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More clues from the Rav

Excerpt of shiur given on Wednesday, 2nd Kislev, 5784, to the Hoshen Mishpat Kollel in the Old City of Jerusalem Now we need to travel [to Uman]. Here, he’s organising flights for us, so we can fly to Uman, even three [planes, each containing] 800 people. Every two hours, they get to Uman, there and […]

Waiting for the miracle

I have to say, I’m feeling quite down at the moment. For a few different reasons. Every day, more dead Jews in Gaza – and I’m sitting here thinking what, 60-100 billion shekels goes to the army EVERY SINGLE YEAR and yet they couldn’t figure out a way to make a ‘robot’ to go into booby […]


Or to give it it’s proper Jewish term, midda kneged midda. From the beginning of this ‘war’, it seems to me that Hashem’s hashgacha pratit has been far more pronounced, than in the past. Without going into details, all the people who have lost loved ones that I knew personally, in some way, I could kind […]

Censorship ?

I’m getting lots of messages that my blog seems to be ‘stuck’ at Nov 30. I’ve written about another 10 posts since then, but people aren’t seeing them. It could just be a ‘blog forwarding’ issue. Try: Thinkforyourselfpublishing.com – the new name of the site, from a couple of months ago. I’ve been talking to […]

Dealing with narcissists

It’s going to take me a day or two to translate the rest of the Rav’s comments on the halachic discussion around ‘killing the people of Shechem’. Baruch Hashem, he brings a lot of sources and insights, and approaches the question from multiple viewpoints. If you are familiar with the process of ‘teasing out the […]

Luminaries of fire vs luminaries of light

Rebbe Nachman on real Jewish leaders. Reposting this article on the difference between luminaries of fire and luminaries of light, from 2016. While so much has changed since then, sadly, so much really hasn’t. And Rabbenu’s wisdom is even more necessary, in these dark days where we really need the real ‘light’ of real tzaddikim […]

A shidduch from ‘the Hilltop Youth’

Let’s get away from all the ‘politics’ for a moment to talk about shidduchim. A couple of years back, a bunch of my daughter’s friends, some of whom I am very close to, came of marriageable age. While they aren’t ‘chareidi’, they are all big believers in Hashem, and what Israelis would refer to as […]

Jewish Jesuits and Berlin Bankers

A few months ago, the penny finally dropped that so many of the ‘famous names’ that populate Jewish history and Jewish genealogy from the last 250 years are actually made-up. This happened in a few different ways. Some of it was just the need of the times, when Jews were forced by the secular authorities […]