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Message from Rav Berland from the last week (heading into Parsha Lech Lecha, 5784, pulled together 27.10.2023)


[This was being handed around at the Rav’s tefillot yesterday night, Fri 27.10.2023. I translated most of it, below. There are some more big hints about what really happened on Simchat Torah, plus more advice on how we get this to turn around without thousands more dead Jews, God forbid. Top of the list is more tehillim, 10 pages of Gemara a day – and a big emphasis on tznius, for both men and women.]


People without heads, totally burned, it’s impossible to identify them.

It will take months until they manage to identify all the people murdered. They don’t know how to distinguish between terrorists and ‘not-terrorists’. It’s impossible to tell the difference.

Everyone is piled up one on the other in the streets, on the main roads. They still didn’t clear them,  and they won’t clear them. It’s impossible to clear them.

It’s impossible to look at the awful spectacle, people chopped to pieces, they destroyed their faces, it’s impossible to recognise them.


Everything depends on the girls.

It should be known that the girls of Shuvu Banim are what is left for Am Yisrael.

Shuvu Banim is like an island in a raging ocean. All of Shuvu Banim is simply a single island in the heart of the ocean, with waves that are 100 metres high.


It’s like when Rabbenu described the waves that were 100 metres high. They needed to fire with cannons in order to try to make a level place between the waves. You need to read the whole story, where the Rebbe was the first hostage.

They kidnapped Rabbenu!

But Rabbenu knew how to become freed. He said that he was kidnapped, in order for the kidnappers to free him.

And now, just like Rabbenu was freed, so all the hostages will be freed, bezrat Hashem.


You should know that the whole matter of the ground invasion being delayed is all due to the prayers of the women.

Because the entrance into Gaza is the most dangerous ting in the world – cramped alleys that are a metre wide, quarters that are two thousand years old. It’s impossible to enter there with tanks. The soldiers need to go by foot, and the Hamas is waiting for them.

They want to give them a nice ‘reception’ with cakes, and with cannons, and with sub-machine guns, with grenades. The most festive ‘reception’ that there could possibly be.


They are thinking about the 1,000 soldiers who will ‘go’ [i.e. be killed] in the first round of fire – and only the women who took it upon themselves to recite a book of tehillim each day, in the merit of these women, so the invasion of Gaza is being delayed.

Thousands of soldiers that otherwise would have been killed….

And it could still be totally cancelled.


So, each woman needs to know that the moment her dress gets shortened by a millimetre, ten soldiers get killed. And if it’s a centimetre, then it’s a thousand soldiers. A [married] woman who leaves her hair out, on the spot a whole platoon is killed, of 1,000 soldiers.


All of those who fell in the roads of the Kibbutzim – they still didn’t count them all, and they also can’t recognise them.

All the children without heads. A whole ‘Baby House’[1], where they chopped their heads off. They don’t know how to identify what belongs to who. It will take another whole month to identify those murdered.

They don’t know how many it’s going to get to – people without heads, totally burnt. It’s impossible to identify them.


Only Tehillim [can protect] against the tillim (rockets).

Not ‘Iron Dome’, and not Patriots, and not ‘Patriot rockets against rockets’. Only the tehillim can destroy the rockets.

That the women are saying three books of Tehillim each day, and decided to cover all their hair – no [married] women should expose her hair. No new bride should expose her hair. And all the girls should burn all their tight dresses and skirts.

And the boys should also burn all their [tight] trousers. It’s forbidden for men to go with tight trousers, issur d’oraita, to go with tight clothes.

It’s forbidden for a person to show off their body. It’s a cutonot or, it’s a body from the primordial snake….


All those that drove to Gaza, so the soldiers got confused.

They didn’t know what is a ‘terrorist’, and what is an ‘Israeli’.

They fired on whole battalions.

There are many Jews who were destroyed just by ‘friendly fire’.

Just two days ago, a few soliders were killed, and a few police said that terrorists were coming to the beach. So, they saw a few soldiers were walking around outside, so they fired on them. They thought that these were ‘the terrorists’.

But really, they were Jewish Israelis.

So, there is a danger that a few thousand will die from ‘friendly fire’.

