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Some interesting stuff to read

Well, the three days totally offline experiment begins today. In the meantime, here’s a few things that caught my eye on the LaQuintaColumna telegram channel HERE. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8873931/  This is a new research article talking about how they want to start using ‘ionising radiation’ for ‘vaccine development’. The truth is always hidden in plain view…. We’re […]

Time to revisit the scene of the crime

Chananya Weissmann has put together a very interesting video about what really happened October 7th. I have to be honest and tell you that I’m not watching it myself, as I just don’t want to put any more pics of ‘yuck’ into my brain at this point. But you can read what he covers in […]

Mrs Amalek

After a month of feeling pretty ill, I finally managed to get back to my art chug yesterday in Jerusalem. Before I continue the story, I did another serious bout of ‘teshuva hitbodedut’, two days ago to try and figure out what’s been underneath all this excrutiating pain and the most painful cough I had […]

The Rav is not Moshiach

I am pulling this out as it’s own post. It’s an update to the previous post, ‘Surprises in Adar‘. ==== UPDATE: So, Rav Almaliach just put out a message that he got from the Rav after the Rav’s comments to the public. This is what he said the Rav asked him to publicise: This is […]

Surprises in Adar

Remember a couple of months ago, R Almaliach said there would be ‘surprises in Adar’? ***UPDATE BELOW*** Well…. I think they are beginning in earnest. == The announcement last week that 250 hand-picked drug addicts would be ‘crowning Moshiach’ was kind of surprising. But yesterday, my husband was at the ma’ariv prayers of the Rav, […]

One in a Generation downloads, and a small break

Ultimately, no-one can tell you what to believe. Only you can do that. And if you aren’t talking to God regularly every day, aren’t checking in with your own bad middot regularly, aren’t trying to at least acknowledge that you do actually have blind spots, and a ‘shadow self’ that presents itself as totally logical and […]

What’s going on with the Rav

This is going to be quite the post. May Hashem help me to write it. The easiest thing is if I just start at the beginning. Around three weeks ago, my good friend S, asked me: have you been following the recent videos from Rav Elmaliach? No, I told her. What has he been saying? […]

Frequency Part 3 – Teshuva

Lots has happened since I wrote part 2 of this series. (HERE.) Long story short, I went into Shabbat thinking that I have to do a serious six hour hitbodedut session about what is going on here, especially in terms of what teshuva is required from me, to stop being so affected by all the […]