Or to give it it’s proper Jewish term, midda kneged midda.

From the beginning of this ‘war’, it seems to me that Hashem’s hashgacha pratit has been far more pronounced, than in the past.

Without going into details, all the people who have lost loved ones that I knew personally, in some way, I could kind of see the hashgacha pratit clearly, as to why specifically these families were in the frame.

Again, without going into details, but I noticed from the first few days that many of the families having sons killed in Gaza seem to have very close links with the government.

State Comptrollers….Teachers who were mamash hated by their students… People with very tight links to ‘anti Rav Berland’ factions in the so-called religious world….and of course, even ministers and former Chiefs of Staff of the IDF.


If you go to the Jewish Press site HERE, you’ll find an article from April 2023 called:

General Brik: The IDF Not Ready for All-Out War

Here’s a snippet:

“There is nothing more grotesque than the idle statements of the political and security echelons about preparedness in all sectors before tensions break out,” General (Res.) Yitzhak Brik wrote in Maariv Thursday.

He blames, above all else, former Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, who only recently spoke about the IDF’s preparedness, when, in reality, he was one of the chief architects of the IDF’s lack of readiness for the coming all-out war.

“As Chief of Staff, Gantz decided to cut hundreds of tanks and other units from the Ground Forces, crossing a red line that must not be crossed. Under his leadership, the threat surrounding Israel intensified to dimensions we had not known before: hundreds of thousands of missiles and rockets around Israel, tens of thousands of enemy fighters equipped with anti-tank weapons and artillery, and pro-Iranian Shiite militias that are gaining great power in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.”


The same people who helped make the mess are the same people pretending to lead us out of it…. on all sides of the (pretend…) political divide.

Point is, Gantz was then replaced by G. as Chief of Staff.

If you go to G.’s Wiki page, HERE, you read this:

In August 2016 [he] was awarded with the Commander of the Legion of Merit by general Joseph Dunford.

The award was given due to [his] “exceptionally meritorious service as chief of the General Staff of the IDF” and his “contribution to the strategic cooperation between the United States and Israel will have a lasting effect on both countries“.[24]


I would love to know what that ‘contribution’ was, that saw him being given the ‘Commander of the Legion of Merit’ by the States.

HERE is the Wiki page for that, and this is a picture of that ‘Commander’ medal. What do you notice?


Yeah, how about that ‘star of David’ in the middle?

In our upside-down world, they will tell you that this shows how ‘Jews’ took over the States.

Really, it’s the exact opposite.



The medal was presented by the former Chief of Staff under both Obama and Trump (because as I keep telling you, the political divide everywhere is ‘fake’), Joseph Dunford.

Awww, so sweet.

The IDF gave him a medal back in 2017.

THIS is an image on Flickr, showing Yvette Lieberman shaking hands with him.

The medal he got back was called ‘Chief of Staff Medal of Appreciation’, and was only given 10 times since it was created, back in 1981.

Here’s a list of all the people (and ‘things’) it was ever given to. What do you notice?


So much to say, but as the censorship is just going to continue spiralling up and up…. it’s really time everyone learned how to start thinking for themselves.

If you’re bored, spend a few minutes taking a look at our ‘leaders’ here, especially in the military, and see if you can spot how many tight links they have to the American deep state and the spooks.

And then, work out for yourself who is really running the country.

Regardless of who anyone votes for in the elections.


There are some suggestions that ‘something big’ might be happening on Zot Chanuka.

I don’t know what.

I’m hoping that whatever it is, it’s going to be something that is sweetening what is going on here, and not making it more bitter.

But we live in very strange times.

If you didn’t already, you need to ramp your emuna up to the max, connect strongly to God and His true tzaddikim, and switch your focus into praying, tzedaka and working on overcoming bad middot and bad habits.

I will try to keep posting here, but it seems to me that the efforts to close down the blog are going up, and if it gets too much, then I’ll stop.

I’m not a ‘glutton for punishment’ like that, and I am not going to carry on writing if I see it’s really getting dodgy to continue.

Ultimately, each person will have to connect back to their souls, and then connect their souls back to God and His real tzaddikim.

The ‘shortcuts’ are all being closed down, it seems.

And may we just hear good news.

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  1. Elisheva
    Elisheva says:

    In a September interview retired General Gershon Hacohen stated that all IDF officers are required to do courses at The Pentagon in order to advance in their careers. During this time they are brain washed into following American methods, tactics etc & are conditioned to the use of American weapons. When they return to Israel they then advocate the adoption of these tactics, platforms etc and ‘persuade’ the Government of the day to comply. Hence no production of Israeli weapons of war any more, just American ones, which allows the US to dictate Israeli policy cf Obama’s threat not to send Iron Dome resupply rockets.
    He is convinced that for Israel to have an independent policy which puts Israel & not the US first, all current & former IDF top brass has to be replaced by an un tainted & un indoctrinated new generation.
    (BTW 5 pointed stars I think)

  2. Simon
    Simon says:

    In my opinion, when the NWO is trying to shut you down, you shouldn’t just let them. If everybody quit like that, they would easily win, at least in theory.
    But God will show you what you should do.

  3. Vivian
    Vivian says:

    Rifka I’m assuming u r aware that it is that 13 pointed star thats on the US dollar. And I always thought it represented the 13 original colonies….but now I know better.


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