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Take heart! And turn off the news

The news – and most of your social media – is lying to you about everything. It’s lying about what happened on Simchat Torah, and how. It’s lying about who did it. It’s lying about who arranged, planned and financed it. And most of all, it’s lying about ‘what is going to happen next’. ==== […]

Only fear Hashem

I couldn’t get into my blog for three days… Maybe it got hacked, maybe it didn’t. Who knows. In the meantime, I’m here to tell you that the only thing to fear right now is Hashem. ==== Like so many of us, I have been on a crazy roller-coaster ride of ‘OK’ and ‘not-so-OK’ the […]

For residents of the North

There’s a few clips going around of a ‘hidden tzaddik’ from just before the horrible events of Shabbat warning about what was about to happen. One of my friends who speaks Hebrew sent me the following – then scroll down to see the response from the Rav’s gabbay: I found this, apparently messages from hidden […]

New prayer from the Rav for the soldiers

Cut and pasted from ravberland.com == New prayer from Rabbi Eliezer Berland shlit”a for the success and protection of the soldiers of Israel who now stand on the frontlines to defend the Jewish people: Obligatory prayer for protection for IDF soldiers before combat and for returning in peace Written for the welfare and success of […]

Four funerals, and a wedding

Yesterday was a busy day. I spent hours reciting the whole book of tehillim, as per the Rav’s requests for more people to stop relying on ‘the army’, and to start spending their time doing things that will really help Am Yisrael. Then, I talked to a few people. One friend told me she’d just […]

More updates from the Rav

In case you haven’t realised already, “the news” is lying to you. Sure, there is some truth mixed in to all this, because without the element of truth, no lie would last long. And this particular ‘lie’ has lasted 75 years and counting…. (At least.) So, I am going to stick to just passing on […]

A book of tehillim every day

In the shiur yesterday, the Rav asked that every girl and woman 7+ should try to say a whole book of tehillim a day. ***UPDATES BELOW*** For non-Hebrew speakers, that’s an even bigger ask – see if you can team up with some friends and divide the book between you. Also, the Rav said every […]

The morning watch

I woke up today to the loud sounds of war planes overhead. It was before dawn, there were lots and lots and lots of them. A few minutes later, the ‘Allahu Akhbar’ chants started up from the mosques close to where I live. They’d turned up the volume, and there was a definite ‘edge’ to […]

Update from the Rav

I was just at the tefillot of the Rav tonight. He spoke for 30 minutes, and at times seemed close to tears. What I understood him to be saying about the situation was: It’s the most serious time for Am Yisrael, they are really trying to do another shoah, mamash. Everything that is happening is […]

The spiritual fight back begins

This morning, before I wrote that last post, I was feeling pretty down. ***Excerpts from the Rav’s shiurim updated below – scroll down.*** After I wrote it, I started to feel a bit happier, but still not great. Then, one of my Breslov friends sent me this: “They” really didn’t want us dancing…. But today […]