Rav wouldn’t be around when geula  actually came.

At the time, this seemed like a pretty ‘harsh’ message.

But now?

After Covid….Meron….Aza….two state ‘solutions’ and camps….

It’s just an obvious consequence of an inability to understand that the media is the brainwashing tool of the people who are trying to kill us all, uproot our Torah, and the Jews, from Eretz Yisrael – and keep us away from following the advice of the True Tzaddikim, that could turn all this around in the blink of an eye.


A few days ago, someone sent me this meme:


My personal version of this meme is this:

If you believe they lied about Covid, Meron, Ukraine, Aza – but told the truth about what really happened with Rav Berland….

Then you are failing the ‘last test before Moshiach’ really, really badly.

And as we are coming down to the wire now, there isn’t going to be much time left to rectify that, and it’s natural consequence.


At this stage, I’m running out of energy and motivation to keep arguing with people.

Ultimately, the people who keep on believing the media’s lies are walking themselves into destruction.

There is no point wasting more time tilting at windmills, when that’s better spent reciting tehillim, learning Gemara and making some real, personal teshuva.


Rav Natan once wrote (translated in His Wisdom, p 308):

Ridicule these words and you only ridicule yourself.

We speak the truth and it is yours to accept. But if you wish to turn your back on it and remain stuck in the deep quicksand (Tehillim 69:3) of this world, there is no-one to prevent you.

“Let each man go his own way, but we will call out in God’s name.”

These were the Rebbe’s words to a man who spoke to him at length.


The Rebbe knew that this man was drowning in the endless waters (Yevamot 121a) and wanted to rescue him.

But the man hardened his heart and turned a stubborn shoulder (Zechariah 7:11), not accepting the Rebbe’s advice.

He knew the Rebbe spoke the truth, but refused to take his words to heart.


The Rebbe said:

“He is like a drowning man who is about to die.

A rescuer comes along and extends a hand to lift him from the water.

But the drowning man turns a stubborn shoulder and turns his back in arrogance, not wanting to grasp the helping hand. 

He flees from the one who comes to save him.”


It’s not too late to grasp the helping hand, still.

But soon, we will be moving into the openly ‘supernatural’ portion of this journey.

And if you think the confusion and fear is too much to deal with now, it’s only going to intensify when the ‘UFOs’ show up with lazer beams, and holographic yoshki (and / or the Lubavitcher Rebbe….) makes a guest appearance.

UPDATE: Like this:


Now is the time to finally face down all the lies we’ve been believing, for years and years, fed to us by the media.

And that’s why Rav Berland really is the last ‘test’, before Moshiach.

May God help us to pass it.


Pass the following around to as many people as you can:

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  1. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    Broker Tov! Have a delicious Shabbat!
    Liked this: “ And if you think the confusion and fear is too much to deal with now, it’s only going to intensify when the ‘UFOs’ show up with lazer beams, and holographic yoshki (and / or the Lubavitcher Rebbe….) makes a guest appearance.”
    Wow, a graphic in the skies, get ready, grab the popcorn?
    But keep HaShem in your mind and heart.
    [with all due respect, I go straight to Hashem, He saved me and I’m full of gratitude]

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    If this is the war of Gog and Magog (what’s happening in Israel now) as Rav Berland is saying, that means the redemption is very very close. He keeps saying this is the year of redemption.

    • Yossi in Chul
      Yossi in Chul says:

      with respect, a video like this is just more news, more social ‘view farming’, and the main thing is to just ignore these things. Reality is, swarms of drones with LEDs could do these things in 1993, of course, but now these drones are just less money from economies of scale. Just looks like visual effects with subliminal visual messaging. Don’t think i even looked at the audio, or heard it.
      As for the Rebbe MLubawicz Ztz”l, he is clear in his recorded teachings that according to Rambam, Rambam is correct on the ‘meshichist’ question, and Lubawicz hassidim go by Rambam. Seems like a non-issue, and none of my business.
      There’s literally video of the kever of the Besh”t, from HaRav Alon Anava. Also, Brit HaBirionim didn’t do (what they were accused of). Seems like consistent Israeli methodology to allow the horrible accusations, even prevent friends from speaking out, simply to shield the community as a whole. [not sure if this is appropriate]. It’s fog of war, always has been, and history is less than useless now, as ever, in specifically the field of blaming any person or group, but of course remembering amalek, and remembering the exodus from mitzraim which of course is basically contemporaneous….
      The Torah is not a history book, but Jewish history is still taught in the NCO shuls and yeshivos in erets yisra’el, for good reason. It was so encouraging to hear and read about HaRav Berland teaching and learning with dati leumi people. Hashem should help us all with tshuvah from love. The reward is important to believe in, personally i need to want to do the right thing either way, (and i think i need to work more on believing in reward and punishment. revival of the dead is settled history and not in any serious dispute.)
      Kol Tuv LKulam wHatslacha,(sorry about my english)
      b’ahavas yisroel,

  3. lisa
    lisa says:

    i want to work on my teshuva….but need guidance. who can i go to for help. i’m a middle age women who lives in israel. (modern orthodox)

    • Simon
      Simon says:

      What do you need to repent for?
      Also, I’d say get rid of the label like ‘modern orthodox’ and just be a God fearing Israelite woman. All the labels just divide people and make them loose sight of the truth.
      Pray every night to God to merit to serve Him properly and to make repentance for [insert sin here].

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      The first thing I would suggest is to buy some Breslov books – books by Rebbe Nachman (Hebrew is better, but if that’s hard they are mostly all translated into English now) including:

      Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom

      Start with those. And also, if you have Hebrew, read the books by Rav Ofer Erez – this is his Facebook link (which I’m banned from…) – and he’s also on Youtube, you can buy his books from there.

      His one English book, so far, is ‘From the Depths’.

      And also, read the Rav’s stuff. While he sometimes talks ‘very high’, most of what he says is actually very simple to follow.

      Right now, he’s saying the main teshuva is tznius, and for married women to make sure all their hair is covered, and for everyone to get rid of their tight clothes, both men and women.

      Plus the tehillim – whatever you can manage.

      If you have more ‘headspace’, then try to start doing hitbodedut – talking to God in your own words – for at least 5 minutes a day. And ask God to show you what else to focus on.

      No-one else can really tell us what we really need to make specific teshuva for, especially on our middot etc and personal interactions.

      Except our own souls – when we plug them back into Hashem.

      And lastly – kol hakavod to you, Lisa!

      We are all small people, but the mesirut nefesh of us ‘small people’, wherever we are, and our yearning to get back to God in the middle of this totally overwhelming world of lies is actually the biggest weapon we have, today.

      Every tiny step is doing enormous things in the world.


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