How was it permissible to kill all the people of Shechem – Part II

Continuing with the second part of the Rav’s shiur given in Beer Sheva on Nov 20th, 2023.

(You can read the first part HERE.)

In a later shiur, the Rav came at this subject from a totally different perspective, and BH I will translate parts of that shiur next, so don’t jump to conclusions until you’ve read the rest of the translations on this subject.

It’s all an exercise in letting go of our pre-conceived notions and personal biases, to really dig down as objectively as possible, to figure out what does God really want from us, here?



So, we are talking about the question, which is, why didn’t Yaakov go and rescue Dina?

The explanation is that Yaakov didn’t want want to fight with Shechem, because [in order to free Dina] they needed to fight with the whole city of Shechem.

He searched for how to make peace, he searched for how to do it.


[This question], It’s the Ramban who is asking it.

And Yaakov even yelled at them:

Accursed is their rage for it is intense, and their wrath for it is harsh.”[1]

They aren’t going to get it now, they aren’t going to recieve [land in Israel as] a nachala (inherited estate). Because they killed Shechem, they aren’t going to recieve a nachala.

Shimon didn’t recieve a nachala, and Levi didn’t get a nachala.

Shimon – [his land] is in Dimona, Beer Sheva, it’s all ‘Shimon’. It’s the sweetest place in the world. He only got [given land] within the nachala of Yehuda.

Ziklag, everything, it’s Shimon. Dimona, from there southwards, everything belongs to Shimon. Beer Sheva belongs to Shimon. They don’t have their own nachala ‘by themselves’. It’s within [the land apportioned to] Yehuda.

Because why did you kill a whole city?

Everyone had already circumcised themselves, and [Yaacov] fixed their boundaries.


It’s written that Yaakov fixed for them the currency and the boundaries.

He taught them how to apportion tzedakah (charity), that we don’t keep all the money for ourselves. Apportion 50% for tzedakah.

Rav Natan used to distribute 50% [of his money] to tzedekah. In Trevista [? A place?] they were very rich, so they took the ma’aser (10% tithe) for themselves, and the rest they used to distribute.

So, there are people who take the ma’aser for themselves.


So, we are talking about all this now, that everyone is making teshuva.

Everyone [who was killed al kiddush Hashem]  is already in Gan Eden – everyone. It’s written that no creation can stand in their place – whoever [was killed al kiddush Hashem] – no other creation can stand in their place – no other creation in the world!

Whoever goes via kiddush Hashem, so they do in one second what otherwise would need to be done over a thousand years.

Whoever goes via kiddush Hashem, even if he doesn’t fast on Yom Kippur, and he doesn’t do this or that – it doesn’t matter. The moment is killed al kiddush Hashem, he’s called just because he’s a Jew, so then he enters straight into Gan Eden – to the mechitzah of HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

He learns Torah from the mouth of HaKadosh Baruch Hu, he hears Torah mamash from the mouth of HaKadosh Baruch Hu.


So, you are in Beer Sheva, but in Jerusalem there are no sirens.

Jerusalem is exactly far enough away from Gaza, and far enough away from Hizbollah. [The rockets] gets to Beit Shemesh, and now already for a week and a half already, there are no sirens in Ashdod.

In Beer Sheva, there was a siren a week ago, but in Ashdod it’s already ten days and no sirens.

Because slowly, slowly, their rockets are getting used up – they are getting finished. So now, they want five days of cessation, in order to renew all the rockets.

They are saying that Hamas is wearing out Hizbollah [i.e. their rocket supply], and that Hizbollah is wearing out [the rocket supply of] Hamas. They say that they have rockets that cover the whole of the Aretz.

So Bibi is looking out for them, bezrat Hashem. He’s worrying for them, that they should have rockets.

So, they want five days of ceasefire, to replenish the stores. This is now the condition for releasing the hostages, five days break. The explanation is that they will be able to restock a million rockets. In one second they will bring rockets from Iran.

What, Iran is here, a one hour flight from here. In one hour they will refill all the arsenal.

He is giving them no end of rockets, in one hour, in one second.


So, they want five days of cessation to free 50 hostages.

So they already agreed to give them 24 hours, because it’s hard to resupply the stocks. But they have tunnels, such tunnels! Like massive halls!


They want to evacuate Shuvu Banim.

I have the book of Teddy [Kollek, former mayor Jerusalem. In the book he says that][2] all the friction between the Jews and the Arabs – this is only because of Shuvu Banim. All the problems.

This is what he wrote in his book. I will read you that afterwards, I have it in the drawer there. But we’ll leave it until the next shiur.

He writes that all the problem, it’s just Shuvu Banim – they are causing the friction between the Jews and the Arabs, because [speaking on behalf of Teddy Kollek] we already love the Arabs, and only because of them [Shuvu Banim] we still don’t have peace with the Arabs.

This is what he writes.

He says that there, [in the Shuvu Banim yeshiva], there are guys from the army, from Sayeret Matkal.[3] There’s a group there, there’s the son of Ze’evi Gandi.

Gandi himself was also here, he used to come every week.