And so, only the women who are covering their hair, and walk with long dresses – because it’s forbidden for women to emphasise the body. And also, it’s forbidden for men to show off their body….


And also straight away, we need to smash to pieces the new ‘satanic’ thing.

The Satan has put out something new, it’s the Siomi [a new smartphone in Israel that is being sold as being a ‘kosher’ phone, with the kosher phone sticker, but is not a kosher phone at all, and allows access to anything you can see on a regular smartphone].

Everyone [in the chareidi world] is buying Siomi, they call it ‘Siomi’. We need to smash it up immediately, this second, with a hammer…’s causing all the disasters.


And so, 1,500 babies, children, young women and young men were murdered.

So, every boy and girl should burn their Siomi, their smartphones, the i-Phones.

All this is bringing the war, it’s causing Jews to be murdered, soldiers to be murdered. It’s bringing all the disasters upon us.

All these Siomis and the internet, should be totally erased.


Now, the Beit Din of Rav Ovadia Yosef publicised that he never intended to give a heter (halachic permission – leniency) for girls to leave their hair uncovered, chas v’shalom.

He didn’t contradict all the Gadolim, all the poskim of the generation, and all the generations, for three thousand years, since the time of Matan Torah.

He just said that secular women who were starting to come back in teshuva, so he permitted them a small line [of hair] that they could leave out at the beginning.

Everyone is obligated to totally cover their hair. The daughters of Rav Ovadia Yosef didn’t show any hair – and it’s also like this by the non-Jews. They also don’t show their hair, and it’s also like this by the Arabs. The Arabs don’t show any hair.

All the nurses in [Hadassah] Ein Kerem didn’t show any hair.

I was together with Yusuf. He told me that by them, if they show any hair, they simply break their bones with a stick, until she ‘makes teshuva’ and promises that she won’t show any hair again…..


And the Jews that go into Gaza in the first wave will even be killed by ‘friendly fire’.

Because they already don’t know how to discern between the terrorists and the soldiers.

So, everything depends upon the girls….


Everything goes according to mesirut nefesh (self-sacrifice).

Today, if a [married] young woman covers all her hair, this is mesirut nefesh. If she goes with a long skirt, this is mesirut nefesh. She burns her tight tops – this is mesirut nefesh.

And also a boy who burns his [tight] trousers, this is also mesirut nefesh…. And smash up the Siomi, the smartphone, which is also another creation of the Satan.


The whole of Hamas is a creation of the Satan.

[Hamas] is worse than demons, it’s worse than vicious animals, than lions or leopards. It’s worse than [poisonous] snakes, worse than the snake with seven heads.

The first thing, is to watch out for the snake with seven heads. Hamas is a snake with 100,000 heads.

So, 50,000 passed away. [It’s not clear what the Rav is referring to here.]

The whole invasion – there is a doubt if it will bring any benefit at all, because ‘Hamas’ is never-ending.

Half the world is ‘Hamas’.

Belarus said that ‘we are with the Palestinians’. The whole world has become contaminated, and there are also demonstrations.


The Palestinians say: Everything belongs to us! Eretz Yisrael belongs to us! Tel Aviv belongs to us!

Everything belongs to them – and the world believes them, because they are all the children of the Satan himself.

Hamas are the children of the Satan.

And now, the time has already begun were we need to be learning Gemara all day long – 10 pages of Gemara!

So for the men, we are shortening [the Tehillim]. Instead of reading a whole book, or three books, it’s enough to read one of the five sections every day, to finish one section [of Tehillim], in order to complete 10 pages of Gemara.

And also, to do a long Shemoneh Esrei, and the ma’ariv prayers.


This depends upon the prayers of the women.

Upon the tzniut of the girls.

And by way of this, we will to have the full geulah, speedily in our days, amen.



[1] Some  kibbutzim in Israel still have a ‘baby house’ – a communal place where the babies are brought by the parents and cared for there, out of the parent’s home.

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  1. Neshama
    Neshama says:

    Really good, great advice. Even the boys were dragged into this anti-tsnius clothing! Awful. I put some on my blog!
    Horrible about the “friendly fire” …..

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Apparently, the Badatz has called for a worldwide recital of tehillim at 4pm today – 30th October. I’m trying to get more info about it, but FYI.


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