More clues from the Rav

Excerpt of shiur given on Wednesday, 2nd Kislev, 5784, to the Hoshen Mishpat Kollel in the Old City of Jerusalem

Now we need to travel [to Uman].

Here, he’s organising flights for us, so we can fly to Uman, even three [planes, each containing] 800 people. Every two hours, they get to Uman, there and back, it’s possible to do 10 flights, 10 appearances in one day.

10 flights, [times] 800, this is 8,000 [people] to Uman.


In the media they publicised that 40,000 people got to Uman [for Rosh Hashana].

The truth is that 20,000 got there, but in the media they announced it was 40,000, and maybe even 50,000. The more you can say [the better]….


Because Bibi says that you shouldn’t dare to travel, under no circumstances.

They suspected Bibi of being an apikorus (heretic). He didn’t say words of heresy, he just said don’t rely on miracles.

He was talking to the Breslovers. People didn’t understand, they accused him, whoever heard Bibi’s speech two weeks before Rosh Hashana.

So, everyone suspected him of being an apikorus, all the rabbis, all of those…

And they attacked him. How can a Prime Minister say such words of heresy?!

He didn’t say, he said that in the holocaust there weren’t miracles, and also now, there won’t be  miracles for you.


He was talking to the Breslovers from a place of ‘concern’.

He said, I’m worried about you. Me, I have my mamads (security rooms). Me, I have my bunkers…

That’s what he wrote, that’s what he said.


And there was one Mizrachi (dati leumi) woman who said that the State needed to forbid the Breslovers from travelling to Uman.

[Ed. note: this was Orit Struk].

It’s pikuach nefesh (saving a life), they are irresponsible people, people who are prepared to die. It’s forbidden for us to let them do it! We need to forbid these trips, and to stop them at Lod [airport], and not send them out.


And Bibi gave a whole speech against the Breslovers.

This was against the Breslovers, coming from a place of tremendous ‘love’. Because he loves them so very much.

After all, he did a brit milah in the Breslov Shul for his grandson. His daughter is a Breslover. The daughter he has from his first wife, she’s a Breslover.


Everyone today is Breslov.

Breslov is already more than Chabad, than everything else. Already, everyone left Chabad, gomarnu (it’s over).

What’s left is the prayers at the Ohel [of the Rebbe].

There needs to be prayers in Uman, not prayers in the Ohel – the Ohel in Montefiore [cemetery, in NYC].


You were in New York once, but did you see Montefiore [cemetery]?

It’s between Flatbush and Borough Park, there is an enormous cemetery. I used to go past it each day. I’d go from 20th Avenue with Chaim Shlomo Rottenburg, we’d go on foot to pray in Borough Park, and we’d go via Montefiore [cemetery].

We saw all the tombstones.

[Sir Moses] Montefiore built it. He bought the plot, and that’s where they buried the Rebbe from Chabad. There, they buried all the very biggest rabbis of New York.


So, there was a prayer in the Ohel [of the Lubavitcher Rebbe].

People came from Eretz Yisrael to pray there, in the Ohel, and lots of families from those who were kidnapped, from their representatives.


King David was also kidnapped.

They abducted him, so they turned to the UN, they went to Biden, and then he was successful.

In the end, Avishai came, Avishai. Avishai was such a pere adam (wild man), he was so hyperactive, how he knew how to jump…

He jumped from Jerusalem to Gaza, he had kfitzat haderech (a miraculous shortening of the road), and he got there, and he saw David fly in the air.


Ad kan from the Rav.

I was hoping to have a lot more translated, but I just haven’t had the yishuv ha’daat to do it.

A few weeks’ ago, the Rav was telling the story of how the ‘Brits’ fought the ‘Ottomans’ in WW1 for Eretz Yisrael, and they took out the Ottoman base by dropping a bunch of ‘poisoned cigarettes’ close by, that the ‘Ottoman soldiers’ than smoked and it made them ‘fall asleep’.

It was another clue.

Look at this, from yesterday:


If you go HERE, to the Mapping the Massacre site, you’ll see exactly where that base was located.

Here’s the snippet from there:

Over 40 Hamas terrorists infiltrated a military base near Nahal Oz, executing a meticulously orchestrated assault that left significant destruction and caused many fatalities among the stationed troops.

Armed with firearms, grenades, and bomb-dropping drones, they killed guards, set fire to the command center, killing the majority of the soldiers who were trying to hide, and captured at least six female soldiers.


Meanwhile, this is a snippet from the story about the ‘poison gas’, on the VINN site:

According to a report published by Channel 12, the main findings of the investigation indicated that an unspecified but toxic flammable substance was apparently thrown through the entrance of the building which housed the soldiers’ command center.

One of the soldiers at the entrance to the building attempted to extinguish the flames but was unsuccessful and the fire continued to spread.


Then it says this:

One of the officers climbed up to the [bathroom] window and smashed it, allowing him, five other officers and one surveillance soldier to escape the toxic inferno.

The other fifteen soldiers in the command center died  apparently asphyxiated by the noxious fumes. Six other soldiers from the base were taken hostage.


I’m curious how these six officers (!) – not even regular soldiers, but ‘officers’ – managed to escape being shot dead or captured by the 40 Hamas terrorists that apparently had the base surrounded, as they slowly squeezed out that bathroom window.

And I’m also curious how it was those ‘Hamas terrorists’ managed to approach the base in the first place, and do all this, without any of the ‘observer soldiers’, or anyone else, apparently noticing them.

And without the alarm being raised.


Continue to think for yourself.

And continue to spot the ‘clues’ they are shoving out in front of us, in plain view, just with a spun cover story to explain the details away, when that CCTV footage from the bases finally gets made public.

And may God save us from the evil.


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