So he [Teddy] says I know that there are squad of special forces here, but why are they living in the middle of the Arabs?! They dafka want to upset them, to make them angry. This called ‘provocation’. I am working to make peace with the Arabs, and they just argue with them all day long!

When someone from Shuvu Banim used to pass by, they [the Arabs] used to cross to the other side, they knew that you don’t start up, here.


When we came to fix the first water pipe, there was no water [in the Shuvu Banim yeshiva in the Old City].

It belonged to Ateret HaCohanim, so we came to fix the water mains, and around 10 arabs came….And so they came, 10 of the chevra, to disrupt the fixing of the pipe, and the water meter.

So there was one person, Eliyahu Bloom, he grabbed hold of them by their heads, and then we heard voices, thunder and thunder-claps. It’s like the clouds that fight with each other.

How is there thunder and lighting? It’s when clouds come together, minus-plus. So, he took hold of one who was ‘minus’ and another who was ‘plus’, and this is how he switched on the electricity…

So, he knocked their heads together. He was called Eliyahu Bloom. And if not for him, we wouldn’t be here today.


…Now Biden wants to stop the fighting, and Bibi is prepared already to give them rockets.

To give them whatever they need, because the ikker is that he should be kept on as the Prime Minister.

Because everyone is already saying that he needs to totally resign, already. 1,200 were killed, this is 1,400, 1,500.


So, all this we are saying here refers to the kooshia of the Ramban, why didn’t Yaakov free Dina? Yaakov needed to have freed Dina.

And he said you damaged my reputation in the eyes of all the residents of the land.

He said, [by way of explanation] that everyone already made teshuva. The people of Shechem had already converted, sincerely. They circumcised themselves, they were abiding by [the laws of] the boundary.

It’s written: “And he encamped before the city.”[4]



[1] Bereishit 49:7.

[2] At the time when the Shuvu Banim yeshiva moved from Bnei Brak to Jerusalem, a miracle occurred, and the yeshiva was ‘gifted’ a building in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City that otherwise would have been turned into apartments by the Ateret Cohanim organisation. Teddy Kollek, the mayor of Jerusalem at the time, was very unhappy about this turn of events, and he even sent armed police to try to evict Shuvu Banim from their new premises.

You can read more of the story for yourself HERE.

[3] One of the most elite special forces units of the IDF.

[4] Bereishit 33:18.


If you want to know more about the right-wing politician Rehoboam ‘Gandi’ Ze’evi, a basic place to start is his Wiki page HERE.


Political views

A few days after the Six Day War, Ze’evi submitted a plan for the creation of a Palestinian state called the State of Ishmael, with Nablus as its capital.

He urged Israel’s leaders to establish this state as soon as possible, claiming that: “Protracted Israeli military rule will expand the hate and the abyss between the residents of the West Bank and Israel, due to the objective steps that will have to be taken in order to ensure order and security.”

Ze’evi later advocated the population transfer by agreement of 3.3 million residents of the West Bank and Gaza to Arab nations.

He believed this could be accomplished by making life difficult, so they would relocate on their own, through use of military force during wartime, or by agreement with Arab nations.

In July 1987, Ze’evi presented his ideas at a forum in Tel Aviv, describing the plan as a voluntary transfer and the only way to make peace with the Arabs.

After the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, Ze’evi proposed transferring Palestinians to the east side of the Jordan River to serve as a buffer zone against any Iraqi attempt to attack Israel.


Gandi Ze’evi was assassinated on 17 October 2001 in Jerusalem, at what was the Hyatt Hotel on Mount Scopus (now, a Dan Hotel.)

It’s very interesting, that he was also pushing for the creation of a ‘State of Ishmael’ in the Shomron AND ALSO ‘voluntary’ population transfers.

Especially, as he’s described as a ‘right wing nationalist’.

(He founded the Moledet party in the Knesset. Take a look at the Wiki page for that, it’s pretty interesting.)



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  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    I will never forget the one time I met Teddy Kollek. It was 1994 and I was just married. We just made aliyah and moved into an apartment on Shivtei Israel, outside the old city.

    A friend of my mother’s was in town as part of a organized trip by her Reform Temple. They were hosting a dinner and Shimon Peres (then Foreign Minister) and Teddy Kollek were featured speakers. She got us tickets.

    Peres was first, spoke glowingly and positively about the “New Middle East” he envisioned. This was early 1994. He was very upbeat and really seemed to believe what he said. Say what you will about him, from what I remember, he was always like this. Naive and deadly. But after listening to him you could see why people wanted to believe.

    Teddy Kollek was the total opposite. He let all his hatred for Torah and Hashem out. Nothing positive or upbeat. I didn’t know him or what he stood for, other than he was the mayor (or ex-mayor by this point I think). He talked about how he arranged for the property where Beit Shmuel (their big campus on prime property overlooking the Old City walls) to be given to the Reform Movement and how it gave him pleasure knowing there were Orthodox rabbis nearby (I think he meant the Chief Rabbinate, headquartered nearby and practically within line of site) who tore the hair off their beards in anguish over the vastly increased Reform presence and influence he brought about. He went on at some length about how satisfied he was at their suffering. Unlike the Reformers who were receptive to his words, we were not amused. A sociopath and scummy human being.


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