The whole thing stinks

This whole story of how the IDF apparently just shot dead three of the kidnapped people in Gaza….

It just sounds so very wrong, for so many reasons.

Yah, Hamas just ‘left’ them, just abandoned them… you know how that is.

And then, they just decided to take off all their clothes – like you do, when you’ve been half-starved / drugged with sleeping pills for more than two months, in fear of your life and with absolutely no contact with the outside world.

And then, you just take a white flag and ‘run’ at soldiers in Gaza….


And then we’re told, by the same people who have been lying about everything since day one of this horrible affair, that these three were somehow killed ‘against orders’.

The more details come out about what apparently happened, the less and less I believe what we’re being told here.

It’s just more demoralisation tactics.


There was a siren on Friday night in Jerusalem – the rockets apparently fell in Bet Shemesh.

I didn’t sleep so well, not so much because I was worrying about the rockets, but more because it triggered off what happened the last time we heard sirens in Jerusalem on Shabbat Simchat Torah.

I started worrying, a bit, that ‘WW3’ was kicking off, God forbid.

Because aiming a rocket at the Mosque of Omar is probably one of the best ways you could really get that going in the world, God forbid.


We came home from the Rav, motzash, to find an ambulance blocking our street.

Apparently, it was the army delivering some very bad news to our neighbors.

If I didn’t actually live here, I’d be finding it harder and harder to know what is true, and what isn’t.

(Even living here, the amount of deliberate confusion being sown is insane.)

But it’s true that ‘rockets’ are being fired, in some form.

It’s true that Jewish soldiers are being killed every day, God forbid.

And it’s true, that we have no-one to rely on, except Hashem.


Go check out Moran Eden Bergmann’s site, she has some very interesting things to say about these three kidnapped Jews, apparently ‘shot dead’ by the IDF, while hundreds of Hamasnikim in their underwear have just been gently scooped up by the army, over the last few days.

Yah, right.

Our army apparently only shoots kidnapped Jews dead in Gaza, don’t you know?

And if you didn’t know, our corrupt media is now going to be harping on about that for the next three weeks.

Anything to destroy our national morale.

Anything to make it harder for our soldiers to keep fighting so successfully in Gaza.

We’ve been having so many open miracles, they are now resorting to even more manipulative deceit, to try to break us.

All of this is only about ‘the two state solution’, don’t forget.

That will be imposed by ‘our friends’ once we’re all totally broken.

Let me tell you something:


The more lies they tell, the more even the zombies here are starting to notice something is seriously wrong with the reporting – and the government. And everything, actually.


BH, we will keep praying.

We will keep holding on.

And sooner or later, Hashem will rescue us all from this madness, and finally destroy the evil in our midst, once and for all.



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  1. Hava
    Hava says:

    Isn’t this the fulfillment of a prophecy in the making?

    That there will be a period (extremely short, I hope!) where we have no government, no leadership, and we all are about to go crazy over that? As far as I remember, it doesn’t mention that last part.

    And that’s when Mashiah will arrive, whoever he is.

    I can’t seem to find where the prophecy is, in a timely manner. Search engines aren’t geared to help. Sorry about that.


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